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Dark Blue Dragon Games

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Thanks for the feedback!

Cool game i like the art i did get a lot of stuttering though. Here is our game hope you enjoy!

Do you want to play a terribly optimized, awfully buggy game about shooting massive amounts of zombies? Here you go

Leave a link to your game and I will try and play it!


Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! We are sorry you did not enjoy it.



This game is absolutely gorgeous I really really love the are style and the music is good to. The gameplay is interesting I enjoyed it. Well done!


We think so. We talked about adding multiplayer after the jam was over but, we are not sure yet.

Thanks, we are glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much! I really loved you game very well polished and a ton of fun well done!

Thanks for playing! We are glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! We are glad you enjoyed it!

Really loved your game. Hope you enjoy ours

I love this game it is so satisfying and fun. Really amazing work!

This is a fun little game. I would love to see this as a mobile game when the jam is over. Nice work!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Played your game it was amazing nice work! Here is mine hope you enjoy! hope you enjoy!

I played your game it was awesome nice job! Here is mine hope you enjoy.


Thanks! I think that's what I'm going to do with it when the jam is over.

I played/rated/commented on your game  it was amazing. Here is mine hope you enjoy.

Great idea this is very fun amazing work!

I already played your game I thought is was amazing add a few more levels and you have an amazing little game.

Wow did you make this solo this is amazing nice work!


Sorry about that I will try to fix this in the future.


This game is awesome nice job! 

I like the step by step gameplay its fun and original nice work!

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Nice job! Good idea just need some polish but overall a fun game!

This game is great nice job!

no problem it was fun

This game is a lot of fun nice work!

Wow nice work this game is really impressive!