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Indeed it is :)

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Yes its possible! A past Historically Acurate Jam had the theme Mythology, here is a link . A way in which it can be done is to accurately adapt a myth or folklore story without recreating or adding anything to the source myth/folklore; basically be accurate to the way the story was told at the time.
If you want a more detailed example I participated in that Jam, here is a link to my entry , I adapted a part of the Beowulf poem as close as I could to the source and also put some phrases of the poem itself during the gameplay to guide the player, so you basically learned part of the original poem as you played. There are also other entries in that Jam that give examples of what can be done, I highly recommend checking out the submissions for ideas.

Hope you like it! :)

Thanks you so much for finding this exploit! Ill fix it.
Also, you have an impressive Highscore haha, will definitely be much harder to accomplish after the fix.

They are in the way anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Thank you for the in depth feedback!
I was worried people would not agree with my interpretation of the theme, but I am glad you liked it.
And yeah, the R button should probably only reset you if you die, just like Hotline Miami.
Also the green shirt guys do disappear if you don't have a line of sight with them, in fact all enemies do, this is a mechanic that is not very clear because I could not put a tutorial in the game.
And indeed that is a bug, I was aware of it but could not fix it in time, at least the R button becomes useful when that happens haha.

And again, thanks so much for the comment, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the video! It seems I forgot to update the player's location on the second to last level, it's not supposed to start right by the four cops, thanks to the video I will fix it!

unfortunately it does not support it. sorry, i am not sure how i can make a 32xwin version of it either.

Thanks you so much! full version will be even more open.

hELLO and sorry for the late reply, i could not enable analog support at the time because i had no idea how to haha. the full version will have support for it.

and thanks so much for the comment, i am very happy knowing that it creeped you out! and yes, dead space and the thing where very big influences for them.

Sorry for the late reply, what is wrong with the itch version? Is it not working on your PC?

Thank you so much! Indeed, I had no time to put the  tutorial level I had planned originally, and the green, white and brown/red bricks are the drugs you have to confiscate, I also had no time to make that clear.
A lot of stuff was left out like being able to sell the drugs you confiscate and unlockables because of the time constraint. But I plan on updating this game until it reaches my original vision for it.
And thanks again for the comment, it's very kind!

The concept is really great! I just could not get very far because restarting the whole level because of one mistake felt a little bit too punishing, maybe adding several checkpoints could be nice.
But this was a great use of the theme and the double character mechanic is real cool, congrats!

Neat little game! I liked the first song and the jumping mechanic made me remember a little bit of Kirby, congrats!

This was nice! I really liked the character models and the game made me remember of "Night of the Costumers" but much more chill.
The only problems I could find is that the main door is bugged, every time I went trough it, it would spaze out and sometimes fling one of the brooms under the map, perhaps not having a door could make the game smoother with the gameplay also, since you have to go in and out to get new brooms. Also the aisle signs could have the number on all sides, I usually didn't use the middle corridor because there where too many people on it, but this created the problem that I could not identify the correct aisle from a distance.
Also making the game easier and then having an increasing difficulty could perhaps make it more fun on the long run.
But overall, this was a very neat game, with more polish it could be pretty great, congrats!

And my highscore was 5.

Cool little game! Short but I had fun flinging myself in the air with the dash, just maybe for future projects try to keep the file size to a minimum, it seems this one is 460 MB but the game is actually very small, the size can keep people away from downloading it, making it to be playable in browser could be a better idea for smaller projects like this.
But overall, the use of the theme was nice and I had fun, so congrats!

This is interesting! I liked the literal interpretation of the theme and how relaxing it is.
If improved upon it could be like one of those simulator games like Car Mechanic Simulator or Farming Simulator, where you start small, win money and grow your business. And I also got 15 points.
This was a neat little idea, congrats!

This was nice! It made me remember of those mobile games that you keep playing to pass the time.
The only problems I could find are some bugs and a probable way to cheat the game.
With the bugs sometimes you can't pick up the bombs, it seems to be the first bomb that spawns that this happens, and once I left a penguin in the bathub and he got stuck there for a while until I spam clicked him and was able to grab him.
As for the cheat, it seems that you can keep playing after the win screen appears, wich in turn let's you raise you high score at will.

I truly believe that if you gave it some polish, and put more variety in the levels, like multiple obstacles that have to be disposed in different ways, and penguins tha have to be cleaned in also different ways, this game could be a very cool mobile game, maybe it could even reach the Play Store.

Overall this was pretty nice, congrats!

This was pretty cool! Really liked the interpretation of the theme with the art.
Only critique is that the game doesn't offer much motivation to keep upgrading the units after they reach level two, since you can just spam them until you win, and that there isn't much difference between the clean and dirty units apart from the sprites.
But overall this was pretty fun, it's short and nice, congrats!

Also, I have perhaps found a bug, after I won as the clean drops, I tried to play as the dirt ones and the game froze, but refreshing the page solved the problem.

You did great with the theme, you interpretation of dirty and clean was very well used, and some puzzles actually made me think. The only critique I can give is that somethimes the physics are a little bit clunky, and the aiming reticle isn't always representative of where the mouse actualy is.
I reached level 8, unfortunately it was too hard to come back to the beginning to exit it, but overall the game is pretty cool, congrats!

Hello! I am curious about joining this Jam so I clicked the discord invite, but it seems to have expired or something. Could another link be posted?

Thanks! Maybe one day i'll expand it.

Glad you liked it! I was working on creating another game inspired by this one, but I had to stop working on it for the full version of They Grow, maybe after I am done I might finish it.

Thank you so much for the comment!
I actually think sometimes of expanding this game, but since I am working on other stuff for now it might take a while for a full version of this, but all the ideas you just wrote are actually pretty cool, kinda ramping up the supernatural elements with the mechanics in conjunction with the story could be pretty cool.
Thanks again for the feedback!

Not yet, there seems to be some delay on that for some reason, you can check the discord for more info.

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No worries, whenever you can send it is fine :)
It seems our timezones are very different, the opposite I would say even, here is 22 pm so I imagine that finding a matching time would be kinda difficult, but I will leave my steam and discord here:

(Edit: erased my accounts info to prevent spam)

Never sent my discord or steam to someone so if you need another info just warn me.

Hello! Participating in this Jam was really cool, hope there is another Lovecraftian themed Jam in the future, but now that it has ended I am curious about when are the prize or prizes going to be gifted?

Thank you! I am really glad you loved it :)

My pleasure! And since you enjoyed it, keep an eye out on They Grow, the full version may come out soon.

Nice little game, the writing was very good and I really liked the music bits, especially the remix at the end haha. I only feel that there could be a function wich could show the basic possible inputs, since I had to keep reopening the browser page to see the instructions from time to time.
And I have found a typo on one of the pages after you start playing the violin and looking outside the window, it was "it it", I imagine it would have been "it is".
But overall very interesting text adventure.

Thank you for the kind words!

Thanks for the video! And I am glad you found it creepy, thanks!

Thanks you so much for the video! Loved your editing.

I am making the game with Glowstick Entertainment, so they will be choosing the price, but I think its probably going to be around 15 dollars, still not sure. But keep an eye out for the game and we'll eventually reveal it.
And thanks for the question!

Thanks for the video Kieran!

But of course!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the speedrun! Love speedruns.

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Thank you so much! And I see, on the first instance that she disappeared I sincerelly have no idea  what happened haha, but when she flies up you can damage her by deflecting her projectiles with your shield (hold down if you have at least one power up), although I did not communicate that correctly so indeed some people got lost on that part, I will post an updated version that makes that more clear. Thanks!

Thank you so much! The layered music was actually one oft he hardest things to make. And im really glad you liked the art, I went for a Spectrum ZX kinda look, more for practicallity than anything.
 I also am really glad it was you favorite at the time of commenting, makes me motivated on actually putting a more finished version after the Jam ends. Thanks!