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One dungeon of ones, where one's weapon can be used only once.
Submitted by Harry (@LOLGuy213), Louis Jackson (@neonitizetwo), Com50c — 2 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#5434.0784.078

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Really nice way to explain the functionalities of the game. It would be nice if the bow indicated in which direction the arrow was going to be shot.


Pretty good game with nice art, didn't have much time to really play it.


Thank you for trying it nonetheless! I hope you enjoy the full release once we add more to it!


Great design!


This is very nice interpretation of the theme! I agree that the order of turns made me a bit confused, also the characters having only two directional graphics instead of four was a bit cofusing. But given the time for this jam, you did a great job! Well done!


Nice little puzzle game but it was a bit hard to grasp the execution order of the actions, are they ordered in some way or is everything supposed to be simultaneous?


It's set up so that if you are right next to the enemies and try to hit them, they will have priority and kill you first, otherwise players could cheese the combat where you need to consider where you are positioned before attacking. It is very weird though, so we're adding some new mechanics and changing the visual order of things to correct this aspect of the game that feels off.


i tried to attack most of the time it never worked


A lovely game with the feel of puzzle and amazing soundtrack, enjoyed it through!

Feel free to check out my attempt at dungeon crawler:

Submitted (1 edit)

It needs more work. I think it's something like others have said: movement priority; it doesn't feel right. But the concept is solid and can be turned into a good game.
Check our game!


I didn't quite understand when to attack, but I think it's a cool idea! I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Nice! Interesting puzzles - nothing too impossible. Managed to beat the game in about 5 minutes. A good amount of content, and a cool mechanic. Great job!


Great game!

The visual and sound design set a really unique tone that made the game fun to be in even when you weren't playing which is great as you figure out the puzzles. I found the turn order to be a bit confusing to start with(I would attack but the skelly went first so they would get me) but once I got the hang of it it was really fun!

Great take on the theme, thanks for making it!


Thanks for the feedback :) we plan on expanding this and fixing some major underlying issues (turn priority) and how we express the turn priority, and especially for the archer.


Overall, I nice take and mix on the Theme of the Jam (being "Only One") as well as the "Time Moves When you Move" Concept, presented in a bit more of a turnbased style. I like it ^^.

It's a Nice Pixel art nice aesthetic, although it perhaps could do with a bit more animations and possibly a different, less brownish colour scheme, otherwise I get the time constraint and overall I like it. I like the little character that you guys used ^^.

I quite like the turnbased movement, although I think the only issue with it being the idea you have to attack before the skeletons can, while it might work for the Swordsmen, I'm unsure whether it translates well for the Archers, who I had trouble getting into position for, perhaps the priority shouldn't switch depending on where you are on the map? Although I imagine it was designed like this mainly to make it a bit more difficult, perhaps it's something to revise as it was kind of confusing.

The Overlaying Tracks are always welcome and it was a very nice track overall, very calm which fits greatly for this sorta puzzle game.

There was 2 bugs I encountered, one where the entire screen would black out and I'd have to restart the webpage, and one where a skeleton wouldn't fall down one of the crumbling tiles after it had been stepped on already, although it was nothing that didn't effect the game too much.

Good Job here guys! It was an enjoyable, puzzling experience! An Interesting take on the ideas explored! ^^


Wow, thanks for the incredible feedback!
Yeah, I agree the colour scheme could need some spicing up, more vibrant colours for the blocks against the background :)
Yeah, turn priority is a complaint we've received a lot, haha, and we're working on fixing that, by making it clear when the archer is firing (he has a cooldown), and how we're going to explain turn priority. As the rules make sense, and the turn priority make it challenging, it's just many people did not understand it, so we need a better tutorial :p
Thanks for the comment about the soundtrack :) I made it!
Yeah, I've had the black screen bug before, however it's something to do with HTML and I can't seem to figure it out - I'll look into the crumbling tiles one though, I've never seen that before.
Thank you for the extensive feedback! I love seeing this kind of stuff rather than just short simple responses :)


I found this a bit buggy. The first time I started it my character wouldn't move with WASD or the arrows. Then it wouldn't swing my weapon when I pressed space. It seems sticky but I really like the concept. 


Hmm, that's strange - sorry you had these issues! Did you try clicking directly into the HTML5 window, because I think that might be an issue with the GameMaker HTML5 implementation? I'll look into it - thanks for the feedback!


Beat it! It was tricky getting used to having to do my attack before the enemy was in position, so certain stages took me many retries. But I loved the overall style, the game was fun, and I had a really nice time. :)