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It's worth -2

Good catch! I'll fix it



Hang on

Yeah, if you're fighting and you roll a 6, roll another one and add the totals. If you're making a skill roll, you can reroll a 6 to try to get a lower number.

1: Yes you need to dig before you can build.

2: Yeah, the depth and gold numbers are for the whole 3x3 square.

3: Unique means you can only have one in the mine. You can build a tavern and gambling den in any order, and you get both rerolls. Each Carpenter and Blacksmith can be used on one die each turn.

4: You don't have to build from left to right, but you do have to dig to the row before you can build in it

I hope that helps!

That's a good note. When I get the chance to revisit this I'll probably do the same

Hi, I'm glad you liked it!

  1. Then you can't draw it there
  2. Yes
  3. No to bombs, yes to tower caps
  4. I believe it's one of each. And you can take them from anywhere
  5. Predictor just lets you do the next market action early. You're "seeing the future"
  6. Each tower segment is a room
  7. You do understand! I'll bear that in mind for the next update
  8. Yeah, that makes sense

Oh! Yeah that's important. I think 6


That sounds about right! :D

Please do! I don't know that I'm coming back to this one, and I don't think it's playable as-is

I'm currently sitting in a dark room with wind whistling outside as I play this game. The door behind me is closed but not locked. I am never looking behind me.

Oddity number 34 is missing. For the time being, use this:

Silver plumb line: Slope of floor will seem to shift to any who see this swing

I mean, they're kind of intentionally bad character sheets.

I guess I should put a cc license on these. Please do use these in whatever, and credit/cite so other folks can find it!


(1 edit)

Just played this through a couple times. I thought I was being railroaded a bit the first time, but the second run was different enough that I feel like I need a few more plays to really get the full experience. It's good!

I'm very here for the bluffing-based D20 mechanism, it really plays to the fantasy of being a sneaky kobold

(1 edit)

This is neat! I like the integration of disadvantages as damage-taking. The mechanized upgrade system is fun too

Allthe prompts are good, I think the tree one's my favorite

This is very evocative. I especially like the stupid kid refrain, and the Man Kills God rule is just wild

The plan you build from has to be in your tableau as well.

I appreciate the 5 stars, thank!

How's this work?

Awh! Thank you

Thanks for letting me know!

I look forward to seeing how you like it, lotta paradigm shifts with this one.

  • Re: the banana flippers, the entire roll is lost
  • Entering a sub-board happens instead of marking something. Yes you could use that to buy time
  • I think I've updated the rules on all the tables so that you always lose multi ball first

Things like slingshots and tilt don't count as "scoring zones".

Bonuses printed on the board are added to Extra Points, so aren't affected by multipliers

Free choice of tunnel

I score at the end. I'm not sure how you would score as you go.

Thanks for trying it out!

The laboratory copies the room type you attach it to immediately after it's built, so this will be the bottom room. Just draw the same icon onto it.

The observatory counts rooms, including stairwells. It doesn't care about symbols like the tower cap does.

Hey, thanks for playing! Here's a couple that I like:

Hey, I have a bit of weird request. One of my old students is looking to hire a one-on-one distance gamedev tutor. We've done a bunch of work together in Construct 2, but we've reached the limits of what I can teach, and he'd like to keep progressing.

I definitely would also like to see a more fleshed-out version, I kind of let time run out on this and tied up my early notes into a minimum viable product the night before the due date (just like college!)

My ideal would be to include a map of the island and like, calendar of events, and maybe a D10 table of B Plot seeds, and one of locals to run into. You've got a good point about the true truths, I might add to the list and make that a random table as well.

My idea with the Anchor board was to allow a player to signal that they were uncomfortable with the intensity of a scene without breaking the flow of the story. It's that moment in TV where the spookiness vanishes when another person walks into the room, things keep happening, but the threat can be ignored for the moment. The Meta is close in function to the X card, but is couched in the tropes of the setting still.

Got caught up in other projects and have been tired from dayjobs, but I hope to crunch on this and organize my notes into something useable.

Hey, thanks for catching that! Should be fixed now :)

I spent some time figuring this out tonight, basically, while in light mode, players can't be hurt by the darkness, but also can't see the affects of the darkness. They can solve the human level of the mystery, but not the supernatural one. The shift to dark mode always brings with it a fresh body, and the threat of having your reality distorted and attack from the manifestations of the darkness. There's a third mode that acts something like the X card that Blubeard uses, where players become the writers of the show and can retcon events as they see fit.

I'm working on a story module for this that is kind of Murder She Wrote meets Silent Hill. I have two story tones going on, a lighter whodunnity one for when players are interacting with NPCs, and a darker psych horror one for when they deal with the darkness directly.

The manifestation of the darkness can be warded against  and made invisible by people untouched by it. I'm adding mechanisms to allow players to pull an NPC into a scene to shift the tone back. Investigation can really only happen when in the darker tone, which gives players a reason to shift it back (one player can shift out of dark mode, all players must agree to shift back in)