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Absolutely amazing.

Well, I've always liked procedural generation and I just discovered Tracery and I just discovered it could be ported to my development platform of choice. So I want to make simple side scrolling game about a tiny Galavant running along (the not-so-ambitious part) with the jester describing everything he does in written song lyrics (the incredibly ambitious part, especially making the sentences fit the music and making stuff rhyme).

Already got a working prototype with nice graphics, now on to the hard part:

Because I don't know much about those but have a great overambitious idea for a computer game.

The main sprite is incredibly charming and I love the scattered storytelling through notes. That stuff always works for me, and these were pretty well-written. The walking and platforming felt very good as well. Very well done!

Thanks! It took me a while to realise I was basically making a House of Leaves game, but once I did I just went all in on it. Glad you liked it, and glad you recognised the reference.

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Fun game, and very well designed. Loved the cute opening scene. Might've been even more fun if it was turn based though.

I always love a Blink mechanic, and this one was very well done. The jump arc was a bit tight and abrupt for my taste, but who needs jumping when you can teleport?

Liked the consistent low-poly style  and Deus-Exy music,  but It was really hard to see where I was going or what I was fighting.  A solid entry overall.

Looks nice, the moving around feels pretty good (except sometimes when you get stuck to the side of a platform). Attacks feel nice and impactful, but the player-seeking instadeath fireballs are a bit much.

Love the idea and the look of it, but unlike minesweeper it seemed to depend on luck instead of reasoning. Or maybe I'm just bad at it. Still, great job!

I love the spoopy Tim Burton/Costume Quest aesthetic, a bit of spooky music would've been nice as well. Also like the concept and the Sonic-style inventory=health mechanic. The controls were a bit annoying tho, the rapid turns made it really difficult to run with precision.

Thanks! I really loved your submission as well.


They just hold you in place until the bigger monster comes to finish it. Or until you manage to break free.

A fun Wolfenstein clone, loved the fast movement. The player getting a hitscan weapon while the enemies had dodgeable projectiles was a bit unfair, but necessary to make it (kinda) winnable. I would've liked some more visual feedback when shooting tho, the visceral kick of the weapons was a great part of what made Doom feel so good to play.

Ah, that would work. Thanks!

One of the most slick and polished Jam games I've seen, this could've easily been in an alternate universe version of NieR. Design and graphics are very good. I find it difficult to judge the gameplay since this really isn't my genre, but movement and controls feel very good and responsive.

Great art and good audio. I love the concept of the cards, but a streak of bad luck can easily get you killed. A shuffle mechanic to get different cards might help that somewhat.

Nice! I like the 1-bit graphics, and the zelda-style dungeons fit the combat very well.

I like the tiny sprites and the way you can use your horns to cling to the edge of platforms, but I'll hold off on rating for a while.

The game throws an Uncaught Syntax Error when I try to load. I'll hold off rating for a while until you can get a fix in :)

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The SuperHotTime is great for this, but the unlucky placement of the traps (at least for me) makes this more suitable for just messing around and less suitable for trying to win. Would love to see a more polished version.

Very nice design and animation on the characters, and the subtle camera bob when moving is a nice touch. The red bunnies attack a bit quickly for my taste, some warning time or the ability to dodge would've been nice.

Very beautiful and atmospheric. The Neon Struct style weapons didn't quite match the more detailed environments and monsters, but that's to be expected from a jam game. I like the way you did the level generation, the floating islands and teleporters give a nice surreal atmosphere.

The blob is incredibly charming and I like the overall atmosphere. Music is nice as well, but the sound effects don't quite fit the carttony style of the game. Controls are floaty and unresponsive, but it's fun to run around.

And what exactly are those guards spraying water from?

Glad you like it!

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Thanks! I originally used arrow keys, but mapping those to isometric directions gets very confusing. Maybe I can figure out something with WESD controls.

Thanks, that's better than my high score! I added some features to speed up the game. Since I didn't experience slowdowns it's difficult to test, but I hope this works for you.

Thanks for the feedback! Additional weapons and enemies for more variety are also planned for the full game. Might take a while to get everything done though :)

Thanks! There's only the one screen, and it's basically endless. My original intent was to try and survive for as long as possible, but turned out a bit to easy to achieve a stable state.

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Indeed. This game, however, is not political.

I've been planning to fix this, but other game jams keep getting in the way. Someday, I will get back to it.

Thanks for playing and commenting :D. 

I'm not really planning on expanding on the game right now. I'll probably reuse some aspects I like in other projects, but I'll leave this one as it is. Writing the entire world simulation backend from scratch in a weekend left me a bit burned out on the whole thing, so I'm just focussing on some simpler (or differently complex) projects at the moment.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for your feedback.  I agree there's not a lot to do, but as far as I'm aware this is the only game with a "decompose" option. To me, figuring out what to do and how to do it is part of the fun, but I understand it's not everyone's preference.

Still, I'll try to make my next projects more accessible.

Beautiful and very relaxing.

Really charming style, and I like the physics of the entire thing. Stumbling around and trying to catch dandelions that spin around because they were hit by drops is great fun in an Octodad kind of way.

Thanks. I hugely underestimated the time it would take to write the simulation parts, so it mostly just is a proof of concept. I like the looks and the way I combined inventory, status and story into one panel, so I'll probably recycle those elements in a future project.

Thanks! I really struggled with the controls and unhappily settled on the current solution where moving the character is separated from all other actions. Glad to hear it worked for you. :)

I actually like the way this looks woth the limited palette. Fun to play in short bursts, but gets a bit stressful for my taste after a while. I appreciate the animations, but the refill-at-the-river animation might be a bit to subtle and take a bit to long. I actually thought the game had cfrozen at my first couple of attempts.

Incredibly polished and well made. Great music and sound effects, beautiful sprites and animations and fun and original game mechanics. I like the nonviolent approach, and being able to turn into a tree is always a plus. My only complaint is the small size of the viewport, a better persepctive on things happening around me would've been nice.