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This was one of the best constructive criticism i have ever received, thank you very much!

I agree with every point you made, i would really like to put rebindable keys but i still dont really know how to do that, it is a shame because i imagine that left handed people would not be able to play the game. Another peson has said that the walls look weird being all  black, so now i think i should change it. I agree with the music, i have no ideia how to compose music, but when i do i plan on changing the score, but i have no ideia when that is going to happen.

I plan on improving the game, but for now i cannot, i hope in a near future i will have time, and when i do i will try to use all the criticism i read as inspiration.

So, again, thank you very much for the great comment!

Oh yes, i understand now, they are supposed to be black, i didnt really put much thought on it :)

This is pretty cool! The animation is very fluid and i really like that it has a levelling up system, the problems that i have with it is that sometimes it is kinda hard to dodge enemies (maybe i am just bad) but i think that a "roll" feature would make the game a little bit more fun (at least for me), also maybe a song would make it a little bit more exciting :)

But overall i liked it and tink that it was pretty neat!

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Hi, thank you for the very constructive comment!

So about the instruction, i put a read me file inside the game folder that has the instructions, i am going to put it in the game page as i think that it is kinda easy to miss it, And yes, ooops, i forgot about taking out the skip level button, thanks for the warning!

I made the game on limited time so i still did not put a story but i am working on it.

And yes i did not really think much about level progression, i just made some levels until i did not have any more ideas and them put them in the game without really thinking about pace. I guess i just learned pacing is very important, thanks!

The light system works like this: There is a timer at the top of the screen, it displays how much time of light you have. At the start of every level you are in complete darkness and when you pick up a torch you increase 10 seconds of light to the timer, when the timer at the top of the screen reaches 0 the lights go out and you will be in darkness again until you pick up another torch, also you can stack up torches that you pick up since they add 10 seconds each.

And i think the Level you are mentioning is Level 5 ;)

Thank you for the comment i learned some things from it and i am going to fix the gamem thanks!

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Hi! thanks for the comment :)

What exactly do you mean they are black? Are you talking about the bits in the dark (outside the yellow light circle)? The walls are supposed to have colored lines that form the brick shapes in them just like the screenshots. Thanks for the opinion :)

I agree, some dudes in armor running about on a very organic looking world would look kinda out of place in this game.

Goddamn i like this game! I think you did the metroidvania/puzzle/platformer very well, and i really liked the graphics, the animation is very fluid and the main character is very charming, the songs are also very nice, overall very good!

The only thing i could nitpick is that i suppose you went for the theme of Medieval Fantasy meets Prehistoric World right? So the problem is that i did not see anything medieval on this game.

But nonetheless i really liked this and i would really like to see the complete game.

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So, i still am not finished with this game but i think it is already playable, and i think i may have gotten some of the music types wrong and since i could not compose the music myself i got some from the internet but i plan on them being only temporary until i can create my own (i have to lear how to compose music first, since i never tried to crate music), so please i would like to hear your opinion on the game, thanks!

Also this was a very fun jam, i really liked the graphical limitation and having to stick to a color palette, something i had never done, so thanks again for making this jam!

Thank you very much!

I know this is a last moment question but i am not sure what kind of synth music would categorize as correct, would this example be correct? 

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WOW, thank you, i was not expecting such and in depth answer, i understand now, and again, thank you very much for the answer :)

Hi, i would like to know which would be the correct size for the sprites and if a screen resolution of 128 x 128 would be correct?

As an example, would these sprites be correct? The one on the left is 16x16 pixels and the other is 16 x 32 pixels.

English is not my native language so i  am not sure if i understood everything and i never tried to do something with a 2x1 pixel rule and i just want to be sure :)

Thank you very much!

This game was kinda nice,the story and characters where creepy, the music is good, the art is very good, but i did not find it very scary and there is not too much gameplay, the game is almost an interactive novel, wich i am not a big fan of. But i liked it!

Also, there are some grammatical errors and the game would randomly crash, wich made the experience a little bit frustrating.

The game has potential to be very good, the graphics are nice, the sound and music are good and i really like the castlevania like gameplay, but at the current state it has too many bugs to be fun, but it has a lot of potential!

The graphics have a nice pixely style, and the music is nice, the problem i could find is that the mouse cursor appears on the screen when playing, but its a nice little concept.

Disclaimer: I only have played until the second room, after the incident in the car, because i got stuck on one of the first puzzles and gave up.

The game has nice art, the story is intriguing, the sounds and music are ok, but some sounds seem to be compressed or something and i think the music does not always fits the atmosphere, but the main problem i have is that the puzzles arent exactly puzzles, the only way i could find out the answer for the first puzzle was searching the words on the white board on the internet, and i dont really like that, because it ended up being a research that just takes time, rather than a fun logic puzzle.

I wish i could experience the rest to give a better comment but one of the first puzzles made me lose interest and give up.

The game has an interesting concept, the visuals are good, the sound is well made,the platformer parts where nice and it is kinda creepy, but i think that the face of the character being on the screen at all times subtracts from the immersion, she always looks bored and never reacts to whats happening, and i tink the ending was too fast and anti-climatic.

But i liked it!

Holy shit this game is good!

The graphics are very well made, the sound is well used, level design is great, the history is very cool, the gameplay is fun and i really liked the mechanic of blood and bullets.

The only thing i can nitpick is that sometimes i felt the game could have used some different ambient noise or something, but overall very well made and very fun game, also its kinda creepy.

This beta is very good, the pixel art and colors used are very good, just like the music, and i am intrigued with the take on the rapunzel fairytale.

The only problem i can think off is that i did not find the game scary at all.

For a beta this is pretty good, i definitely want to see more.

The prototype is kinda cool, the graphics are strangely nice, the music is good and the idea of being the grim reaper is very good, but i fell like the collision with enemies and mainly the spikes are kinda off, like, when i hit the spikes by the sides they still kill me and sometimes it looks like the enemies are not making collision with the player and they still hit me. Also the jumping is too small.

But this could become something quite good if worked upon.

The base for this game is very good, this could be a great game, the basis for a fun gameplay is there, the graphics are good, but this looks like just a prototype since it has no sound and no obvious objective, i would really like to see this completed.

This was great!

The atmosphere is very creepy, the story and writing are very good,sound and music are used quite well, the only gripes i have with the game are: the graphics are not very scary,sometimes they are almost funny, and i found a bug towards the end in wich i had to put the clock hands on two clocks, but i ended up (by my own mistake) putting all 4 clock hands on only one clock, making it impossible to put any clock hand in the other clock.

But even with this little bug i finished the game by restarting the checkpoint, and overall i really liked the game!

Ok,the game is kinda nice but i think the way the caracter moves is a little bit too erratic and imprecise which makes the game frustrating when you die,and when you die,you have to start all over,wich makes it even more frustrating.

But i liked the the graphics, they have a very "meaty" look to them,and the music is also very good.

This game is very nice,the atmosphere and sound are great,the graphics are nice and the theme of the game is very creepy.

The only problem i could find is that the ending is kinda anti-climatic, but still i liked the game.

I think this has a lot of potential!

The graphics are very good,the story made me a little bit intrigued and the music was weirdly pleasant.

I know this is just a demo but i think the character should move a little bit faster, even when sprinting i felt like the character was too slow.

But overall i really want to see more of this!

This game is really weird,and i really like that!

The pixel art and the sounds are very nice,but i think the low framerate is a little bit distracting sometimes, but i really liked the concept even if i did not fully understand what happened.

I found this game to be ok, i really liked the sprite for the cat and the monsters,even if the animation for the monsters is a little bit janky,but i have some problems with the game,most of the time i did not know where to go, the game not having tiles for the ground made the navigation even harder, and i think the lives system for this type of game is really not needed.Also i think a little bit of ambient sound or music could have made the game getter.

But i am really intrigued by the idea of playing with a cat as the main character.

This was very interesting, very original and slightly creepy, the only problem i can think is that it is too short, has no sound and when it start to get interesting, it ends, but nonetheless i liked it!

The idea for the game is very,very good!

And i think you guys pulled it of quite well, but i think that there are some problems,i think the game is too easy since the alien is scared easily by the lights thus making the encounters with him vey rare, and the bar for the power usage is too big, making very hard for the energy to run out.

But i really liked the concept and i think the execution was good,the graphics where nice just like the music.

Its a nice little game, here are the things i liked: the inventory system works quite well and it looks like the one in resident evil wich i like very much, some of the character sprites are charming even if they are kinda blurry, when there is music it works well, the story behind the motel is kinda interesting and the ending is very cool.

Now he things i did not like: i think the game is too silent for most of the time, the combat is not very pleasant since the character has a delay to turn in the direction i am pressing and the final problem is the sides of the screen are cut, making it kinda hard to read some of the text.

But overall i liked it!

I liked the looks of some sprites and the music was used very well,but i had some problems with the game, i think that the sprite for when you are hurt is a little too big and sometimes when i killed the enemy it would still hit me.

But its a nice little game and i really liked the final chase scene.

Very good game,only problem i can think is that there is almost no sound,but the game is great!

I like the concept, but the controls are a little bit buggy,like when i want to turn a corner i get stuck to a wall.And the game could benefit with some sound and music.

But the concept is interesting and i would like to see more done with it :)

I really liked the concept of going against the rules and that you have to switch between light and dark.The creepy and weird atmosphere are quite good, but i think that there should be more checkpoints because it gets a little bit frustrating and repetitive when i die and have to do a bunch of maps again.

But overall i liked it,and also really liked the cover art for some reason.

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I am happy the game sparkled your interest. I never heard of Atari's Dark Chambers and it looks very good!

Ok, but be sure to have winrar installed on your computer, if you do not have it dowload it here http://www.win-rar.com/download.html?&L=0

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That is weird, are you sure that you are extracting the file first and then trying to open Behemoth.exe?

Thanks man, nice video!

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No it does not have one but i may add a trailer in the future, and i am sorry for the late response.