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Thanks for taking the time to play it!

By "blue panel", do you mean the blue square? It should appears and fall in the right place right away.
But I agree that making two interactions following each other is a bit odd.

Great to hear that your experience was overall plaisant.

I was making sure to create the perfect badass robot and I ended up fighting it! :O
> "Hello darkness my old friend ..."

Anyway, the visual are really nice and I understood the gameplay right away.
I guess you did not have time to polish it enough so that's usual in a jam (I've been there).

Good job for your submission!

Thank you for taking the time to play it :)

The game does follow the theme. Good job for that!
I completed a couple levels. I find myself bouncing out of the screen in level 4 or 5, haha.

A couple things if I may:

- Don't hesitate to use simple sentences in the game.
- I think you could have shown the link between the two objects since your goal was to make a physical game. That could help player know right away what to do.
- Avoid overlapping text in general. I saw congratulations notice on top of explanation text many times.
- Showing hints and displaying jokes can be funny at first. But I find that saying "out of context stuff" in it is a bit odd.
- Sounds and visual effects are good for the overall experience. But for example, when the player stay on a button, do not loop the song. Only play it once when the player enter the trigger box.

Hope it helps!

Thank you for playing our game.
Artists did put a lot of efforts in the esthetic of the game

Glad you found out by yourself how we wanted to represented the theme in our game!

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Thank you for your time playing our game.

Indeed, we had this annoying bug at the end due to wrong coding design. Mistakes happens.
Once you saved your friends, you just have return to the platform on the far right of the puzzle that should lift you up to the end of the puzzle.

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> Please be more delicated with the birdie!

This summarize my experience. Haha just kidding.

Really nice game. You made some challenging puzzle. I got stuck with the cat tree and didn't know what to do from there. Luckily one of your gif show me the solution

I also liked how you integrated the most annoying things cat does. Like throwing stuff around, going in front of the TV, etc.

Good job !

Thank for playing it!

Yeah the follower birds are a bit "drunk". Do not fly after drinking alcohol kids! Haha.

The blue box should be in the right place right away. The plan was to push it, but the stairs were too straight to make it happens. So it appears above the good platform to avoid extra frustrations.

We will for sure make a more polished version to express our initial intent.

Thank you for playing it!

Yeah, artists did a great job on that game!
For the mechanics, we tried to make a lot of stuffs (too much) in such a short amout of time and this back fire at us I think.

Should have cut some features to have time polishing the existing one.

Thanks for taking the time to write feedbacks.

We will for sure made a version bug free with all the levels and the polish needed to have the right experience. For the rest who knows ;)

Haha, the goal was to represent swallow birds indeed. Hope the artists will not see your comment on that! :P

Nice tips for the zip file. Didn't think about that before since I was able to make a browser version in previous jam.  Fixed. Thank you!

Poetic and relaxing game.
Remind me the ocarina mechanism in zelda.  Which I love.

I don't know If I reached the perfect ecosystem (probably not since the game didn't congrat me for that :P) but I tried every combinaisons and end-up with my perfect island (I did not play the fire melody at the end don't worry. Haha).

Really fun game!
Good job in adding a tutorial. Really nice thing to do when you have time! :)

I didn't understand at first why the game was restarting but I figure it out after reading the page.
Maybe binding it to a button could improve the experience.

Nevertheless, Good job!

Cool take on the theme: blending video game genres!

I was pretty sad when the car, which I collected cans for, run over me like I did nothing for it :( Haha.

Great game!

Really fun game! Sometimes I was going random move to avoid stuff and it works!

Agree with @Azozoth, I think you want to avoid spawn-kill player. Adding just a rule to destroy objects closer to a threshold from the player spawn location should do the trick !

The final stage is my favorite. Great job!

Thanks for playing our game!

Even without bugs, we would have lacked time to make incremental difficulty in puzzles. This simple thing could have make us shipped more smaller levels. Next time I guess!

Great game mate.
Love the good vibe of that little log running around <3

Really challenging game. I like that !
I also like how some puzzles can be so clever once you figure it out.

Good job mate :)

Very poetic game. Didn't except the puzzles to be that challenging tho! But I managed to make it thought.
Birds are quite facinating right ;)

Good job!

Really nice take on the theme.
Interesting how adding a global leaderboard can make me want to try again! :P

Great job!

Thanks for playing it!
Haha, indeed that bug came out too late to have a proper fix.

Glad it didn't impact your time playing it. "Bird is the word" right ;)

Thank you for taking the time to try it!

Thanks for playing it and for your feedback!
Yeah, we tied the birds behavior close to the player controller and we got surprises like that after many iterations on the latter. :O

Thanks for taking the time to play it !
We will for sure fix major bugs and integrated the levels we started but not finished due to the lack of time.

We will let you know for the rest. :P

Thank you for your feedback. Our artists (I include audio here) put a lot of energy to find the right balance ! :)

The ambiance is really cool! The enemies are really sneaky tho!

I wonder how made the trees. Is it a shader on the leaf or something else ?

Thanks for the feedback lfishe20 !
Indeed thanks for pointing that out !
We already plan on doing something like that, to know exactly where the cube will land if you release the key. :)

I will take a look at your game. You baited me too much ;)

Thanks Os009 for the feedback !

Glad you liked it ! :)

Thanks for playing it and the feedback !

Indeed I saw a couple of games that use the theme like that. But, to my opinion, the extra mechanics added and the design in term of camera/perspective make it unique :)

Thanks for playing !

I know what you mean. It's pretty frustating when it happens.

But I think your solution will break how we decided to include the theme in our game.If you can go in each direction many times there is no more "only one" :(

We will highlight the next square the player will go on to fix this issue :)

Thanks for your nice comment !

Our biggest fear was to bored the player quickly with only the main mechanic. That's why we decided to add some extras during the progression.

Glad you liked it ;)

Thanks for taking the time to play and review our game !

Indeed you point some great issues this version have. We've already worked on a better version to fix those and help the player focus more on the puzzle part ! :)

Glad you still liked it !

Thanks a lot for taking the time to rate and write a review :)

Happy to see you liked it !

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Good game !
Simple concept where you have to use your "life" as a weapon. But it works well ! :)

Maybe adding some randomness for AI will make the game more enjoyable. Instead of just rushing the player when they can.

Good submission :)

If you want to play my game go check this link :

Thanks for your feedbacks !

Yeah, I understand your feelings. I'm not a super-puzzle guy either in my daily life :P
Awesome if you liked it ! :)

Thanks for your feedbacks !
Happy you appreciate it :)

Interesting concept !
I mean we thought about the 1D concept but didn't know how to make it playable.
You managed to did it. So a big congrats for that !

I quite did not get what I was doing in some levels but I get into it for sure.
Maybe add a little tutorial based on "how we can detect walls ahead and avoid them" and little tips that will help the player progress ?

Good submission anyway :)

If you want to play my game here is the link :

Fun game !
I like how it switch from : "You can kill people" to "Run for your life" ! :)

I found there is a lot of enemies sometimes and if you mess-up your attack you're a bit screwed.
Maybe adapt the number of enemies on the screen ? Or maybe make them kill each other ? :P

Good submission anyway !

Here is the game I made for this jam in case :

But.. you can't win ! :O
The joke about 99 lifes is funny tho ! I was like "I have plenty of try !" but nop !

The level design is a bit messy here. I know it's not what you focused on but it's a bit frustating if you try to open all the (fake) doors.

Nice submission anyway :)

If you want to look my submission you can go here :

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Me : "Ok I will take all the passives, it seems OP !"
Game  : "Kill the enemy before his final attack"
Me : "whatever I should be fine"
Game : "The enemy is dealing 10,000,000 damages."
Me : *pikachu meme* :O

Apart from that it's a good prototype for sure !
The art is really really nice.
With some polish and VFX when using skills, it can be a great turn based game.

Spells balancing will be the hardest part I think. You will have to make challenging enemies beatable with a particular "deck type" but also allow crazy one to let players express their creativity.

Good submission ! Hope you will continue it ! :)

If you want to check my game here is the link :

Haha ! You're breathtaking !
Those quotes are gold. I guess I would have puts all the existing meme quotes in this game :D

The theme is respected, the game is funny and it's original !
What could I ask more ?

As a non-english speaker i was a bit lost with that old english used. But found "the savior" in the first try without killing anyone. So I guess it's fine ;)

Good game !

If you fell like, here is mine :