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Jaco van Hemert

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A fun puzzle game. Not entirely sure how the cards came out of the deck, because sometimes my cards were retained, but sometimes not (maybe a coincidence?). Also, an on-screen indication of how many turns you have left would have been good.

Great game; really fun to play and nice to look at.

I would have liked to be able to choose where (at least roughly) to place my enemies (e.g. the Witches should go in the back, but they sometimes spawn in the front) or at least had an idea of where the next selection would be placed so I could plan accordingly.

Nice concept, but I couldn't figure out how the mechanics worked. The ant didn't seem to react predictably to the sugar, so I basically just ended up placing it in random locations to try to get the desired result (which stopped working at level 3).

This is really cool. Great art and level design, great concept. I liked the "easter egg" with the credits; a nice touch.

I had a bit of trouble with the controls when carrying a heavy object, in that I struggled to press spacebar fast enough while also using both the WASD keys and the mouse for navigation. (Ended up pointing myself in the right direction and then using one hand for WASD and one for spacebar mashing.)

It was surprisingly satisfying to control a locust swarm, and the art looks great. However, there doesn't appear to be a win condition, and I eventually had to watch my beautiful swarm dwindle down, one by one, until only a single locust scoured the barren wastelands, looking for something to eat.

Like the other commenter, I loved the art. Very cool.

In terms of gameplay, there wasn't much to do; some variety what you can do might have been nice.

A fun game; I liked the quick roguelike cycle. Also the map reveal part was cool as an additional bonus. More variety in enemies and tactics (and maybe a procedurally generated map?) would be cool for future.

One technical note: I got a "AudioContext constructor: Sample rate is not in the range" error when I tried to run it on FireFox; worked fine on Edge though.


Yeah, the yellow was a placeholder that I never got around to changing to something less garish. Will update it at some point.