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Thanks you so much! The video made me realize some mistakes on the balancing haha. Its a shame the game kinda soft-locked and you two could not see the rest.
But I will fix the problems on an update, so thanks!

Edit: Just updated and rebalanced the game, so thanks for the feedback!

New record 194 ;)

Nice! The high speed gameplay is really fun and feels good, and I like how the game has different sloped terrain that seems to be randomized, the only thing I felt is that dodging obstacles is very hard, they come too quick sometimes and even freezing time does not really help, maybe a heads up something is coming could help.
Also the different pallettes is a really nice touch.

Overall this is pretty fun, and wish more people rated it, congrats!

My record was around 463 :)

This was awesome! The art style is very simple but easy to understand, the sounds complement the mechanics, and the time stopping is used very well with the obstacles. There was also a very light "plot" with the other Npcs being bounced/tortured around, which was cool and funny too!
Also the difficulty is good, but at what was probably the last level I had to give up because it was waay to long, and redoing all of it after dying was a little to much for me, but I felt that I got how well designed the game was, so congrats!

Cute little game! I was confused at the beginning on what to do, but after getting it's a matching game it became fun, the art is really cute and the game is actually challenging. The HUD is also very simple but its also very informative.
This was overall very well done, congrats!

And my record was 10 :)

Oh yes, I have in mind making the enemies attacks be a little bit more telegraphed, and I agree, enemies suddenly spawning behind you is a Dead Space staple lol.

Nice little game! The controls are very simple and easy to get, I also likes how there was a HP up snowman, it helps to get further in the game. There is only one thing, you can hit enemies on your sides when you are hitting enemies above you, which I believe takes away some of the challenge in the multi directional combat.

But his was really nice overall, congrats!
And my record was 89 btw :)

Reading your feedback was a rollercoaster , wasnt sure if you like it or not until the ending haha.
But yes, the graphic limitations where the biggest hurdle to adapt the original mechanics, in the original being able to fully aim with precision on a 3D physics space really are what makes the combat and puzzles work, so I had to keep it as basic as possible in a way that resembles the original mechanics and setpieces. Also I agree that some enemies are a little bit cheap haha, I will probably make the difficulty a little easier in some parts when I update it.

And yes, can never forget the final jumpscare, 10/10 review.

Thanks! I love Dead Space too :)

Haha, I am glad it left you speechless! Thanks!

Thanks! I am really glad you got the ambiance haha, making the screen slightly clautrophobic was indeed an attempt to create tension, and I am glad you felt compelled to run away at the end stretch haha. I am really greateful for the comment!

Thanks! I tried to use the sound for utility mainly, since the graphics are limited the sound might help with communicating what is happening, so I am glad you liked it! And thanks for the comment!

I am definitely fixing the game up a little after the jam, and I might try to put a browser version also, so it will be easier to play :)

This is extremely well polished! The gameplay is really nice, the art and especially the intro are great, this would have been a classic for the original Nokia if it released back then.
I only felt that sometimes other cars and pickups would just pass by without a warning when you are too fast, maybe and indicator on the right side of the screen a second before they actually appear could help.

Not much else to say, this is awesome!

This was really cool! The art is really nice, the intro explained everything very well even with the limited screen space, and finding the wood was a little tense because of the time limit.
The only thing is that maybe the game is too quiet, which is understandable since its for the nokia, but maybe a nice little song that fits the "lost in the woods" vibe could have filled the atmosphere, since the only sound that plays is getting the wood, and that does not happend often.

Also the controls could actually be playable in a real Nokia, so congrats!

Nice little game! The icons where immediately recognizable as hot or cold, and the increasing speed helps making the game challenging. I only felt that maybe there could be more mechanics, like maybe having ammo to shoot some of the obstacles away, since the game reaches a point where you can do nothing but get hit since the screen is very small.
But overall the game is very simple, well done and a fun little experience, congrats!

Also my score was 106 :)

Thank you so much for the video! Your video gave me a lot of feedback, I definitely should have put more tutorials at the beginning to explain things like aiming up and down to hit different body parts, like you can cut the Necromorphs legs off if you shoot them in the legs, and that the microchip is used to unlock doors, or that the game might be a little too punitive with damage, so thanks for the video!
And I would love to see a dedicated video if you decide on doing one!

Indeed it looks weird since its supposed to be the blaster from the original game, so it might be a little confusing, and thanks! Happy you liked it.

This was really cool! Played it until the end, the record says I was on level 5003, but that I have beaten it in 8 seconds,  which is probably a bug haha, so I guess that is the only problem I found. The rest of the game plays really well and was never cheap with the obstacles, also the old nokia screen is very well simulated here, so congrats!

Hi, at the beginning of the first level you have no ammo, after you escape the enemies and drop to a lower level there is a weapon to your left, if you grab it you will be able to shoot. Now, if even after grabbing the weapon you still are not able to shoot, then you might have found a bug, if so tell me please your OS and if you can replicate the bug, also the game was made on Windows 10 so I am not sure if it works 100% on other platforms.

Thank you! I did put a focus on adapting the Isaac movement and aim mechanics as close as I could, so I am happy you enjoyed them! And yes, the game is perhaps too difficult in parts since I had very little time testing it for balacing.
And I am not gonna lie, only after reading your comment I realized that the Stasis mechanic actually fits the theme haha I just made the enemies freeze because programming slow-motion was too hard lol.

Also, your game is one of my favorites from the Jam until now, so thanks for the comment!

This was awesome! Push puzzle games are usually very similar, but by putting the penguin as a time limit that actually makes the level harder as it progressses, the game became way more tense, and not only did I have to think, I had to execute my plan fast , which made it fun.
And the art was nice, but sometimes it was a little bit cluttered/messy, so I had a little bit of a hard time to see what was in the way sometimes. And I am not sure how the freeze theme was used.

But overall, this was really unique, kinda tense and fun puzzle game, congrats!

Thanks! Your game was really cool also! Real creative with the time stop mechanic.

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Pretty cool! The "time moves when you stop" mechanic is really creative, like an inverse "Super Hot", and the top down view fits the gameplay nicely.
The only thing I can think of is that sometimes the character gets stuck on the scenery, perhaps this happens because the sprite clips a little bit inside the walls when he changes direction. Also it could have been cool to see more levels and mechanics, like enemies or objects that do the opposite, they only move when you stop, maybe an attack for the player, etc... there are many ideas to explore that would be awesome.
But overall this was a pretty cool short game, and the time freeze was great! Congrats!

I am sorry, I didn't even think to check if i was able to port it to Web, so thanks fo the heads up! Unfortunately I can only update it after the Jam is over. But thanks for the reminder, I always forget the web version.

And btw, your game was pretty cool! Left a rating on it.

This was really cool! The theme was used greatly and the art style, from character to fonts, is well animated an cute, really liked how the character blinks even when frozen, it gives him some personality.
The only thing I can think of is that there could be even more obstacles, like buttons, blocks that change when frozen/unfrozen, things like that. But for such a short little game, you have done a lot and very well, congrats!

I had no idea Itch has an app haha, thanks for the info! Will download it.

Cool little game! The swimming mechanic is pretty fun especially when jumping out of water, it gives an extra layer to the movement, and the random upgrades are a nice touch to spice up the game a little bit.
The only things that maybe could be improved are that starting with only 1 hp might be too punitive, since getting back to where you where after restarting is a little bit slow.
But overall this is pretty cool, congrats!

I will! And thank you for wanting to try my other games! Knowing that there are new people playing them from time to time really motivates me on doing more. And if you end up playing them and have any feedback, feel free to post it on their pages, thanks!

Oh yes, changing the programming mid way through is a nightmare, and with the Jam time limit it's fully understandable. Also as your first real project this is actually great! Every project teaches us something, so keep on doing them :)

Oh wow, just checked your site, thats a lot of variety of engines and games you made, you just earned a follower haha.

That is great improvement actually, from one year to every week, I bet you can even learn other engines like Unity, Unreal, Godot or Gamemaker, they could be a good idea if you want to improve even more or make something commercial one day.
Just some ideas that might be useful to you :)

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This was equal parts fun equal parts infuriating haha, the water limit fits the theme in a funny way and makes the game really intense and pushes you to go fast, which makes it real fun, but the frustrating part begins after you die, the player location resets but not the saws, this adds a luck element to what is a precision platformer, which can be a problem since the saws are not in the same place as before and now can be in a place where you have to wait, but you can't since there is a time limit, so some runs end up becoming discarded since you can't really win until the obstacle locations favore you.
Overall this is pretty fun but slighly frustrating, I think I reached the 6th level , where there are a series of wall jumps in the right corner of the screen with horizontal saws in each platform with spikes in the corners. I feel that with just one little fix this would be a complete precision platformer, so congrats!

This was very unique! The theme was used greatly and the deep diving gameplay is awesome (you have seen my entry, I might be biased haha), the polish is veeery good and the music is used very well, the sonar ping even fits the tempo. And the tutorial was well implemented, it really helped getting to know the mechanics.
The only "problems" I could find is that the movement might be a little too slow or the level is too big, some parts of the gameplay where just me driving in a straight line waiting to arrive at the location where something happens, perhaps if there where more obstacles, things to explore, collect or with a more compact level design, these moments would not be so noticeable.
Also the combat could have some more elements since a lot of the encounters depended too much on trading damage, maybe things like flares (are they even a thing in submarines?) to reflect missiles, maybe dodging maneuvers and the like could make the combat more dynamic.
These things aren't really problems since the ambiance is very calming and the combat/stealth is still nice, but perhaps some pacing changes could make it more exciting.
Also, it's just a very small thing not really a problem, probably a bug, the rescue bar display stays at zero after the first rescue, but it's not a problem since you can still rescue the crew, only the display does not move.

Overall, this was really cool and the submarine gameplay was very interesting to play, this could definitely serve as a basis for a full game, maybe an arcadey submarine exploration game with stealth/action elements could be awesome, so congrats!
(Sorry for posting a manuscript, the game gave me a lot of ideas lol)

Thank you! I was uncertain about the floating value, it was even heavier when I began development, but since then I also agree that it should be more floaty to help with the underwater theme and also to make the platforming more enjoyable. And I did think about inserting some music, but also felt that different ambiances could fit the horror theme better, but in retrospective the ambiance might be too quiet. And yes, if I update it tutorials are going to be the first thing I will add.
And yhank you for the feedback! It's greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Indeed the game lacks a lot of explanations for some mechanics since I ran out of time to polish it, another example of this rushed development was the random chance of getting blocked inside the shop.
I also had way more ideas that unfortunately I could not finish, like defeating the thing in the deep and another areas, but if I update it I will take in account all the feedback being received, so thank you!

I didn't know that, thanks for the info! Maybe putting this explanation in the game page could be helpful to some people, so they do not think its malware, and also extra congrats on making it on Blitzbasic! It seems kinda hard to use.

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Hi! It seems that the exe triggers my antivirus and I tested this in two computers, so I am not sure if this is going to make other players give up on trying it, just a warning. But I was able to play it and it was fun, getting the timing right is pretty cool and the Vietnam theme is always cool to see, gameplay wise the only thing is that the boat hitbox seems to be incosistent sometimes, the missile hits some boats dead on but misses anyway, this does not happen often tough. Congrats!

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Oh wow, thank you! the release had indeed problems that held it back for people to enjoy it more, but it makes me really happy to see people that enjoyed it this much, so thank you!

Also, i fixed the bugs and re-released it, so perhaps if this new version was the original one, maybe it would have been higher in the rank, who knows haha.