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This is a side-view not a overhead view. It is not minigolf. The ball drops because of gravity.
Submitted by Steane — 5 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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I restarted a few times, it seems that the ball would get stuck occasionally, but it was a neat idea with nice audio! :D


The game doesn't work well with my screen resolution (1280x1024) so, unfortunately I am unable to finish the game


Sorry to hear that. Did you use the fullscreen button? Theres two, a blue one and then another after that

Submitted (1 edit)

I changed my screen res and I was able to finish it. The game has a big potential but it is way too short.

Fun concept !
It's always fun to throw a ball around and make some tricks with it.
In the webGL version, when throwing a ball you have this zoom/blur effect that is not bad. Is it supposed to represent some kind of impulsion you will apply ? :)

Also, the thrid puzzle is a bit tricky because you have to be accurate ! Maybe add more "easy" puzzles between.

Good Job !


Thanks for playing and your feedback. The webGL version cut all the post-processing out. The downloadable version has anti-aliasing, bloom, motion blue etc. It makes more sense when all the effects are working together. I will definately adjust the third puzzle! :)

Oh I see. Make sense.
We also had some problems on the webGL build so I know your feeling :P
I will quickly play the downloadable version then ! ;)


The game is great. Really nice concept, however I miss the ability to quickly restart the level.  I got quickly discouraged after several tries and fails :(. I will be more than happy to come back and play a bit once the quick restart is there :D.


Thanks for playing! Ive gotten that feedback a lot and intend to change it.

This game is good! Simple and effective.

The "tunnel" level with the slime is a little too precise, but overall that was fun. God job!


Very cool game. I liked the simple visual style you went with. I also liked the audio but I wish there were more levels and challenges. The game ended just as I understood what the game's mechanics was. I didn't actually get to do cool stuff with those mechanics. Increase the number of levels and the complexity of the levels and you got yourself a very nice 2D mini golf game


Thankyou very much for taking the time to play and give me feedback. I very much wanted to add more levels and mechanics but I ran out of time. I really wanted to expand on the slime and power-up combo a bit more. I intend to expand the game after the jam is finished. How about you for your game?


You have already played it ;-)


Sorry I meant are you going to expand on the game after the jam?


We haven't decided yet. But we are taking notes of good feedback just in case. 


Nice polished visuals and sound, the physics are a bit clunky


Thankyou for playing and for your feedback :)

Well implemented concept! It's good to see that you expanded on the initial idea in ways which fit well with how the player interacts.

Nice use of effects, shame you couldn't get them to also function in the WebGL build. I'd be interested to know which version of Unity, graphics pipeline and post processing stack you were using.

To keep the pace going, it would be nice if the shot fails, the player can quickly get themselves reset for the next one. Likewise if I succeed, I'd like to get that feedback straight away.


Thanks for your feedback Chootin. A lot of other people have given me similar feedback in regards to restarting quicker. Initially, I added it in as an instant button that appears but I thought people might click it instead of waiting for the 'next level' dialog box. It seems I was wrong haha!
I used the standard post-processing stack that you can get from the package manager window in the editor. Effects used were bloom, exposure, chromatic aberration (when you drag the ball and everything shifts) and I made a screen shake script instead of animating the camera. The graphics pipeline (or render pipeline?) was the standard one. I didn't use the LWRP one as I didn't use any shaders.
I think your game would look pretty cool with some bloom :)

We chose the LWRP specifically so that we could easily implement that drawing behind other objects feature for the ball and goal flags. It was a little risky as we hadn't used it before.

Also I was going to use the shader graph, but ended up having to code the shaders I needed myself to get access to some extra features.

Bloom is darn fine, I like it wherever I can get it usually. Although on this project I was more focussing on making those bright materials and textures pop as I usually struggle to get vibrant colours into my work.


So I finally found time to check your game out as well! Very literal interpretation of the "only one try" trope. ^^ I like the visual effects, underlining the balls movement. However it seems to me that the ball is not following the line exactly (most notably in level 3). That turns it into a game of try and error rather than precise aiming. Also the respawn  button could appear a bit sooner I think. Other than that, cool concept with quite a bit of potential!

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)


Thanks for the feedback mate. Ill go check your game out when i get home if i havnt already.

I was tossing up between making the ball go straight in a line or to add physics to the ball (ie, gravity) to increase the difficulty. I felt the gravity added 'weight' to the ball? Level 3 was a problem, perhaps it was more a flaw of lecel design?

Definately see what you mean about the try again delay. Thanks again for your feedback :)


Yeah, adding gravity seems like an overall good idea. Otherwise I guess the ball would feel very "stiff". I mainly noticed it during level 3, so it might be possible to prevent the problem altogether with a small change in level design, yes. There is that small gap you have to navigate the ball through, surrounded with sticky green zones on the top and bottom. If you aim exactly for the gap, the ball will always get stuck. So in order to finish the level, you have to to aim quite a b it higher. Not a big issue, but it felt a bit counterintuitive still.


Pretty cool! Reminds me of this game called monogolf for smartphones except horizontal. However I think that restarting should be a lot faster because if I messed up I would be waiting a while until the button pops up letting me reset.

The nice and simple way you explained the controls and rules with short pieces of text and image demonstrations was great! And the game played and looked amazing! 

Shameless plug


Fun game. Very beautiful.

The main mechanic is clever and fits with the theme.


Fun little game! I can imagine this being a phone game with a lot of levels