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Thank you for the response. I will check the theme and see if it is hard enough then haha :D

Okay LOL I saw the theme and ngl Idk what I'm going to do with it. I think I can participate :3

I have seen two posts regarding it because of course despite it being a requirement I do not find any single definition for it in the jam page, but unfortunately I don't think I have understood it well enough as the answers provided are unfortunately very case specific to the asker.

By some sense of the word I do not qualify as I have made a few games and participated in some game jams one week length like this one.

By other sense of the word, I can also be seen as a beginner as the quality of the games I made are not exactly great... and add to that the fact that I have not been making games for a while due to uni stuffs.

This jam's timing is perfect as it falls right as Christmas begins and my uni stuffs finally take a break; but of course I have to confirm first if I qualify.

A concise, concrete answer (e.g. have not participated in X jams with more than Y participants in the last Z months) that can be applied to most people wondering about the same thing would be appreciated.

Art is real good; really love her design. Also enjoyed the sweet invasion theme XD

Perhaps with more time the graphics and gameplay can be more polished -- with game graphics that are on par with the menu art and gameplay that is a bit... more balanced. Perhaps more spells. As it is now it is harder than getting a Normal 1cc on Touhou games.

Thanks for participating!

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I do not enjoy yuri stuffs very much, but I'm not going to judge based on that. In fact despite not enjoying the genre very much, I enjoy the rest of the game.

How the story is integrated very well into the mechanics is just awesome. It's so immersive without the presence of a main menu; tho now that I think about it your recent games have been like that -- yeah this kind of thing is amazing imo lol and of course I loved the combat mechanics and time management mechanics too. Altho I think for the 'good ending' a little bit of luck is required for each playthrough as there is absolutely zero room for error and zero time to fight the random encounters to prevent any of the important spots from getting taken over (yeah this happened to me once).

The art, graphics, and music etc. are as always very well done; and this time the style is very creative.

With regards to the plot itself, outside the yuri stuffs, I really enjoyed the 'good ending' (SPOILER INCOMING for those who haven't got it yet) story about the... uh sorry I forgot her name it's kinda hard to remember... the tennis girl's bond with the dad and the background behind it. The way it is executed was nice too; this plot point has been somewhat hinted throughout the story and so when it was revealed it was like a big "Ooooh" moment -- I actually once got late and she actually disappeared and so it really hit lol

Overall it's good stuffs as always. My only complain is the lack of skip button for second and beyond playthroughs...

Yoooo you did it again! Thanks for streaming my game it means a lot to me!

Hey! Thanks for playing the game! Also nice you actually collected all the gems! :3

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Sorry I do not understand your answers to the questionnaires, especially the ones I give strikethrough in the table below. Please edit your answer by tomorrow or else I am disqualifying this submission.

EDIT: Nvm. After checking the game page I decided to disqualify this game first and give benefit of the doubt later.

How does your game fit the Magical Girl Genre?ok
Which theme(s) do you pick?Sweet
How does your game fit those theme(s)?You can choose artefacts
Were the assets for your game made during the jam? Elaborate as you see fit.i made all the code
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After a discussion with a discord member, I have decided to semi-allow late submissions up to a very hard deadline of 72 hours past deadline for MGGJ6. If you think you are going to submit late, please notify me here -- the judgement will be more lenient if you notify me before the deadline. Also once you have finished your game, please provide me with the link to your game page along with your reasons for being late. IF I approve it I will give you the submission link that you have to access.

(Appeals can also be made via discord)

Ah baik saya mengerti. Kalau begitu kemungkinan aku akan membuat game saya memiliki tiga pilihan bahasa.

Kemungkinan besar tidak menang sih karena saya masih pemula juga, namun jika menang mungkin hadiahnya untuk juara dua saja hahaha

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Saya ingin meminta klarifikasi tentang pernyataan ini. Saya adalah orang Indonesia dan bisa berbahasa Indonesia dengan fasih, namun saya tinggal di Tokyo; apakah boleh ikut? Jadwal jam ini sungguh sangat cocok untuk mengisi waktu selama liburan musim panas, namun saya khawatir jika akan ada masalah berpartisipasi dari sini :'D

Saya melihat hadiah bagi pemenangnya adalah T-shirt; sepertinya akan sulit sekali mengirim T-shirt dari Indonesia ke Tokyo jika seandainya saya menang walaupun kemungkinannya kecil XP

P.S. ingin klarifikasi juga, namun apakah game yang disubmit perlu berbahasa Indonesia?


Just curious but did you manage to hit 600MeV?

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Regarding my animation, I used animation player node. Every single incubator destruction involves calling a function from each of the incubator, which plays an individual animation player from the incubator -- I had to do this mainly because of the sound during the incubator exploding sequence and the particle they emit... so to describe it simply it's 1 animation player calling for 40 other smaller animation players to play their animation. Darn now that I put it like this I just realized darn yeah this is probably extremely inefficient :O

And then regarding the ghost appearance... lemme tell you that the scene you described is not the first time the ghost appeared. The ghost actually also appeared during the "normal, cheeful" section once although just for 0.5s (again, check the screenshots that can be seen in this page) :3

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Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed what I made.

I have received similar feedback regarding the lag in the incubator room; but I'm not sure if there are anything that I could've done better for that room. For the record I used Godot engine's Animation Player for that; best I can do is check if there are inefficient functions that I ran but I doubt that.

Thank you for playing!

P.S. Did you spot the ghost during the "normal" section? She can be spotted for a very, very brief moment on the world right after you met the first terminal/computer and fan (check out the screenshots)

There is no need to read too much into it. It's just a simple story of a nightmare about a ghost killing the protagonist in the bad dream.

It looks good. The aesthetics look appealing and with the BGM and SFX it feels somewhat polished. Although I only played for a bit I can feel the horror already.

Unfortunately I think this game is a tad bit too hard for me and so I don't think I can play to see the ending :'D

I think this game is unplayable at its current state. I'm not sure how the downloadable version fares since my PC is on Windows and the downloadable version is for Mac, but it seems the resolution the browser version is very broken, with many elements ending up outside of the screen. Furthermore there are tasks that are not very intuitive yet lack instructions. I think this game can be better with proper polish (no pun intended)

Um so... I suppose this game is not finished yet? I tried playing it and got confused haha and all I could do was sleep and watch as the environment became creepy XD

On the third day the environments were telling me to go to the attic but when I went there nothing happened. I would like to ask, if this is how it is in the current state or if there are things I can do :'D

Thanks for the feedback! Now I understand a few issues the game had, most because I had to rush some features (because another game jam was starting 1 week before the end of the jam so my time limit was 1wk shorter), although others because I didn't consider it necessary.

I will keep WSAD control in mind; I previously played games with primarily arrow keys control and so I didn't think WSAD was necessary in this game. Auto-text was probably indeed not really the best choice to implement but unfortunately it was the only one I could go with with the limited time I had -- all I can do is apologize (^.^;

The decision to add the flashlight was for what I thought would be atmospheric reasons; since I saw many horror games have very dark environment and usually in those games I saw flashlights; though again this is my first time ever making a horror game. I didn't put as many lamps in the following rooms after the flashlight so I thought it would be difficult to see without it but perhaps it's not the case for you.

I will keep your feedback about artificial barrier in mind; I definitely also got similar complaints from my testers.

Glad you liked the artstyle and the music. Regarding the puzzle with intense music (and yellowing screen to represent toxic gas) I definitely DID intend to make it a game over; but in the end as deadline was approaching I had to settle for not giving a game over screen and instead pretend "Hey it's just a dream turns out this puzzle is not as deadly as I thought" m(_ _)m

I definitely do not have enough writing experience indeed, hence the rushed ending. Even after you gave your feedback I must admit I am not sure how I could've presented the ending better hahaha

I'm glad you enjoyed my interpretation of the themes  and found it good enough to be a horror game. Definitely glad you enjoyed my decision to turn off the elevator during the earlier part just before the start of the horror section -- I remember many horror stories involve the helpless protagonist unexpectedly getting thrown into situations they cannot easily escape. Definitely also very glad you find the atmosphere to be unsettling enough for a horror game; I took some inspirations from the game "Purgatory" -- and although it's definitely nowhere near as horrifying as that game looks like it's horrific enough.

Thanks for your helpful feedbacks. I will keep these in mind for my future projects :3

Yeah as I said in the description I have zero prior experience making a horror game. Apologies for not meeting your expectations; all I can say is that I did get some to recognize it as mildly horror at least.

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Sorry I responded late.

Basically if you are asking for "should" as in my personal preference ideally please aim for completely SFW. Though I do not mind milder NSFW contents, please, please steer clear from stuffs that will turn your game into a porn/hentai

If you are asking for hard rules tho once again I stress that as long as there are no nipples no g*nitals you are fine

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True. I don't like those things among the submissions of my jam, but after a lot of back and forth with jammers about that rule in previous jams, I have decided to put the bare minimum criteria possible that I can tolerate and that one is the very bare minimum.  And so for the examples you gave, all I am going to do is to discourage you from putting such things but if you do so anyway I won't remove them. I will let you know that even with this bare minimum rule I still have some people complain that there should be no such rule entirely but this is what I have decided on but I'm not going to budge on that.

If you have noticed, most of the rules of this jam are on the looser side from what is expected or what I personally find comfortable (such as the bare minimum criteria for magical girl) and that is by design, and this includes the NSFW rule. I hope you understand.

Yeah so... I don't speak Spanish. I won't remove games for simply not being in English but at the very least please answer the questionnaire in a language that I understand.

Also you failed to elaborate properly on the last two questions.

I apologize, but I judge this submission disqualified.

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Hi! Thanks for playing the game! I'm glad that you seem to have enjoyed the game.

As for some of your questions:

  • For the crystals, as you have guessed, they are indeed from the dead fetuses/babies. The way I intended it is that the crystals are products of those babies dying; although since I never explicitly narrated it and only hinted stuffs through the worldbuilding, whatever interpretations that make sense are valid.
  • Regarding the ghost, I didn't go into detail indeed, and the only thing revealed is her saying "Hi Mommy". I definitely had various intentions regarding the ghost as I was building the game, but in the end I decided to only reveal it as the ghost that claimed to be Saki's daughter.
  • As for endings, yes there is only one ending. I didn't have enough time to code for more endings XD

And wow nice this is the second time a gameplay of my game got uploaded to YouTube! I'm so glad I actually made something quite decent this time (unlike last time where I cut way too many corners XP)

Any assets you have legal access to are allowed; including pre-made assets (e.g. from your previous works) or purchased assets (what I assume the assets you referred there to be). You will be asked about it during submission however; please answer it honestly.  Good luck!

Oookay let's see... I played this game to finish... it was long :'D

I like the main story. That's a very interesting start; a reverse isekai I might say, I love that concept. It certainly can be made better but I think for something made in just a month it's okay XP

What is commendable is the amount of content you fit into this game in just one month. That's one long story with a lot of features; must have been a ton of hard work.

In general I also like the turn-based combats. The balance is towards the easy spectrum but more or less it's not too easy and I still had to think to play this game.

The character arts are also pretty good... for the portraits and cutscenes anyway they are impressive.

I however, have a great deal of criticism for this game:

  • A lot of content is impressive; however, perhaps it is exactly due to the huge amount of content and features existing in this game that it lacks polish. It seems to me because the content is so huge, not enough time was done to polish each and every part of this game.
    • The sprites for one need some improvements. It is not the biggest problem however; the biggest problem is the inconsistent artstyle existing in this game. Some parts of this game use pixel arts while other parts are less pixel-artsy; and for the pixel arts their pixel sizes are inconsistent.
  • While I did say the story is okay, it can also have some polishing. I'm not really a good writer myself so I can't give any advices, but there are moments where I felt the story is somewhat all over the place, unnatural, sudden, etc. For example, Melony's internal struggle of confidence and leadership; it was only brought in the beginning but never mentioned anymore in the second half; almost like that thing was forgotten.
  • Perhaps I should've clarified this better; but what you have here is a turn-based combat game with a romantic subtext in the story; not really ren'ai game which is defined as a game where the primary goal of the game is to establish a (romantic) relationship between the Player Character and one or more of the NPCs as defined in TVTropes, or as an alternate looser criteria for this jam defined as games with routes for relationships with characters (which include single route games as to include all games that should fit the TVTropes definition) -- this game is not either of those; the relationship is not in the mechanics of this game and felt like a side story. I do realize however, that your team definitely was trying to fulfill the genre, and perhaps simply misunderstood as to what fulfills the Ren'ai genre for the purpose of this jam; for that reason I'm not going to remove this game. What I cannot do however, is to give a high rating for the genre mashup category to this game... for that I'm sorry.

Hm I suppose the concept is interesting -- this is definitely one way to mix those two genres.

A question though... how precise do I exactly need to be to fire a strong note? Don't tell me I only fire strong note bullets only if the timing is frame perfect -- because that is way too cruel imo; even pure rhythm games like maimai or ongeki where you need to play to the music usually treats frame perfect as a bonus or sth and so there are like 3 frames where a hit is considered 'perfect' D:

I think aside from the fact that the timing criteris seemingly too harsh, I would love to also at least know whether or not I hit the note too fast or too late so I can adjust.

In any case thank you for participating!

Ah right of course because it is a game jam game you want to show everything up front XD

Tho I think even outside game jam games this can also be important and I have heard of this thing called "starting from the middle" or "having everything then losing them" trick XP

Darn it I have always dreaded playing StB I didn't think a jam participant would submit a game with StB concept to my jam XD

Anyways the art is different from your usual one and it's amazing. Your composition has greatly improved too; I swear I thought I was playing Touhou for real lol. While I do not enjoy Yuri I think I can also see the mashup in this game is done pretty interestingly; very well done.

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As always it's a high quality, highly polished game with great graphics and awesome music by Facemeltingsolos; and add interesting story as a bonus -- amazing job.

I must say though I thought TD x Card were something new but I just realized that... PvZ is TD x Card isn't it lol damn it XD

Gameplay wise though... I think playing your game I realized exactly why most TD games have wave system and are usually way, way more slow-paced than this. I guess with the fast pace this game has I was given little time to think; though luckily the game balance is somewhat in the favor of the player so mostly I could do whatever I wanted and still win; except for the boss stages I suppose where I needed to put some decoys -- very commendable design decision.

With some tweakings and maybe let's see... making the cards unlockable let's say so that it's not so overwhelming at first (a more introductory stage would be nice)... I think this has got some potential to become a bigger game.

Making this post preemptively just in case. If anyone is about to make a community post about late submission after the jam ends... unfortunately, this time I'm not going to accept it. If unfortunately you didn't make it simply take it as a lesson and submit far, far earlier than the deadline next time. If you are in the discord server you may have received announcements to submit at the latest around 24 hours before the jam ends and that's what I recommend next time for anyone participating in any jam that is at least a week long.

I'm glad to hear you love what the participants of this jam have submitted so far. With around one day still remaining though there are still more to come so you may want to wait more to play all of them; in particular I know one participant who is going to submit an at least decent game that has not submitted yet.

It's regrettable that you couldn't join this one, but I hope you are going to look forward to MGGJ6, which will likely be held from Aug-Sept of this year.

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I said this in another recent community post as well, but I don't think this post serves the purpose you may have in mind here :P

Those who come to check out this jam will probably find your game through the submissions page first; while I personally already know your game exists by virtue of the notification I get when you submit your game. You have better chances promoting your submissions through this jam's discord server in the #mggj-showoff channel than through here.

EDIT: spelling error

Just to confirm your answer to the last questionnaire. You answered yes (graphics); does this mean that the audio are purchased assets?

Um.... I don't know to whom this post is directed at

For me, I already get the notification the moment you submit your game so if I have time to play it I will check it from there.

For players who check this jam, those interested are probably going to check the submissions page first before checking this page

Those who do not know about this jam are not going to check this page anyway :')

Hey thanks for the well thought out feedbacks! I appreciate the amount of effort being put to make this feedback; from my experience this kind of feedback takes at least 15 minutes (after typing the whole message I realized your feedback probably took at least 20 minutes) to type.

Thank you very much for giving high rating in most categories. I have said this in other comments too but at first I actually doubted the concept; but I guess I was surprised when I actually tried to execute it.

The criticism about the timer is definitely something new. The reason why I added the timer is because well... try to imagine for a second if this game had no timer... you play it once and it is done. I thought that during the game development so I added the timer for extra challenge; emphasis on being extra. Clearly since you felt like you had to go fast first try I failed to convey that intent though; so this is definitely a room for improvement. One thing I may consider doing next time is giving an option for time attack mode, hiding the timer first time (or until you do the level properly), hiding the timer the moment you get a fake coin, or showing the timer only at the end of the level if no fake coins were collected.

Regarding the time attack/speedrun mode becoming a memorization challenge.... Haha yeah I just realized that. I suppose because I am the dev I cannot properly understand the experience of players who first come to play the game since I already know the placement of each coin since the first time I placed it. One thing for sure this feedback was rather new and surprising since my testers in my jam's discord server all loved the timer. One thing I notice about speedrunning though it does often become a memorization challenge separate from the more immersive intended experience. I mean try the genre of metroidvania; the genre is supposed to be about exploration -- but obviously after it is completed that thrill is gone forever and so people speedrun it with of course some form of memorization of the map. Though I suppose I also need to recognize that usually metroidvania speedrun are players creating their own challenges.

The glitchy coin idea definitely seem interesting... but I think for easier sprites maybe instead in addition to the fake coins spinning in opposite direction, they are also less shiny -- assuming I will one day update it.

In any case thank you so much for playing and giving all those helpful feedbacks.


I would love to play your game, it seems so tidy... but it seems I couldn't run the executable in my PC for some reasons. Sorry :(

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Well congrats you at least finished making your game. Hopefully this becomes a good experience for you if suppose you decide to plan/make future games.

Unfortunately I don't think I can give high scores for this game.

  • When I play I don't know what actually is going on. EDIT: Okay I read the instruction you posted somewhere a little but I think I'm still lost... sorry :(
  • The camera is awkward because I cannot see the ground I would land on when I jump.
  • Your answer to how your game fits the theme is "You trying to figure out what is real"; but what does that even mean concretely? I certainly don't understand how your game is even remotely related to your answer. EDIT: Perhaps it's just because I don't understand your game. I played the levels "Dimension 1" and "this" only.
  • The graphics is... well... all over the place and unpolished. The player is just an oval and the tiles are some kind of textures and they are mismatched... and the UI looks like standard unmodified Unity UIs
  • The audio... weeeelll I think it would've been better had this game had no music than to have the 'music' it has now.

I think my suggestion if you ever decide to join future game jams is to focus more on quality than quantity; polish over content. I saw that you had five levels (I didn't check all of them but I assume they are there); I think they are too many for a 7-day game jam.

I'm not sure if you have got the English ability to understand everything I'm saying, but if there is anything that I want you to take away, it's this: Short clean game is better than a long messy game

Thanks! I will do it in 7 or so hours