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I really like your style! Have you found a collaborator yet?

I'm interested in joining a team for this jam. I'm an artist with some dev experience. What were you thinking, story-wise?

Glad you like it! I found out about the jam, like, two hours before it ended, so I had to do something little.

I enjoy that there's kind of a memory aspect to the dungeon maze. I like the way combat is abstracted, with the monster's mouths. It's a really clever visual metaphor that's neat to look at.

I also love that frigging bell. Right there but I can't touch it. I assume it's reachable but I haven't figured it out yet. A mystery like that is nice.

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I'll admit I leaned pretty hard on the storytelling ability of the players. I might do a supplement that gives each part of the remnant a different mechanical power, but I was pretty pressed to get under the word count.

Difficulty here is more about how much failure hurts than how likely you are to succeed. I wanted to make something diceless that you could teach quickly and play in the dark, so it's pretty abstract.

You might want to try this variant: 

  • Moderator states the difficulty, splits that many stones between their hands.
  • Player splits the same number of stones between their hands
  • Both moderator and player say which hand the other should reveal. If the player reveals more stones, they succeed. If they reveal less stones, they fail, and lose all stones in their hands.

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that this game left a big impression on me, and I've come back to it a bunch of times since it was first released. 

Thanks for checking this out! It's my first time posting an RPG, and I don't really have a group I was able to playtest this with, so any feedback is appreciated.

A lot of dollar stores have bags of plastic glow-in-the-dark stones for around $3-5. I'll admit it isn't the most common material to find. Mechanically you could use anything and play in the light, but I thought playing in the dark was neat thematically.

Originally I had hard attribute bonuses for each group of remnants, but I decided to make their abilities softer and more story-based.

It's dark in the wasteland, making the Chyrek ability a bit OP, but the Chyrek become vulnerable any time people are nearby, who might have infrared equipment or artificial lamps. They make good scouts, but need to keep hidden in settlements.

And yeah, this is an RPG that expects plenty of character death, the world is over, some people are just late.

Hey thanks! It's working now!

Hey, this is either a bug or me being dumb.

What's Start for keyboard players?

Hey thanks for the kind words! I feel like a lot of the things I make are for like eleven people, so it's nice when they find them.

I hear you about having people on screen. It was definitely the original plan, but I liked the simplicity of just the rocks. (The original plan also had a half-visual-novel story mode also.) I might do a graphical update in the future. 

Hey, thanks for playing!

You've got it!

Oh, there's currently only the one ending. I went with the logic that "knocked out" doesn't mean "dead" here, and health is reset every encounter. 

I'm planning on doing a small update in the future to add some features and flesh out the story a bit. I hadn't thought of doing multiple endings, but that's a good idea!

Hey, thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Starting with the room directly under the tower cap, you score each room going down to the ground.

And when you score rooms you cross them off so you won't be able to score them later.

Nah, they're handwritten. I'm using the AJAX object to pull them from a text file.

And yeah, likewise!

There's a bug that makes the battles freeze. I can't find it, but you can hold Q for five seconds to skip a battle.


You're the second person to mention this, and I would like to know: Why you don't think this is a game? 

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Thanks for taking some time to explore this! 

You made a good note on the font, thanks. I'm always trying to improve my pixel fonts, this time I tried one that maintained the shape of words at the expense of lower case letters distinctiveness. Which apparently didn't turn out so well.

I'm curious why you don't consider it a game?

Thanks! If my silly little game inspires one person to eat healthier, it will have all been worth it...

TBH, it was mostly so I wouldn't have to put in like a million fortunes.

This is everything I want in a shmup, good variety of easy to distinguish enemies, good level layouts, nifty bosses... My only real complaint here is that sometimes enemies get hidden behind clouds of pickups.

Those are some juicy death animations.

This is a solid infinite runner. The animations are beautiful, and everything is easy to parse in an instant. The interactions make sense, all in all, it feels like this is doing everything it sets out to very well.

I had this problem too, but WASD work as an alternative. I don't think it's meant for mouse control.

I love this game, and there are 2 main reasons:

1: Footprints. Thank you for the footprints, every game with mazes as a primary mechanic should have you leaving footprints. I never got lost.

2: Gossamer Guns. I thought I was going to hate the auto aim, but it does a couple of cool things. It forces the player to get up close to enemies, putting themselves at risk. And it also doubles as a bit of a radar, helping you find enemies. Tying your ammo to your score was a bit of genius too, It's basically an accuracy bonus with no extra effort.

The falling bit was nice too, good break in gameplay.

I need to play this again with sound, I didn't read about the soundtrack until I was done my first playthrough.

Got a definite Quake feeling from this one. I like the simplicity and the chillness of the audio.

I feel like the big central rooms could use more to distinguish themselves. I know that's what you've done a bit by altering placement of waterfalls and clocks, but I kept wondering if I had just walked in a circle back to where I started...

I love how much of a story you managed to tell here. The humor is pretty spot on, and I'm genuinely impressed at how much content you made over the course of the jam.

Getting to redeem myself a bit as a dog was nice.

Yeah for sure! You could even make a pretty simple AI, since the decision isn't about where you pick, just if you do or not.

One thing that might be useful inspiration for developing this: It's basically a press-your-luck game, which have been heavily explored in the tabletop space. A couple notable examples are Can't Stop, No Thanks and Incan Gold.

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Thanks! I really feel like it gives small interactions more value. You see it done for a profit sometimes in the mobile space, but I was personally inspired by Vesper5, the various spinners in Neopets, and the Daily Challenge Mode popularized by Spelunky.

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I enjoyed this quite a bit. I didn't finish it, but I will be coming back to play again. The story is appropriately goofy, and I love the use of time and chance in a deduction puzzle.

One note: playing in full screen makes the text window and timer cover up the JPG and HEX for me.  My monitor is running at 1600x900.

Huh. This is clever. It reminds me of Fortune Raiders. Except it feels like there's a bit more strategy here.

Are the numbers of tomatoes and bombs consistent each time?

Dad needs to negotiate working from home maybe. 

This is pretty effective considering how little it is. The repetition is like a picture book. The kind dad didn't get to read to his kids. 


This is really well done! An option to skip turns would be nice, (Especially once you've built on every available square) but this is not really a knock against the quality of the game.

Y'all are such good people. It's important to validate small games, thank you for doing so.

It probably said watch.  :D 

But feel free to also smell them.

Sorry you got a depressing one! 

Come back tomorrow! You can only pick one veggie a day!

Going to post my thoughts on both games here for concision's sake.

These are both pretty nifty. I really dig the glitchy spectrum-port looking graphics, and the music's spot on.

I like how the combat feels different in both games. Like, sure, you can fire in all directions in Soldier, but in knight you can kill multiple enemies with a single shot. It would be neat to see one more level of depth, like combo or accuracy bonuses, or some kind of powerup. Having a couple levels to beat would be nice too. But the games are nice as-is.

I've included the font I made in the download section of my entry if anyone wants it.

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I'd like to put in a good word for Shotcut. (It's also good for making gameplay gifs, though you will need separate screen capture software)

I think that while WarpZone's advice mostly holds, that your trailer could be mostly gameplay footage, but probably in clips of no more than three seconds, showing off important gameplay features or particularly pretty scenes. Then intercut that with some text on a black background. You can get a lot of milage out of that.

I use OBS to capture gameplay, it's fiddly, but has the good features and plays nice with my hardware.

And if you want some free music for your trailer, CCMixter has a huge collection of it.