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Yea. I was thinking of something good to add for most of Saturday and Sunday. And I'd have to add a bot for sure.

I hope you had fun though!

Sorry! Totally forgot to put a How to Play anywhere... Will add that now.

(You can play it with people that aren't your friends as well)

Hey, I just played the game and really enjoyed it. Very relaxing. Except for 2-3 minor things:

1 - The block colors sometimes clash with the background or eachother

2 - Especially with that many different colors everywhere the permanents scrolling up and down for new pieces can be a bit nauseating.

3 - I liked the moon. And space. But the rocket and UFO kinda distracted from the relaxing aspect due to how loud they were...

I really like the mechanic but it can be a bit buggy at times. For example, when you throw your gun, pick it back up and all of a sudden it got ammo in it again. And I had the feeling that the main challenge was not considering how many bullets you have but more.. Well, not dieing. The ammo restriction didn't feel that limiting. And I think the game could focus on that part a bit more.

I think the idea is really good. It just doesn't lend itself very well to this type of game since the parrot needs to learn different reactions to the same things all the time which makes it pretty hard and in the end kinda annoying to control.

I think there should be perma checkpoints you unlock to start your next run from. So you enter START SHT to start from where you get the shooting mechanic.

Thanks for the feedback!

Improvements Replies:

> Didn't have any ideas for progression during the jam. (It does get more difficult though the further you get)

> Totally agree. For some reason I never implemented that. I was thinking about not spawning them on the side the player is currently on though.

> Yea. I need sound.

Removed the "Boulder Dash without the Boulders" now. Didn't think about non-jam participants finding the game when I made it... 

Interesting how you say the drill was super hard to avoid... I always had way more problems with the UFO and the bird one...

Yea. The description also says that it stretches the theme of the jam a lot.

Thanks! I heard yours is pretty solid as well.

Really enjoyed playing the game! Was a lot of fun and something new.

I should just upload the jar. But I've also seen people that have no idea how a jar works and don't know what to do with it... And a .jar always has the standard java icon.

It's written in java, then packed into an .exe with launch4j. No idea if that breaks it on other OSes...

The mechanic is really well done! Felt pretty solid to play with. But it isn't used in many different ways except for "There's slopes now".

Ok. Yea, I imagined it was because of the 48 hours. I really hope that you still work on the game a bit more cause it has great potential!

I really like the game! Great idea! But it's not really obvious why you get a Game Over... I hope you continue working on this and make a bit more with it!

I like how the game still works this good even after basically reversing the objective!

on both sides

Keyboard controls are not very usable but if you have a controller (or a flight stick...) it's awesome!

He is!

I think this is definitely one of the best games of the jam. The ending was great!

If you downloaded it before the end of the jam then you still got the version with that bug. You just need to redownload it then.

How is it broken. Cause the game does not save your score. You need to read it on the game over screen. Is the text white?

Now I really wish I used my old phone for typing more often... Not just to play snake.

piece became a queen, got converted instantly... 10/10 would nonsense again!

I really liked the idea from the beginning and it's still fun!