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Thank you very much!

Thank you for the feedback! Loved your game! In hindsight I should've definitely pushed the player towards the reflect bullet playstyle. I've gotten a lot of good feedback from people here so I might build this out further.

This is really great and deep feedback. I agree with everything you're saying but I didn't have much time to balance at the end and felt fairly satisfied with the fast-paced (albeit sloppy) gameplay. I am considering redesigning the playable character (maybe having multiple playable characters) and rebalancing in order to force the player to be more precise. Thanks for the great feedback as it gives me a lot to think about for future projects.

This is fantastic. My favorite game of the jam. Great sounds, great design, I was hooked through the end. Amazing you pulled this off in a week. My only incredibly small gripe is that I think the bullet spawners should be a different color than the background and player lol. Great fun and great job, keep it up! Love the risk of rain reference at the end as well btw lol. I would love to hear your thoughts on my game as its also a 3D game made in a week but polar opposite from your own in my opinion.

Great art, neat gameplay idea, good sound! However, this game is way too hard. The player gets no time to react to the lasers and it feels like rng whether or not you get hit by them. Overall very engaging and pretty game!

Cool game, nice sound effects! Even though it was a little repetitive, the loop between killing enemies and collecting coins kept me engaged. As others have said, I think music would help the game feel a little more alive. Further, when the game ended and said I did not avoid death I was confused. I think you have a great core game here and with some player guidance, music, and variety in enemies and locations, you could have a great game! Btw I'm hoping you can check out my game as well as I'd love to hear your feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I think part of the reason it feels hard is most of the player's damage comes from striking enemies directly rather than by reflecting bullets. The lag spikes are caused by loading in particle effects during runtime and unfortunately I didn't have time to solve it!

Thank you! I agree that oddly the first enemies seem to be the hardest (might need to improve the balancing). By the way there are only 3 enemies so far hahaha. Glad you enjoyed!

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sweet jesus the music. this is great and i like everything about it. what engine did you use to make this? i'm pleasantly very surprised. one quick issue by the way is i tried to lower the music a tad and the slider doesn't seem to work! anyway, i was wondering if you could try my game out as well as i'm looking for feedback!

great idea! fun games and theme. the sprites look great, and if it was a painting or a static piece of art i'd commend you on your choice of colors. however, the kind of desaturated palette, especially the off-whites, are shared between both enemy models and the background. it makes it difficult to see things clearly, especially with the clouds in the front which are very occluding. further, i think the game would be more fun if you could increase the "pace" by making the player ship stronger and able to take down enemies faster. that's just my two cents though! would love it if you could check out my game as well, it would be great to have your feedback.

hey friend. really like the idea behind this game. the bouncing bullet idea is really cool. however, the main character moves very slowly so i feel trapped, like i can't retrieve the bullet. with some polishing and balancing this could be great! keep it up friend

sweet mary get this man a bible lol. this game is fun and INCREDIBLY polished. the music is really cool. it was pretty hard though and my bird died a lot. i like your sexy games concept too. best of luck in your future endeavors! i'm wondering if you'd check out my game as it would mean a lot to get feedback from such a pro.

Polished and fun. Looks great and is fun! I like your 'gimmick' where the player moves from checkpoint to checkpoint. A couple things to think about are you could add more sound effects for shooting, spawning, etc. and some screen shake might be fun to give the game more game feel. Loved your game and would love it if you could check mine out as well!

Having the same issue as the others are mentioning. Wanted to check your game out since you played mine!

Thank you, appreciate the feedback!

Hey! Sorry for a late reply. Wanna dm me on Reddit? My username is LizardKing260

Thank you so much!

This was so hard lmao I loved it. Crashed on like my 6th go of the Dr Kidd fight and I couldn't complete it :( Big ups I was not expecting to play for so long lmao, very immersive

You're definitely right, not quite satisfied with the white letters and I guess I didn't want to take up valuable screen space with the outlines but maybe I should've!

Hey thanks, worked for a while on that font haha!

Very cool game, you did everything right I feel like, from sound to game feel to use of colors, to story! I guess a tutorial is the only thing I might've wanted but you had the controls in the description so nbd, 5s all around!

Yes, there was some glitching with his floor detection that I couldn't really solve sadly. Thanks for playing!

I don't know how I didn't think of 0 money 1 seed, that's brilliant haha and solves the problem of leading the player, thanks for the tip. I also think the combat was a little hard, which is why I added the golden scythe upgrade but I think adding more stuff could alleviate it the problem more

Thanks so much on the detailed response! I think working on my drawing and animating skills will be one of my big goals moving forward. Thanks for the positive review!

I'm glad you were able to relax with this :)

Haha this was so cute, I love the name. I think my favorite part is how the spaceship starts walking as soon as he hits the ground

Haha this was so cute, I love the name. I think my favorite part is how the spaceship starts walking as soon as he hits the ground

Very cool, never played one of these old-school "fake 3d" dungeon crawling games. I only wish there was a minimap and I could run from encounters as I kept getting lost and trapped by enemies! Nice work!

Haha thank you, I'm glad you liked the music

This is very interesting, I think this game would strive at a higher resolution so I'd be curious on what it looks like even at 256x256. Also I felt like I ran out of buildings but I wasn't sure and I could tell there were so many cool buildings but I couldn't slow down and appreciate them (as far as I know, I may be confused haha). But the atmosphere is sooo nice and the brick sound is very satisfying. I also wasn't sure what some things did like the trees and the building that has like a funnel on top. All in all very cool and interesting experience would love to see more!

Means a lot! Checking out your entry now!

Art is so nice and I love the dungeon crawley atmosphere!  I think it would've helped me if the animations were a little clearer but also I'm bad haha. Dug the music and the sounds, and the art is sooo good-looking, well done! I'd appreciate if you would check out my entry as well!

Hahahaha this was so cute and the gameplay feels really smooth and its self explanatory too. Only things are I wish there was a background and some music. Also idk if you can export to html? Very neat, made me smile! Would you mind checking out my entry as well, I'd like to hear your thoughts? 

Great game, felt so fun! Totally love the characters and the gameplay is so simple yet so compelling. The sounds were also very good and the cutscenes as well. Sometimes I wasn't sure why the level ended though, which threw me off. All in all great work!

Cool game, FF Tactics was one of my favorite games as a kid which inspired me to try this haha. I think a tutorial / introduction would've been helpful for me. Wasn't able to recruit anyone stage 1 haha so got wrecked stage 2. If your team chooses to continue this project, I think it could be hugely improved with a zoom function, maybe leave the resolution restriction behind or do some mipmap style texture swapping of your characters/assets/tiles. Very enjoyable all around and it made a great atmosphere!

Enjoyed this little game! Sprite was nice looking! The text was hard to read though and I wish there was some more to the fighting. All in all good job!

Quite fun! Would've liked to see some more variety I think but the concept is totally brilliant and the execution is perfect. Feels polished and the view is soooo pretty. Maybe some different landscapes, enemies, and a meaningful progression and this could be a very cool release!

Chill atmosphere and the ambiance was nice! For me the low resolution was too much and I'd like to see how this would look at a more generous 256x256 resolution haha

Very cool concept, felt fun to fly around and crash into stuff!

I love this! Who knew how fun it would be to be a dog. Didn't realize for a while I had to drink a lot of water to pee in bed btw. I also kept getting scared my owner would chastise me or smthn for being such a rowdy beast