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the model looks good, don't worry, it just doesn't fit the abstract artstyle. If it were in another setting, it would be perfectly fine. Animation would be nice, though.

Actually looks decent (except for the skeletons) and the idea at the core of it is fun. The controls make it almost unplayable though. I feel if you had half a day more, this would have been great.

Great look, great feel, the mechanics with the potential to get back core if you risk putting in more cores is a nice touch. I didn't get beyond the level with the portals though, even after several tries. Not being able to regain cores is quite punishing.

Great art, especially the animation and the character model.

Nice polished visuals and sound, the physics are a bit clunky

Fun, cute game, but extremely punishing. After dying the fourth time, I didn't want to do it all over.

Puzzle game with potential, only being able to choose one action makes strategy more accessible, the amount of possibilities makes it not break the game. Great job.

polished, fits the theme well, well done. is it just me or do you have to be extremely fast to do anything about cannons?

I would guess your browser is a little outdated, then. The preinstalled version of internet explorer on my computer can't run html5 games either. You should be able to download the game, though.

managed a score of 918000. nice execution on the retro feel and the theme

Did the game just teach me to trust naysayers? Great job on atmosphere and writing! The movement is quite hard to master, but I feel that is exatly the point. Props!

Great art, very punishing

Love the hacker, great job on the personality. Fun take on the theme, great entry.

I'm all about polish B-)

This is way beyond gamejam levels of polish, adheres to the theme and is a lot of fun. Congrats!

This, polished and with more levels, would make a great mobile game.

It's like flappy bird all over again :D

Didn't manage to get over 167, quite fun!

yay, a high score of 3010.when first playing i thought you couldn't move around, would have been interesting that way too (though extremely hard). maybe try that with space working all the time instead of just with the disc at low speeds, could be fun. great work on the physics.

love the graphics, what did you do to get that distortion effect on the water?

I missed! great style, great adherence to theme, congrats on the entry.

tough as nails (high score of 14), great execution on everything, amazing adherence to the theme

03:08 is great, the average among my friends was about 4:30. One of them managed a time of 01:07, which is crazy, not on his first try though. Thanks for the feedback :)

Is the fourth screen the last one, or did I miss something? The patterns the guards make are quite neat, if you think a little you get the way they are supposed to be dealt with. The character's inertia makes moving the right way quite hard. Why did you pan the music hard left in the first three rooms and hard right in the fourth one?

ragdoll fun, nice

is there a way to kill the bomb boss?

63 deaths :D movement feels great. the player retains the velocity after dying, which killed me tons of times.

Great art, good idea in general

I was successful in most of the games (except for the logic one, for which i seem to be too slow), but I never managed to convince a group. I won several (5-10) times in the category the group seemed to like but still had almost no progress. Maybe I was just too impatient.

This is one of the first abstract games that actually touched me, great job.

Simple tower defense game, which is made harder/more interesting by limited space available for towers, and those not being destructible. No great adherence to the theme, though. I made it to wave 44.

Really hard minigame collection. Didn't manage to even convince one group. Nice look, the logic and rumor games are fun

took a while to get a hang of, especially the level this page has a gif of was quite hard for me. nice mechanics, the look is very clear, which I liked.

amazing presentation, fun to play. could work well as a mobile title for fun short diversions.

simple and fun idea, simple and fun graphics, simple and fun gameplay

the physics have a great feel, I hope I can get someone else to play it with me.

too bad you didn't manage to finish it, the style-work is amazing, from graphics, to sound to controls. good luck on your next jam!

note to others: the zip contains a windows executable

good decision on the long jump length, this game in a pixel perfect form would have been impossible

Note to others: the rar file contains a windows executable

managed a score of 14, great looking game

Note to others: the zip contains a windows executable

1 fun little game

Note to others: the downloadable file contains a windows executable.

managed a score of 18 :)