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Thank you!

Thanks for passing by! 

This was a very goods experience. I remember playing this game a few days ago, but playing it again with fresh eyes made it a whole different experience. Today I was able to get the aim of the game, and I really liked the atmosphere, it was terrifying indeed! It could have been way better if it had some music and sfx. The graphics looked really nice and the visual effects were outstanding!

Well done :)

Nice concept you have here! Being followed by a monster and ruinning for my life kept me on the tip of my toes. Alas my computer is a bit old, and when I run games in full screen it suffers a lot. it was running 10 fps, which made the game really hard. Nice idea!

I made the sound track myself on guitar and logic pro. It is repeated B9 chord, and the sfx were high and low B notes for jump and bump. (see only one note lol)

This is very nice interpretation of the theme! I agree that the order of turns made me a bit confused, also the characters having only two directional graphics instead of four was a bit cofusing. But given the time for this jam, you did a great job! Well done!

Thank you! Your words are really encouraging! I will take all your valuable feedback into consideration for sure, esp. sfx, most people seemed to be bothered by it :)

I am really grateful, thanks!

I liked the idea behind the game design. But it seemed a bit easy towards the end, as I had many recruites and faced with a relatively easy challenge. But has great potential and I am eager to see where you could take it from here!

Well done :)

Nice game here! It was very hard to play alone (you need two seperate brains to do so, technically speaking) I liked how polished the graphics was, but I felt it needed sfx to give feedback, specially that it gets crouded. Also, although the game is playable by gamepad, it can't be started by one, something that should be considered...

Keep it up!

Good one! Story is fun, idea is really original, but the game is really hard :)

Well done!

Nice entry here.  It was easy to grasp and play, one hero that can be controlled only by mouse. I felt like the camera was working against me, as one could get more speed the further the player is from the pointer, yet it made the player closer by focusing on what was behind the player not what was in front of him (I hope that made sense). Keep it up!

This game is really good! I liked how I improved with playing, that was satisfying! Well done :)

Nice game here! My only take is that it ended up for me using trial and error to solve it, maybe I missed something, or maybe I got too old. Any way it was good! Well done

Thank you! I feel grateful for how much attention you paid to my game :)

Nice game here! It is addictive!

Nice game!

Nice game! Best I could do was 10 :D

The game is really cool! Simple but really addictive!
Well done :)

Nice game you have here! Well done :)

This was fun! I liked how polished your game looked, and the story, albeit simple, was also nice! Good job :)

I like your take on the theme, it sands out because of the story and the atmosphere you created with music and choice of graphics. Also liked the cliff hanger at the end. 

Well done :)

Thank you :)

This was good actually, although I couldn't get the good ending.

You know, as far as my humble knowledge goes, the mainstream game programmers are going for ECS paradigm, thinking of games in a data driven style rather than OO style, and although popular game engines are still inclined towards a more OOP approach, this is only for ease of use, but huge projects would approach the programming differently. This is why I believe what you are doing is really important. With the limitations you are setting , you are forcing yourself to think in a data driven way, and this exercise will render itself very helpful. This is also why I might be interested in making GB games in ASM, so count me in :D

This is very good! I liked the level design, and how the difficulty curve was really adequate. It was hard until I got the "A-ha" moment and that made me feel smart :D Kudos for that :)

All in all, really well done :)

Good entry here! You already have 400+ ratings, that say something :)

Personally I found the game really fun and engaging, and the polish is really good, my only take is controls, it felt a little counter-intuitive for the shard throwing part.

Good job!

This game was nice to play! I discovered that you are doing integer math, so -3 / -2 would make me win :D

Keep up the good work!

This is nice! I when I was a kid I had a computer that ran on Z80 processor, I used to program things in Basic on it, but assembly was way out of reach (back then the only way to learn something was to take a course or buy a book, and sure assembly was out of the question). Your game took me back to those old days (much better days compared to my present). Enough talking about me, let me talk about the game: I like how much effort and love you put in here, your interpretation of the theme is very good, and although you restricted yourself with the hardware you used, you were able to use what was available in a good way. I found myself dying a lot, and it took me sometime (and some reading) to understand what was going on, this needs some tweaking, I think.

All in all, this is a solid entry and I really like it! May be you can make some series on how to make a GB game :)

Lol thank you!

I am thinking about having themed sets of levels, game of life theme is one of the themes I am thinking of :)

Thank you for the valuable feedback! The suggestion for the dialogue is really good, and I agree the narration system can use some improvement... I really appreciate it :)

I liked this game! The controls were really tight and the game was balanced to be difficult (at least for my skills) yet fair. Keep it up!

I am glad you enjoyed it :)

Nice game here! I liked how the use of one screen and warping around it could be tactically used. The enemy ships seemed as if they have no inertia, when the player warped they changed the direction immediately, and that was somehow confusing. Keep up the good work! 

Thank you! I feel touched by your kind words :)

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it :D

Oh my, oh my... The aesthetic here is very original, for me it isn't using whatever material you had, on the contrary I felt like there was vision behind it, a bit odd, but very artistic vision. Well done!

Nice puzzle game! 

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Thank you for your feedback and kind words, and I am glad you liked my narrative, it was an important part of the game for me. Originally past and future concepts were tools I used to design levels, later I decided to add them to the game as a gimmick that even seeing the past or the future is useless lol.

Thank you :)

This game is nice once you know how to play it, collision detection could use some tweaking. I liked the idea of it recording the place I reached every time. Good job!

Man, this game deserve a lot of love! It is solid! The atmosphere, the music, the puzzles, the difficulty curve! It is just perfect! Well done :)