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Neat idea, the prototype shows potential.

Hey, I didn't know that game, it's quite a cool approach to the idea.
I think the combat focused gameplay fits the theme better, but puzzle based gameplay would be more fun.

Here you go:

Let me know if it works.

Wow, everything about this is amazing.

Thanks a lot for your comment. Another day of polish and balancing would have been nice. In hindsight, the camera movement speed should have been dependent on the distance from the player and maybe a button to snap behind the player or something like that would have been nice. Wouldn't quite have been what I was going for, but would have been more playable.

It seems I only have to download a package for that, so yes, will do.

this game is what gamejams are made for. great work.

Very well made. If this had been a browser game seven years ago, it would have been all the rage.

Great idea, but some questionable design decisions. The option confuse seems to be clearly negative for the player, flee does nothing and magic either doesn't do anything or has really low probability to be succesful. I can imagine a good game with the idea as a basis. If you could choose the strategy the player character has in the fight, for example, this could be an interesting mechanic.

Simple but clever. Congrats!

I played it again. The bug is a pity, cause the really good parts come after it. I'll adjust my rating accordingly. I'd recommend posting the link on the project page here in the comments. I try to play and rate as many games as possible, so I don't look at the game page of every one. Maybe that's true for other people too. Great entry!

Great idea. The gimmick didn't do anything, design wise, it seemed. I got stuck at the part where you get the grappling hook (it didn't seem to do anything except shooting some kind of web), so i might just have missed that, though. If the eyes had different traits, this could be a fun puzzler. The execution was great, too. The controls felt surprisingly natural after some time.

Very chill, great work with the options of the camera. Would have loved a soothing soundtrack to accompany the space.

Interesting spin on the theme and well executed. I imagine it would be a lot snappier if the mirror reflected on both sides though.

Very well executed idea. With polish, this would make a great puzzler.

Thanks a lot.

It's true that you gain more control, but you give up the overview over the map and you don't see where the enemies are coming from. It's a trade-off.

Good idea and great execution. The main mechanic makes it feel a bit unresponsive but all in all a successful experiment, in my opinion.

This is cute, great presentation.

Nice idea. Lots of visual polish, but very buggy. I had to restart it for about five times because I got stuck.

Good concept, well executed prototype.

Yeah, you're right. There is a lot of stuff that needs fixing. I hadn't even introduced health an hour before the jam deadline. It's my first gamejam (and my first finished game), so I'm glad I even uploaded something.

Great idea, well executed.

A polished version of this would make a great mobile game.

A little clunky and buggy, but it fits the theme well and shows interesting implications.

Yeah, the controls are rough. The idea is keeping some control convention from fps-es (rotational control of the player by mouse movement, shooting by LMB) but have the typical movement controls control the camera. It's totally fair to see that as just a tps with control of the camera, but my idea was that your main player avatar is the camera observing the "hero", thus making the hero a second person to the player avatar. I see that the game lacks the polish to make that clear, though.

Crashes when I press the play button.

The concept fits the theme very well, and the execution is great.

Amazingly well polished for a two day game jam. Congrats.