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Finite Reflection

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Aw thanks Anthony! Much appreciated. Here’s hoping we will be able to catch up again at a con someday.

We are considering continuing development, but have not made firm plans yet. We work full time jobs so its hard for us to make time on this right now. If you follow us we will be sure to post updates so you know when we continue working on it!

totally not a dumb question! The money serves no purpose than to make another panel to get in your way. We had more plans for it, but since this game was made in a weekend for a jam we were unable to complete those mechanics.


The theme of the game jam this year was Lost and Found, and we decided on a game where you act as a 911 operator for the entire universe. A ticker presents you with the coordinates to dispatch rescue units, but as time goes on, some of the pieces of information you need will be hidden through various panels, and with the more panels that pop up, the easier they are to also get lost! 

Download now and give it a try!

I laughed so hard I cried. Phenomenal:

Controlling this little cube was a lot of fun. It can be a bit hard to pick up but once you get the controls down you will be zipping around no time!

While the figuring out the controls and how the game works felt a bit frustrating, it was incredibly fun to actually fly the plane and see how far you could take it.

Jalopy is right! I had a great time with this one. Figuring out which key does what in each level is both fun and stressful and leads to hilarious results.

The interesting thing here is thinking about chess from the perspective of wanting to lose which is not normally something anyone has to think about. Playing two sides of the same board with two goals.

I liked the puzzle approach instead of the (purely) simulation approach normally associated with this concept. Well done!

Has a lot of polish and fun to play once you get a hang on what is happening!

Great job with the style and presentation on this one. All that was really needed was for the directional spinning to be a little closer to your focal point to be able to really feel like you had the most control.

Very interesting take on the theme and well executed. Math is hard!

The feel of this one is fantastic. You feel awesome nailing the critical shots and saving everyone from themselves.

Score run was nice because it gives all speed runners a fair shot at winning since you can't learn the game and practice.

I'm never buying soup again.

I liked the concept, and I think with just a little more communication it could be a lot of fun. Hitting the timer and dropping straight down was a little misleading, but once I watched it a little more I could see it coming.

The don't starve look was great, and it was very interesting to think about a tower defense where your goal post moves, though it was a little difficult for me. I wish that chicken had stopped running into the woods.

I love that this lets you keep the control of the player, but you end up creating your own dangers more so than the actual enemies. Well done!

This was a lot of fun and a neat concept! I found it a little strange that I could control the robot while controlling the gun as well, but still overall good!

Could possibly use some tweaking since it seemed like certain card types were a one to one match to problems, so switching up what they could do might make the choices more interesting. Also Tibbles robbed everyone blind in the first move.

It really takes you by surprise when you find how satisfying mowing the lawn is. Well done.

This was excellent, really took me back to my Gradius 3 days, and I could let the strange monster worm thing eat me for days just to watch the art alone.

In the end, even Gamma Man wasn't enought to save the planet

My poor sheep

This was a lot of fun! It nicely walked the line of needing to be precise enough so that when you got it, you felt awesome, but when you  missed you didn't feel frustrated.

This was certainly something that is not for the faint of heart. Very difficult and a great style!

This was great! To quote Mark, "I figured it out. I felt like the smartest human in the world!" Very satisfying when you understand what to do and solve these tricky puzzles.

I liked the overall concept, though it took me a minute to figure out that there were more controls than moving for some reason. Not sure why I didn't realize that, but any communication in the game to really show that to the player would help!

Good job at telling a story I feel many, including myself, can relate to. A game doesn't need to be long and complicated to still be powerful.

Nice and relaxing to walk around a museum but with the possiblilty of never running out of content to see!

Like everything you make, excellent presentation and game feel. Loved grabbing new weapons and figuring out how they fired. Very impressive range of weaponry for a jam game!

Very impressive concept, and a very clever implementation. Excellent work.

Very impressive toy and a very original submission!

Reminded me a lot of Stanley Parable, in a good way! Great presentation, and applies to the theme very well.

That is difficult!! Well executed visuals and gameplay. Physics-based controls can be hard to make fun but your team did a good job. I suck at these games so I didn't get far but I enjoyed the challenge.

Very fun!! Good controls, and good presentation.

We also did a vine/plant growing out of control!

Love the art and presentation, also very impressive that you got a quest/objective system done too. The growth seemed to be a bit too delayed, perhaps? I found myself about to quit the game after waiting for quite a while when suddenly more would spawn.

This is a funny concept, however the execution felt a little rough. The biggest issue was the camera felt too zoomed in, which made it hard to tell where I was going or what I was doing. The controls had promise too, but the implementation was a little confusing; primarily I kept wondering why I couldn't move left.