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Had a blast, although I couldn't get to the end!  If only gamefaqs had a walkthrough :)

Great feedback!  Keep the brain dumps coming :)

I think the game should auto finish once the last enemy is killed.  

I'll be stringing the encounters together in to a 'dungeon' so will be addressing this one soon.

I pushed an enemy into a hole/wall and I was hoping it would kill or damage them.

Knocking them down pits will definitely be a thing.  Collision damage with other enemies to

I assume you plan to do many ground based spells like setting the ground on fire/making walls. But I think the blocking enemies from going through the player could be more thematic. Just by branding it as putting sludge down or webs might be more visual and less abstract.

I'm hoping that map control can develop in to a fun element.  I threw in the "control area" card but didn't give myself enough time to work on the mechanics of it.  I will want to add a raft of other area controlling cards too like you suggest.

I think you intend for people to pick cards, however when you have cards like the Quick Shot and Power Shot where one is just flat better I’m not sure why someone would pick the weaker card. However you might plan for it to be a rarer drop or have some price to equip it.

Deck customisation is coming up :)  Exactly like you say, it'll be more costly/more rare.  I probably want to differentiate it a little bit more than +dmg/+range.  I probably need to spend a whole week on the cards but I'd like to get the deck builder in first so I can experiment with the balance/choices there first.

Thanks for the detailed post, it's really helpful.

Managed to get to 31m by holding Q, E and UP at the same time :)

Unfortunately we ran out of time, although HP bars were planned.

We have a secret in the first phase :)  The second phase corner shooting was a bug/feature.

Haha, I liked it :)  The music is kind of cheery/haunting at the same time.  Took me a while to figure out what to do but worth it for the ending.

Haha, I liked it :)  The music is kind of cheery/haunting at the same time.  Took me a while to figure out what to do but worth it for the ending.

Thanks, we had more planned but ran out of time.

Hope a video is OK :)  Here is ours:

Looks great.  Was a bit confused by the gameplay though, seems like I could just right click to get loads of cards then defeat everything.  What's the highest wave you've managed?

Oh no :(  You can check out a vid here if you like from my team mate:

Loved it :)
Wasn't sure whether you had to boil ingredients first, then add all to pan and boil... did that and it worked at least.

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Here's our game:

It's a twin stick shooter :)

p.s. loved your game <3

Pretty fun game and very good graphics.  It was fun to play but I couldn't find a way to collect the coins safely, it seems like an enemy would spawn on me everytime I ran for the coins, maybe I was just being too greedy :D

Here's ours:

Off to rate yours now :D

Q. How do you know the French are hardcore?

A. They eat pain for breakfast ;)

Here's mine in case you liked it:

First 3D shooter style game I've played this jam :)  I like to jump on the boxes to evade the shots, it seems to work about 50% of the time.

Here is ours :)

Hey there, looks like it's an issue with my set-up, hapening across all unity web player games.  I plugged in a mouse and it worked fine.

Yeah it's a toughie.  I think some people will prefer a simple one button/enemy/screen type idea, others a more creative interpretation.

All up to date again :)  Thank you all for your feedback/ratings.

Oooh, so infuriating (in a good way) when you just miss that space station.  Really struggled on the level with the planets all in a row, trying to thread the needle.

A bit to the left, a bit to the right... arggh!

Pretty fun, could see myself getting hooked.

I could see this exploding in to millions of different paths.  Great job :)

Cool concept but I kept hitting a bug where all the obstacles would disappear, it would thank me for playing then quit.  Bugs are to be expected in jams though and I can see that this deserves a good rating :)

Love the sound the light makes when it moves.  Seems like taking it slow and safe is the way to play. Might be good to restrict the number of turns?

Will give it a go on my desktop with screen magnifier :)

Loving the funny sound effects.  Controlling the direction is really hard though, not sure I'll ever beat 300!

Not sure why but it's opening in a tiny window and I can't see/read anything.  Is there a way to go fullscreen?

One of the most original ideas I've seen so far.  I ended up wandering around for about 2 minutes before I encountered any enemies though, think I took a wrong turn at the start.

It's amazing how tough only seeing half the screen makes the game.

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Which key? :)

Edit: Excuse my stupidity, I see it on the game page now.  Played lots without controls listed.

Going to come back to this once I have someone to play with, looks fun!

Quite fun figuring out the path to take.  Would be nice to have a checkpoint mechanic as replaying from the start gets a little tedious.  Great entry for the jam :)

Let's just call that a strategy :)

All reviewed and rated :)  Been fun playing them all!

If anyone else posts here I'll have a look tomorrow.

Do you need to press a key to hide?

Neat little game.  When the first three questions popped up I thought it was going to be a cinch but when what seemed like 9 popped up on the next meeting I was struggling.

It's pretty tough but satisfying when you manage to evade the centaur.  Sometimes you run in to a dead end and can't use a bomb to escape.  A nice triple use of the theme.

Could do with some controls, I didn't realise the ducks could jump at first.  Managed to make it to the end though.  5* for adherence to theme (controlling one duck at a time) but I too find it funny how many ducks there were.

Great visual style, sound effects, overall very polished.  Made it to wave 7 before I was overwhelmed.