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I just read my comment back and realise that it sounded like I hated the game,. I just want to point out that I didn't hate it it was fun, just frustrating. It's good to hear you'll be working on this. Good luck taking your game forward

This was incredibly frustrating at times, especially as I tried to push the boxin front of the people to block them and they just walked past it making me think that wasn;t the way to solve it

This was interesting and I like the concept but I did find it slightly frustrating at times when my bug piles fell over but I liked it

I enjoyed the concept, it has some issues that I have already discussed with you but overall it was enjoyable. With some fixes it will be awesome. Definitely add volume though

Please let the player to quick fill the text especially when it is slow and makes a loud noise. Aside from that this game was funny I enjoyed it

This game was a bit frustrating, the gun was very slow to shoot and didn't seem to do anything when hitting enemies. I didn't really get it but good job getting your game made and it looks nice

This games looks really nice and is enjoyable. However webGL version has an audio artifact after the coin collection, and also the GMTK logo and text was slightly cut off the screen. Otherwise really good

I really enjoyed this. a very good puzzle game well done. The aesthetic works and the instructions are clear. Great job

You really need a way to turn the volume down. I like this game it was good fu to play, but the AI needs work. It would be better if the character doesn't run through enemies to get to powerups when there's a safe path and also it would be good if they don't pick up the med kit if they don't need it. The SFX and stuff needs work but it's a great start

This was difficult to control by myself but I can see how it would be a great laugh with a friend especially if you added a sort of vs mode where each player is trying to get to one side of the areana. Good game well done but not enjoyable alone 

It was good talking to you about your game. I enjoyed it on the whole aside from a few frustrating points. Generally very good with a solid mechanic, well done

Well done, this was a compelling story and I enjoyed working through it. I did feel the ending was quite abrupt and took me by surprise. It would have also been easier to read if there were a couple of spaces between the text and the edge of the screen. 

All in all this was an interesting story with a deep subject and you did it well. 

A combo reward could be really good to encourage that, but I just felt like so many keys needed pressed at once that it was functionally the same

This game looks great and it's enjoyable to try out for a while. well done

Please add credit to Edvard Grieg for the music. 

I really enjoyed this, I love the concept and I ended up having a good time trying to press the keys in time with the music, however a few things to be aware of. Firstly any time I pressed Alt the game would pause and I had to click back into it which was very annoying but also disrupted the flow of everything. Secondly remember that different keyboards are configured differently so where my apostrophe is (') was a completely different location to yours so that made it difficult to follow. All in all it needs improvements but I enjoyed it

This is an interesting concept. The music was very loud but was good and the visuals are good. The ants(?) were not really visible when crawling into position as they are black bugs on black keys, and a drop shadow for the spiders would help a lot too. The idea is there and at the beginning it's enjoyable to try and keep track of everything,  but ultimately once it because chaotic to a certain point I was just mashing my keyboard which was not super satisfying

The game looks nice, and I don't really mind it being silent although some SFX would help a bit. The worse thing for me was that the game didn't really seem to respond to anything. It took me ages to realise I could buy a house because the options being greyed out suggested they were unavailable. Then once I got someone in I tried to buy a different house and couldn't put a tenant in. It was a bit confusing 

Very excited to see how the updates turn out, I can see where the game is going and I think it's going to be great. :) 

I really like this as a puzzle. Once you get an understanding of hw the physics works it is great fun to play about and get the orb swinging around. 

I played this with someone and as the scientist I had great fun running around, trying to get keys and getting lost. Sadly as the ghost he had a less enjoyable time as he was either running behind me at the same speed, or just waiting around a corner for me to run into him. Perhaps giving the ghost more to do if there are less scientists would be something to concider? 

The game looks and sounds great, although I did notice that once I got the warning sound at a certain point is stopped getting louder, so I walked around a corner into the ghost (which made me jump and made both of us laugh a lot). A really good prototype, I hope you continue to develop this as it was really good and shows awesome potential

This is interesting, I think I can see where you were going with it but for me it fell a bit flat. The enemies and coins etc move too randomly for it to be a puzzle, and the fact you have to guess what direction to go in because you're not sure it they will walk into your path or not is frustrating. 

I like the idea but the 'true randomness' as it were is too much for me

I really like concept and i think I can see where this is going. I do think that sometimes the options are 'too random' in that at one point I got 4 "I bleieve in you" giving very little space for anything else. The idea of the crew member listening or not dpending on whether you are honest or likable etc is great, although I never really saw any options for figing life support or thing slike that (I know you might have had them and they just didn't come up for me)

I think with some tweeks this could be a really good game. Well done

I understood why that was the case, but for some reason I kept trying to press the wrong way.  I was not good at this :D

Nice puzzle,  good concept. I wasn't very good at this but I enoyed it a lot

I loved the references of the names, haha.. 

You have some errors in the intro, and be careful with having text floating above moving backgrounds as it can be hard to read and a cause of motion sickness. The concept is there and with more tweeks and improvements it's only going to grow and get closer to what your original video was. Well done

I found this very difficult but I really enjoyed it. I think split paths in level 1 is too much complexity, and I think the heal spell should be earlier but I really enjoyed it. The look and sound is great, although please definitely add a volume slider. 

I think the music keys should be 4 controls instead of 6 which would also map better to things like controller supprt eventually. I also had a hard time getting my head around the movement, an intro level to practice this stuff would be very helpful. 

I really enjoyed watching the carnage, the blood effect and splatter does appear before the axe makes contact with the animals. I really wanted more, more blood and the animals falling apart etc. Unfortunately when actually trying to play this is was functionally unplayable. By the time I had seen the inputs and looked at my keyboard the timer had already run out. It was very frustrating. 

The game looks great, I love the aesthetic. But ultimately I had more fun watching this game than playing it

I really like the concept of this, I can see what you are aiming for. Unfortunately the game crashed a couple of times so it became frustrating to play. I also managed to put my rock down and couldn't get back to it. I understand that the placement is part of the puzzle, but there is not way to undo or go back to try the puzzle again without having to completely restart. 

I like the look of everything, and the music while loud is nice. You really need to be able to access the settings menu from the pause menu in case you want to adjust something mid game. I can see the potential in this and I like the idea of manipulating the environment instead of the character, but sadly I think the execution is lacking a little. Give this game some work and some polish and it could be great

I really like the idea of this game, and it looks great. However, I had a lot of trouble trying to control the player and move around. It didn't make sense to me and I kept wanting to press right to go left and vice versa because it's the direction the stream came out. I found it frustrating in an unenjoyable way but I love the concept. With some polish this could be great

This was really interesting. I liked the mechanic and the puzzles ramped up in complexity nicely. Really well done the aesthetic is fantastic. 

I like the cocept of this. It doesn't play well on a laptop and track pad but Ihad fun trying. The different modes are really interesting and the cartoony look goes wellwith the silly gameplay. 

Good fun, just needs some polish. Well done

I really enjoyed this but it was difficult to play as I had to wiat a long time for someone to come online and play with me. The high jumps and fast movement look really nice and the spee felt good, however the characters and guns seems a bit small compared to the platforms, and they feel a bit light and floaty in the air.

This was hard to play with a laptop trackpad but I had a good go at it and generally enjoyed it a lot

This was very janky and without sounds it's hard to tell if projectiles conected etc. Solid concept

Thank you so much. It was actually written to be sung and I was going to sing it with music, but it ended up not working out and I don't have enough audio experience so I couldn't get the track cleaned up enough. 

Well done, the screen shake and stuff really help, but it's a shame you couldn't get audio in as that would really boost the experience. I am very bad at playing this it seems but I had good fun trying

While I've been talking to someone it seems that there is a soft lock if you have to go back to 'page 0' because you put all your bones in the dead pile, but you only breathe into one if it's your first time on the page. This may be intentional but we both ended up just doing it anyway because we wanted to keep playing

I loved this, it was really interesting and weird and involved. I love the twist on the theme just being 'why are you following these instructions'. It was wonderful, I kept saying that no where in the rules did it state games had to be video games, they just couldn't require printing and I'm so glad someone did that. I played with physical dice and it was fantastic. Even the text on the 'blank' pages was great and it became a fun game to try and read all of them (excpet when I got told off and set back for it). 

Great conpect, really loved this. One of my favourite pieces so far

The only thing I would say is that instead of saying "go to page X" you might want to change it to "go to chapter X" as the page numbers don't like up.

Curse whoever invented tank controls haha. I like the idea of upgrading the weapon over time and I like the concept of this a lot, plus to kooky intro scene was great. Sadly on a laptop with a trackpad this isn't easy to play. 

I like this concept, very funny and I like the little bits of detail like how you move slower when carrying people. With some polish that should be a really cool game to play once in a while

This was a fantastic experience. I am very excited for you to be able to finish it and release it. The tone was great, the music and the visuals were perfect for setting the mood, even the simple backgrounds and the way it twisted to different colours through the grey. 

Well done for getting such an incredible concept done in the weekend, and I did laugh at the end of demo text about overscoping. This is one of my favourites so far