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Thanks! Maybe one day i'll expand it.

Glad you liked it! I was working on creating another game inspired by this one, but I had to stop working on it for the full version of They Grow, maybe after I am done I might finish it.

Thank you so much for the comment!
I actually think sometimes of expanding this game, but since I am working on other stuff for now it might take a while for a full version of this, but all the ideas you just wrote are actually pretty cool, kinda ramping up the supernatural elements with the mechanics in conjunction with the story could be pretty cool.
Thanks again for the feedback!

Not yet, there seems to be some delay on that for some reason, you can check the discord for more info.

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No worries, whenever you can send it is fine :)
It seems our timezones are very different, the opposite I would say even, here is 22 pm so I imagine that finding a matching time would be kinda difficult, but I will leave my steam and discord here:

(Edit: erased my accounts info to prevent spam)

Never sent my discord or steam to someone so if you need another info just warn me.

Hello! Participating in this Jam was really cool, hope there is another Lovecraftian themed Jam in the future, but now that it has ended I am curious about when are the prize or prizes going to be gifted?

Thank you! I am really glad you loved it :)

My pleasure! And since you enjoyed it, keep an eye out on They Grow, the full version may come out soon.

Nice little game, the writing was very good and I really liked the music bits, especially the remix at the end haha. I only feel that there could be a function wich could show the basic possible inputs, since I had to keep reopening the browser page to see the instructions from time to time.
And I have found a typo on one of the pages after you start playing the violin and looking outside the window, it was "it it", I imagine it would have been "it is".
But overall very interesting text adventure.

Thank you for the kind words!

Thanks for the video! And I am glad you found it creepy, thanks!

Thanks you so much for the video! Loved your editing.

I am making the game with Glowstick Entertainment, so they will be choosing the price, but I think its probably going to be around 15 dollars, still not sure. But keep an eye out for the game and we'll eventually reveal it.
And thanks for the question!

Thanks for the video Kieran!

But of course!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the speedrun! Love speedruns.

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Thank you so much! And I see, on the first instance that she disappeared I sincerelly have no idea  what happened haha, but when she flies up you can damage her by deflecting her projectiles with your shield (hold down if you have at least one power up), although I did not communicate that correctly so indeed some people got lost on that part, I will post an updated version that makes that more clear. Thanks!

Thank you so much! The layered music was actually one oft he hardest things to make. And im really glad you liked the art, I went for a Spectrum ZX kinda look, more for practicallity than anything.
 I also am really glad it was you favorite at the time of commenting, makes me motivated on actually putting a more finished version after the Jam ends. Thanks!

Thank you so much! Half of the development was on doing the music haha, cool to see someone appreciated it.

I see, I was using Microsoft Edge, maybe thats why.

This was nice! I just have some recommendations to make the game better:
-The labyrinth could have some landmarks, like an area with a statue, another with corpses, different wall colors etc... this could help with locating oneself inside the labyrinth, since sometimes it gets too confusing which leads to some frustration.
-The minotaur appears very rarely, and when he does he does not seem like a treath, I recommend making him periodically chase the player and after a while he stops the chase and starts randomly patrolling the area, this could keep him appearing sometimes, but not too much to the point of being repetitive.
-I did not see much of a need for the sword and club apart from the endgame, maybe there could be things you could attack or break on the normal levels, although having the minotaur actually chase you could justify their use.
-Some music could be nice.

And that's all I could think of, with some polish it could be quite fun, and it working on actual hardware is really awesome, congrats!

This was awesome! The handpainted art is great, the music is very good, and thematically it seems to really fit the Jam, even the possibility of losing makes it more exciting. And the guitar hero part was a cool surprise!
I only found what I think was a bug when putting the offerings in the lilypad, I could not click "offer" or "exit", but after refreshing the page and restarting it worked normally.

Great Job!

Thank you very much! I rushed the game so I chose very simple graphics and focused most of the time on gameplay and music. And I could not find a nice balance for the difficulty, so it indeed seems to be too easy sometimes, but I will polish it after the jam has ended.

Thank youfor commenting! The final boss needs the big sword that is on the left wall to be killed, I was going to write the story appearing in real time so it gives more context to the game and tells you about the giant sword, but I did not have time to put it in, after the jam I will polish it up.
And indeed I will post some screenshots, I rushed posting the game on the literal last 5 minutes of the jam.



This is just the announcement, sorry for not making it clearer in the post. I am not sure where i could post an announcement in the page so I used that. The actual game will be released sometime this year.

Thats strange, as far as i know this is not a common problem, do you have an antivirus that you can scan your computer? It might be from your end, altought if it is not, i have no idea how the file could have been infected.

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Thank you for the video! It seems that you are playing an old version of the game in the video, I fixed the darkness in the new version, and for the jumping I changed it so now you can shoot while jumping. Also fixed the bug where you can hide behind the soldiers in the end haha.
But thanks! And greetings from Brazil!

Thank you! and yes, some areas where too dark since i couldn't test it on other computers so i just used my monitor for testing the lighting, wich created some problems for other people. but i fixed it in the new patch, hope the lantern helps with finding the path better.

Thanks! I just uploaded a patched version that fixes the lights and other stuff.

Hello and thanks for the detailed feedback! i just released a patch that fixes some of these issues, on this version i might give some other patches, but for expanding it, like more levels, mechanics or endings, i am not going to be putting them on this version, but instead focusing my time on the planned full standalone version of the game.
so yeah, just keep an eye out for any news on the future of this project! and thanks again for the constructive criticism!

Thank you so much! The music is by Karl Kasey from White Bat Audio, they are really good at spooky 80s atmosphere and most of the tracks are copyright free for projects, really recommend them, here is a LINK if you are interested.

Thank you! And yes, the game gets very hard if you aren't really fast. In the next patch it will be easier to shoot enemies on lower levels.
But great that you still liked it!

Thank you! the controls are indeed weird and i'll change them in the future. And im glad the enemies surprised as intended!

Thank you for the feedback! and indeed, the game has some optimization issues, it ran even slower before posting it for the jam. and the x button refers to the xbox gamepad, altought i'd agree that the information is not very clear, and enter for shooting was made because it is more confortable for changing from coding to testing the build, but for actual gameplay it is kinda weird, that and other stuff will be different in the next patch.
and Thanks again for the comment!

Thanks! there will be definitely more from me on the future!

Thank you so much for the video! it is indeed very inspired by the thing (1982).

Thank you?

The concept is very unique for a clicker/idle game, I just felt that the main screeen could be something more interesting, like the planet image at the start and slowly you see cities growing on it. And i imagine this is because its the Jam version, but soldiers, player and planet level dont seems to make that much of a difference.
But overall, this could be a great idle game if finished, especially for mobile!