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This was fantastic. The music with the typewriter noises etc was great, I wish there was a volume slider or a mute button because sometimes the music skipping was a bit much but really good tone to fit the game well done. I was trying to find all the different ways to make new meanings and had a wonderful time. 

This was fantastic. I had real trouble with the mailbox (I don't live in america so I just had no idea what I was trying to draw) and the skateboarder. Really well done with describing the pictures with little stories. A very nice, chill game, well done. 

This was really enjoyable, however I didn't find that there was really any reason to use any option other than "burn" at any point. It didn't seem like the starting conversation with the knights really game any hints about which of the dragon's options to use. Enjoyable concept though. 

I was enjoying this but then I encounted a bug where I couldn't move any more, the rest of the game and the characters continued moving but I was stuck in place

Ahh, I missed the fact that R took you back to the previous stage. I  admid because the game "reset" by itself when you failed I didn't thing to actually try pressing it. 

This was really good fun, it was greatt to see how all the different choices stacked up. Well done

This is an interesting concept but it definitely needs some quaity of life stuff. Being able to zoom in and out is very needed. I don't see the point of the view box destroying the walls as it moves. Definitely the begining of something interesting. Also the game uses WASD but the description states arrow keys. Enyoyable prototype, needs work. Well done. 

Interesting concept. It would help to know the player's starting health and attack strength to be able to make more meaningful decisicions about monsters. I found there was a lot of trial and error. Very enjoyable though. 

There is a bug where even if the player dies after a few seconds it still plays the responses to the treasure in the room. 

This was great, I will always remember Diego Carols Armando de la Mongoose whi was kidnapped for stealing from ninjas. Well done

This is good fun. Its hard to tell how the eggs will bounch sometimes but I had a good time. 

It was enjoyable to play but the ref being able to kick the ball is a nightmare in places. I did have a good time but I'm not sure it has much replayability for me. 

Really enjoyed playing this, it definitely needs some quality of life improvements like volume settings and more readable tooltips but its a great start. 

It could also do with a tutorial as for the first level or 2 I wasn;t really sure what I was supposed to be doing, although once I figured it out I had a good time playing. 

I found this a big hard to control in places like sometimes I wasn't sure what I was controlling but I like the concept.

TIHI. Very nostalgic, good choice for it to only be a minute log as holding those buttons can get awkward. A fun little game that definitely causes rage when you are "so close and that definitely should have counted". Well done :D 

Great art, really fun game. Level 2 definitely needs a rework, I had to skip it when I played because I couldn't figure out how to "drop" an ability and it didn't click in my mind that I had to switch back with the other platform. The next few levels were just fine and I understood what needed to be done but the second level almost had me quit the game because I felt so stuck. 

Really good puzzles, good fun, well done. 

This was really interesting and a laugh as we have all been there with badly named assets etc. It would be nice if maybe after each round we could rename a file or add a note to it etc because as a player remembering what each one did could be a pain after a while but still enjoyable. 

Geat idea, really silly and fun. Occisionally it was frustrating to get things lined up perfectly. It could definitely do with a small tutoria about how exactly things will duplicate as well as maybe not allowing the cow to go offscreen, but really enjoyable well done.

Enjoyable game, it was hard to hit them often as the movemement was so erratic but it was a great prototype. Very glad for the controller support thank you. 

This was a fantastic little game, nice use of the theme. It has that feel of What the Golf where you know exactly what is going to happen and it is exactly what does not happen. Great game lnegth as well, simple puzzles just to show off the mechanics. Well done. 

This game is interesting but it needs a lot of balancing, it is far too easy to get into a situation where there are a lot of towers on the board and you just can't gain any coins because of things dying. Really nice concept though, I would be interested to play it with some adjustments. 

i really enjoyed playing this. The text/tutorial needs a lot of work but I found the concept easy to understand. Another small thing is that it would be really helpful to be able to tilt the word to give more of a top-down view as that allows seeing around buildings etc more easily. 

The biggest issue is that when you fail as the skeletons the puzzle rests back to that sectin with the skeletons again, this is not good because I had made it impossible for the skeletons to catch me due to the path midas had taken so just resetting to the skeletons didn't help at all, when you fail as the skeletons it should at least have an option to go back and redo the path. 

All in all it was a fun puzzle game especially when you are playing both sides of it so you have to set up the midas path in a way that will help you later. Well done. 

I really enjoyed this game, very simple to understand and play. I found it fun to impose restrictions on myself like trying to finish with the lowest corruption. Great fun.

I enjoyed that, unfortunatey an ability choice showed up right as the panel for seeing how good my salad was showed up. this sfotlocked the game as ressing the "see how good.." button did nothing. 

Interesting idea but the controls are really floaty and do not feel good. I love the concept though.

Really enjoyable, it would be great to be able to zoom in and out when placing buildings but I had a good time playing it

Nice puzzle concept, good story intro. Enjoyable for a few minutes of play. 

This was wonderful. Very funny, full of facts and completely tragic. The only thing is that ships are always female so titanic should be female and Iceberg should be male if you are going for hetro romance. The other thing is that the Titanic was registered in Liverpool but it never went there so the accent should actually be Southampton and Belfast but nonetheless fantastic. 

Had a great time playing this.

The puzzles were enjoyable. It was frustrating to repeat the text sometimes so a way to skip or move it on faster would be good. I did find in places that I strugged to move the pieces in time. The sound was very quiet, a volume slider or mute button would be good as well. 

All in all I had a really good time playing, just a few quality of life things are needed to mke this truly great. 

This was enjoyable although the sword and spear attacks got boring if they were low level (with the bow you could just click many times fast to attack with no cooldown). There is also an issue with the tooltip box on the last column of inventory going off the screen so I couldn't see the stats. 

I really want to enjoy this game but it became too frustratng at the point where 10 adventurers in a row wanted to sell loot but i had no money to buy it because no one was buying anything from me. I stopped playing at the point where a character who wanted a fragile and powerful spear refused to take my spear made of glass and uranium. It had 1 durability and 5 attack, I do not understand why this didnt fulfil his requirements. 

Great premse, I want to love it. I would be incredibly excited to play this again if it recieved some updates after the jam. 

This was really enjoyable. I found it easy to understand the machanic. Aside from the already known issue the only thing I found to be a "problem" was that you only seem to progress if you fail, and I understand the game is intentionally a positive feedback loop meaning the more you lose the easier it is to lose again. Unfortunately on day 2 of the game I was doing really well and so there was no progression. 

Audio effects would go a long way for this, optional of course, and some work on the text presentation could really improve the game but overall this is an enjoyable premise and a nice mechanic coming out of the Monty Python joke. 

Really good game. Nice simple to understand mechanic and fun screenshake. I was playing on browser so I didn't hear the music but I didn't miss it I still had a good time. Well done, really enjoyable experience.

I really enjoyed this game but I wasn't very good at it. The music wasn't overpowering which was good although I would have appreciated a way tolower them or mute them. 

Really great job on the players, seeing them decide where to place the chip and then reactng me blocking that space was fantastic. Well done on this game. 

Nice idea as a pun on Cookie Clicker but it can't really be player with a laptop and trackpad, plus the enemies take far too many hits to kill so it feels impossible to not take damage right from the start. I did like the concept though

Enjoyable game, didn't end up finding the way out but it was a fun challenge. 

This game is fantastic, I had an awesome time playing it. I love the character art very much. I really enjoyed building up the story in my head as characters returned several times. Unfortunately I did hit the softlock so I was unable to continue but I had a fantastic time with it. 

I can see where this game is going and its really interesting. I like the setup of having to balance the encounters. The game looks great, the art style with the slighly rough and cartoony style is great and works perfectly for the mood. The music is also really enjoyable although it is set very loud by default, I appreciate the volume slider. 

The biggest changes needed are just giving more information to the player. For some reason I went left when selecting a monster so I chose a goblin and instantly killed the party. I realise the slime looks softer but between the goblin, skelleton, and spider it didn't seem like the visuals were informing the danger level so I discarded that fact. Seeing a rough idea of the moster threat, even if you aren't given the exact stats would be great. There's also no indication that the heroes are buying anything from the shop and I spent a long time looking for something my mouse could interact with to sell items. Also the game soft locked for me on level 2 very time. 

Really good premise, I would be excited to play an updated version of this. 

Fun idea, the controls were a little unresponsive, sometimes double jump would work and sometimes not so getting over obstacles could be frustrating at times. This game would work really well with controller support for sure, an it would also be nice if there was a volume slider as the music is set very loudly.  Well done though it was fun

This is a really interesting premise unfortunately it was frustrating to get the land into the right places at some points. I would set it up so that the character could jump up but then it wouldn't have the ability to jump across the next gap. Also the first time I ran this the charcater completed the first level by itself with nt help from me but the second time it did not. 

This was a bit difficult, possibly because I am playing with a track pad but the phone kept getting stuck. It was hard to figure out where I could move to get to the field of vision to interct with him and I couldn't really tell when I was gaining or losing points. 

I really like the concept of the game, very creative.

This is very difficult to play on a keyboard with a track pad unfortunately so adding controller support would be a very welcome addition. It would be great if you could add a valume slider or mute button as well. I like the idea of the game and wish I could play more of it.