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This is just the announcement, sorry for not making it clearer in the post. I am not sure where i could post an announcement in the page so I used that. The actual game will be released sometime this year.

Thats strange, as far as i know this is not a common problem, do you have an antivirus that you can scan your computer? It might be from your end, altought if it is not, i have no idea how the file could have been infected.

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Thank you for the video! It seems that you are playing an old version of the game in the video, I fixed the darkness in the new version, and for the jumping I changed it so now you can shoot while jumping. Also fixed the bug where you can hide behind the soldiers in the end haha.
But thanks! And greetings from Brazil!

Thank you! and yes, some areas where too dark since i couldn't test it on other computers so i just used my monitor for testing the lighting, wich created some problems for other people. but i fixed it in the new patch, hope the lantern helps with finding the path better.

Thanks! I just uploaded a patched version that fixes the lights and other stuff.

Hello and thanks for the detailed feedback! i just released a patch that fixes some of these issues, on this version i might give some other patches, but for expanding it, like more levels, mechanics or endings, i am not going to be putting them on this version, but instead focusing my time on the planned full standalone version of the game.
so yeah, just keep an eye out for any news on the future of this project! and thanks again for the constructive criticism!

Thank you so much! The music is by Karl Kasey from White Bat Audio, they are really good at spooky 80s atmosphere and most of the tracks are copyright free for projects, really recommend them, here is a LINK if you are interested.

Thank you! And yes, the game gets very hard if you aren't really fast. In the next patch it will be easier to shoot enemies on lower levels.
But great that you still liked it!

Thank you! the controls are indeed weird and i'll change them in the future. And im glad the enemies surprised as intended!

Thank you for the feedback! and indeed, the game has some optimization issues, it ran even slower before posting it for the jam. and the x button refers to the xbox gamepad, altought i'd agree that the information is not very clear, and enter for shooting was made because it is more confortable for changing from coding to testing the build, but for actual gameplay it is kinda weird, that and other stuff will be different in the next patch.
and Thanks again for the comment!

Thanks! there will be definitely more from me on the future!

Thank you so much for the video! it is indeed very inspired by the thing (1982).

Thank you?

The concept is very unique for a clicker/idle game, I just felt that the main screeen could be something more interesting, like the planet image at the start and slowly you see cities growing on it. And i imagine this is because its the Jam version, but soldiers, player and planet level dont seems to make that much of a difference.
But overall, this could be a great idle game if finished, especially for mobile!

This was nice! The idea of being the alien is always cool, and top down shooters are awesome.
I can only think that the game could have more variety in weaponry and enemies, also if I stayed in the south part of the map I could just spawn kill and camp enemies.
An inspiration could be Crimson Land.

My record was 26916.

This was real nice! The graphics are pretty well done and the gameplay is interesting, I only felt that sometimes the rythm balls are hard to see, they could be different colored and contrasting when compared to the background.
Also I feel that this could be more fitting for a mobile game, since it's all one button.

Nice little game! The idea of poking enemies instead of killing them is interesting.
Congrats on it being your first!

Hello! The game has potential to be a cool little action platformer, here are some things that I feel could be improved:

  • The player slides too much, it feels unwieldy to control him, making the jumping and attacking inprecise and a little bit frustrating.
  • The melee could have a longe range, since to punch the enemies you have to almost touch them.
  • The shooting glove crashes the game when it hits an enemy, apart from that it could serve more as an actual projectile, so you can quickly shoot enemies from a distance since it seems too close range and slow as of now.

And thats all I could think for now, if it's polished it could be very fun!


But really, I liked your cryptic comment haha. Will definitely keep on preying with tense soundtracks and mutations in dark places.

Thank you so much for the really nice comment, it really motivates with keeping the project going!

Thanks! i'm Very glad that you liked the ending, even if it was technically for nothing haha!

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Thank you! the feedback is very useful, and indeed some enemies are on weird unshootable spots, i've already fixed it in a patch, im just waiting for the jam rating period to end so i can upload it.

And im already subscribed :)


Oh wow, thank you so much for the kind comment!

Hello! I can guarantee it's definitely not a virus, this also sometimes happens with me when i download some games, if you can just give it permission to keep downloading or to execute the .exe, usually works.

Thank you! More is coming!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the indepth gameplay! Ill definitely put another ending for the full version.

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This was really good! Nice art and very interesting gameplay, this is one of the better games with this mechanic that i've played.
And the controls are nice, but maybe it could also control with the arrow keys and spacebar.
Beaten it in 27' 25.11"

Cool little game! It has a lot of content, I especially liked the endless mode, but I felt that without all the abilities the game is a little bit too hard, and I felt that there could be a sideways shot, because sometimes the area is so cluttered with enemies that I have no choice but to side-crash with them to move. Also some animation for when the enemies die could be nice.
Overall it's pretty cool, with some extra polish and it can be pretty great!

Thank you for checking another one of my games! Im planning on the expansion, i've got some interesting ideas for the story, especially for the clone bits.


Thank you so much, comments like this mean a lot! Hopefully the full game will be even better!

Thank you! Im already planning the bigger story and on making it even more brutal!

Thank you! im planning on even more mutations for the full version, so it feels even more like an ecosystem.

Thank's! im beggining to plan a bigger story for a future version.

Thank you! i have been seeing a bunch of people interested in a bigger version, will definitely start planning it!

Thank you SO MUCH!

Thank's! the soundtrack is by White Bat Audio, really recommend their music.
And indeed, multiple endings would really fit the game, maybe even one where you become the monster and kill humans.