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Defeat the Final Boss!
Submitted by Adonis — 2 hours, 55 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#12563.2443.244

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pretty funny way of fighting melee. well done.


Yay, I've just beat it with 1872 seconds :D I found it strangely captivating, but the controls could've been better, because right now my left palm hurts :D Oh, and it took me a while to realize that the numbers flying are not just damage numbers, but actual loot. Otherwise, it's a solid game with nice sound effects and soundtrack, I enjoyed it through!


Good idea, but it feels a bit to grindy and repetitive.


The game feels pretty good, its responsive and oddly charming. But its a bit too grindy for my personal taste. It felt too repetitive and felt like work rather than play. 

Please check out mine when you get the chance. 


Pretty cool!  The green sprites have a cool character to them, controls are smooth. Good job finishing a game in 48 hours~ please try my game if you have time, good day!


once you got the controls it was pretty good! but i died a lot because i had no idea how far the enemies would move.


What excellent aesthetics! Even with relatively simple sprites, the game looks really good because of how coherent the visual style is, and the animations and particle effects are excellent. I'm not sure if I missed something about the attacking, but I ended up doing this left-right dance to attack the enemies, and I thought that was a pretty clever way of doing attacks without attacking animations.


I thought moving back and forth to attack was really interesting and I enjoyed the combat and building my character. 

I really wanted a hotkey to upgrade my stats rather than switch to my mouse because of how slow it felt. I also really felt like I was just grinding a ton. If I was progressing though a level or levels I feel like it would make the grind much more fun.

Good game!


yeah i really like it its kind of moorish, like i kind of fell into a hole and kept going till i beat it. 

really like the upgrade system, its such a simple way to make a game go from okay to really compelling, and i thought it was pretty well balanced.

my main problem was that it felt almost impossible to predict where the enemies were about to move, and when they were about to attack. Maybe you could have used their eyes; to look in the direction they are about to lurch? or a defend move that stopped you attacking but blocked all incoming damage, so you could master the timing?

ontop of that either the projectiles were too small and the character was too big,  cause i always felt really clumsy trying to avoid these little bullets from the boss. 

lastly their was no real consiquences to death (besides my final score), this paired with the lack of being able to stop incoming attacks i think is the biggest weak point.I made the game purly about bruteforcing down the boss and ignoring incoming damage and getting to the top of the upgrades. 

Which is fine, but i feel like it had a lot of potential to be a really nice little arena game. 

I wish the scoring system / death mechanic and a lot of the core mechanics were better explained, cos i spent the first few minutes of playing wildly confused about what everything was and what it did. 

i didnt know how you buy upgrades until i quit. a little sign saying 'CLICK HERE' next to them, and maybe making them highlight when you hover over them would help. 

i didnt know how you actually attacked untill it happened accidentally, like running at things with my outstretched sword kind of felt weird, and i kind of got a technique in the end of rapidly flipping back and forth while standing next to the enemy, but it just felt kind of wierd throughout. clicking  on the screen would have been a good way to do an attack, and that would have clued me into clicking on the screen for the updates.

loved the soundtrack. didnt like the wierd pause in between different loops of the song, but regardless it had a really nice oldschool rpg feel.

Loved the minimal design and color pallet. it felt like a nice place to hang out in. sounds wierd i know, but yeah kind of nice. 


Great core idea! The game was becoming more and more addictive (I blame the Loot Value stat for it). Some procedural spice (diffrent stats each run, bosses with different abilities) and it may turn into something cool.
Check our game!


Nice concept! There's a good base for an automatic RPG. Here's some thoughts :

- The damage could be automatic with a dps system (instead of going back and forward with your sword).
- Enemies movement are a bit hard to predict. A little anticipation feedback (ex: arrow direction) may help.
- I like the upgrade system. It's fun, easy to use and give a good progression feeling.
- 10 seconds penalty has no impact for now. It's because the time does not matter. You can add ranking, par or medal system to challenge player about their score.

Good job by the way! :)


Unique art style in your game. 


Fun game that reminds me of how addicted I am to upgrade systems. The attacks, without much telegraphing and such speed, felt incredibly difficult to dodge.

I'm going back to beat the boss now...

had fun but challenging for me...amazing game...


This is a pretty good distillation of a systems-driven RPG. I like that the boss is there from the beginning so you know your goal, and the mechanisms are fun, I love sneaking between two baddies and spamming left and right. 

The only thing I'm not hot on is the baddies warping around suddenly. I died a lot because of that, and there's no real way to mitigate it.


Also, this is what the soundtrack had me thinking of:


I like this game, it's simple, but addictive and fun. Nice work.


I really like the idea of have one constant enemy which you train to defeat :) I found the gameplay quite hard though, especially dodging attacks. Best strategy I found for attacking was WASD to move and spamming the left/right arrow to attack, good fun :P


Ha ha, I'm so trash. Awesome work tho, I was kinda hoping to come here and flex my score, but a time that high doesn't even deserve mention. Good job!


Nice concept. Also really liked the aestethics and music! 

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