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Took me a lot of tries, but managed to complete it in the end. For me it was the numpad instead of the glass. Loved the lateral thinking for the different puzzles, the little band-aid was a particularly bright idea.

Nice visuals, and amazing catchy music. Will probably stay stuck in my head for a couple of days :)

Top-notch aesthetic! 

Nice graphics and catchy tunes. The right balance between complexity and simplicity, and an honourable mention for all those shiny particle effects.

Amazing art, great concept, but as the others said, terrible choice of keys. The only way I got somewhere near a decent score was to ignore all "W  inputs,

The second best performance of The Raven I've ever seen.

Nicely designed levels, with well laid out jumps. Nice job!

Incredible submission. Great set of mechanics that work really well together and an awesome presentation. The birdform easily matches Dishonored's Blink in terms of mobility mechanics. This would've sold as a PSP mini or DSIware. If I have to mention some negatives: Attacking upwards was awkward and I'm not a fan of the pixel art warping/stretching.

Great sprites and presentation. I could've used a slightly tighter turn circle, as it's very easy to overshoot your target now.

Love how the simple initial idea subtly added a lot of nice complexity, like slowing down in the detour to let the enemy pass you by. Well done!

Amazing presentation, but a bit hectic to my taste. I'd have loved this with a true turn based mode.

Great presentation, I especially loved the effect when picking up a feather. The golden light, the snowflakes being blown away and the accompanying sound are top notch!

Amazing presentation and a great concept. Never made it further then a couple of obstacles, but worth the frustration!

Great style, both graphics and music are amazing! Bonus points for being a good old traditional roguelike, and a nice puzzly one at that.

A bit late to the party, but you can always try

Pure art. 5/5

Great music and presentation! I like the pace, we need more slow-paced action games. I also enjoyed the mechanic of luring enemies into the blast radius, surprisingly deep gameplay for such simple mechanics.

Nice colors and presentation (a bit on the dark side, tho), and very tense. I love the idea to have the cards floating by. I could've used a bit more feedback when dragging the cards, I ended up placing them in the wrong spot quite often. But that might just have been me stressing out too much. 

Great concept, had me grinning the whole time I was playing. Loved the way the environment reacted to my inputs. Bonus point for the cute bird.

I suck at this game, but it's incredible amounts of fun. The slippery physics and movement were tweaked just right for a great experience. If I have to nitpick (and I do), I'd have liked for the ice to have a cleaner, more flat-shaded look similar to the 3d models.

Yeah, sound and visual feedback really are the two things I'd wished to have more time for.

Thanks! I'm really considering expanding this beyond the current scope. Unfortunately, my "games I'm working on" backlog is almost as long as my "games I need to play" backlog.


Thanks a lot!  I just now described the working of the birds two replies earlier. 


Thanks! The bird physics were inspired by how real birds flock. I have one (invisible) lead bird who always tries to navigate in the direction of the player (with weighted randomness added to the up/down movement, to simulate swooping down). Every other bird tries to navigate to the place the previous bird was one frame ago.

The key part is that they don't immediately change their direction, only their speed. So every time they get close to their target they overshoot and have to correct the course again.


Thanks for the exhaustive feedback! I like your ending idea. I was planning to do a series of increasingly difficult levels, capped by an unwinnable endless runner section, but your idea makes me reconsider that plan.


Thanks. I really enjoyed the game, so this definitely helps. A big part of the fun was figuring out how to handle the demons, so if you're thinking of expanding on this you might want to consider different types of demons from different objects with different rules. 👍

Sometimes I had to bash a tree for 45 seconds before an enemy came out.

Great aesthetic and smooth controls and gamefeel. Kinda difficult to get an enemy to spawn sometimes tho.




That's not supposed to happen. If you stand still for a couple of seconds, do you get an arrow on the screen?

Thanks for the great feedback, I especially love your backstab idea. It was also great to hear you experience the game.

Some of your feedback was in my initial plan but had to be scoped out, but you've given me enough new ideas to get me wanting to develop it further.

Great presentation, well done!