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Plan-It (Online Multiplayer PvP)View game page

Up to 100 players simultaneously attempt to plan actions for a minute, then the actions are executed
Submitted by Vykri (@Vykri3) — 1 hour, 55 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The hivemind is out of control since they cannot agree on which lifeforms should be spared, the minute cycles of planning and executing are out of your control, and the lifeforms aren't in control of their own actions.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Played it in voice chat with some other people and it's great fun! It really needs other people to talk with otherwise it's a bit random. A great quality of life change would be changing the names to "Fire Clockwise" and "Fire Clockwise" instead as right now it's a bit confusing! However for a 48 hour game jam to do something online is very good!

Great job!


Man, this is good. I spent like 20 minutes playing this with a handful of friends, and it was really cool exploring the mechanics.

Is it intentional that you can change the other team's plans? We assumed we couldn't for like half the rounds, and then it added a huge amount of strategic complexity.

Super impressive job!


Thanks for playing! Yeah, it's intentional that you can change both team's plans. Glad you enjoyed it!


cool idea. 

its really hard to get an idea of how to play. (i didnt read the instructions)

but once i played a round or two (and discovered "shoot left" and "shoot right"), i got the hang of it. unfortunately it requires multiple people who understand the game to make it interesting, otherwise its too easy. 

i think if you got a real good player base this game could be really cool. it could even be a party game


Really impressive that you managed to pull off a multiplayer game in this time! I really like the concept and the controls are easy to understand once you try a bit.
Graphics are very nice and the sound track is really cool!
But one suggestion: a bit less text. Maybe bring your lore in another form to the user. I'm sure many just klicked through which would be sad.
Overall: very good job


I liked the overall concept, though it took me a minute to figure out that there were more controls than moving for some reason. Not sure why I didn't realize that, but any communication in the game to really show that to the player would help!


This is a surprisingly clever idea, fits the theme very nicely. I'm personally not a fan of multiplayer games but this work really well. Good job!


First off massive props for doing an online multiplayer in such a short time!

It's an interesting idea however the downtime between rounds is fairly long. It might be interesting to see if you could offer a truce mechanic to get people to backstab each other.


I really like the idea, it reminds me of the a psychology study/idea I encountered over the years. I like this however so much better because it puts people in real time in the driver seat. I think the only thing, that you might want to add after the jam is a CPU element so that if you are playing alone on the game it is still entertaining. Of course you might have already been too smart and added that and I just never noticed :) Either way I really love this game.

Developer (1 edit)

If I were allowed to make a small change, I'd make it so that all the units spawn with randomized actions instead of wait x3. I think that'd make the game so much more fun for when no one else is in the lobby.

Thanks for playing and rating!


Well, cannot wait to play the future version :) I think the future looks bring with this game if you desire to carry it onwards.


When I played there were 2 people online on the server, so it felt more like  a puzzle game where you have to outsmart your opponent - really interesting!   I can imagine that with a lobby full of players things would get VERY hectic very quickly, and you'd struggle to control anything 😂


This game was pretty interesting! Couldn't really find a lot of people to join in but other than that pretty cool that it was multiplayer and polished! I would keep the tutorial a bit shorter


I liked the music, the art is simple, but the gameplay is very fun. 


Sounds super dangerous to do multiplayer during jam,  but the game is solid and fun! 5/5


How you created a really fun multiplayer game within 48 hours is beyond me... Amazing job!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Is that... a Unity Multiplayer??? Im giving you all my stars, sir.


This is really creative. Rounds are a little long it feels, but otherwise really unexpected and fun!


Absolutely hands down my favourite game of the jam.


Great idea, a minute is probably too long for the action round and need direction indicators


interesting concept, coulda had better art and sound but eh, 48 hours right.


Props to you for ambition! Unfortunately I had an empty room but I love the concept :) How do you handle instruction conflict? Is that what the thought queue is for?


One player can override another players instructions by telling the person to do something else afterwards.


Unfortunately was only able to play it alone in a room, but I think I got the concept. Taking control by having other players involved definitely is one way to do it!

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