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Finite Reflection

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Thank you! Checked out your game and left some feedback, its a good bit different than ours and got a lot of potential! Keep up the good work :)

This was a great idea held back by a few design choices that make it hard to play:

  • Enemies spawn too randomly (sometimes spawning on top of you) making it difficult to anticipate
  • Enemies overlap one another meaning a circle-strafe strategy will make all of them overlap and somewhat trivialize defeating them
  • It is difficult to implement and follow a strategy for the game due to the unpredictable collision against the hard edges of the circle boundary, a smoother / simpler boundary would greatly improve this (maybe just a square?)
  • Swinging the "bat" with the mouse is a clever idea! However it is also a bit too unique of an interaction and that causes a little confusion with how to work with it. You're technically always aiming perpendicularly from your direction, which takes some time to get used to. This isn't inherently bad, but if that was explained/detailed better, or taught in a tutorial, that would help.

Well done completing this game, and good job coming up with a unique concept! Look forward to seeing what else you make, or if you choose to iterate on this further!

Visually pleasing, clever, and with a wonderful twist. Well done.

Thank you! Unfortunately keeping track of progress was one of those features cut for scope sake, which was why we added the skip level functionality. Im glad you enjoyed it ☺️

Enjoy this incredibly compressed gif of some example gameplay!

Oh no! The game does prioritize gamepads and other controllers, is it possible you had other inputs connected? We highly recommend playing with a gamepad (xbox one, or ps4)

The game does not end once you are fighting. You can press Escape to return to the main menu and quit from there.

Enjoy playing!

You cannot... it is not designed to be a “rewarding” game. Hence, this isn’t technically a game as much as it is an experiential experiment. I’m glad you appreciated it!