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The ambiance is really cool! The enemies are really sneaky tho!

I wonder how made the trees. Is it a shader on the leaf or something else ?

Thanks for the feedback lfishe20 !
Indeed thanks for pointing that out !
We already plan on doing something like that, to know exactly where the cube will land if you release the key. :)

I will take a look at your game. You baited me too much ;)

Thanks Os009 for the feedback !

Glad you liked it ! :)

Thanks for playing it and the feedback !

Indeed I saw a couple of games that use the theme like that. But, to my opinion, the extra mechanics added and the design in term of camera/perspective make it unique :)

Thanks for playing !

I know what you mean. It's pretty frustating when it happens.

But I think your solution will break how we decided to include the theme in our game.If you can go in each direction many times there is no more "only one" :(

We will highlight the next square the player will go on to fix this issue :)

Thanks for your nice comment !

Our biggest fear was to bored the player quickly with only the main mechanic. That's why we decided to add some extras during the progression.

Glad you liked it ;)

Thanks for taking the time to play and review our game !

Indeed you point some great issues this version have. We've already worked on a better version to fix those and help the player focus more on the puzzle part ! :)

Glad you still liked it !

Thanks a lot for taking the time to rate and write a review :)

Happy to see you liked it !

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Good game !
Simple concept where you have to use your "life" as a weapon. But it works well ! :)

Maybe adding some randomness for AI will make the game more enjoyable. Instead of just rushing the player when they can.

Good submission :)

If you want to play my game go check this link :

Thanks for your feedbacks !

Yeah, I understand your feelings. I'm not a super-puzzle guy either in my daily life :P
Awesome if you liked it ! :)

Thanks for your feedbacks !
Happy you appreciate it :)

Interesting concept !
I mean we thought about the 1D concept but didn't know how to make it playable.
You managed to did it. So a big congrats for that !

I quite did not get what I was doing in some levels but I get into it for sure.
Maybe add a little tutorial based on "how we can detect walls ahead and avoid them" and little tips that will help the player progress ?

Good submission anyway :)

If you want to play my game here is the link :

Fun game !
I like how it switch from : "You can kill people" to "Run for your life" ! :)

I found there is a lot of enemies sometimes and if you mess-up your attack you're a bit screwed.
Maybe adapt the number of enemies on the screen ? Or maybe make them kill each other ? :P

Good submission anyway !

Here is the game I made for this jam in case :

But.. you can't win ! :O
The joke about 99 lifes is funny tho ! I was like "I have plenty of try !" but nop !

The level design is a bit messy here. I know it's not what you focused on but it's a bit frustating if you try to open all the (fake) doors.

Nice submission anyway :)

If you want to look my submission you can go here :

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Me : "Ok I will take all the passives, it seems OP !"
Game  : "Kill the enemy before his final attack"
Me : "whatever I should be fine"
Game : "The enemy is dealing 10,000,000 damages."
Me : *pikachu meme* :O

Apart from that it's a good prototype for sure !
The art is really really nice.
With some polish and VFX when using skills, it can be a great turn based game.

Spells balancing will be the hardest part I think. You will have to make challenging enemies beatable with a particular "deck type" but also allow crazy one to let players express their creativity.

Good submission ! Hope you will continue it ! :)

If you want to check my game here is the link :

Haha ! You're breathtaking !
Those quotes are gold. I guess I would have puts all the existing meme quotes in this game :D

The theme is respected, the game is funny and it's original !
What could I ask more ?

As a non-english speaker i was a bit lost with that old english used. But found "the savior" in the first try without killing anyone. So I guess it's fine ;)

Good game !

If you fell like, here is mine :

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Haha really funny one !
That's what happened when you play too much dark souls!
But this version is more a yoshi-like one compare to dark soul ! :P

The mechanics is great since you have to balance your loot on your tongue to have the highest score. And it's not that easy for sure ! With all those shiny stuff everywhere.
My biggest concerned is the theme. What was your initial thoughts about it ?

Other than that, the game is great for a game jam scope !

If you want to check mine it's here :

Good game !
The concept is nice and the mechanics is simple.

Still challenging as enemies get spawning over and over !
One thing you could do is to create waves so the player can see their progression.
In my opinion It's more rewarding than infinite enemies spawning.

Note : You did not mention the jump in the page. Once you use it you can avoid so much more projectiles ! Reached 25 thanks to it :P

Good submission overall :)

In case you want to check mine, it's here :

That was fun !
When you try to win but it's actually the opposite :P Haha fun time.
The concept is simple, yet effective !

Did you try applying this concept to the connect 4 or other games ? or did you choose right away choose tic-tac-toe ?

Plus you wrote a dev blog. I will for sure read it :)
Good submission and good job !

If you want to check mine it's here :

Great idea !
Combining your life and your weapon is not really common !

If I may : I was lost a little bit at the beginning. I didn't know how to survive after the first hit.
But after thinking about it I figure it out the mechanics :P
If you have time post-jam, a little tutorial would do the job perfectly :)

My submission here if you want to take a look :
Good job overall :)

Good idea !
Allowing the player to use only one axis at the time is pretty neat.
The thing is yankee is over powered compare to the others : You can go up but also move once in the air !

The aiming is a bit complicated because you toast grenades more than firing bullets and with this kind of camera configuration it's harder. Maybe make the camera over the shoulder of the player with slower speed ? Or change the firing  mechanics ? Up to you :)

Good job !

Thanks for taking the time to play it and post your feedbacks !
We might do a full version later on. We'll see :)

Great game !
Each mechanics come very smoothly and once you try it you're like "Oh yes gotcha".
You had time to made some interesting levels. Good job for that honestly !
And once your complete a tricky one it's so satisfying.

The only thing I was surprised about is : You can control the ball in the air after jumping but not when you fall ! But I guess you made it that way to only have 1 solution in the level 10  (not sure about the number) when you have to jump to not press the red button at the end of the level.

Note : I got stuck on the last level.. Tell me the answer please ! :P

Good submission !

Thanks for taking the time to play and post your feelings !
That's a super useful ! Looks like you have a solid understanding of what's casual games should be and have player retention too.

Constructive feedbacks like that are why we participate to game jam in the first place.
Thanks for sharing it with us !

And also, your last sentence. Stop reading in my mind. Please.

Oooh ! Didn't about that one. Forget what I said then ;)

I will need to play it again with this undo thing !

Great game !
Respect the theme and introduce some nice challenges actually.

How many times did I felt  leaving my jumping shoes behind me and I was like "Crap !"
Maybe allow a "reset object to their spawning point" would help people like me. Maybe.. :P

A good mechanics that can be introduced is the drafting. Merge 2 items into one than maybe allow to separate them later on to craft another thing ! Possibilities are endless !
This combine with good puzzles it can become a really good game ! 

Good submission :)

Holy Moly.
I need to be highly motivated to decide to make an GameBoy game in 48h ! Good Job !

I saw recently a GitHub project to help making GameBoy game. Did you use it ? Or you basically wrote all the assembly by hand.
In both case you have my congratulations !

Good submission ! :)

Thanks for taking the time to play it !
You're right ! We did Level Design at the end and we were a bit short in time to really polish that phase.

We will definitly re-order them, re-work some and make some new interesting one :)

Hey ! Good job for your submission.
I really like the art. Really nice ! Did you made it ?

In term of gameplay the concept is cool and funny. But I had an hard time trying to go in the direction i wanted ! I know it's the main challenge but I didn't see where it was useful really.

Maybe make it slow at the beginning and the more you hold the more you spin ?

Good submission :)

Hey ! Good job !
You respect the theme and that's perfect ! And even if some games use the same idea they don't use it like you did ! Your game is unique !

I guess you didn't enough time to make level design. That's fine, I mean the core mechanics is here and that's what matters.
We had the same problem in our submission haha

Hope you will take the time to make some interesting levels ! :)
Good game !

Yehaaaaa !
That's a pretty neat game ! Actually. The song is catchy, the gameplay fun and the sounds effects are brilliants !
I hope you made them entirely ! :P

Some levels were tricky but not all of them. Meaning the solution was straight forward without thinking too much. But for sure with a bit more time to polish level design this game can be become a great game !

Good submission ! Good job !

Like the art a lot !
Each characters have his personality and his wish correspond which is super cool !
It's also funny the way the character is moving. :)

It's a nice puzzle game and not that easy too finish it. Take me couple if tries.
I will not disagree on the fact you need more ratings.

Good submission !

Wow !

you made your game enterily in javascript.
Meaning you had to code the math, collision and everything in 48h.

You deserve more rating and comments for the work you've done.

Side note: you left your v1 in the .zip file ! :P

Good job ! Great submission !

Oh I see. Make sense.
We also had some problems on the webGL build so I know your feeling :P
I will quickly play the downloadable version then ! ;)

Great game !
Plus I think it fits the theme perfectly : You have to choose at a given time which action you want to do.
In addition you can't only attack like a tower defense because your ammo will run out if you don't move. Well thought !

Good submission !

Thanks for taking the time to play and leave feedbacks.
Happy to see you liked it !

Sure I will check your games as well ;)

Fun concept !
It's always fun to throw a ball around and make some tricks with it.
In the webGL version, when throwing a ball you have this zoom/blur effect that is not bad. Is it supposed to represent some kind of impulsion you will apply ? :)

Also, the thrid puzzle is a bit tricky because you have to be accurate ! Maybe add more "easy" puzzles between.

Good Job !

I guess we will have to make more and harder ! I'll keep than in mind for sure :P

> which force me to think in advance [...]
Well, thanks you sir because that was our original plan !
Happy you liked it <3

I don't know which engine you use to make that game but here is the simple step you can try :
- Check the distance between the player and the boss
- If the distance is lower than 30 (or something else) do the following :
- Compute the  point (x, y) in a middle of the vector player-boss (made with position (x, y) of both)
- Set the position of the camera to that point.

This will give you an idea of what it can looks like :)
Hope I was clear enough.

Cheers !