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The tunnels to freedom are guarded by a monstrous beast
Submitted by Cinimart (@CinimArt), Filip Basara (@filipbasara) — 3 hours, 30 seconds before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#11683.3593.359

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Cool! I know this is about design, but I want to compliment you on visuals and audio as well. c: I don't think any of my thoughts have not already been covered by others, so I'm not sure what to add! Good job! c:


Nice concept you have here! Being followed by a monster and ruinning for my life kept me on the tip of my toes. Alas my computer is a bit old, and when I run games in full screen it suffers a lot. it was running 10 fps, which made the game really hard. Nice idea!


The idea of a maze and constantly following thread is nice! But since the death is inevitable and you still progress without that much effort, the whole concept kinda breaks and only the curiosity remains. So, yeah the concept is nice and with some "fixes" it could be also enjoyable for the entire game.


The first door and the quick section after it felt smart! The idea is very interesting.

Then came slimes(?), which I found unintuitive. Going through the same thing over and over again can feel a bit boring too.

(SPOILER:) Getting out was actually eazy when I ignored (in the maze section; other than white) levers. I'd like at least a pop-up in the ending. Also, the file size is pretty scary :P.

Other than that, pretty cool game :)!


The game has a very good gameplay and interesting level. I enjoyed my playthrough, the only problem I see now is a pretty dark environment. Keep develop this idea!


Hi! I really appreciate the concept, but i think it would be better with more and shorter levels (obviusly, if you want to develop a similar game outside the jam. I found a bug with the collision between the knight and some wall :( Good work, I enjoy playing it ;)


Was fun to play, but was really hard! Cool concept, but I saw games with similar concepts , so yeah!

I do like the concept. Im sure  that if it would have multiple level there could be a nice marked for it.

The grafic is simple and nice. The gameplay fits the Theme, learn from your ancestors (aka. your old spawns). 

I think there were only few games that i know and played in the past that used some kind of related gameplay to this. Mostly rougelikes.


Really interesting concept, and I liked the sense of small progress for each run. It did become a little tiresome to go trough the same places over and over again though.


I didn't really like to know in advance that I will die for my next attempt, like mandatory. I would have love to have some chances (even not big) to avoid or defend myself. Or to die for a better purpose than activating a switch.

Graphics are good and I like the music, the creature chasing me worked quite well (with the mega red light haha).

The game reminded me "Life Goes On: Done to Death", where your dead corpse will play as a platform for example.


Great graphics, and I really enjoyed progressing little by little through the dungeon and learning fromm my mistakes, Very good work you did on this one!

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Uff that file size. Great graphics and interesting idea. Good job!


Pretty tough and damn that monster got me so anxious lmao


I love the concept of graves to mark the place where we died ! I like the graphics and the visual aspect of the monster. I think it would have been interesting to be able to dodge the monster. Anyway, great job :D


That's quite the hefty download! Regardless, the game is simple yet stunning in it's presentation with lovely lighting effects! I really like the persistent gravestones! Great job overall.