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Good puzzle ideas and some nice mechanics. The controls feel a bit loose, quite often it was so fast transitioning between levels that when I went through the door shile pressing jump it would automatically jump on the other side meaning I had to restart the new level before I'd even looked at it. 

So I mean that when I started the game pressing the buttons didn't do anything. The game didn't respond to my inputs at all. I had to close the game and open it again

The second time I loaded this game to play none of the controls would do anything. The responsiveness of the controls is very off, and the way the screen bounces makes things very difficult to look at. 

You need an end state after the player runs out of fuel. I was unable to move and just sat there but the game kept counting seconds so I just had to close the game down to restart it. 

There are a lot of controls, that text screen at the beginning with all the controls was overwhelming. It would have been easier to grasp by removing that wall of text and instead having a few tutorial levels that build up mechanics over time. First having the player deal with moving the balloon, then add in shooting etc. 
I also found the game to feel unresponsive as when pressing space to inflate it took some time between my press and the balloon actually rising. 

Very interesting concept, a lot could be done with this. At level 3 I was unable to turn around at all so I was unable to play that level. Also your choice of having the player colour the same as the background was fine but it looked bad when the edged of the player sprite overlapped the edges of the corridors. Also the white dots were clear but the gates were very hard to see, on the second level I completely missed what interacting with the square did. Zooming in so that everything was a big bigger on screen would have helped with this. 

This concept is interesting. I feel that for some people it will have limited replayability as you can't ever 'win'. However for a lot of people beating their own high score is something they would put time into. Sharing a health pool with enemies has a lot of potential. I did find the graphics hard to follow at times. 

This game was really interesting although I wasn't very good at it. For me the length of time that I had to hold for a dash was frustrating as often I thought I had made a dash but it was taken as a dot. This meant I had to watch my inputs to make sure they were correct instead of being able to ready ahead on the key to figure out my next letter. It also looks great. 

This was very enjoyable to play. I can't imagine that you weren't inspired by Happy Wheels, but if you haven't seen it then do take a look. 
The controls felt right, very loose but responsive enough to feel intentional. 

I love the idea of this. Unfortunately, while I understand what I'm trying to do, I did have a lot of difficulty working out how the phenotypes mix together. 

This is a wonderful game. I bounced off it to start with, but trying again I found it really easy to control and enjoy. I will say that I didn't quite get that you could go back and do other things while something was still set. A very nice game. An adjustment for sound effects would be good as the high pitched beeps can grate a bit after a while. 

This game is interesting. I think the concept can go really far. I would say that for my taste this is too easy. I only had to read the last person's text to get the answer. I feel that the fact that you can read through the text a many times as you want takes away from the concept of only being about to focus on one person. The writing is good and the way the talkers interact is really nice. 

The controls are a bit sluggish, it seems to need a heavy press of the space and it needs very precise timing to achieve the jumps. I do love the art, the aeroplane wings on the snails are very cute. 
Also you have your viewport set to the wrong size so the words etc are off the edge of the page and you can't see the floor unless in fullscreen. 

Yes, I did play with the WASD keys, I just generally find arrow keys easier that's all. It was completely playable, just difficult.

This game is very interesting, I love the concept of having to operate several systems at once and manually zoom in or out to see what is happening. I would say that I did find 'escape' was very unintuitive as a command option, but once I knew how to do that it was very enjoyable. 

This was really interesting, I found it somewhat frustrating and using the arrows in the browser really wasn't an option with the page scrolling. Really like the art style as well

The visuals look good and it's simple to understand. I did find a visual glitch where the torch got stuck at an angle and the torch key frames were stuck in position. Clicking the mouse still lit the fire which then popped up in the correct place but the other visual was still frozen. This persisted even after dying an respawning. 

I find it interesting. I will say, as someone else said, I thought originally that I had to avoid the bugs. Once I realised I was supposed to hit them the game clicked more.
However I did find that I couldn't really hear a lot of the differences in the sounds which made it difficult. I found it enjoyable though. 

The concept is fun, there are some cool effects like interacting with the objects in the room. 
I appreciate the humour when you lose etc, however I would reconsider having derogatory terms like "pussy out". Just an option to fold would have made me enjoy the game more. 

Interesting game and very nice concept. I did end up in a situation where I threw the battery badly, and it bounced twice but then stopped over a pit. The fact that it didn't bounce a third time meant that it didn't break and therefor it didn't trigger the restart screen so I was stuck with both robots not powered but also not able to try the level again. 

This is an interesting game. I don't know if this is intentional, but when you die and restart a level you still gain HP and gold. If it's not intentional then I think you need to allw people to use the shop between attempts as running out of potions means there's almost no change you will succeed the next time on the challenge that already killed you

Interesting game, I like how the player sprite stays in position and the world spins around you. As mentioned, it would be nice to have a more obvious restart as I didn't realise I was failing or dying a few times when I started playing. A nice idea.

I understand the concept, unfortunately I found the controls difficult to use. It took me a long time to understand when exactly the block would move and how. I found it really interesting, but frustrating to use. 
I think more of a tutorial will really help this game gain more traction as the idea of a one platfrom platformer is very interesting

The design in interesting. I thought rearranging the room was very clear as you saw the objects moving out of place and had the shadows to show you where they should go. 
I had a lot of trouble with the fight as it wasn't clear what the special moves did. I also couldn't seem to find a pattern that the enemy employed so it was hard to predict when to use guide on healing etc.
The game looks and sounds great, it it very loud though

Nice idea, good puzzle concept. Sometimes getting onto or off the ladders is a little buggy but the game worked well. I think this could really expand into something very interesting. 

This is one of those games that allows you to switch off and enjoy playing it. I found the volume one too subtle and wasn't able to finish it. The visual, simplistic style is beautiful and the premise is simple to understand. 
I think that having maybe a music note or a colour change when you click the blocks on the musical sorting puzzles would be very useful, as currently people who have hearing difficulties, or people who have a lot of noise in the background etc will be very stuck on those audio puzzles. 

I had to hit my keys very hard to get any sort of reaction from the cube. I was also unable to figure out when it moved or stopped. Sometimes when I pressed space it would jump immediately and sometimes I had to hold it down and then let go to get a jump at all. this made going across platforms extremely frustrating as often the cube wouldn't respond. 
I like the simple visuals, however the pixelated edges of the cube, while interesting, only served to make it more difficult to see exactly what the cube was doing. 
Nice, simple concept. Confusing and frustrating controls

Interesting game. I did run into a glitch where the cue ball acted like it was hitting a solid object in the bottom right corner when I tried to shoot. The balls responded properly but they clearly didn't connect

This was a really interesting experience. There is something very interesting here.

This is interesting, I would guess that it took a lot of inspiration from Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. (If you haven't played it then definitely check it out.) Having it as a single player game makes an interesting different experience. 
I found I was able to 'throw away' my lid which meant the game was unfinishable. I don't think every game should be holding your hand but to accidently nudge something aside that you need is frustrating, especially as I had noticed the numbers and was trying to place it where I could get to it later. 
I also found it was difficult to read in places. I imagine that anyone with eyesight problems or dyslexia could find this impossible to play. 
I found that the beebing noise, while I understand why it was there, was very annoying. The volume not turning it down was also frustration. It actually made me laugh a little but the game was uncomfortable to play. I can see why you might have chosen to include it to add a forboding tension. 
The dial was swinging very fast and that caused me to fail a couple of times. It's a shame because this is the only place that co-ordination and dexterity are needed. 
My biggest issue was with the map for the location of the bomb. I think it's really unfair and immersion breaking to have to come out of the game to look up the answer. 
I hope that you go on to develop this further as it is a cool idea to have a 'Nobody Explodes' game without needing another player.

This was a very interesting experience. The control of the course felt a bit off with the sensitivity, almost disorientating. However it was fun and a really enjoyable concept. 

I found this a bit buggy. The first time I started it my character wouldn't move with WASD or the arrows. Then it wouldn't swing my weapon when I pressed space. It seems sticky but I really like the concept. 

I really enjoyed this. I think it looks great and has a really cool mechanic. I found it really enjoyable to play even as I was running out of time. It took me a little bit of time to realise that I was picking up the coloured orbs to allow me to get past the coloured doors. Very cool game, I had a great  time with this. 

This game is really awesome to play. I am very bad at it, but I really liked the idea. It looks great and I love the simplicity of the mechanics

It was an interesting game. It played kind of how I would expect haha. I got very lost. 

This was really nice, it was a simple concept to understand and great simple controls. My biggest issue would be to turn the volume down. 

I like this game. The visuals with all the '1s' was difficult to follow and I did seem to find a glitch where I picked up the bullet, shot in the wrong place and then got frozen. I couldn't move or end the game.

I really liked this, I think the sound was a nice start, a bit after and it would have been great. Nice controls and really easy to understand. 

I found the music very grainy and far too loud. A mute option would have been really nice. The 'press Tab' words were stretching over the screen, I wasn't sure if it was intentionally or not. I really didn't find it easy to understand what to do. 

Mark Mark Mark Mark!

I had some amazing fun working on the art with you. This was a really cool project and I'm so glad you managed to get it finished. :)