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I loved the idea for this game but found the ship very difficult to control and it's movement felt quite unpredictable.

Hey! By all means check out our game/stress-simulator, Heart of Bronze

You're the only crew member on the spaceship and it's up to you to power up the big gun and defeat the enemy ship!

Great idea - satisfying when you work out the mechanics, it feels like you get enough info to work it out for yourself

Yo - check out our game Heart of Bronze:

You're the only crew member on a complicated spaceship amidst an epic space battle - see if you can stay alive!

Heading on over to check out your game now :)

This was good fun - I hit a fatal error around the 4th or 5th level but I liked the idea that the speed of time was linked to your speed of movement (also it looked very cool when you switch from moving to stationary!). The music was good but I think there were a couple of tracks playing over one another.  Other than that a really enjoyable game and cool idea - nice one! 

Great concept! When I realised you could crawl by clicking and dragging I was like *mind blown* haha! A lot of fun to play as well, getting the fire sword feels very satisfying. It might have been cool to have some other reasons to move around once you have found your body, since I mostly found myself staying in one place, but this is a really cool game, nice work!

This is great - and your first finished game? Well done! Really solid and fun to play, liked the music and sound, and was surprised at how much variation you managed to get between weapons you could only use once.

This is cool, although I am real bad at it lol! It'd be nice to see your goal before the level starts so you have a rough idea of where you're trying to get to but as is it's a lot fun, nice work!

This is a really good idea - it was quite tricky to lure the enemies into position to merge them together but the concept and music are great!

Amazing, this is my favourite I've played so far XD Original concept and very very funny!

The art for this is great! I found the stealth a little difficult to interpret but the loop of finding the gun and then making the shot with your one bullet is fun!

I enjoyed this game - the visuals and dialogue were great, as well as the concept of the lance! It's quite difficult, which is maybe the intention, and the game did not seem to end or reset when I died but otherwise great work!