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Last limb crawling
Submitted by Temporarily Unnamed Collective (@tmpUnnamed), Constantin Liétard (@screenshakes), Thomas Denis (@tomdns_) — 2 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#6583.9753.975

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I really like the concept and the art is amazing, but I find the controls too frustrating for me to continue playing. It seems to work as it should, but at the same time the hand seems to not respond correctly while near the body or after moving around. Other than that, you did a great job on the presentation of the game and idea that you had in mind. Great work guys!


Minimalist and beautiful. I found the controls to be mostly fine, though I wish the corpse didn't block the arm from swinging.


The controls are not easy to use, nor fun. The art is brillant.


While not super deep the game was very satisfying. Greta art and adherence to the theme. All 5's from me.


Nice Art and game feel, doesn't feel as deep as it could have been though as it quickly got stale. 


Hey there, I played through your game in this video at 26:35


Awesome art, cool idea, 

Can get a bit redundant when you realize you just have to swing around in circles to win.

Awesome entry!


Wonderful idea, and wonderful art direction. I love the body acting as an hp bar and an environmental obstacle


Hahaha, what an idea! Looks, sounds and feels very polished. Love how the dead body on the ground effectively is your hp bar. Sadly the gameplay becomes stale relative quickly, as it's mostly about quickly moving to a good spot and then swinging around in circles like crazy. Immersion is top-notch though!

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)


just congratulations!

The concept is great, the visual, sound everything is great
I love the control scheme with the mouse ( doesn't really works with a touchpad).

Well deserved rating!

We made a game too.


Wow that was awesome! Very polished...the particles effect when the enemy dies is great! The way you move the arm is brilliant! 

The only nitpick would be that there's a dominant strategy that would be to just keep rotating the arm....but other than that, exceptional job!


Very original, looks awesome, gave me some Adventure Time vibes that i loved! Cool game!!


Haha, this is so cool! Love the little fella! Great game!

Great concept! When I realised you could crawl by clicking and dragging I was like *mind blown* haha! A lot of fun to play as well, getting the fire sword feels very satisfying. It might have been cool to have some other reasons to move around once you have found your body, since I mostly found myself staying in one place, but this is a really cool game, nice work!


Awesome concept, I really had fun playing it. One bad bug I found: I left the game in the background for an hour to do something else, and when I came back, my computer was running really slow, and there were hundreds of the monsters on screen. Apart from this, I found nothing wrong with the game. Awesome atmospheric vibe, too!


Interesting, simple concept but is very polished, graphically impressive and has lots of game juice. The gameplay seems simple to me, but what's there is very well done. It looks like it's a professionally created game, and it may be. The scene is quite nice and moody as well. Good job on this, it's the best I've seen so far.


This is so good!! only flaw is that the movement gets "clunky?" near your dead body. I understand that you aint suppose to be able to protect all around your own body from a single point so there is some kind of collision added in . But it hurts the movement which make it super hard to move around and you can still somewhat swing and hit  all angle (with super awkward control,everywhere else was so smooth and nice) ._.  

Love the introduction of teaching player the control. 


That's so unique and polished! Great job! Check our game:


This game looks absolutely incredible and played very well. I can't say that I found the gameplay very interesting, as I found myself just swinging around in circles. But with some more variety you'll have something special.


Wow... this idea is really awesome.


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