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I know... I got stuck on my guard AI state machine a bit too long and didn't quite leave enough time to actually create content. Thanks for playing

Interesting concept. The puzzles were quite creative :)

Very nice calming atmosphere. I got lost when I was supposed to see the cave unfortunately. Maybe some kind of guidance arrow to the next blue spot would have been nice. Good job on the 3d game :)

Very interesting cyperpunk atmosphere. I loved the CCTV camera perspective (that random person standing between two buildings :D)

Would be interesting to see what this game could be expanded to

Wow this is a really really cool idea for simulating massive multiplayer.... As someone else said the difference between humans and zombies is quite difficult to tell but I think it's also part of the hectic fun :D

Nice background music. At first I though the grass patches were part of the background and I wondered why I suddenly died after a while... :D
It would have also been nice if you could restart the current stage after death and wouldn't have to start from the very beginning

The character design was really nice. The sound effects too, but the music seemed a bit random...... The walking speed was also a little bit slow. But in general it was quite fun.

Wow you show with how low of a pixel number you can still create expressive characters :) Very nice good atmosphere and gameplay! I just felt that the one pixel that is part of the main characters ponytail was also part of the collider..... which sometimes made jumping unnecessarily difficult....

Fun but personally very difficult for me....

This was a really nice way of including parallel worlds as a first class game mechanic :) Good job

Interesting idea.... The controls were quite difficult to manage though :) But it was still quite fun

It took me a moment to understand how to play but then I was quite hooked. Good game!

This was quite a funny idea... Good job on seamlessly integrating title screen with the game play

This brought me back to the days of wizardry and Whale's Voyage and other similar games... I really need to dig one of those out again..... :) Good job I got lost and couldn't finish but it was still a lot of fun.

Interesting game.... The guide was quite the interesting character :D And as many others said the graphic effects were really good... though the little light spell didn't really help that much with the darkness.... For most of the time it was quite hard to see for me. 

Interesting idea to expand Pac-Man with a big overarching maze.... Adding some more novelties and quality of life improvements might make this into an interesting spinoff :D

I didn't quite understand the story but the atmosphere was interesting and calming....

Really funny little adventure. Good job :D

Wow this was super polished for a jam entry. Very clean and professional look. Game itself was quite difficult so I gave up in the middle but it was fun :)

I really liked the combat system :)  Graphics and sound were also on spot! Good job!

Wow the idea of implementing the 64 px requirement is amazing. Super creative! On Mac my mouse wouldn't be properly captured by the application  which made looking around impossible for me... but still fun to play :)

Right I was worried about that too... I wanted them to have "realistic" view mechanics, i.e. seeing you across the screen (not only inside a limited view cone) at least as long as you are about a screen away.... But at the same time wanted the player to give an idea of their field of view.... The cone being shorter than the actual viewable area is indeed confusing.....

Interesting concept. I liked using a hostage rescue scenario as premise for a puzzle game. Cute pixel art and funny voice acting!

The atmosphere was quite good, I would have liked an autosave feature

I really liked it, the enemy AI was really good... Quite difficult to beat them.....
It would have been nice if you could control your car's direction maybe more exactly... Not bein able to stay in the center was a bit distracting....

Good choice for the background music :) I got all 100

Fun and simple little game. Great graphics for the title, and win/lose screen...

The gameplay is nice though the weapons seem to be quite unbalanced (the flamethrower is quite weak compared to the standard laser - I didn't try the third one)

Amazing job on including cutscenes... wow

I love the camera swing effect when changing screens.... Little details like this really make a difference :)

Unfortunately I had also the same issue after beating the first boss (in the Web version). Other than that fun little metroidvania :)

Minesweeper newly interpreted in a almost Picross way :) Love it. Great respect for implementing this huge amount of content and (thankfully) an autosave feature

A quite stylish Flappy bird clone with nice lightning! Good job.

Nice fun little game. I think that the rotating pixels are not quite legal in a 64x64 sense, though ;)

Wow really great job on the music and the graphics...... Gameplay is also fun :)
The placement of the keyboard keys was a bit confusing, which made playing it with the keyboard a little difficult.

Wow it's really nice. I cleared it with 11012 points. 1 Knight, 1 Archer and 2 Wizards.....

Interesting approach with automated exploration. Some of the upgrades are not easy to understand but it's a nice game overall!

Very nice i like the atmosphere!

Would be nice if there was a Mac or Web version. Would really like to try it.

Which Ruby version is supported by the toolkit?