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This is really fun :) I like the chaoticness and the fact that it’s a massive mayhem where everyone is competing against everyone good job :)

The idea of a virtual OS is quite nice. Just looking around the computer was quite fun already… The success/failure message of the quest could be a bit more obvious… or maybe a real popup dialog and/or jingle would help too…

But good job with this interesting idea!

I like the character and style of the game… The gameplay is also quite good with all the other parts and rocks that block vision and hamper movement…. Well done!

Thanks for playing… Yes I realize it might be quite hard for others not used to the behaviour of the physics :D

The sun as visual timer is a really nice idea :)

Wow cool idea with the different kind stories you can tell depending on what you gather :)

I enjoyed trying out all the possibilities :)

Wow so much effort went into the intro…. The game is really cool and polished….

The web build’s resolution is a bit too small to play comfortably though ;) Maybe you could increase the size in the game settings?

It looks interesting but I have no idea how to control the ball direction which makes it a bit difficult to play ;)

Very nice game - liked that there were even two game mechanics involved… :)

Simple clicker with cute effect. Nice and well polished job for this jam :)

Wow the timing to dodge is quite hard to get right… but eventually I could do it by just getting in as many punches as possible when the ghost was actually vulnerable :D

But the basic game mechanics work well otherwise :) Good job!

Yes staying in bed and watching series is definitely the best choice :D

Nice little start towards a narrative game… :)

Yes, I managed to do the full 1000 point perfect run after a few dozen tries :D

Simple straightforward game mechanics… Next improvements would probably be polish, polish, polish :)

Sound effects, music, particle graphic effects….

And then maybe some more gameplay elements…. I don’t know powerups ? Or different kind of asteroids…..

Simple but well made :) Got 46 points!

Creepy atmospheric little game… the “To be continued” was also great :)

Thanks…. The version you tried was still a work in progress…. I added a few more elements so it’s a complete short game.

Strange… what kind of browser are you using? I think if you use Brave you must turn off the Shield to allow storing data in the local Database

A screenshot / the contents of the Dev Tools Console might also be helpful for troubleshooting.

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My logs are spammed with “New HTTP connection from!” messages. What can I do?

Create a file metadata/cvars.txt and add following content to it:


to suppress the log messages.

If you happen to be on a DragonRuby version lower than 3.19 then you need to start your game with the command line option --set log.filter_subsystems "HTTPServer" since setting CVars via setting file is not yet supported.

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If you have any bug reports please post them as a new thread in this category - please give following details:

Copy following template when reporting your bug and add screenshots/logs etc as necessary.

**OS:** Windows/Mac/Linux

**Version:** 1.00 etc

**Steps to reproduce:** 
Please give as many details about your actions before up until the bug occurred

If possible also attach the error log, which you can find in

  • Windows: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Kevin Fischer\Palantir\logs\exceptions\current.txt
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Palantir/logs/exceptions/current.txt
  • **Linux: **~/.local/share/Palantir/logs/exceptions/current.txt

Thanks! Yes, you’re totally right… The Slime was originally supposed to have more behavior stages… but well… time :D

Thanks, yes you’re totally right. If possible I wanted to do the fight a bit longer…

Thanks! Yes original idea to have a gradually (or maybe even explosively) escalating boss fight with an initially unremarkable slime :D

Thank you! Yes I worked quite a bit on the flamethrower particles… I’m quite happy with the result!

Thank you some much for your feedback! Yes the original dream was to turn this into a gradually escalating boss battle that starts as a somewhat unremarkable slime at first….

Nice this was a lot of fun to figure out what those updates do…. I just had fun cruising around and leveling up… before I eventually realized that I was supposed to follow the yellow triangle… Well I made it :) Good job!

The basic game loop and gameplay is simple but the atmosphere and general high quality made it really fun to play until the end! Burning the eggs and aliens was also quite satisfying :)

A boss fight would have fit really well at the end :D

Wow the graphics are excellent - so beautiful! I want to study them for my own pixel art learnings… (Btw what are your inspirations for this pixel art style?)

Music, atmosphere and character of the world and animals is really nice, too :) I enjoyed the game a lot :) It’s really nice and cozy to play…

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Simple fun gameplay and lots of attention to detail like permanent destructible furniture… I felt it was a bit harsh that you had to start from the very beginning if you die :) Maybe the same floor would be enough :)

Maybe having a nice animated gif of your game as thumbnail might get more people to get a good look on this game :) the current thumbnail unfortunately doesn’t quite bring the high quality of the content across

Wow the gameplay and level design that incrementally teaches you new elements and applies them is really good and feels very professional. Graphics and sound are also great :) I really enjoyed it… I couldn’t finish it yet but I definitely will later after the jam!

Interesting round based card battler… The inversion principle was quite novel - The actions the enemy would take were quite hard to remember, it might have been good to also write them down below in the description….

I liked the graphics… the sound was also good but the music got quite repetitive quite quickly - in general good job :)

Nice gameboy style optics… The text was a bit hard to follow with only one or two words at a time… I liked the general atmosphere but I think the game was buggy since after I lost all my health I just continued living and was invincible from that time onwards…. (Good for me though, since otherwise those zombies would have totally crushed me)

It was a bit short, but I think a good start :)

Nice and cute graphics - it looks really good :) and the sounds are also cute :)

The game was also quite fun - would even be better if the enemies showed some kind of feedback like flashing or throwback when you attack them :)

Thanks… I’ll try and play the game then…

Do you mind sharing the resolution you’re using?

It happens both on my Macbook Pro Retina Screen (3456x2234) and my external display (3840x2160)..

And, if possible, could you tell me if it distorts even on full screen?

Yes it also occurs in Fullscreen

It also seems to be independent of the browser I use (Firefox or Brave (so basically Chrome))

I really want to try it out but for some reason the rendering is distorted for me :/ - it makes all text really hard to read

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Ok I could play it…

It’s still very simple but I think it works like a little Pokemon battle….

It’s a good start… some ideas for improvement:

  • Somehow let the players know how to actually choose an attack….
  • Putting in more pauses and maybe displaying the attack that was used… at the moment your attack happens and immediately the enemy attack happens… and it looks like the two numbers just simultaneously decrease for some unknown reason…. Visual feedback is important :)
  • Having a win and lose screen or message… At the moment I think nothing happens if either you or the enemy reach 0 HP

Finally I think that this game is unfortunately not 64x64 - which was the maximum resolution allowed for this jam…

It’s still. a lot of work but keep up training your programming skills ;)

The atmosphere is really well done and the platforming is also fun… but the wall jump could be a little bit friendlier to use

I really liked the music and the sounds - together with the graphics and the themed game page it’s really a nice and polished entry :)

Cute little puzzle game. A bit short and easy - but good initial idea :)

Really nice little game… You have to get used to the collisions and the fact that enemies respawn immediately but that gives it its own special character and difficulty - I really enjoyed it…

And I quite shocked by but enjoyed the final… twist :D