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Escape an abandoned space station with only one jump per level.
Submitted by metalsnail — 7 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#1824.4414.441

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Easily a 5/5 game. Sound design on point (some ambience in the levels would be nice but that isn't an issue), art and presentation absolutely nailed and your concept and take on the theme was simple, easy to understand and well executed! Boost jumping was really cool to do! Please make this into a full game and put it on a store to purchase! I want to pay for this!

( also, glad to see the inspiration from Evangelion ;) )


Pretty cool entry with awesome presentation to boot, really polished!

I really liked the concept of the one time jump, and your level design makes for quite challenging and interesting puzzles, also i can definitively see that Evangelion inspiration there :) shame it lacks music still you definitively managed to give the game quite some personality of its own ^^

Small issues, i'd just say the character feels solid to control but is just a tiny bit on the twitchy side, also the bonus cards being hard enough to collect sometimes, having to keep them in a perfect run feels a bit too much, especially if it unlocks something related to the game's story, maybe keep the challenge of collecting them, but not have them reset if you don't get a flawless run, could balance things out a bit more.

Nontheless it's a fun game with quite some potential, and i am definitively curious about the big red door :o !


I liked this game a lot. The boost jump was satisfying and you displayed its potential in several creative ways. I'd like to see more of this.

If you have time please play and rate my game:


Very nice! Love the way that the collectibles encourage you to more-carefully consider your approach in each room, and the way you've framed it with the the various character conversations. Nice job!


Congratulations for the game! The aesthetics seems very well polished. Rated <3

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A really cool platformer with quite an interesting story. The art is on point and the platforming feels good. Unforunately I can not for the life of me beat it while collecting all the cards, but I bet something cool happens when you do. Great job!

Nice idea, very well put-together, though I would've preferred to be able to play it with WASD and Space as well as ULDR and Z. I really do like how you've shown-not-told with the mechanics. :)


All I have to say is WOW! I was COMPLETELY invested in the game for its entire duration, very clever mechanics with well balanced difficulty, interesting mechanic of having only one boost jump, and also a pill of a story that makes you want more! 5 stars out of 5!


I have to say this is one of the best entries I have played so far. It is really enjoyable and well put together.


One of my favorites already. Design perfectly facilitates the mechanic and even has some puzzle-ish elements thrown in (like the level where you have to fall almost off the level before boosting. Very nice game and looks beautiful also!


I'm glad you like it! It was an interesting design space, figuring out how to make this mechanism interesting.

I've always relied a bit too heavily on low-bit art, but I love the look of it, and how you can give colour meaning in a very binary, mechanical way.

(1 edit)

Very well done and polished, really liked the art style and level design, every map has the same objective and for most part the same mechanics, but does not get repetitive. Also loved that the characters have different personalities not just in appearence but also in their writing.
Getting all the cards is a little bit too difficult for me, and also this is because i am a little bit lazy to refresh the page, but it would be cool if there was a way of going back to the beginning when the game ends, altought this detracts nothing from the quality, it would just be convenient.
Overral, really cool , maybe too dificult getting the secret ending, but very well done.


Thanks for all the feedback. It's definitely good to hear what people liked about a game so you know what to keep as much as what to change.

I'll definitely include a way to restart the game in the next update, though I also plan on not making you lose cards when you fail a level. Maybe add an extra secret for completing without dying. Is it a secret if I say it here? Huh.

The ideia of two different secrets, one for getting all the cards, and other for not dying is definitely a nice ideia, i also would like to suggest maybe making one of the secrets be having to grab all the cards of the game on a specific amount of time, instead of having to grab all the cards without dying.

And thank you for hearing everyones opinion, its really cool seeing a developer taking constructive criticism , keep up the good work!

Also, i'll keep the secret ;)


Excellent game and lots of fun. The cards should probably save once you exit the level, or there should be some quick way to restart so you can try and get the cards. Otherwise, lots of fun, great mechanics, and nice interpretation of the theme.


Thank you!

The post-jam update will definitely allow you to keep cards after failing a level. I should have known that was a bad idea.


So much style! Good job with the art, the mechanics, the game feel and the sound. Nice to have the dialgoue up top. Never got more than 2 cards at the same time so no clue were that would go.


well done, really nailed the theme and so polished


Played through the whole game, collected all of the cards (not without dying unfortunately), and it was a BLAST! I like the sassy companions giving sarcastic remarks the whole time - to fall in a pit and just see them saying "Jesus Christ I told you so!" Great job!


Wow! Incredible game jam achievement here. This game is really well put together. Top stuff! Nice adherence to the theme, with puzzley platforming, the art is amazing and yeah, what else can I say. Amazing work!


Really good fun.  Love the 1980s microcomputer art style.


Amazing work !!!
The design is really great. good job ;) 


Really fun game!

Loved the level design especially =]


A good work with hard but beateble levels. For the first time it looks unbalanced, but later I understand that the game is all about of skill of character control. Well done.

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