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Really nice puzzle game. It looks great, the sfx were great. I really enjoyed playing this. Well done

This was beautiful and very nice to play. I wish I could turn the volume down but I loved it so much

This game is fantastic, it is beautiful and so well polished. I love the little tweening effects when hovering over buttons, and the pops when placing things. Well done on creating such a fantastic game in such a short space of time. I only got up to GOAT for now but I will be back to play more very soon. Well done

I enjoyed this a lot, I found holding space to connect a bit unintuitive, I think left/right mouse would be better, or space once to connect and space again to disconnect I enjoyed flinging myself around from the fuel tanks. Needs some polish and some work to be more readable to players but a fun game that I enjoyed. 

I think making bumping into the corners a kill box was a mistake, it would be better to just stop people going off screen. The super floaty controls combines with this make the game way too hard to ever get really enjoyable. Good attempt

This is very buggy but I can see what you were going for. It could have been clearer about what was interactable and what wasn't. Also the jump didn't work a lot of the time. I see what you were trying to do but needs work

I really love this, it's a great game to switch off to, the colours, the music, everything was beautiful. I really enjoyed this, very original concept. well done

This is an interesting game, I like the idea but I found the pace a bit slow. This definitely needs sound.

I really enjoyed this game, it has lots of nice polish like tweening on the moving platforms. You could do a lot with that mechanic, well done. Really nice game

This game was great. Really enjoyed this, the animation squash and stretch, it made everything feel really good to play. I love the logic gates used and how the puzzles built those existing concepts. The only thing is that it feels unintuitive to drag the plug to the menu boxes using the mouse (which is fantastic menu design by the way), but then you can't drag them with the mouse in the game. It's a big jarring. Fantastic game, really enjoyed it, well done. 

This is a fun game, however it really needs some work on user feedback. There's very little feedback when taking damage, eating enemies or changing levels. It just needs some work and polish

Unfortunately this is not really playable with a laptop and trackpad. I tried to give it my best go and I like the idea of it, I just wasn't able to experience much of it. 

This is a really interesting mechanic I like it. I think readability could be better, for a while I thought the first grapple point was a wall section. I like the turning of the screen, definitely allows for some great stuff. Well done

This game was a bit janky but I enjoyed it very much. There were some confusing choices like AD and also arrow keys for movement, but only W jumped and not up arrow. The sprite also bugged out a bit when following the arm. I can see where it's going and it could be great. Just needs a bit of work. Well done

This was quite difficult for me to play as I'm on a laptop with a trackpad and not very good at keyboard keys. However it felt good and was very enjoyable. This would be really satisfying with controller support for sure. 

This game was really fun to play, I enjoyed it a lot. The power ups were a great idea as well, very satisfying. The only issue I found was that I couldn't move up on the screen while shooting, it kept snapping me back to the bottom of the screen. Well done on a really polished and satisfying game. 

This game looks amazing and I enjoyed playing it. I found the blocks turn very slowly which was sometimes frustrating when trying to sneak them into place on time. It took me a little while to figure out the patterns, and I think having an indicator of which health bar is your and which is the enemy's would be useful because I kept forgetting which was which. Well done on a great game

I really enjoyed this little game, it took me a while to understand exactly how things interacted but once I got it I had a great time. It looks and sounds great as well. Great job

This is a beautiful game. It look me a little time to understand how to filter and manipulate the pods but one I understood it I was completely absorbed. Reminds me of things like mini-metro. Lovely aesthetic and really nice tweening animations. Well done, this is a fantastic game.

This was a really fun game. I am playing on keyboard with a trackpad so I couldn't walk and shoot at the same time but I was still able to play and really enjoy myself. Really nice game well done

This game looks amazing, I love the aesthetic a lot. I ran into a few of the known issues which is a shame but it was very fun to try. I have no idea how I got any points because I felt like I wasn't doing very well but I loved every moment of it. Well done for finishing a very cute game

Really enjoyable game, was frustrating at parts without a restart button but I really enjoyed it. The music is great and really makes the tension clear. Well done

This was a really good puzzle game. I enjoyed the idea of it and it's nice to see people putting different spins on the theme. It looks great and sounds great. I did get a bit confused about how to control the characters because I managed to miss the instructions at the bottom. I found the puzzles simple to understand and enjoyable to figure out. Well done. 

I had a great time with this, it was really fun seeing how the negative consequences stacked up. The chairs running after me was terrifying, very glad they don't do damage though as I think that would have been too frustrating. The whiteboards serving as diagetic tutorials but also as environmental storytelling. Really had fun with this. It's a shame about the cabinet contract glitch but otherwise this game was fantastic. Well done

This was beautiful, really great work. The music and the chill atmosphere, the simple mechanics, it was perfect. I also liked how, due to the screen effects and art style, sometimes I would be aiming for an item and get something else unexpected, I really liked that. Fantastic little game well done. 

This is a really nice game, I found it really enjoyable. It looks and sounds fantastic so well done for getting such a polished and adorable game done in only 2 days. 

I really enjoyed this game well done. The mood was perfect and the ever stacking popups were just a nightmare. I did find that sometimes I clicked to respond to a message and ended up dragging it by mistake, or a popup wouldn't rise to the top which was frustrating but it was really good fun. Well done

Really great game, well done on thinking of an interesting way to interpret the theme. This was a lot of fun to play, and then you for having so many control options that made it a lot easier on my hands being able to do mouse clicks instead of WASD. 

I really enjoyed this game. I wasn't very good at it but I love the concept and will definitely have to try it again when I have a mouse. Well done, really great music as well. 

This is a great game, really nicely laid out. I think I was using more guess work than logic but I had a great time haha. It looks awesome, fantastic aesthetic. Well done.

Really nice game, I enjoyed working through the puzzles very much. 

This was interesting and I can see where it's going, I just wish I could see where I was going in the game! I really like the mechanic of linking up the power etc it could lead to loads of puzzles and pairs. I had a good time trying this, it's just a shame some things got in the way of the enjoyment

Really love this game, I love the light up mechanic and the interaction between the characters. Really nice puzzles. A good amount of challenge without becoming frustrating. Well done

Really interesting premise, unfortunately I wasn't able to really get into the game as I am on a laptop with a trackpad. I understand that adding controller support is not always easy but it might be something to consider if you take this game further. Great attempt

This was a very good game, I really enjoyed it. The level aesthetic with the chunky lines was really nice and once I understood what to do it was really fun to sit and puzzle out the answers. Thank you for including volume sliders as well. 

Really fun game, well done. 

This was an enjoyable game, the screen never moved up so I never completed a level but I did manage to fill the screen with balancing characters which was very satisfying. The red dots to show how the characters anchor was great, really intuitive and satisfying. Well done

Good concept, needs some work. I think that starting with a level just focusing on platforming is smart as it lets the player get used to the swap controls. The later mechanics were really interesting and give loads of room for expansion. Unfortunatly even ignoring the known issues with the doors there are many ways to sot lock the game which is a shame. It would also be nice to have some user feedback about how long the rope can get as when trying to judge jumps it can be frustrating not knowing if you have the distance to make it or not. 

i enjoyed playing this, some great ideas here that could easily be fleshed out. Well done

I enjoyed this concept a lot. Very unfair game, not a fan of random hidden switches and such but I had good fun yeeting myself down slopes. I found a couple of collision glitches but generally this was great fun to mess about with. 

I found this somewhat frustrating as it wasn't clear to me about what buttons were one use and what are reusable. I like the visuals of the screens scrolling down to show the timelines stacking. The visuals were great aside from a few of the platforms I should jump on weren't clear, I thought they were background elements. 

I also felt in some places I had to guess what the dev wanted me to do rather than me figuring things out in different ways. I love the aesthetic, the sound was good but needs volume adjusters. The gameplay is really interesting. Just too fiddly for me. 

Really fun game, I love the way you introduced and then built on the different mechanics. Possibly consider adding volume sliders and maybe a flash or something to show the lasers are coming back on, but this was a really clear game to understand and I had a great time playing it.