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Ah, I see. That's neat! Thank your for the explanation - definitively will be useful for future projects!

I agree that one should not be able to simply pre-make all the weapons. However, I think this is easy to avoid with the right pacing of new customers coming in and old customers getting angry and leaving. But it felt really disheartening to craft, let's say, a sword and seconds before you're finished, the customer leaves and as there is currently no other customer who wants to buy a sword, you have to throw away the sword in order to get the space again to craft anything. So even just one tile to store stuff would help, I feel!

Thank you for explaining. I'm baffled, I didn't get this myself. :D And congratulations to the overall good scores - you deserve it!

Thank you for reporting! You played under... Windows? Using which resolution? I think I might have messed up the settings, when exporting, so the game is always 1920x1200 pixels large, no matter your actual resolution - will address this in a future patch! Glad you still managed to find some enjoyment in my game!

Damn, "metroidvania in a nutshell" would have been THE title for this game, hahaha. Thank you for playing, glad you liked it (means a lot to me, given how perfect your puzzle game turned out!) and sorry for the end. ^^' Unlike for GoT there will be one more season though!

Thank you very much for playing! While it's certainly isn't as creative as yours (congratulations on the overall high results of your game, you really had something unique there!), I'm pretty proud of it anyway. Will likely push a few more levels in the future.

Thank you for the kind words! :) I plan to release some updates to the game in the future, that explore those other ideas and mechanics a bit more. However, I'm not quite sure yet if I will stick with the only one key per color theme. As others have already pointed out, as of now this is basically a limitation without meaning (in terms of gameplay) - and I haven't yet found a solution to fix that... :(

Yeah, I was sad to the core for the next few days, that the lock did not explode, whenever I unlocked my flat's door. Well, not really. ^^ While the exploding blocks were mostly the result of limited time, I really like how it turned out and have to agree, that it makes the gameplay more satisfying. Probably will keep it this way. I'm also happy to hear that you like the tutorialization of the portals. Heard from multiple people that they didn't get it, though. So I'll probably will tweak it by letting the player pick up one key per color before walking through the first portal, so it really becomes crystal clear, that a portal destroys everything but the own color.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing! As of now, there are only a few levels. So chances are good, you played most of them. :D I'm a bit afraid, that the strong emphasis on the order of operations might overwhelm certain players though. Especially if I expand this game with further, more complex levels. Basically you have to manage the whole game in your head, which can quickly become frustrating...

Congratulations on #6 in the "Originality"-category - you deserve it! Liked your game a lot!

Thank you for playing! Sadly the limitation to only one key of each color turned out to be mostly meaningless. :( Still scratching my head about this. Glad you enjoyed my game anyways. The music will likely get an overhaul, it was added last minute to the game and produced in under half an hour - and given that, I'm pretty pleased with it. :)

Thank you for the kind words. Made my day. :)

Neat concept! Had a similar idea in the beginning of the jam, but then want for a completely different genre instead. :D I feel like the challenge could ramp up a bit quicker, the first levels are really easy for people with some jump-and-run-experience. Sometimes also the jump did not trigger for me (played under Linux), which of course is annoying in a game with such heavy emphasis on precision and time. Do you plan to develop this project any further? Can easily see this expanded with multiple movement options (double jump, dashing, etc.) and different level layouts. Quite addictive already!

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Quite a bit more original than my game, but with the same emphasis on sequencing things right. As such it would benefit from an undo button. Also restarting feels a bit slow and too hard to reach, why didn't you just map it to R? Other than that: great game! A lot of clever puzzles for such a short amount of time. Particularly like how each of the characters has its own playful personality. Well done!

EDIT: Also thank you for providing a Linux build - much appreciated! :)

This has to make it into the top games of this jam! The ambience is amazing, art and sound fit very well together, the main mechanic is simple and easy to understand but leaves quite some room f or clever and suspenseful realtime puzzles and each level challenges you in a different way. Much love!

Silly idea, meme-aware with great narration - what's not to like here?

Kind of resembling this one, but as a sidescroller/jump-and-run.  I like how you coupled the perception of things to the perception of colors however. However, with moving obstacles being absent, it becomes mostly about pressing all possible keys in the beginning, puzzling together the elements you saw and then navigate through the level by memorizing the layout perfectly. Still a fun puzzler though!

Wow, almost feels like a full game's demo, not the gamejam entry it is! Would have loved a button to recall the shard, if you accidentally misplaced it. As there a quite a few situations where you have to guess and threw your shard blindly, I think the game would also profit from a bigger screen size or at least an option to scroll through the entire room like in Celeste. Lastly I personally found the character movement to be a bit sluggish after all, maybe speed that up slightly and than it's perfect! :)

I absolutely ADORE the concept. The game is oozing with style and certainly feels super unique. I just wish the beginning wouldn't be so abrupt and a bit more beginner-friendly. Would be a lot less worse if the lava would start rising only after half a minute had passed or so, I think.

Pacman - Pool Edition. Had a blast playing this! The graphics are cute, the sound effects are  crisp and while the game constantly throws new challenges at you, it never becomes unfair, as the limitation to only one shot also significantly limits the amount of possible approaches to solve a problem. Only wish the game would remember the last aiming angle on restarts to make finetuning a shot easier.

Had some good fun with that one! :) Love how later levels require you to get creative, experiment and demand a lot of skilled execution (like timing the double jump correctly). My only complaint would be, that it took me quite a few tries in level 2 until I realized that you have to jump over the arrow to move the platform. Initially thought it would be just a directional marking on the wall. On replaying the game I noticed the level description beforehand, that's probably supposed to make you curious about that. So in the end it might be just about me being too lazy to read, but still: move the arrow a little bit more to the right, so you can hardly miss it when you decide to go for the goal and everyone will be happy! :)

I really dig the implementation! How the horizontal world loops, how you can see potions from other vertical dimensions as smaller or bigger potions that are out of reach and how the background shifts, when you take a potion. Heck, even the enemies shift from being dangerous to completely harmless or vice versa. Really well done!

ONLY ONE direction: up AND right. :D Nah, but seriously: small, but clever twist on the flappy bird formula. Like how the sub speeds up quite a bit if you hold the key for longer. Definitely can imagine someone with more skill than me to min-max upon this in order to finish the level as quick as possible. Maybe add a timer? However, I feel that the level design rarely leaves enough room for that kind of movement: would have considered a mostly diagonal level with just a few linear parts instead. As of right now, I avoided abrupt movements and tried to move in small, but stable steps.

Tough game! Especially in hectic situations it's very easy to mess up given the "only one button" control scheme. While I understand that it matches the theme, I think it would have been better to focus on the "only one item" part and ease controls by using two separate buttons. Balancing-wise I like how stones and keys impact enemies in different ways when throw and how that values keys in two different ways. Particularly with the stones I often was unsure however, if I really picked them up or not. Which,  again, becomes problematic in hectic, high stakes situations with enemies being in the room. Maybe display the currently hold item in  the corner of the screen. Of course a pickup sound could also fix this issue. Really like the art style btw, are these original content? :)

Very clever tangram variant using only one shape! I like how the first levels introduce the mechanics in a clear and understandable way and the difficulty ramps on from there in a very defined way (starting from regular shapes tiles to diagonally connected to even disconnected ones). Honestly quite amazing how much depth such a simple mechanic can bring. Would have loved to be able to rotate the tiles with the scroll wheel and play it entirely with the mouse though. And I was a bit irritated by the level names - is there any system behind the combination of numbers and letters?

Amazing game! Stands out with a unique concept and perfectly fits the theme. Would have loved if the sequence automatically played once (without a modification by the player) when the level starts. Also playing it out could be a bit faster, I feel. Furthermore I found it unnecessarily hard to figure out how much turns it would take till the enemy reached a certain point or the ball hit the ground. Displaying a small grid might help to tone down the try-and-error-feeling there a little bit. Overall really impressive though, the difficulty curve and introduction order of new cards is very well tuned too!

Marked this for later playtesting. Didn't know it would leave such a mark on me. So I had to give it a good mark as well.

Love the concept and art style - Chamo is so cute! :) Sadly the controls are quite buggy, but once that's addressed and the levels are filled with a bit more to do then uhm sticking around, I can see that turning into a very enjoyable game! The transition between screens is horribly slow though. Don't know if this is only the case for the web version, but I stopped me from going up on the second screen, as I somehow fell down during the transition and then had to restart, as Chamo was not in view anymore.

Good job! Mechanics are introduced clearly and in a save environment and are then taken to the test in more complex scenarios that challenge both your creativity and your skill. Movement can be a bit tricky at times (especially the double and wall jumping), but as the result of 48 hours it's perfectly fine!

Clever and quite promising idea for a puzzle game. Movement feels a bit slow though and the window of time to execute certain actions is really small, which is especially frustrating as you have to do the whole level again, if you fail. Rotation of the cube is hardly necessary as of now. Probably would have been better to show just one side of the cube at each time - that would also fit the theme better!

Great game feel, sound and visuals make it stand out quite a bit! As others have already pointed out, it's kind of hard to understand what to do at first. But once I got it, I fell immediately for it. Sadly it become s very laggy over time - you probably did forget to free objects that leave the screen? Also I didn't quite understand the point of the pillars (apart from aesthetic reasons at least): the don't serve as cover, as blocks move threw them, but as sparse as they are, they don't pose obstacles for your herd as well. I would consider rewarding points not just for survival time, but also for reaching movement goals (like "move your herd to the green pillar") to prevent the player from camping.

Very polished! Love how you run faster while holding the turret - like in real life. :P Could be actually interesting I think, if the turret would still fire while moving it around, just much slower. Also I was kind of sad, that the upgrades did not carry over between levels. Would have loved ending up with the turret you showcase in the credits, haha! Lastly, take a look at this game, if you haven't already: it's also about moving around "only one" weapon for base defense and though it doesn't look as fancy as yours, I has some clever mechanics, that might inspire you for this game as well.

Brutal indeed! Probably could use 1-2 even simpler introduction levels in the beginning, to familiarize with the controls. Any maybe even an "easy mode", where you respawn at your last position rather than restart the level. Even though that can become tricky with moving obstacles involved... Presentation is minimal, but spot on! Really like the sound and particle effect of the death animation and the gradient on the tail the ball is dragging behind it. Further plus: immediate restarts, both with "R" and "space".

Neat concept. However, I feel like the levels are too big and involve way too much walking. A puzzle shouldn't just be difficult because of it's size. Furthermore I would have liked some intermediate door to guide the player through the level. The average short term memory can only fit 7 things, so for the last level I found myself mostly wrestling with my own incapability instead of the level. ;) The idea has  definite potential though, could imagine it mixes well with the ideas of this game as well.

Amazing game! Getting some strong Overcooked vibes from this one!  I like how the movement is tied to a grid and that you cannot fall into the lava. I hated falling to my death because of imprecise controls  in Overcooked, cannot happen here. :) The only thing I really missed was a (limited) space to stash away finished weapons, you cannot sell right now. Happened more than once to me, that I crafted something but the customer went away splitseconds before I was done. And I would love to be able holding down the arrow keys to keep moving, as of now your fingers fall off after a few minutes of playing. :D

Funny how this game got 200 more reviews that this one. They are more or less identical. Circle pong is hardly anything new, but of course fits the theme well. As the game is missing a circle outline, it is very hard to estimate how long the paddle will take to move to the opposite side and how much time is left until the ball will be out of reach. Also - given the theme - I think the "only one mode" should be the default, if not only mode of the game. Very good sound design though!

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)

I find I kind of hilarious that your game is basically identical to this one, but has 200 reviews less. :D Circle pong is hardly anything new, but fits the theme well and you're implementation is solid, too. Really love the sound design. Felt a bit too fast though. consider starting slow and ramp up the tempo once the player scored a few points. Also I don't see any need for more than one life here.

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)

Wow, what a gem of a game! While I agree with the others, that it is not too adherent to the theme "only one", it's still amongst my favorite games this jam so far! The idea is very unique and cleverly put together. It's a bit too RNG-dependent at times, but given how enjoyable the core loop is, I barely took notice!

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)

Hahaha, what an idea! Looks, sounds and feels very polished. Love how the dead body on the ground effectively is your hp bar. Sadly the gameplay becomes stale relative quickly, as it's mostly about quickly moving to a good spot and then swinging around in circles like crazy. Immersion is top-notch though!

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)

The dogs are super cute! *_* And that's coming from a cat's person! Took me a while to understand what's going on, but once I did I had quite some fun with it. However, I feel it would play a lot better with an analogue stick, with 8-way-controls the movement options felt a bit limited. Add 2-3 more actions and turn it into a local multiplayer game - would be greatly enjoyable, I think!

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)

I find the block movement a bit fast as well. Maybe start slow and ramp up the speed over time? Also I would have liked if the first few rows were randomly prefilled with some blocks already, so you can get right into action. Really love how you implemented the scoring (building higher stacks results in more minus points, effectively preventing you from just spamming the space key) and that you added an option to end the game prematurely to preserve your score. Nice execution overall!

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)