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This is a creative game with both leaping and jumping. The gameplay is quite fun, the graphics are nice, the audio fits very well, the BGM is relaxing.

Gameplay wise I feel like there are three phases: At first there are so much spaces and so few corns, and so the gameplay was more or less about chasing corn kernels. Then in the mid-game there are more and more corn kernels, but still enough space to move in; and the gameplay was pretty much rolling left and right popping everyone. Soon enough however, the space gets so constricting, and the gameplay becomes one of digging...

I think the gameplay starts becoming rather... not as fun as how it started once it reaches the late phase... I really wish the other corn kernels had more pushing power...

Also I think you should make the player's corn kernel a little bit different than the rest.

EDIT: Okay there's a fourth phase... at some point it's getting so constricted it's impossible to even dig and wait, and the constriction also allows you to clip through the wall as other comments have pointed out. I finally got stuck after I got send out of the wall and couldn't manage to re-enter this time...

This is one cute little game. The pixel art graphics sure is nice and fits the game really well -- very awesome pixel art job. The music also fits the game really well; did you compose the musics yourself?

I do realize that the game recommends me to play with a controller but well... I don't have a controller... and attacking with G is kind of... non-intuitive. Also considering that the player can jump with W, can you make it so that the player can also jump with the up arrow? :/

Personally I find this game a little bit too hard; but probably is a proper difficulty if you intend it as such. I also want to know if getting killed totally resets everything and puts me right back at zero every time I die?

Shoot... I just read the FAQ...

I actually updated my game, and just very recently reverted the game to its original state. Dang :(

Glad you liked it. Thanks!


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I definitely will expand on this game in the future. It seems clear now that this is one of the rare occasion that I actually made a decent game :)

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The graphics is good I'll give this that. I know the struggle of creating 3D models so I guess a 3D game with good 3D model earns my respect. The rest though... well I guess many of the flaws of the game can be attributed to joining the jam quite late...

I'm not chemistry expert man... Idk what happens when element x react with element y - all I know is that alkaline metals explode in water... Tho IIRC elemental fluorine is not supposed to stand alone, and fluorine in compound don't really readily react like in the first one when fluorine reacts with antimony. You really should put a book containing the list of possible reactions in the game man... or at least a book that fills up as more reactions are done.

The control can unfortunately be quite awkward, especially combined with the camera movement - though I guess I have never made 3D games so idk how hard it is to program 3rd person camera; so I guess I won't complain too much here... Also at one point there was a bug when my character was for some reasons moving backwards and so the control was reversed... dunno how to recreate the bug

Innovation wise I... guess this one is very creative! Making reactions and stuffs to escape prison...

The theme interpretation I don't understand... what does this have to do with leaps and bounds? Bounded by prison?

By the way you CAN update this game during this rating period. I think I will check this game again later this month - probably I can be more generous next time.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback.

I don't think I understand what you mean by your suggestion though... or maybe I understand, but can't think of any idea. Seems like an interesting suggestion - maybe I'll explore it if I have some idea

Haha thanks for playing!

Unfortunately the Neko (temp name) invasion is yet to end. They are currently building their army for their next waves.

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And you did all that in just a month... absolute madman!

I do wish I also had composed a music for my own game too... after all I had spent $200 to buy an FL Studio...

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Tried to play it on the browser at first but for some reasons this seems to be one of those games where spacebar scrolls the page down... making the browser version completely unplayable.

So then I tried to download it aaaand I was met with a surprise that I needed to download an emulator.

I guess I am one of those people that is kind of bad with this kind of stuffs - I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to run the emulators... Made wrong downloads a few times along the way before it finally works - not a fun experience :(

Okay, now after venting I can finally review the game itself.

One thing that catches my attention is how you build this game from SCRATCH. Holy cow - I can't even imagine. I have a little background with programming but if I were told to make a game from scratch I would make a text adventure on command prompt at best.

Gameplay wise I think this is very standard - nothing too creative; but it's fine enough, especially for something built from scratch. It's kind of annoying though how I don't know how far the frog would jump just from the sound alone - but I guess I can just say that this is a game that needs practice.

Graphics wise... Damn. I use engines but I can't make graphics this good. You build this from scratch and the graphics is top notch. If I could give ten stars I would.

Audio wise it's nice that at least the power of the jump strength is telegraphed via audio - though it doesn't really tell how far the frog would actually jump from the audio alone. The music is also soothing - did you also compose it yourself? It's simple, but it does the job very well.

A job very well done. Hats off.

This... is one surprisingly good game. When I first saw the thumbnail it looked lame, but when I actually played it turns out it's pretty fun. One very challenging puzzle game. With some audio this would do very well in the jam.

The theme interpretation seems to be a little forced but I have seen much worse offenders so I will be generous this time.

Overall well done. Great job!

Being meguca is suffering

I like that idea. I think I will add it this weekend

Oh yeah right! I forgot it can also mean that. English is not my first language you see, and I just found out about that meaning about leaps and bounds at the beginning of the jam and I forgot about it XD

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Thanks for playing.

Maybe making the jump button as hold can work, but the issue with that is about how quickly should the player jump if the player so choose to hold the jump button.

When I first came up with the idea my main focuses are about how some enemies would need to be sniped by accurate jumping and about how the player's DPS is partly constrained by jumping (since if you shoot too fast you'd be stuck on top of the screen) - but if you pay enough attention you might notice that it is only partly constrained. DPS can be increased by a pretty decent amount even while hovering by making short bursts of quick successive jumps - I don't think I will automate that.

Maybe though I would make the automation much lower than the humanly possible max DPS (or another thought is that holding is for automatic hover-jumping), and still encourage the player to mash their keyboard a little if they want optimal gameplay.

Thanks for playing. I don't think I would remove the sideway movement though... If you read some other comments below I was actually suggested to instead do something to encourage horizontal movement. I think what I will do is half the Power Up initial velocity

Ah I see... no engine... now that makes sense

But damn... building your game from ground zero? And with Javascript no less... I can only imagine the amount of work needed.

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I guess sometimes it's inevitable to upload an unfinished game into a game jam... This is much shorter that what I had expected though. It's only the intro stage but it's surprisingly not bad. It seems you prioritized polishing over length; and I suppose an unfinished but polished game is better than a full-content but totally unpolished game.

I think this is pretty standard though (although the hold any key mechanics is pretty creative) and can have some more creativity - but hey I have nothing against something standard. Not bad.

Good job, and good luck!

This is probably the first game I have played on itch that doesn't work on Firefox... I am lucky I tried to play this on campus right now with Chrome during my free time - my home PC only has Firefox when it comes to browser games.

More or less pretty nice, but there are some flaws.

The mechanic is pretty creative, but I don't think this is the first of its kind - still worthy of praise though.  However, sometimes it can get a little hard to control.

The graphic is cute and does the job well, but it seems the pixels are blurry. In whatever engine you are using, there should be a filter to make the pixels not blurry (Just what engine do you use? I didn't know there are engines that export browser games that are unplayable on Firefox).

The audio is good. I have no complain. Pretty standard but it does the job well.

Overall it's a pretty good game. Just a little bit more polishing and it should be a legitimately good game.

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This is indeed basic... but being basic is not necessarily a bad thing. The graphic is minimalistic but pretty nice (really love how you did not need to tell the player what is dangerous because it is already color-coded), and it would have been even nicer if you had added some simple SFX.

There are many ways to expand here. Isn't the core mechanics here that the cube needs to gain different abilities in each new level? The level design is pretty good, but you can make it even better by maybe for example, giving the cube different abilities or ability order in each level. Maybe add some abilities that are not related to jumping (e.g. wall break), and then in some levels maybe the cube can break walls but can only jump much later on. It would make for an interesting puzzle game.

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This one is so great. Very creative mechanics, and great graphics. The audio is  although minimal, very adequate for the game. Very very fun puzzle game in general. 5/5 on all categories from me.

I have two complains though... the first one is... I wonder if it's just me, but sometimes I confuse the button for reset and the button to change genre... I think the reset button should just be put on a corner or something? If you are using Godot like I think you are (that loading screen is sooo Godot so you probably are), it is as easy as adding a button node and make that node send signal to a node that can reset the world.

Another complain is that... how was I supposed to know that sometimes velocity is retained under certain conditions, or that a button stomped will stay stomped when changing genre? Although it becomes a very good trick to make clever puzzle (esp. for the last one -- nice level design there), it was logic-breaking and not intuitive, and I think they need some more proper introduction stages

This is one nice little game. The vector graphic is certainly very cute, and the music is pretty soothing. Gameplay wise I really like it too

Innovation wise this is pretty lacking though... I think there are dozens of games of this genre that I have played before... and this seems to only very barely fit the theme (is this supposed to follow 'bound' as in the arena is just that small bounded area?). Also there is a spelling error ("Your jurney ends here" - is this intentional to make the game seem childish? Doesn't seem intentional to me; if it's not you should fix it)

Anyway this is pretty good. Great job!

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Something is definitely wrong with the browser version... or maybe the problem is Mac exclusive; I will see if this is wrong once I got home and try this with my Windows PC

Also an English translation would be nice -- I can't speak Spanish

Thanks for playing and giving feedback

I must admit the lack of polishing in this game. By the time I finished all the primary features, I actually wanted to at least add the background (buildings) and music too - unfortunately I only had a few more hours to spare back then, so I had to leave the game this way :(

Oh hey, another fellow Godot user.

This is such a creative game, so five star for innovation there. Overall a very fun to play even when the player doesn't understand the game (as I did because I first played without reading the instruction)

The graphics can have some polishing and you should have added some simple sounds from freesound - adding simple sounds in Godot only takes like a few minutes.


The concept is not so out of the box on this one, but wow this is one hell of a submission. It is so good I can't believe this was done in just thirty days... This is a game that can be sold for a good price - very polished and well crafted.

Also when I saw the initial loading screen I was wondering if you are using the same engine I use... and I was right - you are also a Godot user, I see :)

Thank you for the feedback. I suppose it's because there is no music to 'dilute' the repetitive shooting sound. I will keep this in mind

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Excellent game. Not only is the concept fresh, but the game is also relatively very polished compared to most other games I have seen in this jam. Absolutely brilliant interpretation of the theme too.

If there is one suggestion though... The down button should allow the player to slide against the wall faster... It's kind of tiring sometimes to wait my player to slide enough to jump at the right time.

Still excellent game though. 5/5

Thank you for playing. I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Wow you didn't need to move horizontally? I thought that like to collect the power ups it was necessary to move horizontally...

In earlier versions before it was uploaded, the power ups would just move upward. It totally encouraged the player to move horizontally to collect the power up; but I figured it would be way too annoying so I made it fly to the left depending on its horizontal position when first spawned. Perhaps I should lessen the power up's initial horizontal velocity.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

My decision to put the jump/shoot button to the up key was for the simple reason so that it could be played with one hand. Perhaps it was my selfish decision as the developer since if the game could be played with one hand I could click the test button with my right hand while playing with my left hand XD. I didn't think it was awkward but I will keep that in mind. Perhaps I could have made the control with A, D, and space?

I'm glad you like the enemy design. It was simple, much simpler than what I usually do - but I guess art does not need to be so sophisticated.

Yes. I too want to add more enemies, more bullets, more complex bullet patterns, and many more contents. But as you have realized time was unfortunately lacking. There are also some features that had to be cancelled (I wanted to make down button for bomb using power up)

Also glad you think the SFX fits. Kinda wish I had added some music tho... too bad I did not have time to compose this time :(

Again thanks for playing

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Thanks for playing :)

I see you are a cultured person. The boss is indeed a direct reference to Madoka Magica. In fact the entire game's story is (magical girl, alien cats) ^^



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Oh hey, finally I found someone who uses the same game engine as I do (Godot FTW)

Enjoyed it overall. Gotta love the ZA WARUDO ability there. 4/5

For a so called "Touhou ripoff" though I am saddened that Shift doesn't slow down my speed, that there is only one type, one color of bullet, and no complex spell cards. Yeah, the boss is WAY too easy for a Touhou ripoff :(

Also I think the graphic is a little bit too... lacking I guess? It's kind of hard to tell apart the enemies from the background -- tho I guess it's good enough to avoid bullets.

P.S.: What font did you use for the Japanese texts?

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Wow... Just wow...

This is probably the best one I have seen so far...

All five star from me. I don't see any flaw at all. Very innovative mechanics and excellent exploration of the mechanics. Simple but cute and pleasing graphics. The audio is not the best but I will give it five star anyway since it fits really well with the game. And it fits directly into the theme.

Very nice work. Love it.

P.S.: Finally finished stage 2. Very difficult but I did it yay ^o^

P.S. 2: Love World 1. Programming turned into a cow game. Brilliant.

This is such a novel concept. Five stars for innovation. Graphics is also nice and polished. Also the AI... I'm amazed. It's not great, but I imagine it requires a lot of effort to make an AI that can play a strategy game - I know I can't.

However, I think it can have better feedback to the player. When I defeated the AI I was confused because suddenly my elements were empty and I thought there would be something more - I only realized that I just won when I saw the turn was back to one. You didn't put any audio here (which means with a heavy heart I have to give a one for audio score here), but a little audio feedback here and there would have made this game much better.

Also I think this is a little bit of a stretch to the theme lol - I gave you three stars for Theme interpretation tho

Thanks, I appreciate it.

The character can actually move left and right, by the way, so it's not one button doing everything. I too wished I could've made it longer with at least two levels but... unfortunately I was very busy last month.

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The concept is creative. Not the first one I have seen, but I will give five star for innovation.

The gameplay unfortunately gets monotonous really quickly. From beginning to end it's basically the same thing. One of the main problems I see is that how the main mechanics of the game is puzzle-ish with the window resizing mechanics and all, and yet the difficulty of the game relies too heavily on the amount of enemies - that unfortunately doesn't accentuate that core mechanic. I think you should have added for example moving platforms, some block types that moves with the screen resize, or make the enemies more affected by the resizing mechanics one way or another (e.g. add new enemies that are affected).

Another big problem is how linear the level design is. In each stage it is so obvious what to do. And then also there is also how plain the level design is... I have hard time describing what I mean exactly but... it is too square-ish perhaps..? Especially when the blocks are dirt and grass, I think the stage design should be a little bit more... curvy perhaps? I realize that with that mechanic making the stage slightly curvy would pose some problems though. Maybe the game would fit better if the setting is instead inside a laboratory or something?

The graphics itself is adequate. It can be better, but I think this is good enough. The SFX and music also fit the game well.

Overall it has got potential. I more or less enjoyed it, but there are certainly rooms to be improved. The criticisms are meant to be constructive, and I hope it helps and doesn't offend you. Good work, and I hope you will make better games in the future :)

I think the green guys are just random with very low probability. On my first play of the game they appeared near stage 7, and the next play they actually appeared at stage 3 twice. But the next play they failed to appear in the first 10 levels.

I really like the concept of this game - very fresh and creative to me. The art, music, and SFX is top notch and fits the game really well. The intro is very well crafted, and introduces the mechanics of the game very well. Overall a very excellent submission to this jam.

However, I don't know if this is intended or not, but I think the control is a too slow. Because of this, sometimes the condition of the floor makes it more or less impossible to dodge the bombs (when the floor is already cluttered with bombs and then a pirate throws a bomb directly at you). I do realize that if the movement were too fast the game would be too easy, but imho this is way too slow.

Then while the arts are very nice, I can't help but notice that the pixel resolution of the sprites don't fit. Some of the pixel arts are more detailed and have smaller pixels than others - I think this should be avoided for your future games.

The boss is a nice addition; but I think there should be a sign as to which kind of shot the boss would shoot. Is the shot relative to the player's location or something? I only figured it out after the third play, when I finally beat him.

Nice work still. I enjoyed the game. Just wondering though... Is an ending and that would the player finally open the treasure chest after some levels? :D After a few plays I reached level 16 but the game is a little bit too hard for me to consider continuing further