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Escaped Chasm community · Created a new topic Great!

I hope for more of this!

Magicless community · Created a new topic Comments go here

Anything you want to comment about the game. If you don't feel like opening a whole thread for it, post it here.

Alright thank you! I just completed the game and I loved it!

What if the arena becomes smaller over time and you need to shoot at the walls to make it bigger?

Not sure you gain anything by not knowing what to do.

I can't figure out what to do in the first screen.

Perfect. Please make a game out of this.

Heh. Clever.


About time someone used this old concept! 5/5

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Ah okay! Five stars earned then.

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I have questions about the algorythm that picks the solvable ones..


As you wish but I didn't last more than 20 seconds a single time. By the time I realize I have to change the gravity it's too late.


I already have the code for a combat log. I will work on giving the option to slow down the battle. Thanks for your help!

Wow, this is really good!

Do you think the option to read a combat log would have helped you figure out these things? Or perhaps I should give the attack and the status different names.

The Stanley Parable is one of my favorite games ever! That's a great source of inspiration.

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I actually changed the description of the spell multiple times to make it as little confusing as possible. Guess it didn't work. Glad you liked it!

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The lag is crazy. It's obvious you forced the game to handle way too many items at the same time. Big flat damaging zones instead of small squares would have been better. Cutting the game in various maps would also do the trick. Other than that, excellent design.

Yes it is I'm the best now rate me 20 stars thanks


I'm actually keeping this to play with my friends.

Perfect. I wish you made a full game out of this.

Excellect! The best I've played so far.

This has potential.

Quite nice.

Isn't this basically a typing game?

Really hard to predict the trajectories of the rocks with such a small field of vision.

"A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
 Internal Error (0x20474343), pid=10464, tid=0x0000000000003a08"

Can't download.

This has potential. I'm not sure "collect mechanic" is the same as "no mechanic". But great design.

This is a lot better designed than it seems. The dynamic of looking at the map to move or looking at the screen to shoot is cool, but there's also the little details, like the fact that the map focuses on your back you gotta pay attention to both perspectives, or the objects around the map that you can use to stop yourself when you go too fast or to freely shoot without moving. Really good.

This is too hard for me. Can't rate it as I am.

Good job!

This is a five.

That's funny.

Heheh. That's funny. Well done.