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Hmm... then at least...

for the retry... which seems to be very expected to be a lot...

make it more instant if you get what I mean. (^.^;

The player does not need to rewatch an unskippable "Stage 2" animation with the dialogue everytime they retry ;_;

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Finally got some breathing room between my schedules to test the updated version.

The control is definitely much better now; I have got way easier times dodging the bullets this time, but I've got a feeling I've gotten rusty since the last time I played games (^.^;

I think B mode stage 2's boss is waaay too hard... How am I supposed to simultaneously be careful as to not drain my stamina too quickly, heal myself by killing those quickly moving small stuffs, while dodging some holy bullets...? Kinda impossible for me :(

Probably make those small stuffs move slower and easier to hit?

EDIT 1&2: Spelling

EDIT 3: (I was about to proclaim victory once I destroyed all the shields; only to find out that it's not over yet... sorry, but I think I have to rage quit this one m(_ _)m)

Yes, I plan it to be in mid-end December.

The page for it might be up in a few days (^.^;

Well if it's this late obviously I can't allow it m(_  _)m

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Well in regular SHMUPs indeed there are usually a ton of enemies whose sole purpose is simply to be mowed down (low ttk) so the player can feel powerful; and only the bigger enemies take a bit to kill XP

Yup I don't play HALO. Such concept is so alien to me. I can't deduce by myself that the shield is weaker to magic, or that I shoukd expect the enemies to have shield -- I thought only the player had that kind of mechanic because you know... the player is an armored magical girl XD

As for my setup... I'm not really sure tbh. I play on Windows 10 w/ 1920×1080 resolution screen size - full screen. I don't know what other informations might be relevant, but the reading the dialogue texts felt like reading Wikipedia pages -- it's that small in my screen (well I think I'm exaggerating a bit but still)

I think another issue is how big of a chunk of the screen the dialogue box takes. In other visual novels (e.g. DDLC, Steins;Gate) the dialogue box is only like 1/4 of the screen vertically at most. The gigantic dialogue box felt intimidating to read I think. You should only present a small amount of text at the time to the player for Visual Novels I think XP

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I see. Yeah I unfortunately didn't read the post mortem XP

For the enemies... now that I know this experience was not intended... well with that explanation now I know what was going on... basically in between my bullet attacks the enemies must have regenerated the shields and that's why they seemed to have really thick HP while I was playing it. And yea I suck at FPS games -- my specialty is bullet hell SHMUPs XP

The players were probably expected to figure that out because that system is basically the same as the player's; but imo it's not intuitive at all. This is an area that could've been polished: give some effects indicating the enemy has got a shield that depletes; for example when shot give a barrier that changes color that breaks when the shield gets broken (I actually don't know whether you implemented this or not tho but if you did I didn't notice).

Now as with the enemy strength itself... unless your aim is for a grim atmosphere where the players are made to feel weak and powerless, either weaken those standard enemies (in particular, try removing the shields for the standard enemies) or add some enemies that the player can easily butcher.

There are certainly a ton of things you can improve and polish. Aside from the above, the most glaring problem is in the dialogues. It's not the contents that's bad, although some stuffs in the dialogue indeed should be trimmed imo. It's the appeal of the dialogue box and text. No offense here, but if I may be frank, it's just so, so painful to read. Make the texts bigger and decorate it more man -- my suggestion would be to make the dialogue box style in similar style with the super polished UI :P

> I enjoy making weird broken janky shit a lot more

Wellp. No complainin here. I feel the same way. I guess Game Jams ARE good for experimental games. But game jams can also be good to train the polishing skill when your game is shorter, and players enjoy polished games more.

Whatever other than demons really XP


猫ちゃん =^.^=

If I may ask how does the minimap work?


No worries. I understand your intentions, though indeed I would rather be compared w/ sth else XP

Anyway thank you very much for participating!

Sorry it took so long before I started playing. With how busy I am this month (unfortunately) I kind of prioritized playing the browser games -- and even then I have not finished playing all of them.

My first impression was that the intro could certainly be transformed into a horror game XD

I must say... this is very well done! A lot of effort was clearly put into it. Simply love the creativity of the concept; first person shooter magical girl game; and the magical girl is in the form of  like sci-fi-ish futuristic soldier -- that's rad!! 

The UI is pretty polished too, and I love it.

There are several feedbacks that I want to give here.

I know art is not your strong point so I'm not going to grill you there; but the dialogue box... it certainly needs a lot of improvement... it's painful to read the dialogues ;_;

Next time do make the texts larger and maybe decorate it more so that it's more appealing to read if I may give a suggestion. Simple black text on a gray background is kind of... very unappealing to read at least for me.

Then the enemies -- the shades. The tiny guys... I think starting mooks shouldn't be... that strong? It's kind of weird when even the tiniest enemies are that strong -- or are you aiming to give this sensation that the player is very weak compared to the enemies?

And then... the attacks. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but for some reasons the regular machine gun/pistol attacks have got bullets but the magic attacks are infinite? I think it should be the other way around. I found myself just abusing the spells, especially the second spell XD

Last but not least: This game seems like it has got a lot of contents. It's not bad, but for game jam purposes, my suggestion is to aim for quality over quantity. Rather than making a very long game, you should aim for making a short but very polished game.

That's all. Very good work! Thank you for participating!!

This smells so Godot Engine. At least the entry screen makes me think it is I hope it really is XP

(will probably add an extra question asking about the engine used to make the game in the next jam)

I think for the overall vibe it more or less achieved your goal of it being a relaxing experience. It's a game without much challenge and pure exploration -- pretty relaxing after some of the other pretty difficult games I played in this jam.

The graphics and audio were not made during the jam period, so I will just comment on the mechanics: I think she's pretty hard to control. If this game is to test out those mechanics for your future bigger project, I think it needs to be fixed for that future game.

Regarding the pedestals, I think it's not intuitive enough. In my opinion it's better to also show visual cues in the actual vision and not just in the minimap -- I found myself just looking at the minimap even though the sceneries are in the game itself.

Good work! Thank you for participating!

Wow. This one is impressive. And all the audio and music are also made during the jam period too? I swear for a sec I thought from the quality of the music this couldn't have been made during the jam period...

Very, very polished. I simply love the graphic and the music. Very high quality game here. The difficulty got out of hand very quickly, and I don't think I can beat the boss, but this is very great.

My only complain is the movement speed....... (^.^;

Very goofy game with funny plot. Why am I a Devil King though :/

The best aspect of this game is perhaps the magical girl design.

The game itself is not very polished and there are some bugs but I certainly had fun XP

One of the more polished game graphic wise I think. The art is so cute I like it so much.

The difficulty... is definitely way too difficult for my taste. First I got stuck at the two big guys, then I faced the boss and I said enough. Here I thought Hollow Knight was hellish XP

Perhaps with some grinding I could purchase some of the equipments I happened to see up there but nah; for now at least I think I will just stop here XP

Oh hey; I think I remember a similar concept when I saw someone reviewing about Crypt of the NecroDancer. Neat.

I personally don't know if I'm just really bad at this or if the game is just unforgiving but.... I unfortunately can't really play this game (^_^;

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Not really complaining about the hitbox lol I do realize you are not aiming for Touhou; for the hitbox it just took me a while to get used to was all (since y'know... Bullet Hell games I play usually have really tiny hitboxes). I do think it fits your game well with the amount of bullets on screen

Hey that Devtober project sounds cool.

Just make sure precise control is possible the next time you make a SHMUP. Slippery control is very, very uncomfortable when playing SHMUP games -- and the more bullets there are the more necessary precise control is.

I think if you check the controls of the more normal 90s SHMUP games like Strikers 1945 (II), Raiden (I played Raiden II), G-Darius, Raptor CotS, etc., their movement schemes are usually either instantaneous speed (i.e. pressing a direction instantly gives you a certain speed) or at least very high acceleration/decceleration (from what I remember).

For further reference Touhou's (...which technically is a 90s SHMUP game since the less well known earlier games were released since 1996) control scheme is instantaneous but it has got a "focus" button for moving slowly for more precise dodging :P

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Wait is this still unfinished even now? Was it this team that reported to me about how the game might not be finished by the submission deadline? I kinda thought with ten days after the submission deadline your team might have finished it XD

When I saw the cover art and knowing that this is the game whose art  PixiTales drew, I was excited!

Didn't expect the game to be... so goofy

I think there is a huge... HUUUGE mismatch here between PixiTales's art and the rest of the game XD

With that amazing art I kinda expected the game to be somewhat serious :P

Anyway, really enjoyed PixiTales's arts. The story gave me some chuckles too. The game looks unpolished but I think this is a great start!

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When I saw the thumbnail I thought: "Woah! Awesome!!"

But I was a little bit disappointed when I found out this is an RPG Maker Game... "I shouldn't judge a game based on its thumbnail" I thought

But I must say... I had fun. A short goofy little RPG Maker Game you have got here. Not too shabby. Not bad at all. Especially the puzzle part; although they were easy, I had some chuckle with the cats and dogs. Now I know  that a game really shouldn't be judged too unfairly just because it's RPG Maker Game. XD

Thank you for participating!!

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First stage took me three tries; second and third stage took me no retries, fourth stage took me ~4 retries I think. But I finally did it. Really took a while to get used to the control and the hitbox.

First, the good parts:

The graphics are top notch, especially the background. It's apparent the amount of effort put into this game.

The boss designs are awesome. Putting ominous overpowering boss right at the start -- love it.

The theme interpretation is pretty creative -- and I like the story with the ancient sanctuary.

And the music -- as expected. Esp. the one for the last boss is epic.

Kinda hard to believe you started somewhat late.

I can't overlook, however, the issues I had with this game:

  • The movement control... is the biggest complain I have with this game. It's way too slippery; and since it seems you are indeed somewhat aiming for a bullet hell with the amount of bullets there, in my opinion slippery control like this is a big no. Can't squeeze through tight gaps with this control y'know... which imo is one of the main funs of playing bullet hell games XD
    • Also... I have got a feeling there are some issues with the arrow keys control input. I found the WSAD control to be much more responsive; the arrow keys seem to sometimes fail to let me move diagonally.
  • I think it'd be more fun if the shooting attacks is a little bit more powerful... or at least give an illusion that it's more powerful than it looks -- for example by making the shot rate (much) faster, adding some enemies that are easily mowed, etc.
  • Minor issue: The wave attack. Since its bullets go up and down I don't think wave bullets should be deleted when going off screen vertically
  • Idk... but personally I find it just a liiittle bit annoying when a gigantic boss with gigantic area of denial can only be damaged in one specific spot with tiny hitbox :P. Just a suggestion: how about if you make the boss be able to be damaged anywhere but gets more damage when hit at the weak spot(s)?

Overall still a good game. Keep up the good work!

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Please put the link to your game here.

I will send you a late submission link soon

Thank you for your cooperation; I highly appreciate it

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Very well made story with very creative mechanics. Love all the artwork metaphors from the world and the enemies. Overall love it -- very well made. :3

But damn that last stage was tough. I couldn't recover anything from fighting enemies, and during the boss fight it was very tough to make sure my healing could keep up until I finally decided "meh let's just finish the boss ASAP before it could harm my chars too much" and fortunately it worked... barely.

Some issues though... although I suppose some of them are a little bit much to expect from a game jam:

1. Well... with no levelling system or recovery items (as I said... I know it's too much to expect from a jam game) when I played it I found no reason to engage with the enemies unless I have to and so during the platforming section it becomes a game about just avoiding enemies -- esp. when both of the characters are in full HP/GL. I guess otherwise there is a motivation to recover HP/GL. Is this gameplay intended?

2. In the second artwork, in the area around the boss, the platforming section is a little bit... annoying. After defeating the boss it took me a while trying to jump to the portal m(_ _)m

3. Some of the enemies' attacks... are different in animation only. I'm talking about "Nagging Regret"'s attacks; which either shoots or melee attack but what they do are basically identical. I guess this is not too big of an issue but I do notice it :P

4. For Tama's normal attack: Being able to click just three (or two? I kinda forgot) already gives the full 3 damage attack output. However; it is possible to click up to 6 when lucky (usually I could only click up to 5 tho). I feel like this should be rebalanced -- either by making the full 3 damage attack output only done when clicking at least 4 OR by giving a 4 damage output during lucky attacks when 6 targets get clicked.

P.S.: Nice music from FaceMeltingSolos again. Very awesome

P.S. 2: I just realized moments after the fact that the best strategy to recover HP/GL esp. during the last stage is to leave the weak enemies and then cast drain and use healing spells

Whew thanks. Currently working on my bullet hell project tho so I probably won't expand this game (^_^;


Only started actual work on the third day as I was busy finding an idea on the first and coming down with a general feeling of unwellness the second...

Glad you enjoyed it!

I had changed that link tho. This morning it was the same as the previous "permanent" link (trrG8PC) that was posted everywhere in this thread

...before I realized it was not permanent (when I read your reply) and changed it (along with the other links in this thread) to the current proper permanent link (nvHPB4X)

But whatev. Now it is the proper permanent link so let's not split hairs :)

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Okay. It was not that I forgot to update the link because I did. It was that I didn't click "Generate New Link" while setting up the permanent link. Very, very sorry about that. I'm so new at creating a discord server Here's the actual permanent link:

Very sorry about that. I'm such a newbie at Discord. Just searched for how to create a permanent invite link and this time the link shouldn't expire:

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Hello my fellow Godot developer! I'm sorry I wasn't aware that discord invite links expire. Here's a new link for the invite: (permanent) (the real permanent link)

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Sorry; I didn't know discord invite links expire. This is the new link: (it's permanent now) (It's actually permanent now. For real this time)

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Holy cow... is there an expiry date for Discord invite link or something? I'm sorry that I'm noob at discord. See if this one works now: (it shouldn't expire again this time) (Okay. This time it really shouldn't expire)

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Thank you so much for reminding me. I have just created the discord server: (permanent) (real permanent link)

Aaaah dammit I forgot I should create a discord server

I will do it ASAP (maybe tomorrow or tonight in ~5hrs)

Once I do I will inform you and put it in the jam main page

Should've known BlackThornProd and JonasTyroller are participating again... Shame on me for not trying this game before the rating period ends ;_:

Definitely have a big bias here since I'm a fan of both but although I find it quite unplayable I really love this game XD

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it ^_^