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Nice endless runner with an interesting mechanic.

I love your game. I am terrible at playing it, but I love it.

Good game. I had fun playing it.

I agree. I am learning to do particle effects as I write this. I just need to build some more skills for the next jam. Thanks for playing and the honest feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you. I think I should have ended the level as soon as all enemies were destroyed.

Had a lot of fun with your game. Thanks. 

Those barrels kept piling up. Nice design touch. Lots of fun

One button, So much fun!!

I love the interpretation of the theme. Not difficult game with a simple mechanic. Top notch art.

Impressive . Nice work.

Impressive work. Nice. I pressed the space bar so good!

Wow. Nice job. RAD!!

Smart and fun. I'm impressed that this only took 48 hours. Good job!

I want to hit the skeletons so bad!! Nice work. Very fast and frantic at times.

Very fun little puzzle game. Great use of the theme.

Nice little game. I'm impressed with the quality of your graphics.