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Posted in Salvor comments

This looks really neat. Hopefully I get a chance to try it out.

Game history is particularly prone to being lost, you're doing good work!

Always nice to meet an indie dev who's been around since before Braid.

The music worked for me. It kind of ties the whole thing together.

Oh! The dog is a bad thing...

I kept trying to get it because it's nice to have dogs?

No, thank YOU Slurpy Sam!

Created a new topic This is really beautiful.

Thank you for making this. 

It's neat what you were going for here, like "Passage" but more gamey. I'm still not sure what the dogs do, but hey maybe that's the point? (The beauty of art games)

If you're looking for bugs still, the level randomizing has a habit of trapping me in a corner, (But hey maybe that's the point?), and it IS impossible to restart the game without refreshing the page.

Gonna second that. Suicide isn't a cool thing to approach from the direction of goofy irony. It's WAY too real for too many people.

Hey, thanks a lot! I wanted to do something with a lot of polish.

I don't know how I missed this comment. Sorry.

I have had a good bit of reaction. People like the gimmick, but the other puzzles tend to confuse them and that's on me, I should have dialed the intuitiveness way up on this one if I also wanted to require players to run across the room periodically.

Thanks! Sorry it was confusing.

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You're kind of narrowing your potential audience with a VR game, that could explain the divergence of clicks to downloads: "Ooh cool looking game! Too bad I don't have a gazillion dollar piece of equipment...

Diversifying with a non-VR game might help. Alternatively, getting some of those sweet, sweet Normie Eyeballs with some Facebook Ads.

The water monster waters the plants, that's how you get berries.

I really dig the retro pixel art on thins one. It feels like an NES game. 

Also, coming off of Ramifactor's Rusty Blade, killing things makes me sad, so I am attempting to do a no-kill run on this one, we'll see how I do.

Also, I appreciate the infinite 1-ups right at the start. Thanks!

This is very good. But you should know I'm a bit mad at you.

I like how well it works as both a score chaser game and as a little slice-of-life story. I also appreciate the last few moments of the game. Having the option to just sit and fiddle with my phone was a cute touch.

Every step of this bucked my expectations. Thank you for this well-executed little insanityfest.

It's very neat! The boss was very satisfying to explode.

I reached a point where enemies stopped spawning though...

Posted in Morino Monster

I've been doing a lot of canning lately, but inbetween that I've managed to overhaul the art and design a level for this game:

Because I can't help myself, there IS a secret minecart level to discover:

I'm almost ready to post this version, just cleaning things up.

I try to make a point of not getting into arguments online because disagreement so easily comes across as anger. So I'm prefacing this by saying: I truely appreciate your input thank you by taking as much time as you have trying to improve my little game.

However, this game is built on the premise of modifying the space you're in to progress through the game. I would rather offer the pure experience to those who are willing to play with me in this space, then dilute it to try and appease people who are already less interested.

Most games require some inconvenience to the player, you can't play Mario Kart without first making a friend who owns a Wii. You can't play Chess without first taking the time to learn the rules. I don't think I'm off base by asking people to turn on their webcam to play my silly little game.

I'm going to include mobile controls and light sensor support eventually, so it can be played more widely

It's more about trying to follow along with the spirit of the cart. My challenge was to make a game that reacted to the ambient light, can't do that without SOME kind of user media input.

Posted in Morino Monster

Put up a playable build today. It's pretty awful, but it does have some puzzles, and you get to play with the lightswitch mechanic a bit.

Replied to Gonzalo in Morino Monster

The monsters turn into stone during the day, which is helpful because they will attack you, but also less helpful, because you need to use them to solve puzzles.

Some doors open and close depending on time of day.

The various kinds of fruit in the game, (You feed fruit to monsters in order to befriend them) are harvested in different ways, usually involving switching between day and night mode.

Created a new topic Morino Monster
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I'm a sucker for silly gimmicks, so I got very excited over the prospect of having a light sensor in a game cartridge.

Since most PCs don't have a light sensor, (That would be too easy) I decided to use the webcam. My first bit of difficulty came because while Construct 2 can grab camera output, it can't interact with it in any meaningful way. Installing the Canvas plugin let me test the brightness (I averaged the RGB values) in points scattered across the output.

My next bit of trouble came from the fact that webcams correct for changes in ambient light, meaning that while I now had a number for how bright the camera output was, It stayed basically the same. Only testing points around the edge of the output (to avoid the player's face) and only looking for sudden spikes or dips in brightness got me the effect I was looking for, Turning the lights on and off changed the time of day in game.

It just tracks how many points you get for your element rooms when you cap a tower, and at the end of the game. 

Does that answer your question?

Whelp, you're smarter than me, I had a run-in with Python once, but it got the better of me. Welcome to itch!

Hi! Thanks for the follow!

Your stuff looks really cool. I'm most excited about the Makey Makey connected board game.

Thanks for playing, by the way.

When you resolve your mining dice, first you place each of them on a mine. Then you Reroll each of them. If the new roll is greater than the depth of the mine, you get the payout in gold. 

Does that help?

You've gotta protect your drone bays, how early in the game did this happen?

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Okay, I've finished it! I was sure it wasn't beatable, but it turned out I wasn't doing something wrong, I was doing the wrong something. Very clever!

I kind of had three phases to my playthroughs.

  1. I just enjoyed being able to solve problems different ways,
  2. I obsessively mapped out decision trees trying to brute force a win
  3. Once I realized such a win was impossible, I just tried to find a new way to approach the story.

The writing is nice, it's a good timeless fantasy bit, like the best early 90s IF.  I especially like the verbosity of the reactions to wrong options. Nothing feels like it was rushed through, everything seems viable when you try it the first time.

For the purposes of this jam, consider getting a score higher than 90 the goal of this game.

Get the PDF here

Hello everyone! This is my newest Print and Play game. It's a sandbox game about building a palace with the help of a bunch of uncooperative Dwarves.

Crazy! I just released this today: https://metalsnail.itch.io/hall-of-the-dwarven-king

If you want to make VNs in twine there are a couple of skins that make that easy on Glorious Trainwrecks: https://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/5163 (These are for use with Twine 1)

And Construct 2 is dead simple. I'm kind of an idiot, and I have no problem with it. In all seriousness, though, there's a bunch of drag-and-drop stuff that means you only have to touch the visual scripting when it's Absolutely necessary.

Hey Sokky! Fellow visual artist here. 

I strongly suggest picking up Construct 2 or Twine and signing up for a bunch of game jams. Forcing yourself to make a lot of tiny games is the best way to grow as a dev. (Remember the old adage: "Your first ten games will suck, get them over with")

If you ever need any help, hit me up. I'm pretty busy as a rule, but I'm happy to answer questions.

Thanks Mister!

You've got some good stuff there. Thank you for making it free! 

Welcome aboard!