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There's a lot of room for improvement here, especially with the lack of a gunshot sfx. I did appreciate the tutorial right before you start so you get all the controls thrown at you before you get in there. However, the intro area to the level looks like something out of Gmod. I feel like you should find a way to tutorialize the player better on what each of the enemies, obstacles and pickups do instead of just having the text above each thing. I did appreciate that being there and it helped me prepare for what was to come. But, having the player discover what each of these things do through gameplay wouldve gone such a long way. You did have a great settings menu that helped a good deal with accessibility, and the menus were all completed so the player could poke around a bit before jumping in. I liked that. However the core gameplay itself could've used a bit more love. The movement and jumping were a bit janky at times and I had some trouble going the way I wanted to go at some points. You were on to something good, and I was waiting for a bit more game to fully flesh out the chaos, but the game ended right when I felt like it was gonna get good. I was expecting the store to pop up a couple more times. It seems like you spent a bit of time to get that to work and then not have it utilized as much. There was definitely room for more chaos and I feel like this is just scratching the surface of something that could be fun.

But, you got your game out there for people to try out and that's way more than what most people can say.

Even though it might not fully seem like it, I'm proud of you. Good work!

Very addicting! I was ready to keep playing some more! 

This can turn out to be a really fun mobile game, if you continue to work on it! I could probably use a timer so the player has to use up their moves in a smaller time frame. Then, it becomes a race to see how many points you could get before you run out of moves or time. (Maybe, as a separate mode.) 

Good job! 

I thought you were only able to attach the turtle under the octopus. Once I found out that you could do it the other way around too: game changer! Some of the puzzles were too hard, tho. I believe I had to skip Level 3 to get done with the game. Aside from that, good work on this project and implementation of the theme! 

Apologies for the difficulty! We're already working on several fixes for the next update! 

Really fun game! I really enjoy how everyone who plays this has a different experience, but the same amount of fun. Good work on this! Keep it up! 

Thanks! Sadly, we didn't get around to finalizing the music for the game. I had something in the works, but I never got around to finishing it in time. The final build will have a nice lil space groove, don't you worry. Lol. 
Stay tuned, as we keep working on it! 

Thanks! Yeah, we updated the game page which lists the controls: Space. Lol. 
We're thinking about readjusting some of the obstacles to better balance the game. It's definitely a bit difficult atm. 
Stay tuned, because this is definitely something we're going to keep working on!!

Thanks! Our artist and programmer did some good work getting the movement to be as engaging as possible! I'm glad you enjoyed our game! 
Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for your feedback!
Yeah, that was my bad. I accidentally made the levels more difficult than intended. Lol. 
We're going to work on making the character move a bit slower and make the levels a lot easier towards the beginning as we continue developing this game! 

Thanks for playing our game!! Glad you enjoyed it!

We definitely plan to!
Thanks for having having us and for trying out our game!

Thanks! Yeah, I kinda went nuts with the level design.  That was my bad. Lol. But, we do plan on working on this game a lot more! Including a good amount of easier levels to ease the player into the mechanics better. However, I still plan on making larger, more elaborate levels for those that can make it far enough. Muahaha! 

Thanks again for the feedback and for playing our game!! 

I really enjoy the puzzles you crafted while restricting the players movement! The art is really nice, as well! Good job! 

Thanks! Yeah, our 3D artist and programmer were def the MVPs of this project! 

Thanks for playing our game! 

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback! Very in-depth. Lol. 

A couple things I wanted to see to help with difficulty was, not only moving the camera back, but also reducing the player's speed. When you run into stuff, you run into more things pretty fast. I'm mixed on the debris, however. Because, while I agree, the debris does mess with the timing and can harm you, I've also seen it save me from crashing into more dangerous things at times.  

We didn't get around to adding in the audio until pretty late in the Jam. I was working on some music. But, I didn't have it close to being ready to put in the game by the time the Jam came to a close. I was too focused on accidentally making all the levels too hard. Lol. But, I agree. Having a dope soundtrack is definitely going to be something we work towards! 

I appreciate all the kind words! Thanks again for the feedback and for playing our game! 

That was a really cool and unique game! I liked how every playthru was different! 

Wasn't this like the first game submitted after the Jam started? Like 30 minutes in? Lol.

Yeah, that was my bad! 

- Level Designer