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Secret agent Mr. Bear is strapped to a conveyer belt. Use your detachable exploding rocket arms to escape!
Submitted by Harry (@LOLGuy213), Jaime Williams (@pxthella), zaqu_e, Louis Jackson (@neonitizetwo) — 4 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The game is a series of escape rooms where you cannot move, as the player is joined together with the world. You are stuck to a chair that is slowly being pushed towards an incinerator. The only way to move around and solve each chamber is to fire your detachable rocket arms and punch the emergency stop button!

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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Yeah, having to wait 1 minute before restarting a level is really frustrating, but the concept is cool and the narrator is awesome !



This game had me laughing while panickedly remote controlling my right to bear arms in the funniest way possible. All of the levels were well designed, though I had trouble with running out of fuel right before the button a few times. Great job on submitting such a quality game to the jam!


Such an entertaining game! The voice acting was excellent and hilarious. I feel the controls could use a bit more polish as others have said and I wish there was an option to manually restart levels (if there was a way to do so, I wasn't aware of it).  Unfortunately,  I don't really see how this fits the theme of the jam so I had to deduct a few points for that. Otherwise, amazing work with this!


This game is absolutely bloody amazing. The name, the polish, the voice over, the art style, the puns, and my favourite is the humor. This might be the best game on the jam with best atmosphere/humor.

My top 20 pick for just raw humour and entertainment.

The only thing for me to comment on is that the rocket arm needs a bit more polish. Just a bit more fuel, a bit more explosion range, and better rotating circles. And perhaps a boost mode to quickly traverse long stretches of nothingess.

I am absolutely impressed and loved every moment of it. Next version I would love to see more of grandma.


Love it! It reminds me of that Rayman 3 rocket minigame, except with Wheatley making comments all the way.

I got stuck in a room where I ran out of arms and had to wait several minutes to die. I think it was the one where the sister talks for the first time.


This is pretty fun and pretty funny. It reminds me of the remote control batarangs in the arkham games. Nice work.


Beary good.

What a funny game! I included it in my GMTK compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


That was absolutely amazing. Fun gameplay, and I love the voice acting. Really amazing job


Awesome job! The voice over parts sound very well done, great visuals and music too!

Would love some feedback on my game when you get a chance!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Holy shit. Where do I even start?

This game is phenomenal. The art is great, the story is great, the music is perfect. So much to love. I honestly thought the commentary was going to be annoying after a while, but I was happily wrong. It was so funny and had me chuckling often. I still laugh pretty hard at the “glass things” bit where it gets broken lol Got some really strong Portal vibes.

My only critique is that the round would just end if you use up all your bear arms. Cause on some levels I just had to wait until I died so I could start over. Other than that? It’s perfect. Absolutely love it. This game better be Top 10 or I’m going to riot.

I’ll be following you all for updated builds and more games. Great job to all of you!


Haha the commentary is so funny, Especially the sister.

BTW, Would love for you to try my game too.

It is an Action Platformer with unique controls.



Wow, what an amazing game !!!

Kudos guys, lets start with how much I love the art style, the simple models and the hand painted textures were perfect and gave you the perfect tools to build various levels. I also loved the fact that you guys used two LODs for the crates, great !!!

Voice acting was funny and kept things alive. The controls were good, a bit wonky at times but I was playing on the browser so that might be better on the PC version.

Great work overall, not sure how the game fits the theme but i liked it so much that i didnt mind at all lol.

I hope you have some time to play my game and give some honest feedback from designer to designer.

Keep up the good work !!!



When I thought escape rooms couldn't surprise me anymore... comes a game so full of charm and wit, with a funny twist on the formula! I loved every second of it!!!

I would suggest a tiny QoL improvement though: once you're out of rocket arms, it would be nice if the treadmill pushed you quicker to the incinerator, so as to reset the room without giving the player a reset button. It only happened once but it was definitely noticeable.

Overall, great job, congratulations and see you next jam hopefully!


Hilarious game! Fantastic dialogue, really challenging puzzles, and really charming theme. An overall joy to play. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the sequel to find out what happens next!!


This is the funniest game I have played until now in the jam. Great job.


Ah thank you!! Honestly I found Dongle Hell to be the funniest one I'd seen, so that means a lot! Thank you for playing :D


Very creative interpretation of the theme, makes for a very fun & unique gameplay. The voiceover is really hilarious too. As much as I love this game, I think you really need to add the quick retry button, I know you dont want to, but I think it's a must ;)

Awesome job though! Congrats!


I definitely want to! I am kicking myself for not having included it - but there is a post-jam updated version with the feature included that I'll be uploading once we can - thanks for playing and for the feedback!


Interesting take on the theme! I really liked the time limit being expressed through physical movement - it made the planning when and where to take a shot quite engaging.

Really enjoyable game, was frustrating at parts without a restart button but I really enjoyed it. The music is great and really makes the tension clear. Well done

Really fun game, I really wish there was an option to speed up the conveyor belt when you have used both your arms though.

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