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If the placing mechanic just was that little bit more consistent as to where it is putting blocks on the Y axis, this would be so much better. I still really like it though.

If the placing mechanic just was that little bit more consistent as to where it is putting blocks on the Y axis, this would be so much better. I still really like it though.

Thanks for playing it!

Yeah.. arrow keys are a bit broken as they were mostly and afterthought and I then didn't properly implement them everywhere under time pressure. The press is registered, the fact that you released it is not. I have already fixed that in my post-jam version though.

This could really do with an explanation of the controls and the restart feature is really more of a reset feature.

That said, after doing so, this was quite neat.

Note: Never map things to symbol keys. (in this case ;:) Those are different on most keyboard layouts so I physically cannot press that key without changing my keyboard layout.

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THE MUSIC! I love it!

Also the logic of "Four dwarfes in a row can cross a large pit because they're walking in a row."

This is really solid. Only two issues I ran into: I had no idea right mouse button also worked and you're basically invincible.

I like this. But the timer seems a bit short for how unmaneuverable the group of aliens tends to be and how hard it is to bunch them up into a blob.

Time for world domination!

This is nice. Though one thing I found myself doing was hold the map button almost permanently because the zoomed in version was a little close for some of the jumps.

This looks like a really solid puzzle game. Though I can't make it past the beginning of level 2.

The best way to stop crime is to just run the criminals over with the ambulance.

I sadly have no one to try this against but I'd be interested to see how this actually mixes up the chess gameplay.

This is wonderful.

This is nice. It's well presented and I haven't seen this mechanic before. Two things that would be nice though is if it played a little faster and if you had an overview of the level before playing it. Because right now, you need to build a thingy without knowing what terrain it'll need to traverse.

There's also potential here where you could have bigger constructions later on.

This is really solid. I can see it getting quite hard later on. (I gave up on one of the levels) I also like the screenshake when the blocks hit the walls.

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This is quite neat. It's only one level and I don't know how much strategy there is to it but I enjoyed playing it.

EDIT: I just gave it another try and I didn't notice the gifts and curses the first time round. I feel like this could really benefit from a few levels leading up to this one to explain the mechanics.

Thanks! And now that you say it, I do see the Lemmings vibes. And I'm pretty sure I'll work on it more after the jam when I can find time so I'll look into sound effects and music.

Might be that recorded dialog isn't really my thing but I think one thing that got said a lot was "I'll take care of the guards.".

I feel like a good solution would be a options slider somewhere from "they never talk" to "they talk all the time".

This is pretty good. Though their constant voice lines whenever you do something get a bit annoying after a while.

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This took me a good while to complete but the ending is quite satisfying.

That said, one thing that could be done is to make it impossible to scroll too far away from what you've built. I moved my cursor out the window once and didn't notice that it kept scrolling so when I came back I was in the middle of nowhere.

The art on this on is amazing! The music fits well, it's fun to play, well done!

I just love this. VR in a nutshell.

This is pretty good. Though holding down Q while using WASD is really difficult. If that was like half way across the keyboard to be on the other hand, or even just on shift it'd be a lot more comfortable.

I also think I can't proceed at one point cause there's a platform that seems to be solid but doesn't look that way.

Apart from the initial confusion about "What blocks are where?" due to the style this is really excellent. The puzzles are tricky but not too hard. Fantastic job on this one.

Top score: 6900

I could've gone higher but i chose to just sit there for the last bit.

Top score: 6900

I could've gone higher but i chose to just sit there for the last bit.

This was interesting. I enjoyed the concept, the only thing that was a bit weird were the doors.

This is neat but really hard. It'd be super useful if the enemies would indicate where they're shooting by their shape or orientation or so.

This is pretty neat. Though the tutorial is quite wordy, considering that it only really needs to convey three things. (WASD, shooting and more score for more flies)

You forgot that carpets don't count when the floor is lava.

It is 3:30am but I have beaten level 20 and it was very satisfying.

"This looks sick as fuck!" - me before playing this.
"This IS sick as fuck!" - me, as I am playing this.

I really like this one. The only bit that gets kinda annoying is that there's a lot of combinations that I'd expect to work but don't.

I have beaten the Twominator!

It looks really good, I enjoyed playing it and it confirmed my suspicion that fourier transforms are hard.

I like the presentation though it's pretty annoying that there's no indication of when you get hit or how much health an enemy has left.

This is really cute. And the puzzles were all very beatable but also tricky. I got stuck on one of them for a fair while.