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That is correct, yes.

I did actually release a revised version under the ButtonShy label available on PNPArcade. It doesn't have the expanded rules though.

Hey, thanks for playing!

Really I need to do a definitive edition with a longer, dedicated rules doc.

Your assumptions here are correct except the second. Explosions destroy a room from the Building Plan, not type of room.

This is a solid little arcade game. I like that it's playable in a mobile browser.

You've got it!

Having to place the Cooks adds a neat wrinkle to the game, I'll need to try that.

Thank you for the feedback. Eventually I'll need to go back and do a revised edition of this, having the comment section here will be an excellent resource.

Normally if you don't roll at least one Cooking Dwarf, you can't do anything else. If there's a farm though, you can do something at that same depth (that nine square area)

I appreciate the endorsement, and your willingness to just run with me depowering you.

That's great!


Just in time for back-to-school!

It's called common courtesy, look it up!

Right here!

  1. The second Multiball checkbox is only there for if you get multiball, lose it, then get it again. Super multiball is what you use if you get multiball while you already have multiball.
  2. Tunnels can only be hit by two-die values.
  3. Targets yes, tilts no. Tilts aren't a "scoring zone".
  4. Season 2 is its own thing. I'm working on updating all of the tables to use the same rules (the original versions will still be available), but it's a long process.
  5. It only counts the uncrossed "Balls Remaining" dots, to a maximum of 150 points.

Sorry for taking so long to address these!

Very nearly required to.

You get three balls, cross them off when you drain. The game ends when you drain your third ball.

At this point I'm not promising anything. Might do a cleanup of S1 to match the S2 format first.

Hi! Thanks for trying this out!

Each time you place a number in a Ramp, it must be higher than the number in any individual ramp in that set so far.

You can put any number in the first Rollover in a set. Each subsequent Rollover can only accept that same number.

Does that help?

Thank you, I'm so happy to hear that!

Each house can only convert one wheat to points per turn. The "Use Up" would allow a second wheat to be converted.

You're welcome, thanks for playing!

1. Once means once per turn, yeah.

2. You only need one ale, regardless of how many houses.

3. Use Up doesn't require a second die.

Yeah! I really like them. My wife got me a couple sets for Christmas a couple years ago.


My suggestion would be these ones: or these ones:

Thanks for playing! The answer to all of that is yes! The only limitation with buying is that you can't split a single die: For instance, you can't use one 6 to buy two farms.

Thank you so much!

Hi, I didn't know where to best ask this question. In order to adjust the settings for Textreme 1, where should I save the config file?

This seems sensible.

I tuned the punishment for failure way up on this one.

Just realized you probably meant the first point crawl. I would tell the players what they find in each node, then give clues about what lies in each direction. You'll need to flesh things out a bit.

At each node, the players will make a skill check with their car's stats, adjust their position based on how it went, then choose which branch to take. I would let players gain advantage for smart or cool things their characters do. You may need to make it longer.

I'm glad you're giving it a try, let me know if you have any specific questions!

On that table, yes.

Yes you do.

Looks like 18

Oh, um, this is an adventure for a tabletop roleplaying game. You'll need something like one of these:

Oh no, those are the rules.

Oh! You go to Q. I need to fix that.

I think so, yeah. As long as you have the element rooms to do so.

Yeah, that all checks out.

Number 2, You cross out a room from the tower.

I think it should say "icon of your choice" rather than "room". It doesn't make sense to cross out a non-element room. Basically crossing it out means you won't be able to score it later. I hope that helps.

I think an app would be a good fit for this game. If you make something you'd like to release publicly, let me know!

These are fantastic! A lot of spells in here that I haven't seen anywhere else.

But a die that is bet goes back to your PD pool at the end of a round normally yeah? When you bet the dice, you aren't by default in danger of losing them?