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Aw man, that's a shame.

Is this complete?

This was super good! Thank you for making this game!


It crashed a million times in the first level. I was able to continue sometimes but eventually it crashes.

This is so good!

Thanks for your comment! They are indeed reused characters from last years' game. Magicless isn't really connected but I'm thinking of remaking it to have a small story. I'm glad you liked the design and the characters!

This one is very good! It would be great to see many different levels with their own design and enemies.

It keeps crashing. But what I played was very good.

This is a great game! I don't really think it fits the theme, but this year there's no "adherence to the theme" category, so it won't be reflected in my rating.

Hey there! I loved this one! It's very short and the level design is too simple, but this could be developed into a very solid full game.

Something as simple as losing control of my units was such a game changer. I had them always by my side, and once they were big enough, swarmed the enemy as quick as possible as to not loose any unit.

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What I would personally do is removing the bullets even earlier. There's a zone  close to the screen edge where it's redundant to let the bullet keep going, since nothing fits there. Just my 2 cents tho.

I love it, but the time limit is way too hard. I keep losing to time over and over even thought I already know exactly what to do.

I don't think bullets should kill people outside the screen.

Such a solid game! You should release this as a full game!

Very original! I love it!

I love it!

Okay thank you!

Thank you! RPGM is a very limited engine, I had to modify it heavily to get it working like this. My previous jam entries are also made in RPGM by the way.

I restarted. Stck again on a different part. Please tell me if this gets fixed, I was loving it.

I was loving it, but I seem to be stuck here. Nothing I press advances the game. Should I restart?

So hard! I can't get past the first few enemies.

You get a full score, it's very fun and original.

Also I rated the fixed version because screw the no fixes rule.

Note: I did not actually report.

Missed the "made in 48h" part of the rules? Whatever the case, reported. We can't have a game that takes 10100 years to finish.

Very good!

Very solid game! You did a great job overall!

Great game, Koveras! You get full score on originality, this was a clever use of the theme.

Hello Harry! I'm glad you liked it this year too! I agree, the them played a minor role on this one, and I considered not submitting a game at all this year. I guess this is what happens when you limit yourself to a single ide. But I really hope you liked the writing, I aspire to be a good writer someday!

Thank you, your game is pretty good too.



By the way, I have a complete version with a deleted scene and a proper ending. Do you want to check it? I have a save file right before the scene, so the only thing you'd have to repeat would be the final boss.

Hi Koveras! I'm completely with you on this one, I had no idea what to do for this jam with such limited software as RPGM. I very seriously considered not participating this year just because of that. In the end I decided this was better than nothing and decided to give it a go.

I recycled a lot from the previous game because I was not planning on using RPGM this year. I had hoped I would have learned to use other IDEs by now, but I just haven't had the time.

And no, the story of both games is completely improvised. The only reason I reaused characters and plot ideas is because a commenter said he'd like a full game out of them. While I'm not planning to do that any time soon, I thought I'd give them a bit more of it this once.

Something I should be asking more often: what do you think of my English? Is it obvious it's not my mother tongue? I'm worried my writting will come off as silly because of dumb grammar or semantic mistakes.

So if not enough people play my game I get penalized? What am I supposed to do? Invest on a marketing campaign?

This is a lot like my game

Thank you so much for your comment! I truly believe my games to be very niche (given the current status of turn based RPGs), but I knew there had to be people like me who would love it and make it worth.

The charge system is one of my earliest inventions (you couldn't know since I never upload my games), and I've come up with a lot of mechanics since. Fire mechanics revolve around status that get worse by themselves over time on their own, and they can spread to other members of the party. Wind mechanics revolve around controlling the turn order like you saw, with some creative mechanics like Trick Room from pokemon, or very strong  buffs that apply to the next attacker, *whoever it happens to be, ally or not*, so you have to control turn order carefully to make sure the next attacker is an ally.

Then there's mechanics that only exist in one orea. For example, there's an area where you can change between different parallel universes where there are slightly different versions of the enemies (they share HP). You can be in a dimension where the enemies have low attack and high resistances, tank their weak hits, and after they have attacked change to a dimension where they have high attack and low resistances and blast them. And there's one time mechanics like a boss that's two enemies, one of them is invulnerable on even turns and the other on odd turns.

I will absolutely continue to make RPGs and I intend to make it my career. I'm writing large stories and learning programming so that one day I can fully dedicate myself to this.

I do intend to drop RPG Maker: the problems you mentioned, the unability to know what you're facing before it's too late, is one of many things that I want to change, and it would be so much work to bend RPG Maker to do that that it's just simpler if I learn to program from scratch. There's also a ton of mechanics that would be very hard or impossible to implement in RPG Maker. I need a system that allows for much more creative freedom.

About text boxes for literally everything: I wanted to do that, but the deadline was real close and I didn't want to miss it. I rushed the text boxes. But I do want to do things like that since Undertale is one of my greatest sources of inspiration (perhaps not mechanically). I want to make that kind of playful and subversive game that's always trying to amuse you and playing with your expectations.

I'm talking too much, this is an enormous post! Just wanted to say thank you for your comments and stay tuned for more!

Hah hah, and that's not even taking into account that the deadline was delayed for 2 hours.

Great design!

I have submitted another RPG Maker Game if you'd like to try it

Thanks for your comment!