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Very well done and polished, really liked the art style and level design, every map has the same objective and for most part the same mechanics, but does not get repetitive. Also loved that the characters have different personalities not just in appearence but also in their writing.
Getting all the cards is a little bit too difficult for me, and also this is because i am a little bit lazy to refresh the page, but it would be cool if there was a way of going back to the beginning when the game ends, altought this detracts nothing from the quality, it would just be convenient.
Overral, really cool , maybe too dificult getting the secret ending, but very well done.


Thanks for all the feedback. It's definitely good to hear what people liked about a game so you know what to keep as much as what to change.

I'll definitely include a way to restart the game in the next update, though I also plan on not making you lose cards when you fail a level. Maybe add an extra secret for completing without dying. Is it a secret if I say it here? Huh.

The ideia of two different secrets, one for getting all the cards, and other for not dying is definitely a nice ideia, i also would like to suggest maybe making one of the secrets be having to grab all the cards of the game on a specific amount of time, instead of having to grab all the cards without dying.

And thank you for hearing everyones opinion, its really cool seeing a developer taking constructive criticism , keep up the good work!

Also, i'll keep the secret ;)