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You beat every course in ONE PUTT because you're that good.
Submitted by Blind Mystics (@BlindMystics), P3TE, Chootin (@Chootin) — 2 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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I loved it! It's a very unique take on golf games and I loved the cheating concept on a style of game that is generally very laidback and casual. The game is very polished for such a short period. Really enjoyed the added bonus of the little voiced comments. I'd love to see where this game could go from here. Excellent job!


This was so funny! This concept of cheating to win is very unique. Excellent!
Check our game!


Really innovative mechanic, executed in a professional manner. Pretty amazing work for such a limited timeline. Loved that it can be accessed from the browser. 


I loved the cheat mechanic. Very funny concept. I enjoyed the levels you designed. Thank you for making this game!


Very, very polished game. The art assets were really good, were they developed just for this jam? I liked the attention to small things, like a menu for music, sfx... things most people overlook, and the ability to cancel a shot if you have lined it up incorrectly. Level design was well thought out and the music really fit the genre of the game. The physics of the ball were a bit off but it didn't really matter as the 'cheat' mechanic was very original. Well done to all of you!

Developer (1 edit)

Wow cheers for the detailed feedback.

I can confirm that all the art assets were made specifically for this jam. We had Oscar doing the 2D drawings and I was handling the 3D assets with my typical workflow from Blender through Substance Painter and into Unity with the occasional custom shaders.

We certainly did have some issues getting Unity's current physics engine to cooperate with what we needed to make the game fun to play. We used a few neat tricks and compromises to get it to where we thought hitting the ball around was pretty entertaining.


Yeah, I also found it hard to manipulate the physics engine of Unity. There's a call in the Vector3 class, 'Vector3.Reflect' that I used originally to grab the opposite angle.


In our case our main problem was where the colliders for tiles meet. The ball hits one collider and not the other and considers it as hitting a corner rather than a continuous flat wall.

Also realistic drag/friction doesn't give the player enough time to properly mess around with the traps and tilt as the ball gains too much speed. We have some code adjusting friction along manually specified curves to get around this.


Really cool! It has that "I need to beat this level, so I can see whats in the next one" feeling. Great job on this!


Loved it! I would have liked to see where the hole was from the start ;) 


Executed well! I had some issues with sound though. I'm not sure if the sound was too loud that it kept cutting out or the game was just laggy on my laptop.

Overall great stuff!


Thanks! On sound, we did notice the issues, it's not just your computer. We didn't have time to fix it unfortunately.


Ah good to know!

(1 edit) (+1)

Great idea !
I tried to solve each puzzle without using cheats (Yes I'm that kind of guy :P )
I could not do it for some of them (yeah. I gave up and cheated ! :O)
Did you actually design it so you can possibly do it or am I just a fool ?

Good job !


Good on you for going for the honest plays!

We did design the courses such that it would be impossible or nearly impossible to not cheat. I think it's funnier that way.

Also, to make the mechanics clear in the tutorial levels, we thought it best to require the player to play in a particular way.


This is a nice mechanic that's been really well-implemented. :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is brilliant, easily one of the best games I've played so far in this jam! Really well done!


That's high praise! Thanks very much!


I love the concept, and I adore the execution. A nice, little puzzle game with a lot of potential for extra levels and gameplay, so please don't stop working on this for just the submission. Also the voice acting was a charming surprise to say the least. :)


I am certainly interested in taking the game further :D


Impressive . Nice work.


Golf games for the win!


You betcha! I've had so much fun mucking around on multiplayer mini-golf recently.