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This was fun even though I had no one to play with. Has Mario Party vibes.

This was fun. Only issue was the text in the beginning. Never ever have text just skip along without the user having to press anything. It'll be either too fast or too slow.

This is really good but picking up items is a bit of a hassle since you need to switch to a slot, drop everything in that slot, pick up the new stuff while not accidentally picking up the wrong thing. If that was a little easier this would be perfect.

I like the idea and concept but the execution is a bit meh as most of my raptors kept getting stuck and didn't seem to do much after a while.

You know, I take back everything I was going to say about that long-ass elevator ride because yea, what else would you do with the long T bit.

Apart from that, I like it.

Yep. Which is something I got annoyed at myself halfway through the jam but I wasn't going to just throw out everything I had so far so I kept going. This is one of the core things I'll have to figure out when I keep working on this cause I'm not sure if I want to throw the mechanic out entirely yet.

Thank you for making Spore 2. I can now die in peace.

Thank you for playing it.

I liked this. But it gets quite fast at some point, which is ok if Z, X, C and V are all next to one another but that isn't always the case. On my keyboard layout the Z key is halfway across the keyboard, making it quite difficult.

This was really nice. But I feel like the gun should've been a minigun, would've made more sense for it to just fire indefinitely that way, lol.

It felt a little weird running ParentControl.exe but it was a nice game.

This is really cool. Very satisfying but I have no idea what I am doing.

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Yes, it does need sounds. And it'll definitely get them in a post-jam version.

I liked this. But it took me until level 5 to realize that I could move around and not just shoot just because of how rarely you need to move.

I'll definitely continue but I'm not entirely sure what direction to go in yet. Either I keep it purely as an endless highscore arcade-y game or I put in a sort-of story or at least missions you can do one after the other. I'm leaning more towards the latter though since it'd give me the ability to add stuff like bossfights.


If you can message me on Discord (@Cameron#7818) I can give you a version that's 100% identical to the jam version but without that issue.

The visuals are really good, I just kinda wished I could rotate the platform with the arrow keys or so instead of dragging my mouse.

It's interesting but the fact that there's only one AI you go up against that also doesn't care about any of the modifiers makes it a lot less enjoyable than it would be if you could play against actual people.

It's nice but the car controls are really annoying to handle. Especially since it's tied to the mouse instead of A and D.

I like this. Pretty solid game.

This is really nice. Beautiful game.

This is lovely. :D

Only problem is that the level seems to be random so there's a lot of arrangements that are impossible.

This is really nice. I especially love the art in this one.

It's a cat. On a motorbike. What's there not to like about this?

I like this, I like the idea but my moderation skills are quite terrible and I can't read fast enough. Easy mode when?

This is neat. Only the noise the robot made when speaking was rather annoying and made me just mute the game.

The ghost here: This was great fun but yea, as a ghost, at least with only one scientist, there is not that much to do so I feel like there should be something that either the scientist or ghost can do to make it more interesting. It also feels a little overpowered that I could just press shift anywhere ans instantly know where the scientist was.


About the jetpack thing: I did try some different orders for the abilities during the jam and from my experience the jetpack is the least needed one so that's why it's at the very top.

Yea, it definitely needs sounds and I will add those in a post-jam version.

You can actually shoot the parachute guys with the top gun (shift) cause that doesn't just do damage when it hits the floor.

And I might have to experiment with making what ability you lose random, that sounds like it could help. For the post jam version I was kind-of thinking about giving the player the option to rearrange their abilities or swap them out for different ones in between games.

Thanks! I will keep working on it and polish it up. And I'll also check out your game in a bit.

Oh hey, another game with a Japanese title.

But as others have said already it's really laggy for me as well. >_<

This is really good. I love the character sprites. Got to level seven on my first try before all of my guys died when I clicked the purple eye die... Not sure what that one did cause I didn't realize I could right click dice. Then tried again but my game crashed at some point when I told my archer to shoot someone.

But I really enjoy this. Will probably come back to it later and try again to see all the different units there are.

This is pretty cool. (But I'm pretty bad at it.) I think it'd feel more fair if you had three lives or so, so that you can get hit at least a bit before dying from one bullet.

This is a nice concept but it's a bit hard to see what direction your threads are pointing. (You can also loose keys twice if you simply don't replace them)

This is really good. Would've been a full 5 stars if not for the originality. You should make more levels and turn this into a full game, I'd play that.

I enjoyed this (or rather, watching my friend play this) but the character moves way too slow.

This is great! If only the chairs were flying around when the ship was shaking.

I really like the idea but the fact that the ball can get stuck on pong makes it rather annoying at times. And I feel like more hacker-y minigames would've fit the setting you were going for more.

This is really cool. I love the 3D effect and the twist on regular snake by adding a jump button. The only thing that annoyed me was that I had to keep pressing enter a bunch every time I died or collected X amount of apples. It's nice to introduce the mechanics over time but reintroducing them that way every single run gets annoying.