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This is a list of all the things I currently want to add to the game still.
They are roughly in order of priority but since my motivation can be all over the place at times, don't count on the order too much.
If you people want specific features, I might prioritize those.

  • Option to spectate games
  • Tutorial
  • Singleplayer mode
  • Deck sharing features
  • Adding more cards to automatic games
  • Custom cards
  • Custom Draft Cubes
  • 1v2 and 2v2 game modes
  • Customizable quick chat wheel
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I've just published Cross Universe Online Battle:

It's an online multiplayer version of a card game I like a lot and plays kinda similar to MTG or YuGiOh.
It's 1v1 and currently you'll need another person to play with but I plan on also adding a way to play singleplayer some time soon.

Found a bug?
Want a feature?

Drop it in here for me to fix/add it.


I just spammed all the zombies and won. :)

This was a pretty neat twist on the bullet hell genre.

It'd be interesting if the legally distinct plumbers couldn't walk into one another cause like this I can often just bunch them all together into one which makes the level a lot easier.

I don't know if I can even hit the spaceship, lol

I feel like you should be able to not place all your blocks because I often ended up just slapping a bunch of them in one spot in a corner since I didn't want to put them anywhere.

I am disappointed that I can't make the big fish get hooked. That would be a great addition.

This goes from like no challenge at all to almost impossible really fast.

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Science is just marvellous, isn't it?

This was neat but they're sooo slow when they're walking in, lol

Gripping, Emotional, Tragic, Heartbreaking...

James Cameron couldn't do anything remotely close to this masterpiece.

Why is this actually kinda good?

This was very fun.
But I have no idea what the turrets are for.

I'd love to have 20$ and the skateboard is also neat.
Though it'd be nice if there was a way to tell how high he was going to jump. (like having more buildup to a higher jump)

I had like 390 points before he jumped on me.

It doesn't currently have an end but I do plan on expanding it a lot.

What it does have is that you can discover all the classes, races and places.
But probably not since once you get far enough the game just has a random chance to soft-lock whenever sending off an adventurer so I'd be surprised if someone managed to actually get all classes in one session.

This is really nice. Only thing I wish it had is a fast-forward button for when he keeps hitting the ball.

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I do plan on making a new version with a lot more content and improvements.

This is very neat. Though I feel like the spam clicking for the butcher is a bit harsh.

Also, I got a 1220 highscore.

This is amazing and I don't have any tips on how to make it better.

Apart from an in-game tutorial. That'd probably be good.

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"The O-Plink is a brutal and unrelenting contraption devised exclusively to to test your intellectual prowess while putting a strict time limit on everything you do, leading to quick and decisive gameplay."
- IGN or so, I don't know.

Anyways, I got 5 points and then I gave up, normal is still too fast for me.

4/5 - would play again.

Edit: Did play again.
Crazy mode is evil.

I got to 50 points.

Though it's kinda hard to tell when the pipe will hit the ground since it doesn't line up with any of the details on the pipe. (I would've expected it to line up with the brim on the pipe)

I like this. Took a while to get used to the talking sound effects and I also didn't expect bowling pin grandpa to suddenly be a character but yea, good game. *leaves*

I was caught so off-guard by them just pissing on the plants, lol. That was great.

But I am very bad at actually defeating the angry lads since it's hard to judge how far away I need to be from the enemies to get it going in time.

Kinda sus.

No, but seriously, this is really nice. Got some screen shake and the puzzles get difficult enough for me to give up, lol. I can imagine this getting real tricky if you started throwing in other mechanics as well.

I have a newfound appreciation for the people who manage to do this on live TV.

It is fun though. Only problem is that the cars end up at various different spots throughout the track at some point so it becomes physically impossible to keep them all in frame.

I think my guy has multiple concussions now...

Oh, I had no idea it was a shield!

That explains a lot.

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I am so sad that this bird is unavailable. ;-;

Still gave you a rating though since the Bird bit is comedic genius.

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This is amazing and I am the most confused gardener. How did someone manage 600+ points?!

This is really good, especially with the time you had. I'd love it if there were more levels.

That said, WASD for an isometric game is a little confusing and my wrist doesn't like it when I turn my keyboard 45 degrees. Not sure what you could've done about that though.

The one thing I actually want to edit is the dash speed. That seems way too low.

I liked this.

I think I just got murdered...

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Apart from the bugs where the goblin can sometimes flip into walls and stuff this is a neat concept.

Kinda reminds me of Lemmings.

I got stuck in the level with the 4 spawn points because after making one path to the center it didn't let me put any units on it.

The color choices are a bit jarring, lol.