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The aesthetics is beautiful, though the game is very hard. Last run I was taking 13 damage (total 20) in the second wave due to a lot of archers out of my reach. If I just run straight to the stairs to save cards I don't get special habilities and the game ends sooner. It's frustrating having to play just a single card and throwing away the rest of my hand, then later getting dry of cards.

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"Say goodbye to Burger" :´|

Man, I'm giving up. hahah Great game.

Of course you can, it's a very interesting topic. Please, finish your stuff and tweet me the link when you're done. hahah

Everything you said is true, I only wish people know what this guy is doing and also I want's team to remove this project and maybe delete this guy account. I also played it and as you said, the game sucks and its broken (even though the original one isn't a masterpiece, hahah). I really appreciated the quote, thanks!

Thanks, Belga! It was hard to make all art and animations in a few days. I really appreciate your feedback.

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This game is a plagiarism of my game named "You are Undead". I invite everyone to visit my page and play "You Are Undead" on browser or see youtubers playing it, just do a search. Please give this game 0 stars rating.

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I think I'll finally give the top score for a game. The illustration and animation are beatifull, the dialogues adds some cuteness, it fullfills the theme and you've made a good puzzle and a BOSS FIGHT (that's bold)! It was the first game I've beat, well done!

Maaan... It was hard to figure out the controls at first look, but when I got it, it was a lot of fun! I love the hand's mechanic and the mix of 2D/3D, though I think the 3D models are way more polished than the 2D illustrations (wich is unusual, hahah). I would say the only issue is that I can't see a relevant usage of the theme. Great game, good job!

I don't know how to make him happy! hahah fun game.

You shouldn't! It's pretty cool you've made it coop!

Do you really made this game in 1 week?? It's amazing.

The best I've played so far! It's a shame I don't have anyone to play with me right now. hahah

Woah, the character moves too fast, I can barely control him! Also I got stucked on the left and bottom edges a lot of times. Looks pretty good, but it's hard to play because of this issues.

I really like the game design, although I'm not a huge fan of pico8. Well done!

It's pretty good! The only thing I would change would be the key to jump or the key to fix the light. I've died a couple times because I jumped into the darkness while fixing stuff. hahah

I like the aesthetics, it's simple but appealing. But, man, the navigation is so confusing. The camera movement at the edge of screen makes me lose spatial sense. When this movement is combined with a blinding light I just can't tell what's happening. Also there's a jump I can't figure out how to make.

Thanks for the feedback, Mika!
1. Make art and animation for a game jam is super hard, thanks!
2 and 3. I kinda agree with you, but we just brainstormed it too fast.
4. I think lack of proper tutorials are my worst problem. (:
5. The colliders are actually pretty small;

Thanks, Gucci! I really appreciate it.

Does it have any sound effects or music? I can't hear. Overall it's an interesting concept. :)

Thanks a lot, NeithR! I really need to improve my level design skill.  And yes, I planning to update it in the future because a lot of people liked it. :) Good luck to you to, I saw you are selling beatiful assets.

Yep, parallaxing stars, it's fairly easy, give a quick look at the youtube link I've left on the comment above. And keep up the work, I'm curious to see your next games!

I'm glad you liked, thanks a lot!

Hey, HyperThermal! There's no way. I designed it to let the player choose the zombie depending on the number of stars earned on the previous level. Thanks for playing!

Man, you were the best player till now, no kidding. If I were good making tutorials you would know that they can't see you in the dark, so if you avoid the spotlights you don't get shot, hahah. Also, the pink zombie breaks barricade doors! Thanks a lot for playing!

It's quite hard to move around and the speed power up makes me completely lose control over the spaceship, I always die because of it. Make a smoother movement and add some background scrolling and the game will be a lot more cool. ( here is a great tutorial I've used: ). :)

This one was the most buggy gameplay I've watched, I'm embarassed. hahah You did very well, though. Thanks for playing, MrBobbly! (The pink zombie can break those barricade doors!)

Thanks, milemole! I really appreciate your comment. I'll tell you what each one does, but don't tell anyone. The fat one regenerates life (green hearts) when he eats; the yellow guy runs fast; the pink bulk zombie breaks boxes and barricade doors and the skeleton gains wings and can fly (yes, this game features a flying zombie).

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I liked how you were cautious before jump on the brains. The players I've been seeing just run straight to the guy holding a gun! hahah You got the stealth concept of the game, thanks for playing it on youtube!

You rocked, Camirisu! I should have warned players to press space bar each level, otherwise you didn't get to choose new zombies. My bad. hahah I loved the video, thanks a lot for playing!

Hahah I've just watched it and it's very funny. I'm learning the things I should have teach you guys in the tutorial. I wish I could link 2 videos here, but anyway, I'll share your video everywere! Thanks a lot for playing, Lokijki!

Hey, Hayden! I'm glad you enjoyed my game, your comments were very, very kind and your video is super fun. I loved your reactions. Actually I'll link this video here! Browsing your channel, it looks like you make gameplays of indie games and I'm eager to watch more of it. Thank you for playing!

Great atmosphere. I mean, even with everybody being mean.

Great game!

For this project the development build wasn't a problem. I created it as a challenge and no game should stay hidden with no one to play, BUT I will keep that in mind! Your game is on my To do list, I've been busy working on this month's game, but I'll try to play Autonauts on this weekend! I just joined your discord server I sure would make good use of C#/Unity tips!