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Hey there, we're glad you enjoy playing our game and consider sharing it! As game developers, nice feedback is always really encouraging and keeps us motivated.

We'll definitely be looking into that issue, thanks for reporting it to us!

Glad to hear you've made it :P @littleBugHunter added this level without explaining it to us, and we too were absolutely overwhelmed in the first moment. I kinda figured it out when I randomly copied an area and it suddenly worked out :D

Hey Jorge! Glad to see that you enjoy playing our game and made it that far!

That's actually a feature we named "Void Step" you have to use at certain points in the game :P

Hey ThaCuber! The whole project was done using Typescript and PIXI.js

Either you can play it directly in your browser, or use the itch client for desktop. We're soon going to release a downloadable executable for Windows.

Hey rcatbird! We're currently working on creating a world/level selection screen which allows for skipping and coming back to levels at a later point. So stay tuned :-)

Good catch! We figured that out at some point after the initial release when my friend instantly solved it that way. I wonder how many quicker solutions actually exist in the game :-)

Hey Jamie! Great to hear that you enjoyed playing our game :) We were actually quite suprised ourselves how addicting it can get! Cheers.


Thanks for the nice feedback, Alpha! We really appreciate it :)


Unfortunately was only able to play it alone in a room, but I think I got the concept. Taking control by having other players involved definitely is one way to do it!

Feels really polished! Love the visuals and music.