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A jam submission

(UN)BreakableView game page

A top down shooter where every weapon breaks after only one use!
Submitted by CrustyJon — 3 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
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(UN)Breakable's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Adherence to the Theme#3944.2204.220

Ranked from 41 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I had to stop myself from playing so that I had time to play other people's submissions. Good times were had, the weapons felt great, holy shit a dragon. 


Good work! I think having a more complex arena would have been nice and a steady escalation in ideas in the game. (New enemies, new weapons, etc)

Otherwise, fine work! <3


Good game, amazing soundtrack, and I kinda spent way too much time on this game... Good work!


Congratulations for the game! Rated <3

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I liked sprites and humor,  also music was so great, but regarding the Jam criteria - precise movement, distinctive feeling of various enemies (especially alien bullets) and weapons. The only drawback was too less power ups - maybe instead of making cool stamina meter, you could have made power ups such as temporary time slow (my ex main project have it and it looks so cool (badass superpower)


I played, rated and gave feedback-commented your game, please, do the same for mine. My game is mix of narrative based with top down shooter and has profound ideas about life (if you reach the end - left side wall). Use left mouse button to shoot and arrows to move. Remember to collect power ups.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Feels great to play and idea is interesting.

Try adding arrows that point on places enemies will spawn from. This isn't a deal breaker it'll just add more polish. Everything else is cool. 

Great work!

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This is great - and your first finished game? Well done! Really solid and fun to play, liked the music and sound, and was surprised at how much variation you managed to get between weapons you could only use once.


Great job! I had a lot of fun playing this game. I loved how there were constantly new enemies to face. I died when I got up to the lions (around 2300 points i think)


This game is some much fun nice work!


I like it! The different guns and weapons add a nice variety and the waves ramp up in difficulty until you are completely outnumbered. Its one of the better games of the ones Ive player, good work!


the game was very fun as it mixes shooting with resource management. Very simple but addicting as you have to always be on the move.


Lots of fun, well polished, cute pixel graphics. The amount of screenshake felt just about right, nice sound effects and a fitting soundtrack.

I would add some extra feedback or particles for sprinting. The small line in the top left is barely visible. Also it would be cool to regain some health (Cut those cute flowers maybe?) And an ultimate weapon would be cool to clear the whole scene every now and then to have a short time to breathe :)

But this was a lot of fun. Loved the sledgehammer! 


That was a lot of fun! Good music and sound effects, enjoyable and progressing gameplay, good stuff. Made it to wave 40 something, 2345 points, oh yeah!


simple and fun idea, simple and fun graphics, simple and fun gameplay


Nice job! Simple,  nice use of theme adherence, fun!


I really liked this one, The art is simple and coherent and the music is funky! I found myself grouping up a bunch of enemies and then swinging my hammer to take them all out. Real good job on the design!


Big fan of the silly music!


Great job! The single-use weapon mechanic is super fun, it makes each weapon feel much more significant. I also LOVE the screen shake and sound FX on the guns in the game.

Enemy variety felt a little on the light side, but I only made it to wave 12 so take that with a grain of salt. Nice work!


Really fun love scrambling around for the weapons


The big variety of weapons and enemies makes the game so fun. One suggestion is to add different behaviors for the enemies, for example, ranged enemies don't need to follow you so they can have a different motion pattern. Anyway, this is a great game as it is now and I had a lot of fun playing it.

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