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Very good, it looks and sounds great, A nice style of incremental game and a really good size for a protype to just give an idea of what the game is about. Really well done

This was a simple and enjoyable game. Making the dice the towers etc was really cute, although I think it could have been even better if maybe the faces were different for health or for the type of enemy instead of relying just on colour in some places. Also some user feedback about whether the enemies were getting hit etc would be great. 

Really good prototype, could easily become something great with some polish. 

Its an enjoyable game, probably needs some more balance as you can lock yourself out of getting enough money to upgrade but well done, a good game. 

This was confusing. I finally managed to figure out how I was supposed to line up the different objetcs but definitely not intuitive for me. Enjoyable once I figured it out though

I really enjoyed this game. It needs a volume slider and some polish but it wouldn''t take much to get this up there. You could definitely get a lot f mileage out of it if you made levels for the single player with increasingly clever AI. 

I really enjoyed this game. Everything needs explained a bit more and everything needs some polish but I am really excited to see this game fixed up a bit. 

The collision of the spikes is way off, even if I'm nowhere near them it resets me back. The controls need a lot of work and the game needs polish but its a good attempt.

Got to level 4. Interesting game, much rage. Well done

This is a really gerat game, very much enjoy it. Its hard to tell how much damage you've taken because the enemies can do fractions of a heart in damage. Also there is a bug when changing screens that makes the music glitch. It would be nice to see your current health when deciding if you want to take a new power or healing' All in all I really enjoyed this well done, and the adorable hero dice character is very cute. 

I enjoyed the concept of this, sadly I got softlocked by the rainbow die getting stuck out of bounds. I wish the play was a bit faster and the bug of enemies being able to move into your space is frustrating but I can see this being really enjoyable. 

You should definitely put in your comments that "enter" starts the game because I had trouble getting into it but I very much enjoyed it. I liked the simplicity of the music notes as you gather the dice. Well done

Its a shame about the crashing after a fight because the game looks great and I'd love to get further into it. Well done

This is an interesting puzzle game well done, it's not clear that you are supposed to click and drag on the chain to begin the game it might be best if you make this more clear in the game description. 

I like the idea of this game however I found that the randomness was so much  it actually affected the enjoyment of the game. Often I could get the same number multiple times and end up back in the square I was in, otherwise I found myself pressing into a wall to waste the turn waiting for the number I wanted which at that point I may as well just be able to reroll the dice. 

It looked very nice and the gameplay was smooth, just needs a bit of work. 

It seems like there is no way to start the game

This was an enjoyable puzzle, nice sound effects and the looks was great, The text for the score etc could have been nicer but well done

A bit fiddle and there are definitely too many multiply commands considering you can only go as high as 6 but it was enjoyable. Well done

Needing to press 2 keys together is very unintuitive, it might have been better to use a t op down view instead of isometric to avoid this. It's a nice puzzle game and easy to understand, just a shame that the movement mechanic makes it frustrating. 

Interesting that the dice determines the game you play. Everything needs some good polish and work to make it feel good. 

The controls are really unintuitive. I had a hard time controlling the character and didn't get far into the game. 

You need a volume slider or a mute button the music was way too loud as a defualt. I enjoyed this game and I'm very appreciateive that the movement worked on controller because it meant I could play the game even with a laptop trackpad. 

I spent some time looking for an exit or an objective, and I wish you could knock the dice piles over and fall off the table, but it was a good look of a game that could be really good. 

I really enjoyed this game, it was really smooth to play and easy to understand. The music was a good volume and really made it feel more tence and exciting. Well done, I had a great time with this. Fantastic aesthetic

This is an interesting idea, sadly it does not play well on a track pad which I realise is not your games fault. I was confused about why I was unable to shoot after a while but I think its an interesting idea. 

This game looks so good, the UI and the character art is amazing. Sometimes with the UI it is difficult to tell what can be interacted with and what can't, some sort of highlighting or movement when you hover something that can be clicked on would be good. 

Its also somewhat frustrating that the mouse clicks go through the diaogue boxes on the game map, so when I pick up an item and click on the dialogue box to close it my characters was moving to where I clicked. 

A few quality of life improvements and some adjustments to the game map and I think this game would be incredibly enjoyable

The browser window size is wong for the game size so the text is cut off on the edges. It would be nice if there was some shortcuts available like typing "e" to mean "east" is very common in these text adventure games. 

Its a good concept, with some quality of life improvements this could be great. 

There was some really nice sounds stuff going on here. It's a nice visual novel especially being more of a horror-style . It would be nice to have some more choices than meant something more or personally I prefer to just read the story whe the clicks and choices don't matter but I enjoyed working through this. Well done, good sense of mood

You shouldn't set the game to 1080p in browser, try 1280x720 and then allow people to make it fulscreen if they want to

This was really enjoyable well done. I love the aesthetic and the gameplay was simple to understand. I think some more juice like making the amount taken off the score more obvious, and changing out the defualt unity buttons. 

Some really nice crunchy music with a harder beat would be fantastic. I had a good time with this one

It is very strange how you can use a controller to move but then still have to use the mouse to look around and you can jump with a very awkward button but have to use keys to use the vending machine. Its really strange and makes it awkward to control

The game stopped working at some point, possible there was a messge or something off screen. 

I can understand what you were going for, I'm not sure the music really fit well, or it would have been nice for some variation, and the art was simple but it could have worked if the game was perhaps zoomed in on the player some more and with some nice animations. 

It would be nice to see what the area of effect could be when you hover over the cards because many times I picked a card and then it was wasted because no enemies were close to me. It also would have been nice if the enemy itself lit up or rasied up when aiming instead of only the tilemap square, especially in isometric, because sometimes I missed my target which was also frustrating. Feedback to show you hit or to show your player got hit would also help a lot

I can see what this game wants to be and I think it could be something enjoyable but definitely need some work.

The dice look really good. It could do with some "juice" like feedback to show when the player gets hit or when the player hits an enemy. I struggle with WASD because of my hands so it would be great if you considered controller support (of course I understand a game jam is limited with time). Really good attempt this could easily be a good game with some work.

Really nice puzzle game. It looks great, the sfx were great. I really enjoyed playing this. Well done

This was beautiful and very nice to play. I wish I could turn the volume down but I loved it so much

This game is fantastic, it is beautiful and so well polished. I love the little tweening effects when hovering over buttons, and the pops when placing things. Well done on creating such a fantastic game in such a short space of time. I only got up to GOAT for now but I will be back to play more very soon. Well done

I enjoyed this a lot, I found holding space to connect a bit unintuitive, I think left/right mouse would be better, or space once to connect and space again to disconnect I enjoyed flinging myself around from the fuel tanks. Needs some polish and some work to be more readable to players but a fun game that I enjoyed. 

I think making bumping into the corners a kill box was a mistake, it would be better to just stop people going off screen. The super floaty controls combines with this make the game way too hard to ever get really enjoyable. Good attempt

This is very buggy but I can see what you were going for. It could have been clearer about what was interactable and what wasn't. Also the jump didn't work a lot of the time. I see what you were trying to do but needs work

I really love this, it's a great game to switch off to, the colours, the music, everything was beautiful. I really enjoyed this, very original concept. well done

This is an interesting game, I like the idea but I found the pace a bit slow. This definitely needs sound.

I really enjoyed this game, it has lots of nice polish like tweening on the moving platforms. You could do a lot with that mechanic, well done. Really nice game