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Perfect Tides community · Created a new topic Bricked save?

I seem to have trapped myself in the geometry? I can't walk anywhere... is there a way to edit the save file to get myself out of here? I foolishly didn't get a backup save. Thank you!


incredibly beautiful

i'm glad to provide a service to humanity 

yeagh <3


we're back

we're back

we're back

hey i'm trapped on the same island you are


hope you find happiness somewhere

... it's been a weird summer. i'm really sorry, i can't realistically see myself starting up the game again any time soon. if this changes i'll make sure to reply here!

Awww, thank you :)

This game was made in a few days just after my art course began and I started living away from home for the first time. My life went from pandemic nothingness to suddenly extremely busy and extremely social, and it was simultaneously scary and exciting as my creative drive suddenly came flooding back. There are lots of personal references to specific things in my life at the time throughout the game, I can't even remember them all! I'm happy it now gets to sit online as a strange little mess of emotions that people can take what they will from.

Thanks again for playing <3

this is the goal of all art

69k gang

The Thing That Has Been Taking Up All My Time has literally just ended, so I'll get on it asap!!

The server is down! I'm fixing it asap...

looks like you've got malware...


i am become tea man

👀 You'll have to find out...



Are you on Safari? It doesn't support WebGL 2.0...

ngl i open this game about once every couple months and have my mind blown again



First time an anime character has played something I made! Thanks for playing <3


Oh man, people are still playing this game? Really enjoyable watching, thanks for playing :)


That would be amazing if you could, thank you!

Oh my god I'm so sorry you had to suffer the mouse-detatching-from-game glitch, it happens the second you ESC out of the game, I fixed it in the update but thank you for playing anyway...

Windows build up!

Sure, I'll try to do that now!

Huh. It's a Godot export, so I don't know how the Javascript portion works. My only guess would be that is serving the files wrong somehow, but that seems unlikely?

Yah Safari just doesn't support WebGL 2.0, won't run lots of browser games...

Windows, Mac, or Linux?