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Tip: do it in the jam's discord server if you haven't already. You have larger reach there for now.

Very very cute artstyle. Definitely very nice to look at. Also love the use of the audios for various effects; very amazing.

Hm I wonder if I did something wrong though... after being thrown into space, I mashed some buttons for a while and then the top half of the screen becomes yellow and the girl disappears and from then on I seem to be stuck...

In any case, thanks for participating!

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I will consider your feedback.

It is of course straightforward, and simply by looking and playing a little it is very obvious that the game fits the Magical Girl genre.

But well... before playing the game one of the first things I see, to determine whether the game fits the jam or not, is the answer to the questionnaire. What I wanted to say was simply how the answer doesn't actually answer the question, and only repeats it. I think the description of the question when you first answered it does describe that Magical Girl is defined as "Girls Using Magical Power"; probably I should elaborate next time that you should answer based on that definition but well...

Let's see to illustrate what I mean... Suppose I ask you "How is cat a mammal?", the expected answer is something along the line of "Cats feed their young with milk", but your answer is like "Cat is obviously a mammal". Yeah to make my job of removing games that are put in bad faith easier please actually answer the question next time. 

In any case, thank you for participating! I hope you had fun.

(EDITs are grammatical error fixings)

This one is very decent submission. Definitely a good reuse of an old genre of game -- kinda gave me nostalgia. In general I had fun with this game.

My biggest critic is perhaps the artstyle inconsistency. Next time try to keep the artstyle of your game consistent; you seem to be working on a team, and I think you should make sure everyone is on the same page as to what artstyle everyone is aiming for.

Lastly, I would like to request you to fill the submission questionnaire more... properly. In particular, for "How does your game fit the Magical Girl Genre?" you just answered "It's about magical girls". The purpose of this questionnaire is to quickly weed out games that definitely do not fit the jam, and I swear if I did not know you, and I saw the answer of the questionnaire were just like this, I would get a little bit suspicious. This is just to make my job easier but next time please at least say sth like "Dani is a girl given magical power" or something along that line.

Before I say anything I think I should say that it is a good thing that you have made this game, and submitted it, so I hope you won't feel disheartened by the rest of the stuffs I am going to say.

I suppose this one is an unfinished game. Graphics wise it looks cool but I'm not sure what I was playing. As someone else said this may have some potential as a demo but this is not quite playable yet XD

I think you did say you were very busy at the time, so this is understandable. But I think I do have some advice: For future jams, be it MGGJ, or not, I think better planning and determining priority is very important. The first thing you should aim is playability; forget about extremely cool graphics and animations and stuffs those can come later, but make sure it is playable first and that people can understand the game easily first. Considering you are busy, and you know you are busy, you may also want to aim for smaller scale, less complex games next time -- don't you think the mechanics of the game is a bit too complex to both make and for players to understand? Don't you agree that some of the features you were planning to put like AIs are too ambitious when you know you have a busy schedule? Creative and fun games don't have to be too complex with tons of features. I hope I don't sound too preachy, but those are the kinds of advice that I can give.

In any case though thanks for participating! I hope you had fun.

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Must say I love this submission. It is very well made and the game is very fun too -- although it is almost entirely luck based (altho due to the abilities it is easy). Very well done.

I didn't think I would see the concept of Magical Girl being used simply for cheating lol -- the creativity is out of the roof.

So yeah. One very amazing submission here.

I rated this game very highly (don't tell the person but higher than Shibey's lol), very impressive; altho this is another game designed for masochists

Fun, Graphics, Audio, all of them I rated as maximum. Especially the music is very awesome.

Polish is mostly okay with good feedbacks to the player, but it can have some improvements:

  • there are some attacks that are too sudden with fast bullets -- an animation signaling such kind of attack is recommended.
  • The ability to change shooting direction while flying is also something to consider.
  • And also deathbombing; I actually got lucky enough to do that while playing and used a bomb the same time I got hit but I ended up with losing one life but still having full bombs so I definitely died after using my previous life's bomb. Would be nice if I hadn't lost a life imo

The only one I gave 3 star was Originality because well... I think we both know where the core of the gameplay is taken from... with spell cards even lol. Bullet Hell Platformers have been done a lot too including in a fangame. Not complaining too much though; but I think one twist or two to make it even more original would be good next time. Obviously it still has original aspects like the story (pretty much any game) so it's 3 stars; ratings even lower than that is reserved only for obvious rip-offs.

This game... is for masochists XP

Well done overall as usual. you are definitely trying new things for this game; bigger sprite being the most obvious I notice. I think almost each category has some room for improvement although as I said, this is already a very well made completed game: e.g. for polish you can definitely very quickly add a sliding sound

Tho reading the answer to my questionnaires I must say... the theme interpretation feels kinda forced lol. Without changing anything about the game itself I think it can be interpreted better that Unbreakable is embedded into the game mechanics, that the player is Unbreakable -- idk if you intended to interpret this as the mechanics from the start but was simply unable to convey the proper wordings or if you genuinely did not see the connection XP

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>These diamonds may be breakable


EDIT: Actual review of game

The good: This is definitely fun. The game mechanics definitely allows for a lot of strategizing; really got me thinking a lot while playing. Putting the ability indicator at the center and adding some tense music when the timer is about to run up is very helpful too. The music is also awesome.

The bad: Well later on in the game it is way too fast to think, and the effective strategy that I found is simply to mash some buttons to rake up points then aim for whatever effect I want at the last -- or maybe this is the intended way to play indeed XD. The control for selecting the rings at ASD is also a little big clunky; I think using 123 instead is more intuitive but I will let you judge that.  Also while the polishing is already okay, I think with still ~2 days remaining, you may want to polish this a little bit more, in particular from what I think should be from easiest to hardest:

  • Add sound for transformation time recharge
  • Add some animations for when the enemy attacks and the game breaks
  • Animate the rotating of the wheel and the swapping of the rightmost lane

Also: my high score: 114387. I died once the enemy attack power reaches 7

Just in case I would like to ask: give one example as to how you incorporate the themes?

Just give one short quick answer and it is sufficient; this is just so I can quickly see that yes you incorporate the themes properly.

Hm... after giving some thoughts, I have decided against allowing it. My reasoning is... although I'm sure this is not what you do, but taken to the logical extreme, if I am to allow this, I think this opens the door to a technically incomplete game at 99%, with 1% added during this jam.

So... unfortunately I don't think I can allow it.

My suggestions are:

1. Make a sequel

2. Make a new game with the same characters

Thank you for your question! Happy jamming!! ^^

I do not see why not. As long as you make a video game anything is welcome. We have had two decent RPG Maker submissions in the past jams; I have no problems with anyone using whatever engine/coding language. Code in Scratch or HTML or Assembly or Machine Language for all I care XP

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Wellp I was late to check this but as Shibey clarified, perfectly yes! As long as your game fits both of them.

EDIT: To clarify, Rule #33a simply states that your game should be made for the sake of this jam. Basically you can make your game for the sake of multiple jams. As long as it is very clear that you have this jam in mind while making your game, it's all good!

Thanks for playing!

The slowness of the player char is kinda intentional... after all the player char is just a normal miner. Perhaps if I am to ever expand this game I will give early on something to make the player runs faster

Thanks for playing!

Regarding that yeaaaahh because unfortunately I couldn't put as much contents as I wish I could to this game. Might continue it if I think it's worth it but for now... this is it

That was... already the end of the game 😅

I couldn't finish it and so I left it there. In the future if I think this project is worth it I might expand it but for now... that's it. Sorry!!

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Well? First of all thank you very much for pointing that out. However, I would like to say that it's very, very tough to draw a simple hard *objective* line on this topic; or any art or fiction really. In any fiction, the moment you put a hard definition, people will always find a way to subvert it XP

The last definition of "Magical" was meant to fit a certain Magical Girl show I heard where the Magical Girls were actually mecha but they barely look like mechs and look closer to Magical Girls, and the author clearly intends it to look kinda Magical.

In what you say about replacing Metroid main char ability with Magical Power, you only made a sentence to pass the premise as "makes sense". "Makes sense" is kinda subjective, but if you actually imagine it, I think the Magical explanation would seem ad hoc imo; and hence it won't really make sense.

Do you have better suggestions for the criteria? It will be very helpful if you can provide better criteria. For now, I will add that "the author implicitly intends the power to look Magical" as a band aid fix.

P.S. the rule is meant to be very loose though to give jammers the freedom to subvert the genre. In general wizards aren't considered Magical Girls either but I decided to allow it for the purpose of this jam for example.

P.S.2: Regarding the part where you quoted from the "What is a Magical Girl" section, I also would like to stress that those are just examples, and not part of the rules.

Art is definitely the strongest point of this game. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE ART.

The gameplay mechanic and concept is also very amazing. I absolutely love the darkness and the lighting the room.

Though... I think the game can have some polish. For one the movement feels kind of slippery I think. Imo you should increase the acceleration. For more impact I think when you hit the enemy, there should be SFX and more effects.

Good job! Thank you for participating!

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Concept wise, I like it very much. I think this is one of the more ambitious submissions here and I think you did a very good job coming up with various mechanics here; really like the the shooting mechanics overall.

But I think the game is a little bit buggy. Several that I found (Browser version):

  • Changing from particle mode to wave mode changes all particles on screen into high-damaging waves instantly. Is this intentional? I have got a feeling that it's not since it's too OP
  • I think I got stuck when I tried to toggle skip scene
  • I refreshed it after I got really stuck and then... when I tried the first stage again it was kinda buggy. The order of the scenes seems to get messed up

And then some design decisions I would like to question/give tips on:

  • Do you think you can have a better way of introducing your game aside from using texts? Personally I think it's much better if information like how to play is conveyed without the need of lengthy texts
  • Why did you not add any sound effects? I think your game could feel way more polished had you added some SFX
  • Don't you think Skill Tree, and all the other stuffs in the menu, are a little bit too ambitious for a month long game jam? When making a game in the span of just one month, it is impossible to include every feature you want; but I think that in the future it is wiser to simply put SFX instead of putting all of those features. Don't get me wrong; I like the skill tree, and I think it is extremely impressive; but imho you should've spent some more time polishing your game

Btw I might've missed it in the tutorial, but I can't seem to activate the warp skill properly? Is it not LShift + Space?

P.S.: Also... this I think is just my preference and you may want to take it with a grain of salt but... I think the Magical Girl art kinda makes her look like a male... You may want to make her face rounder ;_;

I... think... with more polish this game can be much better but... for now... this is very rough.

One big possible improvement is to not allow the player to go outside the arena boundary. Another possible big improvement is to expand the arena a bit. Also imho you might not want to include the shopkeeper saying "Just grab it and go" ;-;

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I really enjoyed the puzzle here. Very nice submission.

Good work. Thanks for participating!

P.S.: Please let me know if this game is to be continued.

This is scary good. I think I remember seeing some of this game's progress in discord but wow, you really blew me here. This has got to be one of the best submissions in this jam :O

The polish is absolutely amazing; and it seems the game has got a lot of contents too. The level of pixel art here is something I can only dream of.

Amazing work! 

This is one very awesome game. I really like the artstyle here, very cute!

Really didn't expect this to be a bullet hell haha though fortunately it's not too hard (or maybe it's just me since I play Touhou); in any case though I had a lot of fun playing this.

Concept wise it's very similar to my first game on itch too so I kinda felt nostalgic playing this -- my first game was also about a girl gardener fighting against enemies in a garden

Very excellent job! Thank you very much for participating!

Hm. Must say this one is kind of a weird experience. Love the pixel arts :D

But I think gameplay wise it can have some improvements to make it more engaging and challenging.

Good work! Thank you for your participation in this jam.

Hm. I suppose this one is a prototype, but this one I have to say:

The arts are kind of mismatched. The artstyle for the character does not fit with the background imo.

Anyway, good work! Thank you for participating in this jam ;)

33:14 lol. This was tough.

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So... I must admit I kinda rushed this game a bit so I might've missed sth...

...but is this game unfinished or sth?

I made it to the intersection then moved up and fought an enemy (at first I fought slime queen then I lost and when I started a new game I fought harpy instead), There was then an automatic movement to the top and... a blank dialogue that cannot be continued...?

Anyways, good work. I think I love your submission to the last jam more but this one was okay.

The graphics is NUTS is all I can say. Absolutely fantastic. The amount of effort put here there is even voice acting wow.

Quite unfortunate I do not have all the time in the world to enjoy the VN more properly haha but perhaps when I have more time I will play this again.

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This is one very creative game. I have got some trouble interpreting your design decision to subtract money every wave but overall it was quite fun!

EDIT: Ah I see now. 12 money every magical girl huh. But from what I played so far it seems that if there is not enough money in the bank it can't subtract more than it could? Did I miss some consequence or sth?

I see... then perhaps it indeed is too small. I felt like it was fine but perhaps it's simply the case that I have gotten way too used to Touhou

Question... did you play on full screen?

(1 edit)

LOL. I swear I thought the patterns I made were easy... turns out they are much harder than I thought XD

Didn't think it would take me a few tries to get past the patterns I myself created XP

(I guess I did make my patterns based on stage 5 and 6 Touhou bosses... And yeah if you are a Touhou player and you see a pattern that makes you think "Hey isn't this Sakuya's/Orin's/Remilia's" that's probably my pattern)

The strong point of this game is definitely the art made by PixiTales. If I could give six stars I would -- or maybe should I reduce everyone else's "Graphics, Audio, and Polish" score? Lol JK. Anyway the music is also pretty awesome; that they were all made during the jam period was just amazing.

The gameplay is also pretty fun. I loved transforming into rabbits -- and I'm kinda glad the control was intuitive (for Touhou players anyway) and I figured out the controls even though I missed some dialogues initially.

However... while the graphics and the audio is from heaven, the level design is definitely from hell... because this is a platformer from hell. The game difficulty is absolutely brutal imo; although I guess I am terrible at platformer games... Tho... at first I thought the fact that dying means being sent right to the title screen and restarting the beginning was cruel, I suppose after finishing the game I found it to be fair enough.

Still... I think the level design can have some improvements. The map is unnecessarily huge in my opinion; there are a lot of parts that while can pique some curiosity, are quite unnecessary.

Otherwise this is one very excellent game. Very good job to the team that made it d(^_^;

This one is... cute. I absolutely love the graphics and the cute story :D

The gameplay can be improved but it's mostly okay. Very good job. Thank you for participating in this jam :)

Noted. I'm not sure if I can fix it though ;_;

(5 edits)

Wait is there the "assets" folder in the zip? Last time I had an error like that was because it needed the assets folder with stuffs like "player.png" inside

Basically the problem is the sprite files not being loaded D:


EDIT 2: I have fixed it! I have put the assets folder in the ZIP file now. Please try it again m(_ _)m

With regards to enemy bullets and player speed, I think the benchmark is around whether or not the player moves faster than the bullets or not. Around 70-90% of the bullets in Touhou games are slower than the player itself if you notice -- but as a tradeoff the bullet density is... well... you have experienced it. That's the bullet hell experience :D

(2 edits)

Hm. My bullet hell skills must have rusted too much to Normal 1cc this game on my first try. Did the first three stages no problem, two continues on stage 4, and did stage 5 no problem. This is what no-longer-playing-Touhou for 6 months did to my skills... huh... m(_ _)m

Well done on the arts and musics -- both are not bad at all.

Also love some of the attack patterns here... I have got a feeling you really have taken a liking on EoSD's stage 4 lol. Some enemy attacks in stage 4 really reminds me of the green-bullet-shooting books (which to this day still give me nightmares T_T), and I think the slow bullets in stage 3 is kind of reminiscent of Patchouli's Fire Sign "Agni Shine" which you encountered playing as Reimu A...

A few comments on the gameplay. If I remember correctly you were trying to make a bullet hell game, right? And more specifically Touhou bullet hell? If that's indeed what you were aiming for, there are several problems:

  • The bullets move way too fast and not dense enough for that genre imo. With that bullet speed and density, there is no need for hitbox indicator; because there is no need to hyperfocus on the player character (in fact it is much better not to when the bullets are that fast)...
  • Also with regards to the bullets, make them flashier and more beautiful next time. Touhou's bullet hell patterns are arts :D
  •  The character also feels too slow -- it's so slow that I don't even need to use the LShift button at all. Focus mode in bullet hell games is for micrododging extremely dense bullets when moving without focus mode is just too fast. At this point this game is not really bullet hell SHMUP but just regular SHMUP but harder. If this is what you were aiming for there is nothing wrong about it though... but if you are aiming for bullet hell, the experience is definitely very different.
  • Is there a reason why the continue sends you back to the beginning of the stage? This is a quite odd design decision imo; Touhou 11 and 12 are among the most hated Touhou games mainly for this reason -- and those Touhou are still more merciful because despite sending the players back to the beginning, they have unlimited continues as a tradeoff.
  • I actually love the idea of putting L, S, and W shot types BUT... practically they seem to do the same thing it seems. They cover about the same area and they do the same damage. In other SHMUPS those different shot types have different functionalities: usually 1 for small-area-high-damage attack, 1 for wider-area-but-less-hurtful attack, and 1 for homing. Other possible shot types are burst attacks that shoot high damage attacks but only occasionally (e.g. rocket launcher), high-damage but inaccurate attacks, and close-range attacks among other things. Just some food of thoughts to consider the next time you make a SHMUP game (bullet hell or not) with shot type power-ups like this one in the future
  • Let me tell you something... aimed shots are very easy to dodge when you know the trick. The trick is called "streaming" -- this is a SHMUP technique where after the enemy shoots you only move very slightly to dodge it; done properly, a machine gun of aimed bullets will trail behind the player. Vast majority of this game's bullet patterns are aimed shots from what I can tell, and they can be cheesed this way. Also include static shots and more random shots (well I think some of the aimed shots in your game have random deviations but it's still not enough I think) in your game.
(2 edits)

So... let's start with the good part:

The graphics. DAMN. The pixel arts of the scenes, the characters, and the enemies are absolutely amazing. This looks like a paid game art-wise.

I also love the labs and the drones and those futuristic stuffs -- truly a marriage between technology and magic -- well done!

The music is also as always pretty good. The last boss fight's concept with the tennis ball thing... I wonder if I should say this, but it kind of reminds me of one of my fav last boss fight in hack & slash games and I love it (Galbalan Boss fight from Ys: Oath in Felghana)

Story wise, I'm not a fan of yuri so I won't say too much about that aspect BUT... I can tell a great deal of effort is built into the character writing and the narrative. Absolutely complex and fantastic -- can be turned into a novel or sth.

Now with that all said though... I'm sorry to say this but there are some parts of the game that I do not really like.

  • The attacks... in my opinion it feels way too slow. I think you should omit one or two frames there to make the attacking slightly faster.
  • The mana... is the only use of the mana to heal? I suppose there was only one month to work with but... I think it could be more fun if there could be other uses like... energy ball attacks...? (^_^;
  • The movement... I feel like it's way too slippery. I mean... she walks on grass and asphalt, not ice. It feels kind of weird imo. (^_^;
  • I can't believe I actually complain about this BUT... everyone's health feels a little bit too thick. I think it could be more fun if everyone's HP were a bit thinner, and make everything more fast-paced.
  • The blocking ability is kind of annoying to use, I think. I don't know how to improve it better though, and it's not completely useless so I think I won't really say too much about it. I think some games allow some destructible projectiles...?
  • The humanoid enemy -- idk what it is but I think I know how to improve it: if you make it such that the humanoid enemy always faces the player, and walks backwards when walking away from the player, I think it will be much, much cooler. Right now when it's walking away from the player it almost seems like it's short-circuited or sth and just wandering aimlessly.

Okay. I think that's all I have to say for this game. Sorry I was quite late checking my jam's submissions. Very good work -- good luck with the ratings d(^_^;

That's... a very sad accident...

Next time you should make sure your game can export correctly and does not have insane issues at least one day before the deadline and then use the last day for minor bugfixes and buffer just in case you run into troubles.

Here, the late submission link:

This will probably be the last jam I allow late submissions.