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also I forgot to add but i really think this is one of the best adaptations of the limitation in the jam


yeah i kinda screwed up the logic when i added the extra exit rooms and it doesn't actually need keys for doors at certain directions LOL

I realize the speed was intentional but I found it ridiculously slow, but I did like your art and sound design.

I didn't like how it controlled but I loved the downhill portion and the presentation was amazing!

I'm a bit concerned as to where you got that scream sound from but the game was pretty atmospheric considering it was all letters

card game is initially confusing but functional. it was occasionally hard to connect the cards but eventually got myself to this point. not sure if i did something wrong or if there is no win condition but it was fun.

while it feels a bit barren, i really like how both the movement and attack feel like. I could imagine a good full game being based on this mechanic!

It's probably just me being dumb but I was unable to sell 1 cup of juice, regardless I really loved how your game looked.

didn't really enjoy the gameplay but loved how it looked and loved that quit button dialogue, was pretty funny. bonus points on being a fully finished experience!

love how cute the game is, didnt realize how the mouse changes how fast you go at first tho

I liked the game idea where you'd be distracted from reading the details because of the pedestrians so you wouldn't be able to answer correctly.

Not really related but I loved jumping on the water and building speed

not sure what to do at the end, seems like they just spawned forever

very cool art!

i hate this game

cool legend

had a mini anxiety attack trying to click everything LOL, i'd tone down the difficulty as it seems to get impossible later? interesting game but idk how it relates to a myth or legend

i've tried a few times but idk how to get past the 2nd giant pumpkin

this game made me feel like a sussy baka and i liked it. perfect minigun and rocket launcher

I loved the visuals and I'm into the dithering but in regards to the gameplay I felt the same way. Maybe I missed something but I felt that when I was walking around getting lost at the beginning I started losing interest quite fast. When the first enemy showed up I just got jumped on and lost most of my health trying to figure out how to do the quick-time event. Now maybe there's a way to fight the skeletons but it seemed like you just had to get leaped on and win the quick-time event and that just seemed really boring so I stopped playing.

so apparently the collision issues in the game were all due to 1 line of code....

so apparently the collision issues in the game were all due to 1 line of code....

Love how it looked, the controls/gameplay felt very crisp only thing for me is that I thought the headbutt could have been more generous but otherwise I think the gameplay was very good!

A nice little platformer, ended up beating it but it was really challenging! The music kept repeating and it was a bit annoying tho

Cool game, I  love the presentation but I found it confusing that when you were correct it didn't do anything but when you were wrong it drew a red outline, at first I thought the red outline was part of a correct answer or something and I had to find other parts of the word. It took me quite awhile but I finally managed to score!

Managed to escape but my god the camera angles were frustrating, it was hard to tell where I would land most of the time and it felt like every small movement would cause the camera to move all over the place.

Game feels a bit broken but I liked the narrative aspect for your game. Would be cool if you somehow flipped through pages between waves!

The artstyle is really cool in my opinion! Had to rely on melee a lot during the gameplay IDK if intentional but I enjoyed the game.

I really wish there was more to it but I thought that the writing was pretty funny, the presentation was nice as well!

I loved the concept and presentation! My main issue was with the character controls, like many other people said there are no up/down shooting mechanics, this wouldn't be a problem on it's own but coupled with the extremely slow turning and the character's slow movement speed it was really hard not to get swarmed by the paintbrushes and killed from the top or bottom. Other than this I really enjoyed the game however!

I definitely screwed up something with the collision in my game, so sometimes characters will move without inputs or clip through the walls but I think in your case the character ended up floating in the air and not actually touching the button. Glad you liked my game but yeah totally my bad LOL

I really liked it. Although I managed to start the truck, it slowly moved forward and I couldn't seem to control the steering even though I was turning the wheel. Idk if I did something wrong or if it was a glitch but great game!

One of the best games I've tried so far, good work!

A few minor glitches but I enjoyed the game and thought the models were cute!

Yeah my friend found one that lets you clip both dudes through the door and speedrun the game, sadly I didn't have the chance to figure out the quirks of rigidbodies (or footsteps now that i think about it) ;(

Once I get the purple light I'm kind of lost but I like the music and the lighting effects!

presentation and levels are nice but the game feel needs polishing up, the controls feel off

loved the lighting and the puzzles, my main problem was the combination of slightly unclear shadows and how long it took to restart after you fail. Ended up feeling a bit frustrated but I love everything else about the game!

Interesting idea, but I could not figure out how to actually beat it. Like other people said the mouse sens was a bit strange.