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Goblins, meet minigun.
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Ranked from 130 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
An endless Twin-stick shooter where you roll dice to ruin your DM's DnD session.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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Almost like a zombie game, love the army green men mowing down everything, just like as I remembered playing with them when I was a child. Definitely has a lot of potential, but plenty entertaining as it is. Good job !


A fun game that looks quite good. I am impressed by the number of assets you managed to create in such a short amount of time, especially for a 3D game. With enough variety and gameplay options, this could turn into something fantastic.

Currently, there is not enough challenge for players to try and get a high score. I played for about 15 minutes without having to worry about taking damage or using the second ability after that I let the enemies attack me. It takes a bit too long for an enemy to damage you so you are able to avoid damage even when not paying attention. On small corridors, the enemies will spawn in random places far away from the original dice sometimes even on top of the player and even then I didn't take damage.

The movement feels a bit slidey and gives the impression of delayed control registration. If you decide to continue with this project the game will benefit quite a bit from offering more feedback on the actions the player takes such as indications of when an enemy was damaged or killed or when the explosive dice, well, explodes. This can be easily achieved with some post-processing ( slight camera shakes, filter over the screen for when you are low on health) or particles (plastic pieces slattering, dust particles, etc.).


Fun but there doesnt seem to be too much variety


Is that Scorch from Army Men but with a minigun?!?! I used to love Army Men games like Sarges Heroes back in the day!!

Cool game and great concept and graphics! Really nice background music as well, liked the little bit that sounded like Fortunate Son in there.

Overall awesome job!


The music and style is great. You got the table top game feel down really well! Its great you were able to implement a leader board which is a huge plus! All in all its a simple but complete package that's fun and has replay value and competition.


I really like the setting but the game itself seems kinda janky: in my playthrough I got into areas that glitched the ai, got pushed up by the ai causing me to be functionally immortal and then i discovered you can click the health bar to heal yourself.

i never really found a point to use the d20 as the minigun kinda wiped everything out for me as well (granted idk if this is still the case at extremely high waves). This made the gameplay kind of stale after awhile as i just held down the shoot button and the score ended up feeling like it was about how long I was willing to be there.

The music was amazing for it to be made during the jam!

While the models/environment looked like they might have been well made, the game was really blurry for some reason and the UI wasn't great.

The leaderboard was an awesome feature to have!


Really cool game, i wish i could influence the dice in some sort of way though. Like shooting or something.


The dice actually can be shot, and the enemy spawning dice can be destroyed before spawning enemies. We had some issues last minute that required the dice to be resized but weren't able to submit that build in time. It's one of our top priorities if we are able to make some post-jam fixes. Thanks for playing!


I really loved the concept behind this game. It managed to use the dice theme in a very interesting way, and getting to be a little toy soldier on a D&D map was a really nice theme. That the amount of goblins, and the cooldown of the grenade, was randomized by a dice roll was also cool.

My main criticism is difficulty. The map is so big that it's very easy to just...keep away from the goblins. And there doesn't seem to be an incentive to move around; you can just stay in the biggest room. Perhaps a mechanic that requires you to move to collect objects (that give you a score multiplier or something) might force the player to move more and get into difficulty more often. Perhaps also some ranged enemies, but appreciate that it's a Jam game.

So overall, love the idea and the theme. Lots of room to grow the difficulty. Great work!


We almost got the ranged enemies in, but they had to be scrapped in the last minutes of the Jam because they would all shoot at the same time and insta-kill the player. The enemy spawn manager still thought we kept the ranged enemies in and only spawned in about ½ to ⅓ of the enemies we wanted. I def wanted it to be way harder. Lol. 

Adding more incentive for the player to explore is a great thought, too! We had a bunch of ideas for drops/pick ups that didnt make it out of the design room, due to it taking too much effort. Would love to add something like that in, in post, if we make time for it. 

Hey, thanks for playing our game and for the wonderful feedback! I really appreciate it! 


I love that all the characters are minis. It both keeps with a consistent style and also probably saved  a lot of time on animations!

The dice cascade as the game goes on where a ton of goblin spawning D6s spew out was also really fun.

I think the smoke effect on the weapon probably could've been toned down a bit. Maybe adding some random variation on the speed of the smoke would break up the very clear "waves" the effect creates when you are shooting.


The idea is really cool and fun ! I had a good time playing, maybe it would have been even better with an improved sound design ?

Submitted (2 edits)


I liked the story theme of crashing on a D&D game. The art and sound were both great.

The gameplay was initially fun, when I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but once I learned how things worked it got to be pretty boring. I think there was a bug where I never took any damage, even when I let goblins hit me. There was no reason for me to ever take my finger off the chaingun trigger, so it was really easy to keep spraying bullets and mow everything down; I think an overheat mechanic to force me to stop firing once in a while would have been helpful. I also didn't like that the d20 was just a static mine, with the randomness going into the cooldown; I would have preferred the dice roll be used for something more "juicy", like the size of the explosive radius (not that doing more interesting things in 48 hours would be easy, just providing feedback on how I think it could be better). Being able to shoot the enemy dice before they land was cool, but the gravity on those dice is light enough that it takes a long time for them to settle, giving me too much time to take them out.

I think there's promise, though. Despite the issues, and getting bored after awhile, this is something that I would like to see an improved iteration of. Good job!


One of the most creative games on the jam! I liked it but it could have been made a bit harder! Apart from that, great job!



Really creative. I liked the theme, and I was glad to see a game that didn’t purely have D6 dice. I think the biggest criticism I have is just I wish there was a little more to the game in terms of powerups and abilities and things beyond just the explosive D20.


Congrats team! You all accomplished a lot in 48 hours. Nicely done!

The models in this game are fantastic. The custom goblin characters and the army guy are great. The environment is pretty cool, too. And while pretty goofy, I did appreciate the giant dust cone coming out of the gun when you fired. And while I thought the music was pretty cool, it was way too chill for mowing down goblins. It felt like it belonged in a chill puzzle game and didn't quite match with the action on screen. 

The gameplay didn't quite click for me. I don't mind games being too easy, especially in jams. But the pacing and camera kind of pulled it down for me. Movement just felt slow, enemies took a long time to spawn and then awkwardly spawned on top of you. And they always seemed to spawn towards the bottom of the screen, making all the game take place on the bottom 3rd of the screen without much way to control the camera. It just made the whole thing feel a bit clunky. A fixed camera and quicker pacing would have made the whole thing feel a lot better. Oh well, you can only do so much in 48 hours. 

I don't mean to end on a downer. You all still made a game in 48 hours and there's a lot of nicely polished elements in here. I imagine coordinating with that many people also takes considerable effort, too. 

Either way - good job to everyone. I hope you all got to learn a bunch and had fun and most importantly, I hope you all keep making games. :)


I had a fun time with this game, the game is really easy though and so after the first few minutes it became a bit tedious to play as there was no challenge, I'm sure with more time this could've been fixed. I like the bomb concept and how the number you get on the dice dictates the cooldown timer, I do think that the bomb should fall a bit faster though. The toy theme was cool too.



A fun idea with a really nice explorable table. I liked finding the credits in-game! Very clever.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much in terms of difficulty progression (a symptom of the limited time, I assume), so after the first few minutes, there's not anything new happening, so it starts to get a tad stale. I also liked the idea of needing to stay in the boundaries of the dungeon map on the table to force you to get a bit more tactical, but you can just walk off to the side and find an open space and just mow the goblins down before they reach you (there's a reason the machine gun changed warfare).

I liked the d20 bomb mechanic; a nice use of the theme. Though because of the slowness of the dice falling, just shooting the goblins usually ended up being a lot more effective. So maybe an instant explosion at your mouse cursor that then spawns a d20 that rolls would be better? I did like the dice needing to stop before the goblins spawned though, since it created this natural wave-style entry of the enemies, and created the opportunity for the player to kick a die away to delay a spawn or reroll a number, which is a fun side-effect.

Overall, a nice idea that probably needed a bit more time in the oven. Nonetheless, good work!

(Oh, also, I didn't seem to be able to die no matter how many times the goblins hit me?)


One of the few games were the theme roll the dice fitted so much in a unique way


I really like the concept and music! I think the game would really benefit from some sort of progressive difficulty, i. e. increasing the enemies' health, speed or their spawn rate over time. Also, it'd be nice to see some variation in enemies and player attacks if you did a post-jam version. Really fun game overall! Also, props for doing 3D in a 48-hour jam!

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