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This is surprisingly amazing. Im getting it on Steam, good job!

After some months Im coming back and Ive just found out this great tool for prototyping my cards and iterate fast through several ideas.
Go check out nanDECK in case you're making a board or card game! Its free and doesnt need to be installed.

Im still translating my cards to english and filling the card's sheet that feeds the software. There's around 50 cards currently.

Eruma TCG community · Created a new topic Playtesting

A página tá bem vazia ainda, mas é por um bom motivo!
Meu protótipo hoje tem 62 cartas, só no esqueleto, sem imagem, que imprimi pra testar com amigos. Essas cartas básicas estão no Tabletopia também.
A notícia boa, pra mim e pra quem gostou da proposta do jogo, é que eu já comecei a ilustrar os personagens com história pronta!
História pronta significa que as motivações, poderes e visual estão definidos.
Semana que vem (após o dia 20/03) eu vou abrir a mesa no Tabletopia pra todos, liberar o pdf com as cartas básicas e mostrar as primeiras artes!

The sound is very UNSTABLE.... Really, it's suddenly stopping mid game. Great game, but I couldnt make to the exit even with the 3 keycards, it's very hard atm.

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Ops, my bad. It was hard to see I was taking any damage.

Thanks, Sushi! I've just played yours and it's one of my favorites!

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"The students are setting fires and throwing grenades" Ok, that tutorial was mindblowing and creepy. I loved it, lmao. Then it gets funnier when it turns into a children's riot. Great job.
Edit: I've just noticed the fire or grenades can't kill me, you could have done things more dangerous, but is still one of my favorites.

Super fun and challenging, great job!

Wow, I don't know what it is, but I wanted to play more. Like someone else said, it has a fun mystery atmosphere, but I didn't get the recipe written on paper (3x venon, 8x something, 12x blood), because consuming those 2 other ingredients would kill the creature. Really great and original game.

Thanks, KK! Oh, how I wish I had the time to make a progress bar, or a minimap, or include pickups and the other obstacles I had in mind, hahah. I really appreciate the time you've spent to download and play it. Cheers!

Thanks a lot, MangoMan. It's really nice when someone leave me a comment having in mind that the whole project was done in 48 hours by a single non experienced person. Some people come to review it like it's a 2 years long development commercial title. lmao

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Is that... a Unity Multiplayer??? Im giving you all my stars, sir.

Out of all keys you could forget to list on the instructions you managed to forget the action key "space bar" lol. (Yes, I'm repeating what I told you on Discord cuz its relevant). Also I felt the game is weirdly 'relaxing', maybe because the music is good and the pace is slow. Good job, man!

Very, very, very challenging. It took me a while to figure out how to actually start the game! The aesthetics are very good though. Good job and best of luck!

Thanks, pal! :)

Hahaha Man, it turns out so crazy that I laughed out loud. And my first try was hilarious. I didn't know the character could pick up the crate and I was painfully pushing it through the floor. Btw, the art is lovely, really good.

Yeah, it's easy to miss things in such a short deadline, doing code, art, sound, dealing with bugs. But that's what game jams are about. Making mistakes and learning from them! :)

Hey, man. The art and animation are fantastic, really great job. Simple game, simple rules, funny and fits the theme. Best of luck, cheers!

When you're not good at coding, the secret is make things pretty.  lol. Thanks, Feezen, I really appreciate the time you've spent to download and play it. I'm about to play yours after dinner an leave some juicy feedback.

We have a winner. Cheers!

Man, you have put a lot of effort on this game, it's really interesting. It took me a while to get how to move and I think it could be a lot of fun with more responsive, accurate controls (f*ck the jam's theme, make the navigation smothier!) lmao. Well done with the voice acting, great job.

That's very well done and polished, but could be more forgivable with physics. I got stucked on the third level I guess. Couldn't make the jump after MANY tries. Good job!

There's not a lot of options to pick from and would be more interesting if there's only the terminal, that left column doesnt gave me much information. Overal an intriguing game and a nice entry to those fans of text adventure games, good job!

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Seems very interesting, the sound effects are awesome, but it's very chaotic, I'm completely lost. lol Good job finishing your game and best of luck!

Impressive job creating all that amazing pixel art within 48 hours. Sadly I don't have anyone rn to help me rate jam games. I also loved the "freak out" button, not sure if it does something else gameplay wise, lol. Cheers!

Good job, that's maybe the most "out of control" game I've played so far, lol. I liked the idea, but you should have done a 1 picture/ 1 paragraph to explain how to play, what will hurt you and what will give you points. I was kinda lost. The main character and the variety of weapons are very cool, congrats.

Good job! Very simple concept and you've done a good job on presentation and teaching the rules. It's a bit too fast, but it's really hard to playtest a 48 hours long game. The only advice I can do is that the floor pattern looks like steel walls and it took me a minute to figure out I could walk through the grey lines. Cheers!

Good Job! Hey, I'm dying before even know what's going on on the level. lol. Would be nice if the starting level of the game were wide open, with few enemies to allow players to learn. Cool concept, anyway! Cheers!

Whoever submitted the game can include you as an "author", like I am in this game: . Altough I'm not sure if Itch will show the game's thumbnail below your profile pic.

No problem. :) Wow, you've just unlocked the achievement "a bug the dev can't reproduce"! I just open the game up, hold all buttons and couln't fly (disappointed). Hey, where's your game?

Good job! It's a very smart concept and very well done project. The only annoying thing is that I keep getting a "crashed" message before even finishing the level. The message disappears when I cross the finish line, but the first time I saw it, I reseted the level and lost the progress. Overall a great game, best of luck!

Very simple concept and an awesome game, congrats! The art style is very cute, the sfx is funny and the gameplay is great. If you put more time into level design you can make it a commercial title. Best of luck!

Good job making it on time for the jam! I didn't expect to find a tower defense around here, so that's original. I think the main flaw of your game is the lack of a title screen and some instructions on how to play (I couldn't find it) and what the icons and bars actually means. Cheers!

Thanks, Glen! I really appreciate the time you've spent to download and play it.

Wow, easy! lol. What can I say? Thats the first time I finish a game within 48 hours, I didn't have the time to test, balance and improve the pace of the game. Maybe if I were on a team I could have done. I'm glad I made it and I really appreciate the time you've spent to download it, play, and leave me a comment, thanks! :)

Thanks, turpitron. It was very challenging to finish a game within 48 hours, thats my first time! \o/ It feels really good to read comments with nice feedback like yours. I've created a variable to increase and slow down the spawn rate over time, but I haven't time to tweak the values, or add more blocked keys as you progress. I really appreciate the time you've spent to download and play it, I gotta check your submission!

Thanks, tesla. That's the first game I managed to finish within 48 hours. Level design is maybe the hardest thing (imo) to make without time constraints. My plans were to block more keys as time passed, but I haven't the time to finish all features. I really appreciate the time you've spent to download and play it.