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So if not enough people play my game I get penalized? What am I supposed to do? Invest on a marketing campaign?

This is a lot like my game

Thank you so much for your comment! I truly believe my games to be very niche (given the current status of turn based RPGs), but I knew there had to be people like me who would love it and make it worth.

The charge system is one of my earliest inventions (you couldn't know since I never upload my games), and I've come up with a lot of mechanics since. Fire mechanics revolve around status that get worse by themselves over time on their own, and they can spread to other members of the party. Wind mechanics revolve around controlling the turn order like you saw, with some creative mechanics like Trick Room from pokemon, or very strong  buffs that apply to the next attacker, *whoever it happens to be, ally or not*, so you have to control turn order carefully to make sure the next attacker is an ally.

Then there's mechanics that only exist in one orea. For example, there's an area where you can change between different parallel universes where there are slightly different versions of the enemies (they share HP). You can be in a dimension where the enemies have low attack and high resistances, tank their weak hits, and after they have attacked change to a dimension where they have high attack and low resistances and blast them. And there's one time mechanics like a boss that's two enemies, one of them is invulnerable on even turns and the other on odd turns.

I will absolutely continue to make RPGs and I intend to make it my career. I'm writing large stories and learning programming so that one day I can fully dedicate myself to this.

I do intend to drop RPG Maker: the problems you mentioned, the unability to know what you're facing before it's too late, is one of many things that I want to change, and it would be so much work to bend RPG Maker to do that that it's just simpler if I learn to program from scratch. There's also a ton of mechanics that would be very hard or impossible to implement in RPG Maker. I need a system that allows for much more creative freedom.

About text boxes for literally everything: I wanted to do that, but the deadline was real close and I didn't want to miss it. I rushed the text boxes. But I do want to do things like that since Undertale is one of my greatest sources of inspiration (perhaps not mechanically). I want to make that kind of playful and subversive game that's always trying to amuse you and playing with your expectations.

I'm talking too much, this is an enormous post! Just wanted to say thank you for your comments and stay tuned for more!

Hah hah, and that's not even taking into account that the deadline was delayed for 2 hours.

Great design!

I have submitted another RPG Maker Game if you'd like to try it

Thanks for your comment!



The ones you liked the most.

Simple and effective. A perfect game.

I love this one. I just wish the level design demanded mor thinking from me.

Absolutely fantastic.

"Not available for Windows"?

By the way I found your game because I'm looking at creators that impressed me last year. You never dissapoint!

Finally finished it! Thank you! Altough I had already given it 5 stars before I finished it, so I can't make it up to you.


I won? I thought it was an infinite roguelike. Really impresive game! I had a lot of fun!

I've seen the clue, but thanks.

Aww, why so short? I was having a lot of fun!

Hard to rate based on so little content, but what is there gets a high score for sure.

Hey, I'm revisiting every creator that impressed me last year and I have to say you impressed me again! Your work is so original!

Does anyone know how to solve the 5x5 pannel?

Amazing game! Such a shame I can't rate any longer, but the design is excellent! It's like that awesome dungeon in Skyward Sword.

I love that the difficulty is player chosen since you decide which rooms to use, and I found small bits of good design, like one of the first rooms asks you to shoot while the other one requires you to learn how to go up and down. Really imperssive game.

Alright, thank you.

Opening the game

I feel like the skull will do all the job for me if I just let it bounce. Getting trapped in a corner always means instant death due to the lack of i-frames after getting hit. More than one enemy type would show good design, but well, we had two days. It's impressive enough that you got a working roguelike. Also I like the kinestetic bits like screen shaking when hitting enemies.

"Cannot read properly 'split' of undefined"

I feel like the hitbox of the bullet is deceivingly small, but this is about design, not execution.

Not for me, I don't like it, but you get a high rating because it works like you seemingly intended it to. A gem for people who happen to like this kind of trial and error memorization games.

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I love it. It's flawless. You get 5 stars. 

My highscore is 5440.

The more I play, the more references I find to Only One. You get five stars in Adherence to the theme. 

And of course you would win by cheating and becoming a Two. Only a two can End Them Rigtly, after all.  (This reference made me so happy that you get an extra star in design.)

Oh no I wouldn't even try that. If I were to do what you suggested, I'd use a totally different engine.

That would actually work really well. I kinda love your idea!

Thing is, if I were to make a full game with RPG Maker, I would make it so long that you would get very used to the interface. It would also reach a point where the fights, although increasingly complex and hard, would have much more room for player creativity rather than allowing for 1 or 2 different answers. And you would come very naturally to these solutions due to being very used to the main mechanics.(Which isn't to say there wouldn't be new temporary mechanics unique to each area.)

Thanks for your kind comment! And thanks mostly for playing!

I've been using RPGM since I was a kid (almost ten years now). That's how I've learned to script all sorts of small tricks. I'm glad you didn't have problems this time!

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Did you finish it? If you're having trouble with the states, you can see the state under the enemy's name.

If I could use something other than RPG Maker I'd create tools to communicate the mechanics much more efficiently. Unfortunately, that's not the case yet. Thanks for playing! I'll play yours soon.

You may like Magicless, the other game I've submitted.

Thank you! It's really uplifting when someone enjoys it ^^

I found the problem, but I can't upload the fixed version until the jam is over. Fortunately for me , execution isn't rated on this Jam, so bugs shouldn't affect the score haha XD

If you lose to the second fight twice, a bug will prevent you from leveling up when you should. At this point, you have to restart the game. I'm sorry, I'll fix it as soon as the Jam is over.

If you lose to the second fight twice, a bug will prevent you from leveling up when you should. At this point, you have to restart the game. I'm sorry, I'll fix it as soon as the Jam is over.

Oh really? How can this happen? I'm looking at the code and there shouldn't be any problem. It will take time to fix this, but I can't update the game until the Jam is over anyway.