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Jean D. Racc

A member registered Jul 12, 2020

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I must say that I love the music. It has that catchy yet somehow cartoonish tune. At first, it might look like it isn't a serious project because of the appsrently fast drawn art, but when u play it, u know it has a lot of stuff "that actually works" and feel connected to a very unique style.

From the transitions, to the bouncing bullets, to the secret areas and dialogue, I must say, this is done by a guy that knows what he is doing. And I'll add that I am envious of your ability. 

Keep it up, this looks really cool, and it's pretty funny how the 'subtle' messages are given too. Really creative!

This is an amazing idea. Nice!

Downloaded. Looks hella crazy and fun.

This bumping frog deserves a 5. Really good and enjoyable to play. 

Still one of my favs in the jam. Playing it again. :P

lol I am playing it again, surely one of my favs in the jam. 

I liked it! Fun doing the role of the engineer. Curse the captain. I need a button that #@$#@ like in overcooked. 

I was almost about to avoid it cause of the many vehicles out of control games. But I'm glad I didnt. 

I liked the music, the art is simple, but the gameplay is very fun. 

Its simple but very cool for a jam. Hard to make a multiplayer game.

Utter chaos, I went above lev 4, this was really fun!

lol I reached that same wave so I know how that feels! 

Nice game and art!

I love it. So cute ufo. :3

simple game to make baguette lol. Yet it goes random and apparently faster the more you make them.

creativity is what matters more, a lot of people programming well, but ideas usually change the 'player' perception. A good idea is very valuable. and doing stuff for the lols is usually better cause u are more motivated. At the same times players also want those lols.

I liked the look of it, gameplay can be better tho. 

yay more sheep. but this is like super funny! It's like the opposite of a game I just played where you herded sheep, just that the sheep now herd the humans. Got a laugh out of me. Thanks!

I like it, poor dino tho. The art is one of the best 3D arts I've seen in this jam. 

making this solo is clap deserving. Praise yourself and the game you made. Also, if you want me to test it or something you can DM in discord. 

Nice concept, I love the art, the game-play idea is great too.

I love the art! But I got a bit of a problem with the controls too. Would be amazing if polished tho. 

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I think if you polished and made html version, I would have added it to my favorites in this jam. I only hope others will play it cause it is like super incredible idea, specially those genes. Thanks for letting me play it. 

I must say I just literally player twisted party with my hands.  I enjoyed the out of control setting, but my fingers hurt. 

ok for the theme its an overall five. 

simple, yet with enough mechanics, also simple but the art works out, and also simple... yet is fun. 
I can't take out any points really, only that it is simple and not a game to play a lot after playing sometime. Still the mechanics are really good, and this can certainly be included in some of the games that took the right way the concept of out of control. 

Can't say I didn't enjoy it. but it got boring and repetitive. Its fun tho. So I think it deserves a 5 for fun, but it's not innovative or original nor attuned in my opinion to the GMTK thematic. Aside from these its really good to play, with smooth controls. Thanks!

Wow this was fun and cute. 
I must say it gets harder after the 5th wave where controlling the doggo is harder. I loved the start, but the waves become a bit too repetitive. 

The start song is good, but a bit odd for the one during battle time. 

overall very enjoyable and original in my opinion.

Wow this was gun and cute. 
I must say it gets harder after the 5th wave where controlling the doggo is harder. I loved the start, but the waves become a bit too repetitive. 

The start song is good, but a bit odd for the one during battle time. 

overall very enjoyable and original in my opinion. It's polished just needs better game play after more waves. 

The meowing in the background made me want to finish it quicker. But it was a real puzzle. Also I played it with a controller which was better than the mouse of my lappy. Amazing music with an interesting game-play. Poor cats, save em!

It's fun, would have been great to have those chickens look more as terrorists or smth. I don't know if that was the idea, cause I feel bad after seeing the trailer and killing chickens lol. The only downside I found is that its too big too download. Sad I had to wait a bit to be able to play it.  Would be great if it had an html export. 

this one was really fun to play, at first I though the chainsaw was usable, then I found you have to scare the sheep away. It's very original. The only thing I'm not sure is about fitting the theme out of control. Well I think it fits with the sheep being attacked by zombies. Still it was very fun to play it, nice art too. 

Wow, I must say I love the art! It looks amazingly super clean. The music was good too and the pop ups gave a lot of the feeling of being hacked. What I think it lacks is a bit more time to type passwords. Also I never got the mash P or mash this right. Still finished. Nice idea for a smol game, and one of the ones I can really say went with the theme in an original manner. 

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I liked it, the idea is nice. The music is a bit slow tho. A bit frustrating too, sadly. I usually avoid games where you can't control your player well, yet in this one the player was nice, but the environment was designed for pros at its player control, making it quite a hard way up.

ehm... its nice, but seriously frustrating sometimes. I think you made it a bit to difficult to control the rock. I know the theme is out of control, but it makes it not fun when the player loses the ability to control things. Also there were things that were unavoidable even with patience. Still was fun, until I started to find how difficult it is for something so simple. 

Oh I meant the algorithm used to randomize that, if it follows some logic or its just some randomizer outside of the developer too. 

online screen is cut off, but the game has nice tunes and nice gameplay. although not that 'out of control'

eh this game is not bad, apart from the funny art. Tho I don't find it much out of control. Its fun to play. There is a bug for me that the screen size in browser is cut off. The game music is nice. 

It's good, not a jaw dropper tho. Originality wise its super original. Gameplay wise, it's a bit frustrating sometimes. 

I wish you the best! 

its fun but it is too out of control. hard to win against the zombie without a bit of preparation, so this killed a bit for me. 

it was fun, not very original. but easy. like the devs might not know but if you shoot from behind the room a ton of bullets, everything is killed and less bullets attack u. U just stay safe in the corridor, and if a bullet just happens to go your way, you go back a bit until they disappear and go towards the cleaned up room. ez.

fun but not unique as I played many games with this trait of ricocheting and multiplying bullets before. Thanks still!