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First of all, congratulations! Both on the game, and on the engagement!

Second of all, this is some exceptionally groovy music.

You've taken a pretty straight-forward concept and executed nicely on it! The jumps felt a little floaty/hard-to-control to me, but that's personal preference, still plenty enjoyable to run through.

One potential bug to report: after I went through one of the portals, I found the screen would occasionally go blank for a bit after collecting a diamond. Any idea what might've been causing that?

Oh I really like the music here. The metal detector mechanic's interesting, and it's absolutely wild how often I'd forget that hearing the sound means I need to move once more, not just dig immediately haha

I truly cannot get over how much I love the older brother's run animation

This is such a cool concept, and it feels incredibly difficult to do any of the names justice haha

This is a neat little memory game, congrats on completing the jam! Some small notes: 

1) I think it would benefit from a different icon for gaining vs losing money, it took me most of my first play through to realize that not all of the bill icons were giving me extra money

2) Similarly, it took me quite a while to realize that objects were worth random amounts. The dollar amount is pretty small on the card, so it's especially tough to keep track of when you're already trying to memorize the location of cards

3) The fullscreen button's super useful here, the default resolution of your game seems to be absolutely massive: it barely fits on my 4k screen, and doesn't fit on my macbook pro screen at all.

I love the little theme you've put together for the background music

Yea, ok, this is a *really* cool concept + batch of puzzles. The only problem I ran into was the "guide" being kind of counter-intuitive. I didn't find that it actually gave me a decent idea of how much power I was putting into a shot, or where it would go.

This was all surprisingly intuitive! I ran into a touch of jank with movement catching on edges, and as someone who holds the jump button (you know, for more height) it felt a little awkward having it immediately re-jump as soon as I landed on the upper platform I was jumping to.

Those things are super minor though, I had a great little time with this game.

Man, this is good. I spent like 20 minutes playing this with a handful of friends, and it was really cool exploring the mechanics.

Is it intentional that you can change the other team's plans? We assumed we couldn't for like half the rounds, and then it added a huge amount of strategic complexity.

Super impressive job!

Could be neat with a randomized ball shape, and some better collision physics: hitting the ball never felt quite right.

This is a fun little concept, though I think I found hard-mode to be the easier of the two?

This is a deeply silly game, and I love every part of it.

Just a good, clean, package of a game. Felt good to control, looked and sounded fantastic, and the provide a nice variety to choose from.

Definitely too tough for me though haha

This is a really cool looking game! The physics could use a little bit of tweaking, but it would be really cool to see it expanded out with some more levels+creatures to possess.

Is it intentional that you can't re-possess things?

A nice little bop of a game.  I feel like this kind of game lives or dies on how it feels to control and how readable it is, and this succeeds on both fronts.

My one complaint is that I had a hard time parsing the health mechanic. I thought it was instant death, but was confused why my score didn't seem to reset. I think that's partly because the health bar isn't super obvious, combined with the game essentially resetting on a hit. A piece of VFX showing why the enemies are being destroyed might be a nice extra touch (like the bomb in geometry wars)? 

This is *really* cool, love the concept, and the presentation is fantastic.

On my second attempt, I exited my barrel roll early and died? Not entirely sure what went on there, but aside from that it was an absolute joy the entire time. The hazard indicators were nicely handled, and the backgrounds were gorgeous.

Pretty fun and cute little experience! I did terribly my first time through, because I thought I'd have to try and plan out what was going on carefully. Things went better when I just knocked all the cats I could into a corner, and spammed space+down haha

It definitely seems like we should have had some way to counter the aliens for a bit: either stealing a cat back from them, shooing them away, or maybe throwing some light to scare them temporarily? Unfortunately, it was one of those things we just didn't have time to playtest+figure out a good solution for. 

Glad you enjoyed the atmosphere of the game, our artists did some super good work!

Those are some super slick VFX. Controlled nicely enough, and I thought having kickback on the shots was a nice touch to force the player to actually think about where they're going/shooting.

I'm a little confused about what the enemies actually do though?  I thought they would end the game on contact, but they didn't seem to do much of anything when they hit me?

Loved the sound effects, and the guide that appears as you fail a level more.

This is really cool. Super polished and just enjoyable to play through. I'm a big fan of the small touches, like giving the different buttons both different shapes and colours.

If I had any notes, I suppose I'd say I found myself wanting some kind of speedup button occasionally, but that's super small.

You've come up with some pretty clever levels here, and I'd be interested in seeing more in a full game.

Admittedly, I gave up after the first couple of Parsley's challenges, I'm not a very good gamer. What I saw seemed pretty neat though!

It was pretty disorienting having the camera reset on death though, I ended up accidentally going the wrong way at least a few times.

I'd love to see this expanded on, I'm a big fan of how you actually *get* something for giving up a control. It was a nice challenge figuring out how I could combine movement restrictions with the small number of platforms I could afford to create to get around.

Whoa, this is a nifty little game!

The car's controls could use some tweaking: it didn't feel quite reactive enough to my movements, just vaguely sluggish; and getting shot seemed really tough to recover from, in a way I'm not entirely sure is intentional.

It's got a fun vibe to it though, and extra little touches like the screenshake and the skidmarks add quite a bit

A really cute character, and the music's quite fun.

The concept and level design seem interesting enough, but I had a rough time with collisions (I got pushed into walls a few times, getting stuck, and kept sliding off of moving platforms in weird ways), and experienced some wonkiness with my jump (sometimes it seemed to go super high, or launched me at a weird angle?)

Nothing unforgivable for a jam game, and you've got a cool little core of a solid platformer here, just needs some polishing.

Neat concept! Needing to use specific weapons on some enemies was a nice touch!

I with the game felt a little snappier though: I never found myself needing the slow-down mechanic, everything felt kind of sluggish, and the hitboxes on the enemies+shots feel really unforgiving for how slow the next shot charges. It felt like I had a lot of downtime, not doing much while waiting for the next shot to charge.

Letting things charge faster, giving multiple shots at once, or otherwise making the gameplay more engaging while not actually shooting could go a long way for making something more exciting! You could maybe do something interesting by having different weapons charge at different rates as well? You've got a neat core here, just needs some tweaking and some juicing.

I'm a big fan of your character sprites, they're really quite adorable.

Glad you enjoyed it! The enemy AI didn't quite get where I wanted it to, but it's a pretty simple state machine.

  • When they enter the field (from spawn, or after stealing a cat), they run at full speed until they're roughly onscreen.
  • If they're stealing a cat, they run at full speed to the nearest edge (that's the idea, at least)
  • If they can "see" a cat (read: they're within X distance of one), they move full speed towards it, by tweening their velocity in the direction of the nearest cat.
  • Otherwise they're considered to be "wandering." While wandering, they use a movespeed a fraction of their usual, and pick a random direction to tween towards every half a second or so. The cats also wander around like this.
  • We noticed that they'd often end up crowding the light with that simple wandering algorithm though, so I added a bit to have them notice it they're too close to the center,  and make them run away in a random direction if so.  It only sort of worked haha

Hopefully I haven't just rambled, and that actually conveyed something useful.

Nifty idea, but once I managed to get my first potion done, it became almost unplayable once I completed my first potion: I was small, and super super fast, and just couldn't control myself. Then I ended up getting stuck in the corner when I failed it.

The game could be really neat, but the curses feel *way* too powerful.

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As a fellow cat-herding game maker, I absolutely had to play this, and I'm super glad that I did.

The game's super charming and looks+sounds amazing, even if I never really got the hang of the mechanics. I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out where I was trying to get the cats towards, and I think I expected the water to be shot from me in the direction I was looking, instead of appearing where I clicked?

I noticed some UI jank as well, with some textboxes and things appearing only half on-screen  on my MBP 15", whether or not I was full-screened.

The funny thing is though, I didn't find myself minding any of that: I just really enjoyed riding around seeing what the cats were doing, accomplishing not much of anything. An excellent experience.

Really enjoyed this one. Love the idea, and your execution of the growing/merging mechanic. The difficulty in the challenge mode felt like it had a decent curve to it, which is always super impressive.

Some small notes, incase you're looking to update the game:

  • There's a bit of UI jank on the exit button, it seems to push the start buttons around when you highlight it? 
  • I had a little trouble moving around buildings, as things got more dense. In the sense that buildings covered other ones, so I had trouble clicking them. 

I'm not entirely sure what you could do to help the control issue. Allowing camera rotation maybe? The top view helps, but I found myself not wanting to use it, because the isometric view just felt better to look at. 

I loved seeing the new building types as I managed to reach a new highpoint, and the chill music and the pop-up sounds were lovely to have in the background as well.

A neat little game, could be quite good if you can get the bugs ironed out and really juice it up.

Some kind of animation for the cube's disappearance would have gone a long way, I think. I understand why you couldn't just leave them in the playing field, but it felt a little weird watching them suddenly disappear when I step onto a button (to no obvious effect).

I know people have already mentioned how finicky the grab is, but I wanted to give a bit more detail: it seems like you can only grab things from the left? Not ideal but definitely something you can work around. I also had some issues with grabbing springs making me slide backwards, and it threw me off that I could use wasd to move, but could only use the down arrow if I wanted to grab.

The multiple endings and the narration was a fun little bright spot in the game, the Portal and Stanley Parable inspiration definitely shines through. Congrats on getting a jam submission in!

This is absolutely the best "you jump on a timer" game I've played.

The glide mechanic, the clock pickups needing to be activated strategically, and the varying (but clearly indicated by the UI+sound) make for a wonderfully deep game. This feels like a game built around its constraint in a way that can be difficult to do. Congrats on some really nicely designed levels.

Super polished stuff, none of the critiques I normally have apply to our game, it's just good clean fun. I'm amazed you pulled it off in 48 hours.

This is absolutely the best "you jump on a timer" game I've played.

The glide mechanic, the clock pickups needing to be activated strategically, and the varying (but clearly indicated by the UI+sound) make for a wonderfully deep game. This feels like a game built around its constraint in a way that can be difficult to do. Congrats on some really nicely designed levels.

Super polished stuff, none of the critiques I normally have apply to our game, it's just good clean fun. I'm amazed you pulled it off in 48 hours.

I really dig how much energy the character's animations have, especially with how fun the music is and how snappy the character is to control, it feels like a really clean package.

The camera mechanic is a fun little idea, and even if I'm not entirely clear on what the safe zones actually are, the balance of tension in performing tricky platforming bits between forced rest zones is nicely executed.

This is really, really clever. When it finally clicked that I could walk into walls to shift the keys around without moving, it made me feel smart for figuring it out, something that's really important in a good puzzle game.

A small UI tweak I might make is to have the grid and your current location on it visible somehow. It's easy to get lost by wandering into walls, especially since without an ortholinear keyboard things don't quite line up like they're supposed to.

The minimalist aesthetic works great here, allowing the player (and I imagine you as a creator) to focus on the levels themselves. Very good work.

Oh my! Sorry to hear about that mishap. I'll definitely take a second look later, to see what it's like with the sounds going.

The first time I managed to drift around a corner I launched myself into without being in a blue circle, I felt like an absolute god. Then I goofed up doing it another 20 times.

I loved it, but it could stand a bit more juicing. The tirescreeching sound in particular could use some variations or something: with a sound so omnipresent, it got a little grating after I was a couple levels in.

The perspective shifts also threw me a bit, but it's something I can live with for a nicely framed level.

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This is really clean, nicely done!

I'm probably not very good at the game, but a couple levels felt a little unfair with how tight the movements had to be (the last corridor in level 2 stuck out). On the whole it felt nice though, and could be even better if you really juiced it up.

Some small QoL changes I'd suggest:

  • Some of the elements could use a bit more distinguishing, the red gate vs the red goal, for instance
  • Some extra space surrounding the level itself could be handy? I found I had a hard time navigating when I got near an edge (the bottom-left corner of level 4 is where I ended up giving up), and having a bit of extra space for move your mouse around in could be a big help for that.
  • Having the level only start once you grab the orange cube would be a nice touch. I often died before I could actually grab the cube because I was trying to look at what the level looked like, or my mouse was too far away from the spawnpoint when I restarted.

This is an absolutely adorable take on the theme. I love it when small games suggest a goal, but leave things open enough to let you just play around in the space for a bit: I spent a couple rounds going for distance, a few trying to go high, and a bunch just kind of gliding around seeing what kind of stuff there was to see.

I think it'd really benefit from some music, a really cohesive aesthetic throughout the UI and everything, and really leaning into the relaxing experience with a lot of variety to see in the environment, but as a jam game? It does everything it needs to.

A simple little typing game, with a neat twist. The UI isn't the prettiest thing, but it more than does the job.

Especially tough since the requests were random words, but I still found it a touch easy: my first playthrough I managed to avoid any infections at all, and did a second one just to see what happened when I failed. Balancing these things is impossible though, and going for a perfect streak felt like a challenge near the end, so you've done great,, especially for a jam.

Using text to navigate the menus was a nice touch to really carry the aesthetic through, and the typing felt great, which is so incredibly important for a typing game.

To get some a game-breaking issue out of the way upfront: I managed to get myself stuck and unable to move a few times, somehow. I wish I had repro steps to help you figure it out, but it happened once right after the first text box (I hit some buttons during it, maybe that did it?), and once at the third checkpoint.

Once I actually got going, without running into those issues though, I really dug the game. It looks amazing, and controls nicely. The interplay of trying to make the area safe enough that the possession wouldn't kill you and trying to progress made for a good amount of tension. I got big Celeste energy from the game as well, which I loved.

As a small polish note, I had some trouble navigating the initial menu, where the mouse and wasd didn't work to navigate, enter selected, and only space seemed to close them. I also had a little trouble distinguishing between the background and the foreground at times. Most noticeably, when I got to the third checkpoint, I thought the support beam in front of it was a gate I'd have to unlock some how (the lever super close by may have primed me).