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Brain in a Bowl

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Thanks for the great feedback, I especially love your backstab idea. It was also great to hear you experience the game.

Some of your feedback was in my initial plan but had to be scoped out, but you've given me enough new ideas to get me wanting to develop it further.

Great presentation, well done!



Thanks! I used nothing that fancy, it's mostly a couple of word buckets to generate the names and a lot of nested if-statements combined with some randomness to make the rest.

I really wanted to be able to recreate scenarios by using the same seed, which is hard to achieve with external API.

Thanks! It's nice to see we al learned something today.


Thanks! I fully support more AAA games to be about resolving generated interpersonal conflicts. I've saved the world enough times by now.

I've been tinkering with ideas like this since I started to think about making my own games (roughly 1996), so I'll probably do more with it. Not sure if it will be on this exact game or a different future project.

Thanks! It was great to see you experience the game. You're not supposed to be able to clip out after seeing the picture, I still need to squash that bug.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it (and I like your attitude). Both the clipping and turning might be a frame rate issue, I didn't get around to really optimizing the engine. Might have another look at it later.

You got the ending, and then managed to bug your way out of it. Well done, I guess :-D

Very good presentation. The style and visuals are just top-notch. I would've liked some visual borders to the playing field. I had a couple of collisions where I'd sworn I could dodge an object but couldn't because I hit the edge of the field.

Nice look, I especially liked the design of the player character. I also appreciate the turn-based nature allowed me to strategize for a bit. The fireball card made this a bit to easy though.

Great visuals and huge amounts of polish, this looks and feels just so good to play. Would also make a great mobile game. 

This was fun. Hard to get going, but incredibly addictive once I got the controls in my fingers. Great job!

You just might have not looped around enough ;-).

Spoiler: unless it literally says "the end", you've not reached the end. You probably got pretty close though.

Fun and engaging, great job!

Nice presentation and tight controls. The camera moving down when you're falling would've been helpful, it's really hard get the timing right if you can't see the exit.

Very well done, one of the most ambitious jam games I've encountered and surprisingly complete. Great job!

Great concept and nice presentation. Took me a while to figure out the cards mechanic. Nicely done!

Very nice presentation, fun to play. 

Nice concept, it's fun to try and figure out the objective for the day. I didn't like the time limit tho, since it limits exploration. If the desks weren't randomized, you could use different runs to figure out a perfect route, but currently it's just a matter of luck to see if you hit the right desk at the right time. 

Great concept, well executed. I'd have liked to have more cards available each turn, so I could have some more choice and variation in the story.

Nice, an actual turn-based roguelike! Nice low-key presentation. I'd have liked the kick to move your target back a tile, so you could kick your enemies into the fire. 

This is the first game I've rated for this jam, but I can't imagine anyone having a better use of the restriction. Really nice presentation as well. Great job!

I know what you mean, I love the speed, simplicity and constrained space of Pico-8. These days I've switched over to TIC-80, because I like the ability to pick my own color palette, the pure Lua and the option to get some coding done on my phone.

I'm going to check your submission right now!



Shame, the milk means it's a no-go for me. But I'm getting pretty inspired and I might just be able to whip up something like it myself.

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Amazing. Apart from the way the visuals, sound and interactions complement each other, I love the way the simple mechanics told the story. Also really liked the subliminal heart shapes in the background graphics. 

Finally, were those espresso chocolate chips homemade? Can you share a recipe? This really gave me an urge to bake.

Good catch! That inner voices mechanic was too good to not steal it. 

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Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! There's another final-ish ending once you've looked at everything and your character has figured out what's going on.

Thanks! If you like this kind off gameplay, you might want to check out the interactive fiction tag on itch: 

If it's the multiple inner voices talking you liked, you owe it to yourself to play Disco Elysium.

I'll agree with everyone on the intro. The gameplay was a bit frantic to my tastes, but very well executed.

Great concept and the best use of the limitation I've seen so far. If this is your first game, I'd love to see what you make in the future!


Incredibly charming and cute, I'd love to play an entire game of this. 

No problem. This is the game I've spend the most time playing this jam, just so you know it's great fun even with the lag.

Great fun and presentation. I had severe lag while playing, but that didn't diminish the fun.

I'll echo the double jump comment, but once I figured it out the game was great fun. Special props for the amazing main character sprite.