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Piss and VinegarView game page

A fast and rowdy Roguelike about scrappy brawls.
Submitted by Brain in a Bowl (@braininabowl) — 12 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Did development of the game take place during the 7DRL Challenge week?


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Roguelike Elements
Procedural generation for enemies, items, and levels. Permadeath, ASCII. Very traditional



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Really enjoyed playing this. The style was really great, and the gameplay was satisfying.

fantastically creative, would love to see this go further in the future. That kind of combat is really fun in a roguelike


I love the humour of this game. I'm also astounded by the design of the game which I sincerely have no idea how to make such design. Amazing work!


I absolutely love the aesthetic of the game. The design is very well-thought-out, and the chosen color palette is spot-on. It reminds me of a terminal with vim, haha.

The touch that each object or enemy has its ASCII portrait is awesome! I really like it! And the actions of kicking and throwing feel very satisfying. I haven't made it to the boss on my first run, but I'll definitely keep trying because the game seems well-made and beautiful. Plus, the mechanics of kicking seem like an excellent idea for a roguelike of this kind. Congratulations.


Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Submitted (1 edit)

Big fan of the presentation, the kick and tackle abilities are quite satisfying. The barroom brawl vibes also work really well with the mechanics.

Would've liked a bit more description somewhere for your abilities, especially "Throw 'tov" which took a bit of experimentation to figure out. Balance wise, "Kick" seems wildly powerful, you can just kick enemies, walk up to them and kick them again to permastun them at basically no cost.

Sadly, the game also crashed for me on the disco level. Console log


This was really fun and had a nice theme !


This is really cool! It's a very stylish game and there are so many nice little details. The visual design is very bold, and the colors are great. 

The game was easy to get into and I really like the style of interaction, it works well and is quite unique. The ascii portraits are awesome and give a nice feel to the world. Being able to kick stuff and to throw things was great, and I love the mechanics of having just two inventory slots.

I got to a level with a... disco? But I got stuck on one of the characters there and was unable to move after that. Perhaps this message in the console (of firefox) is helpful? 


Thanks! I went back and forth between either an inventory of unlimited size, or a really limited one. I ended up going for only two slots to discourage hovering up everything and push the player to move forward.

I'm glad you got to the disco level. I put a lot of time and thought into that one, but I feared I put it too close to the end of the game. I'm not surprised it has some bugs, there's a lot of last minute spaghetti code in that level. I'll try to use your report to figure out the cause and fix it. Thanks for letting me know.


Love the aesthetic and the UI is sleek as hell, great job!


Thank you!