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This is such a good theme. It's a well-designed game thematically, just holding out against the elements, while pettily making it harder for the other player to do so.

The Rules are clear and easy to follow. And I love the inclusion of a soundtrack. I look forward to bringing this to the table.

What a wild little experience that was. I love that you get to pick your opponent's starting word. I love the circle of words. Using the API like that is a great way to make a game that is normally quite subjective a legitimately competitive challenge.

I feel like the introduction could have been smoother, rather than relying on text boxes, if the players got to type in their names one at a time, like in You Don't Know Jack, it would be less fiddly. Also, a quit button would have been appreciated. Otherwise though, there's a lot of good in this.

Oh hey, that's a good idea, it's been a while since I did a BGG contest.

Use the same dice for the whole group. At a certain point you might need someone calling, like in bingo.

I feel like 4 bros was a good first attempt. I like that nothing outright kills you, but that each of the hazards messes up your progress in different ways.

Hey, I'm having some trouble playing this. How do I leave port?

This is pretty tricky. I like the limitation of three removals, it makes you have to think about what you're doing I kind of wish there were a high score, or even that my score showed after losing, since It's hard to watch the number while playing.

Also, I think I solved it:

(1 edit)

This is a very good use of a game guide, I feel like I could have figured out everything eventually if I had just brute forced it, but the guide was helpful.

It was a clever puzzle trying to break all the eggs each level and the ending was nicely cinematic, while working within the limitations of the game.

Ooh! Unplug the computer!

And thanks for trying it out!


Yeah, that's a fair comparison :D

Try unplugging the console btw!

Try unplugging the computer!

My neighbors must be so worried about me...

Hi, I've been messing around with this for a bit and I have... issues.

  • I have a really hard time with the interface, the text and buttons are very small on my monitor.
  • There's a lot of waiting around and I'm not quite sure why (Not "I don't understand" but "The game doesn't tell me". My trains keep disappearing into whatever those pause signs are meant to represent (Tool tips would be nice) and then I have to wait for an arbetrarily long time to get them back. I get if this is in the service of realism, but in that case I could use another level of fast forward. 
  • I'm not entirely sure how many trains I have. Could use a train list early on (I see there's a train button greyed out, but I feel like a train overview would be more useful to a first time player, and should maybe not be stuck behind an upgrade.
  • I've done it once, but I'm not sure how to unlock the contracts dialogue. A couple more tutorial boxes popping up in the corner to get me through the first bit of the game and let me know I'm not screwing up royally would be appreciated.

Wow, that's a lot of bad things, sorry. Most of that is keeping me from engaging with the game propper, so sorry I don't have more in-depth feedback. There's a couple things I really like:

  • I love the visual style of the map. It's very appropriate to the theme, almost like my computer is a diagetic control panel. The visuals are honestly why I tried this game to begin with.
  • The way you progress research by completeing trips is neat.
  • When I actually have more than one train on the board, navigating them around is very satisfying.

I am very excited for this project, It's a nice next step from like, Mini Metro, and I look forward to getting good at it and really letting myself get engrossed.

Thanks for that note, I'll see what I can do to make snap transitions an option.

I've looked into the GDWC before, maybe I'll give it a try again.

Thank you, let me know if you have any specific questions.

Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you got to the end.

The original plan was that the big character could throw the other ones, however I started the game too late and had to do something simpler.

Honestly most of the music in my games could use a revision. I will be in touch.

You need to use the big guy to stop the lasers.

I am not a musician, but I am learning >.<

I took another pass at the music, I made it a little bit dynamic, so hopefully it won't get too repetitive.

Thanks for playing regardless!

This is delightful.

So THAT's how videogame protagonists carry so many things.

Very impressed by this, getting into a rhythm felt very good. I wish I could juggle more things, but I can only imagine how much of a pain this was to get working.

I really like how precise this is for walljumping.

The art for this is lovely. I like the quick-and-dirty popping run cycle. Gameplay-wise this feels like riding a unicycle, you're constantly having to work to maintain "balance", and actually accomplishing anything sits on top of that accomplishment.

Windowed. I can't recreate the bug now though >.<

That control scheme is very nuanced, I like it a bunch.

Also, this is what the soundtrack had me thinking of:

This is a pretty good distillation of a systems-driven RPG. I like that the boss is there from the beginning so you know your goal, and the mechanisms are fun, I love sneaking between two baddies and spamming left and right. 

The only thing I'm not hot on is the baddies warping around suddenly. I died a lot because of that, and there's no real way to mitigate it.

Was a little disappointed I couldn't do a Wallie :P

This is a solid arena shooter, I like the assortment of enemies, the timing of their attacks works well with the pace of throwing and picking up your spear. Combos feel really good to rack up. I'll be coming back to this one in the future.

Here's the soundtrack I used:

Oh that was some satisfying level design. Feeling like a Dude Perfect over here.

I especially like how clear your visual language is, like, I knew what the neutral gravity field was as soon as I saw it.

This is a neat concept, I know people have mentioned this before, but it would be nice if the imposter had a random difference, rather than just red eyes.

I kind of like the extreme speed, it makes navigating more of a challenge but it would be nice if it had a bit of a slower acceleration curve so you could finesse a bit more.


I'm actually very into this understated style. I played a lot of shareware puzzle games in the 90s that had a similar aesthetic.

This seems most interesting from an academic perspective, as an ultimate distillation of the rules of poker, because really, especially while playing an AI, the only viable strategy is "Raise if you have any hand, fold if you don't"

That said, I will be playing this with real people in the future. It's a great variant for focusing on bluffing, or for playing with people who are new to poker.

That's very clever. You wouldn't think this would be as tricky as it is.

This is a very cool little score chaser, I love that the ogres just want to pick flowers. I can't wait to try this with a second person. I feel like we'll do worse.

I mean, there's a Superman now so...

One of the standouts of the Jam for me. I love this crowdsourced art project.

Hah! There's a Superman.

The titular drop is very heavy-feeling and satisfying. It elevates this game.