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No worries, your first attempt at a Roguelike fared much better then mine, and I really enjoyed my time with the game :-)

Very fun concept, and it works in practice. Nicely done!

A nice stealth game, it feels good to sneak around and evade the guards. Doesn't really feel like a roguelike, tho.

Great game, every mechanic is laser-focused on one target: getting the player moving forward. I'm yet to complete a run, but I'm sure to keep trying.

Any chance of releasing a downloadable version as well? I'd love to load this on my Steam Deck for a run on the go.

Excellent concept, very well executed. I liked the variation in the different biomes, and the resulting levels look simply gorgeous. It would've been nice if the differences in quarry would've encouraged different strategies and builds.

Looking forward to seeing what the final prototype will look like.

Excellent theme, I like the flavor of hacking the servers with a virus as equipment. But I can't escape the feeling there could've been something more done with the theme, other then reflavoring "dagger" to "I love you".

I really enjoyed this one. The interesting spells keep the runs varied, and I'll always appreciate a teleport option.

Nice work! I like the fantasy barroom brawl theme, and the chess movement adds a nice puzzle element.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Lovely little sprites, and running around as a swarm of rats is fun!

Very good-looking submission! Smooth, easily readable, with very nice models and animation. I also liked the added depth of having multiple characters to control.

For this type of game, it might've been nice to have a real-time mode whenever no enemies are in sight, to lessen the hassle of moving both characters to the next door. I usually don't like real-time roguelikes, but for this one it would probably have worked out. An "Overwatch" or "Hold action  option might've been nice as well, that would have opened a lot of tactical options.

Nice concept! I liked the idea of reinforcing and trapping my dungeon to ward off those pesky adventurers. Things did get a bit chaotic to my taste once more enemy waves spawned, but that's mostly because I'm bad at these defense style games.

Really atmospheric, made me want a roguelike version of the 1992 Alone in the Dark game.

I'd like to see what this would've turned into, given more time.

I need to play more to learn all the ins and outs, but I'm really liking this one already. The flavor, writing, and mystery reminds me of the first time playing Demon's Souls: There's a sense of danger, dread, and mysteries lurking just around the corner, even if nothing really threatening is happening (yet). Excellent submission!

A very flavorful submission. The colored 1-bit assets, the theme, and the writing all work together to create a very fun spooky atmosphere.

Very nice project! I like the depth and diversity of the different mechs and loadouts, and using the equipment slots separately leads to a lot of interesting tactical decisions during play. The one thing this game is missing is a goal and an overall sense of progress, but I can imagine that's outside the scope of a 7-day project, on top of everything that's already there.

I love the character building in this one, my character felt very unique and distinct. You really made the theming of this game work. It sometimes was a bit hard to keep track of what was happening in the game, but the log helped alleviate this a lot.

I like the clever reuse of enemies here, you get a lot of depth out of a handful of (very well made)  sprites and types. The constrained space works really well here as well, it gives an almost boardgame-like quality to the play.

Very nice and smooth-feeling roguelike, definitely one of the more accessible games I played this 7DRL.

Fun little roguelike, with charming sprites and a very interesting stamina system. It's easy to grasp the basics, but there's quite some depth to the stamina system. I really enjoyed the character progression, where I had to watch every step at the start and could just rush through the map near the end.

Amazing game! This would already be fun as a plain ”vanilla" Roguelike, with the fun items, interesting monsters, and tense balance. The multiplayer aspects just as more delicious icing on this cake.

I only got one run in so far last night. Made it to level 18 (iirc), but was on death's door since level 13. A huge compliment to the games' pacing and balance that I managed to hang on like this. It's been since I was searching Sen's Fortress for the first time, looking for a bonfire, that a game got this intense for me.

Very fun and engaging roguelike. It seems like we both had the same basic idea and approached it from opposite directions. I especially like the timing mechanic you added, it makes you really think about the tactical approach.

Also: I'm really terrible at this game, so I didn't see a lot of it. But I liked what I saw.

I had a lot of fun with this one. The costless shapeshifting adds a lot of fun and variety to the play, it feels amazing to explore the world in raven form and then just plonk down as a pack of wolves to take on an enemy.

I'm happy to report it works very well on Steam Deck as well, only the leftmost part of the log (about 4 letters) get cut off by the edge of the screen. I've set up a community controller scheme for the game, in case anyone else wants to play this on the go.

A small point of improvement: On some menus you use a-z to pick a choice, on others 1-9. It would be nice if this was more consistent.

Thanks! I went back and forth between either an inventory of unlimited size, or a really limited one. I ended up going for only two slots to discourage hovering up everything and push the player to move forward.

I'm glad you got to the disco level. I put a lot of time and thought into that one, but I feared I put it too close to the end of the game. I'm not surprised it has some bugs, there's a lot of last minute spaghetti code in that level. I'll try to use your report to figure out the cause and fix it. Thanks for letting me know.

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This one is a lot of fun! The style and theme fit perfectly and the Hitman-style social stealth really works in the turn based format. A shame there weren't more ways to isolate dinner guests (that I could find), but apart from that I have nothing but praise.

Also: Would it be possible to get a downloadable executable for this game? 

Thanks! The visuals were among the easiest part to develop, they just came together naturally. I'm glad to see most people like the way they turned out.

I played a couple of runs of your game. Never got very far, but I really like what I've seen. This type of game seems to be what the Playdate was made for: Quick to pick up and start a run, but deep and varied enough to keep me coming back.

I also love working with those specific constraints - and trying to break them. For my Roguelike I heavily rely on the fake function calling you describe, it will allow you to do some pretty amazing things. I also tend to use rect() a lot, but that can kill performance quickly.

If you're interested to see where my Pulp Roguelike project is going, you can take a look at I'm planning to resume working on it once I've cooled down from the 7drl.

Thank you!

Very nice game! The overall look is gorgeous, and I love the mysterious, claustrophobic atmosphere. The puzzles were very well made as well, difficult enough to make me think and keep me engaged, but never taking to long to figure out. 

Lovely style and original, intriguing play.

Gorgeous aesthetic, really quick to pick up and play. Very nice!

After a bit of a cooling down, here's the release devlog:

Looks interesting! As I'm working on a Playdate Roguelike in Pulp myself, I'll give this a go soon!

No time to write a dev log for the last two days or write a fancy page, but the game is live:

Almost every feature I had scope for in there, I just had to cut the procedural music generation and the save/load functionality (and some balancing and polish)

Thanks for the support, things are already looking up.

Log 5 is up! Slowly getting there.

Day 4:

A bit of a downer. It'll be better after some sleep.

Really interesting looking project, I'm looking forward to trying the finished version at the end of week!

And here's a dev log for day 3: Not too much progress today, but things are moving along.

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I've got my first dev log up, covering days 1 and 2. Pretty nice progress, so far.