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one button, one sound, one level, one checkpoint, one programmer, one goal
Submitted by Mikaah — 6 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#5014.1214.121

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liked the execution of a single control, seemed a little touchy would have like to have it slightly slower paced to be able to plan out what wanted to do but it was fun.  thanks


Wow! Really great game! Great work! <3 
It was very challenging, but I got pretty far!


I made it to 127! I actually really like the player control. I think this type of game would be better in an endless game rather than level based. Nice!


Nice game, could do with a tad more control over the character but I understand the "only one" theme might've restricted you on that. 

You could potentially release this as a mobile game or browser game if you worked on it some more maybe added coins and ship upgrades for a more engaging player experience but all in all I think you have something good here. 


This was good fun! Very simple but still takes some time to master. As with a lot of these single button games, this would work great on a touchscreen, would be very addictive as a mobile game! And you could even have different characters with different thrust speeds, weights, and thruster rotations.

The ceiling felt a bit low, the game seemed to give me the impression I might have more vertical space right up until I hit it. But overall, great job!

- Joe
(if you have the time to check out our game that would be awesome!)



I didn't modify the game, only built it for HTML5.


This is pretty good! God damn though, it's really stressing. However, the propulsion does feel really great and it's quite maneuverable. It does get quite hard quite fast, however!

Not my kind of game, certainly, but i can't say it doesn't feel good. I usually write really long reviews just to check out things i think someone should fix, but i think this game does do exactly what it need exactly right, it's just that if i play some more my hair will start to fall out, hahahah


Though maybe making the ship a bit smaller? It did feel a bit claustrophobic and the hitbox a bit too big. But it must have been by design, so it's ok!


Thanks for the nice comment. I will try and experiment with the shipsize (and collisions) a bit.  I used raycasts for collision detection and just eyeballed the ray lengths. 


Definitely a real challenge! You have to learn to master the controls! I would have liked just a bit more control over the character, but besides that, the game was really addicting and the black on white theme really fit it well! Good job! Best score was 86!


Really difficult game for me. Mb would be nice if mussile move not only 180 , but 360.
Anyway. Well done!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Nice idea. I didn't play too long. But the game is quiet difficult. I think it should be simplier at the begging, and become harder at the end.


This is cool, although I am real bad at it lol! It'd be nice to see your goal before the level starts so you have a rough idea of where you're trying to get to but as is it's a lot fun, nice work!


Thats actually a great idea! Maybe I will add it if I keep developing this. Thank you for your feedback.


Really nice simple game! My highscore was 146. I think increase drag, increase gravity a bit and maybe force the thruster to change to switch sides after boosing (currently if you are boosting with a bit of left boost you have to wait for it to ping pong all the way over to the right before you can start slowing down which was a bit frustrating). Overally really liked it though!


Interesting idea. Will test that switching change! And with that I will have to increase the gravity because the game will probably get too easy. Great feedback! Thanks for playing.


It's a really neat and challenging game, it gets really addictive and I was often like "I ALMOST MADE IT OVER THE ROCK, NEXT TIME I'LL GET PAST IT"

The tagline really checked out, you truly committed yourself to the only one theme :D


Really nice job, I would have liked some background music but other than that the game felt quite complete for what it is. It has juice, I like the fact that you don't reload the scene just reset me in my place and the pop sound is very satisfying. How many people were on for this project? Are you a one man team?


thanks man. a quick reset was very important for me. otherwise games like this are just too frustrating. i am a one man team. fitting the only one theme :P


Simple, frustrating and addictive. Lots of fun, nice work! I'd love this on my phone.


An interesting take on this style of game! Good job.


Simple, but surprisingly addictive. I don't know how you did it, but the thruster rotates at the perfect speed.

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