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Maybe you got the wrong file? (The Postjam File is 27MB) Or maybe you just need to unlock them? They can unlock in a confusing order.  Not sure what else could be the problem here.

Go to the PixelArt Tab and try "With Alpha".

Sorry. Windows only.

Yeah, sorry about that. Post-Jam Version in this case means that I spent another day to finish what I wanted to do in the jam but coudn't because I ran out of time. It's still very much an unpolished GameJam Game in many ways. Mostly a proof of concept.

It's a gamejam game. Not a lot of developement time was spent on this. Sorry if WASD is not supported :/

What happens when you press the Download button?

You press X (dive button) while standing on the ground.

I'm glad you liked it! At the moment, there is no option to support me finacially.

She is

Thanks for checking out the demo! The full release is still far, far away. My guess would be late 2021.

Holy shit, thank you. I'm working on a different project right now, but maybe someday :)

Best Game evet made!

Love puzzlegames like this where you feel like creativity is key in solving the levels. Played through all of your levels and enjoyed every single one of them!

How can one see when a file was updated? It seems people are starting to update their files.

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Very strange game. Does not really hit the the theme in my opinion, but I liked it. Mostly because of the crazy good levels. The quality of the puzzles made it very addictive. Difficulty curve was also very good. Not sure why illuminate must be manually turned on. Wouldn't I always want that on ?

Thats pretty good! It all works so good together. You don't have time for complex stuff at the beginning, but you can't even see it anyway. The more time you have, the more complex are the tasks you can see. Very clever!

Thanks for the praise, again! There's going to be a post-jam version after the votings are closed, if you're interessted.

Assist mode sounds great, but in normal mode I would not add a grid. It was a good decision to use sprites without any patterns. With a grid, the game becomes just about counting spaces.

Interessting idea and ruleset. Really liked it! Would have liked it slightly more with more direct controls.

Uhm...not sure what to do. I guess I want to give the potion to that guy, but the menue is really confusing.

This is great! I would have loved to play a few more levels. Sounds aren't that good, but other than that, it's pleasant to play. New stuff is introduced fairly quick. In a longer game, this could be drawn out way more. But for the jam it's fine.

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Good looking game. The levels are not very interessting, though. Too easy and straightforward. I'd suggest adding something, some rule or something to make it more interesting, like limiting how often you can press space between boosts or maybe you leave a trail behind that does something.

Pretty cool! Haven't seen anything quite like it.

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Got stuck on the second "hear" level. Couldn't really locate were the saws or whatever it was are, even with headphones on. Seemed like it's just a straight line you can't go through there.

The challange here was to make the game read in only 1bit(2 possible colors). You did this SO well that sadly now lots of people seem to think you JUST made a plattformer. Of course, there's lot's of other stuff to like here. I loved the transition between the levels and how every level starts where the last one ends. Make breakable blocks respawn and it's perfect!

Very cool atmosphere! Sometimes I'm not quite sure why I get cought. Seems a bit unforgiving, or maybe the feedback needs to be better.

Wow! Fantastic art style!

Awesome idea, very funny and very clever design. How did you come up with this? Did you know from the start that the camera will zoom out more and more, revealing your next option or was that something discovered during the development?

Cool game! I think it's more interesting to me, than fun to play, but still. I did not think someone would pull off "one sprite" in such a visually complex and cool way!

This is the best one projectile game of the jam I've seen so far. Love the decition to make the bullet always bounce in an arc to where the player is right now. This increases the pace and removes frustrating randomnes. Would have prefered to press W to jump.

This is fascinating! Very original.


Well, that's an interesting topic. Mark said sound an visuals are not part of the rating, but then he talkes about gamefeel and juicyness all the time. That's mostly sound and grafic design. Even something like screenshake could be considered grafic design. There's no clear line there and I don't think there can be. It's tricky.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! I'm glad you had a good time :)

Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! Greedy Boy was supposed to be one of the easy ones (to make a path for). I thought it would be easy to make a unique path for him since I could just make a path of coins, but then there just wasn't one...greed and float were the only ones I didn't plan a path ahead of time and it shows. For float it just happened to work out somehow.