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So how come there's not a single mention of Xenoblade in the book or in this page? Did you find it redundant? (It's obvious for the people who've played it and meaningless for the people who haven't?)

I you don't want references to Xenoblade on this page for any reason I'll delete this comment, just tell me.

For whatever reason I felt like playing again this today haha

Missed opportunity to call it "Dragons & Dragons".

Oh, that's so unfortunate. I hope you have better luck next year!

Love it! It reminds me of that Rayman 3 rocket minigame, except with Wheatley making comments all the way.

I got stuck in a room where I ran out of arms and had to wait several minutes to die. I think it was the one where the sister talks for the first time.

Simple and nice, very good!

Oh that's such an ego boost haha. As an aspiring writer, I really appreciate it.

Btw did you not make a game this year?

Haha yeah, let's call it the xdan RPG Maker Saga. I actually wanted to include a few more dialogues but I ran out of time.

Thank you Harry for trying another one of my games!

Yeah, I had this idea of one character replenishing the other one's health. But I quickly realized there was no reason to switch back to the initial character. So I made life steal consume mana, and I made the initial character able to replenish mana.

This proved a different challenge for me, as now not only did I have to carefully design a single battle, I had to design a complete array of battles and think of all the possible interactions between them.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Hey Koveras! Thanks for playing this year too!

It is indeed smaller, it's very different to what I'm used to do with RPGM and it's also a lot harder to do. And I wasted a ridiculous amount of time creating the intro to the crystal. I wasn't even going to participate this year because I'm tired of RPGM and I still haven't learned anything else. But after the theme reveal I had this idea in the back of my mind and I just had to try it.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the dialogue. I don't really put that much effort to the stories, so I'm really intrigued to see what I could do with a fully planned out narrative game (which is what I'd like to do).

The Positive-Negative Charge Puzzle haha. Yeah, I don't want to keep relying on that forever, it's just  one of my many ideas. But it also happens to be the one I have successully coded. I'm glad that you appreciated that I deviated from it.

Thank you! I'd invite you to try my other RPGM games if we weren't in the middle of the jam.

Aw man, that's a shame.

Is this complete?

This was super good! Thank you for making this game!


It crashed a million times in the first level. I was able to continue sometimes but eventually it crashes.

This is so good!

Thanks for your comment! They are indeed reused characters from last years' game. Magicless isn't really connected but I'm thinking of remaking it to have a small story. I'm glad you liked the design and the characters!

This one is very good! It would be great to see many different levels with their own design and enemies.

It keeps crashing. But what I played was very good.

This is a great game! I don't really think it fits the theme, but this year there's no "adherence to the theme" category, so it won't be reflected in my rating.

Hey there! I loved this one! It's very short and the level design is too simple, but this could be developed into a very solid full game.

Something as simple as losing control of my units was such a game changer. I had them always by my side, and once they were big enough, swarmed the enemy as quick as possible as to not loose any unit.

(1 edit)

What I would personally do is removing the bullets even earlier. There's a zone  close to the screen edge where it's redundant to let the bullet keep going, since nothing fits there. Just my 2 cents tho.

I love it, but the time limit is way too hard. I keep losing to time over and over even thought I already know exactly what to do.

I don't think bullets should kill people outside the screen.

Such a solid game! You should release this as a full game!

Very original! I love it!

I love it!

Okay thank you!

Thank you! RPGM is a very limited engine, I had to modify it heavily to get it working like this. My previous jam entries are also made in RPGM by the way.

I restarted. Stck again on a different part. Please tell me if this gets fixed, I was loving it.

I was loving it, but I seem to be stuck here. Nothing I press advances the game. Should I restart?

So hard! I can't get past the first few enemies.

You get a full score, it's very fun and original.

Also I rated the fixed version because screw the no fixes rule.

Very good!

Very solid game! You did a great job overall!