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A great lil game nice one Tom. I couldn't do the last level D:

Thanks for your kind words discoPiranha!

I also found it surprisingly difficult! Though after so much dev time, I feel pretty confident with the flags now! :D

No problem! I hope it offers some insight!


Thanks for taking a look Jupiter!

Thanks so much for playing! 

I agree! I've made some changes that I'll upload after the voting period is finished that addressed these issues and makes everything much smoother.

You are a better apple hunter than I.

No! You cannot! Though I might add a separate mode that allows that :D

Thanks so much for playing!

Ah good to know!

Really cool! I would have liked the stamina to recharge a little faster so I could learn the enemy's weakness a bit quicker. 

But looks great and I love the idea!

Really liked the idea! Though there is only so much I can take of children screaming ha!

Executed well! I had some issues with sound though. I'm not sure if the sound was too loud that it kept cutting out or the game was just laggy on my laptop.

Overall great stuff!

Great stuff! You really got everything you could out of that mechanic! 

I thought the sliding enemies were fine because there was an example above though I did die a few times :D

Really enjoyed this one. It had me thinking. Well done!

The flamingos are so cute! The game didn't run very well on my laptop and I found it hard to get to the odd one out when I found them.

But otherwise I dig the style! Good job!


In Apple Hunting, the player needs to shoot just one flying apple with an arrow to continue their streak!

Thanks for playing circleseverywhere!

You've obviously not had to deal with them in real life! 

Thanks for playing!

Sounds good to me! :D

It would be appreciated! Thanks!

Agreed! Feedback is so important!

Very cool and super enjoyable! Game was great fun and sticks to the theme. Lots of variety in the weapons to keep the player on their toes!

I really enjoyed the voice over lines! :D

Please do!

Thanks so much for playing Drums! I really enjoyed your submission too!

Hi! I felt the light was a little restrictve and the tileset was a little hard to read (I kept bumping into walls) but I enjoyed the playthrough. 

My arrow got stuck in a door and I couldn't retrieve it again D:

The change in music was a nice touch! Good job!

A neat idea! I think it would be awesome to have different solutions to a room. Great stuff!

Very very cool! A lovely little puzzler.  Adherence to theme was on point and cleverly done.

Feels great to play! Super fluid. I wasn't entirely sure what the cards did but I think I figured them out! I suppose that's part of the fun :D

I LOVED this! Short, to the point and satisfying!

Thanks so much for your feedback JustFredrik! Good point!

Thanks so much for playing! :D

Thank you for the kind words Snuti! I certainly learned a lot making it! :D

Thank you for the kind words! I had lots of fun putting it together and I learned a lot :D

PS, I think I saw a typo that lists non-binary as non-binaray...?  I was under pressure from the timer though, so I didn't get a great look. :)

You were absolutely right! Good catch! I've uploaded a minor update that fixes this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

I was the same! Thanks so much!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I'm Johnny and I'm based in the middle of England. This is my first jam and I want to start building a portfolio because the dream is to make a living making games, apps and doing voiceover work.

You have to start somewhere! I've been coding as a hobby for years now. I've used libgdx, GameMaker and now I've settled on Godot. But now I just want to complete something , anything! :D

I love the theme! I'll be making a simple game where the player builds the various LGBT flags as a sort of educational quiz game. I'm keeping the scope small.

I'm looking forward to seeing what others create!