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This was a fun little game :) It was fun to leap around and wreak havoc… and once my leap strength was 3 I really didn’t have any problems to survive to the end :D

Interesting twist to play the alien instead of the hero :)

Very nice concept, very nice also to put a tutorial in the beginning! It is quite hard though I can hardly survive long enough to get my hands on proper food… or even think about cooking it… :)

This was really fun and had a nice theme !

Wow this is technically very ambitious but the real time nature makes it quite difficult to play and survive :) But very interesting experiment!

I liked the simple tactical game mechanics and the different enemy types with clearly distinguishable behavior :) Most of the macros were a bit too random to be really useful… double shot or double melee are the really good ones I felt.

The game’s theme also caused a little chuckle in me :D as someone who started learning programming with a turtle back in highschool :D

Interesting little game concept. The level generator sometimes generates unsolvable mazes which have no corridor wide enough to reach the gate….

And putting the coin a bit further away from the gate might make things also interesting.

Thanks for trying out even though marked as incomplete…

Thanks for the comment about the space key - I added a controls section to the game page… In the post-jam version I will have to think about good in-game teaching/tutorials/tooltips/menus etc anyways…

This is a really nicely themed game with some interesting mechanics - I found it quite hard to actually find a viable secretive way to fulfill your mission since there’s not many (obvious) ways how you can make people digress from their routes to single them out…

Easiest way is probably to randomly kill someone and leave their body somewhere to cause general confusion but that doesn’t seem to be very elegant and stealthy - even if the actual killing/disguising etc happen without anyone watching.

But I enjoyed it and played a dozen sessions or so :)

Very atmospheric game with an unique graphics style. I enjoyed it…. The music reminded me a lot of Plague Inc….

Funny. I’d never have thought that one could make a 20 second visual novel but you proved otherwise :D The story itself was funny, too! I liked it!

Interesting looking puzzle (?) game… I could figure out how to not get burned at the stake but not how to keep the soldiers off me… but otherwise well made…. Good job!

Unique visuals and background music. The drag and release controls were a bit difficult to get used to but worked well… I could reach the third stage but couldn’t get past the butterfly… but interesting well made game so far :) Good job

What an… interesting combination… I myself am definitely overwhelmed by the too many elements on the screen and just one rotating player to react to them…. But good job making a game out of that!

114 fish. Cute fish graphics :D

It was a sweet fun little game :D It was a bit hard to know that I actually managed to type the word since the object only appears few seconds later…

But the sound effects, visuals and the idea in general is quite funny!

I could kick the ball once. But when you fail to do so I’m not sure how to reset the game. So that could need some fixing to be more playable I think!

Nice little card game… sounds and basic gameplay seem well implemented. Good job!

Decision making in 20 seconds is a nice concept…. Some of the choices seemed a bit bugger but it was an interesting game experiment…

(You have 20 seconds for each of the choices which is technically “against” the rules btw ;)) but good little funny game.

Interesting control scheme….. I was not quite sure what to do with the button that was written on the juice container…. The gameplay is a bit too simple but it has nice music and graphics :)

The intro was quite lengthy but the game itself was quite fun :) And the ending was funny, too. Great job :)

Thanks for playing!

Yes Red Arrow definitely needs a less random attack pattern to be consistently beatable…….

Thanks for playing!

My original plan was to have this as a one shot boss battle game with actually even more unique enemies participating (there’s a very particular inspiration for that setting)….

And actually you can move and charge in 8 directions… it’s probably just difficult to do with the keyboard.

Really nice polished experience :) Controls were a bit finicky but it was fun to play!

Thanks for playing and your comment :)

Yes (apart from my lack of any kind of substantial art skills) it was also nice to see how much you could express just with a few shapes

Thanks for playing :)

Yes both of them being enemies is not quite clear from the start - and the behaviour of Red Arrow being quite random doesn’t help either.

The charge could definitely fill up a bit faster in the beginning to feel more snappy and reactive…

And giving Red Arrow a bit more predictable attack pattern (like periods of random and periods of direct attack) would make fighting them also easier…..

Thanks, yes the goal is a bit unclear if you just start the game and don’t read the description.

Thanks for playing!

This was surprisingly fun :) Nice job

Nice and simple :) Good job

I’m so very bad at this game but it looks and sounds nice :)

Simple but interesting :D I could never get more than 110ish points though

That was some silly good fun :) Liked how each of the stages escalated and surprised :D

Wow that was a really nice and mellow experience :)

Cute little game…. especially for your first game ever it’s really well made :)

The collision was a bit unforgiving though :D

Very cute graphics. Simple and nice game :) I could do 4 balls

I liked the drawings :) The first phase depends quite a bit on your luck of where the things are placed…. Music was also nice!

I like how meta the lack of a victory screen is :D :D

Thanks, yes we tried to replicate the original Pokemon look with some little adjustments :)

Wow my brain has muscle pain. I couldn’t get very far (the first block dropping puzzle) but I definitely want to sit down more properly one more time in case you make a post jam version with some quality of life or other improvements… :)

Crazy idea to even try and make such a game. Can’t imagine how difficult the implementation must have been. And in general it has a lot of charm and character, too. I liked it :)

Wow quite a big area to play, Car driving, houses to explore and several waves to earn money. The way between the major locations were quite long and eventless but other than that great job!

Wow I was so lost in my first game - but in my second game I could save half the map for 3900 points :)

Looks and plays really nice !