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I forgot to put it in the instructions so here it is:


Thanks, I'll give it a watch!

Haha happens to the best of us! I would love to see what comes of it, please let me know :)

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate you taking the time to give some feedback!

Moving forward I definitely want to work on the difficulty curve, working the player up to harder challenges and I think having a floor wouldbe a great way to that.

Thanks for the feedback!

Just finished playing this, great game!

I loved a lot of stuff about this game, its main mechanic is a great spin on the theme and the game uses the mechanic for a lot of interesting gameplay experiences. I loved how there were both good and bad invisible things like spikes and trampolines as it really forced you to remember the map layout. Having some springs help you and others harm you was also great as you had to think critically about every one you saw.

Level 2 was fantastic. The first ax makes you think you should run under them, but the second ax swings the other way so you can't. This had me stumped for a good while until I had the ah-ha moment of going over the top! That felt fantastic and was an awesome experience that not many puzzle games can create.

All in all, a fantastic take on the theme with great execution. Thanks for making it!

This is such a great take on the theme!

As others have said the character design, artwork, and music is all spectacular.

Beyond that I think the mechanics are really cool. Refining fighting games to that paper scissors rock type gameplay and then combining that with one button controls made for a really interesting  experience. I liked how pieces of counterplay slowly revealed themselves like waiting for a block-breaker to jab etc.

I would love to see this developed further with some more content!

Awesome game, thanks for making it :)

Just finished a couple of play throughs, this is a really fun game!

I really liked how the mechanics were inherently explained as you play. If you don't start your sandwich with a bit of bread the sound design lets you know that you are stuffing up, and when you get a big sandwich the game lets you know that that is a good thing.

I really liked the music and design of the main character as well, it certainly had a lot of personality!

All in all, great take on the theme and a very fun game to play. Thanks for making it!

Great game!

The visual and sound design set a really unique tone that made the game fun to be in even when you weren't playing which is great as you figure out the puzzles. I found the turn order to be a bit confusing to start with(I would attack but the skelly went first so they would get me) but once I got the hang of it it was really fun!

Great take on the theme, thanks for making it!


Awesome idea and a fantastic implementation!

It is so crunchy to play, and the art and music is brilliantly stylized.

Great job!

This is amazing.

Such a unique and hilarious spin on the theme.  Not getting booed ended up being a pretty good incentive to pick the correct answers lol.

Awesome idea, thanks for making this game!

I was really into the idea of this game, and the description for it had me very excited!

It seemed like it might have been missing some content as I was only able to keep going back through the same one room. Despite that the sleeper hold mechanic showed a lot of promise and the character that was shown through K.C. Rideback's animation was very compelling.

Best of luck with this game!

This is an incredibly fun game!

The mechanic seems really simple at first, and then you run into the first red enemy. Having to scramble around picking up ammo, loading it into guns, shooting targets, and avoiding getting hit made for a really exhilarating experience.

Having extra treasure be available on each levels, as well as upgrades in between each level really gave some room for expression within the game as well, which is great.

All in all great job, thanks for making this game!

Interesting game!

The main mechanic definitely seemed very simple to begin with but as the levels went on it began to reveal a lot of gameplay depth that I had not seen coming at first glance.

I really enjoyed the music and the simple yet stylized artwork.

If i had to give some feedback I might say that the theme of the jam could have been expressed a bit more strongly but all in all you have a very engaging game here.

Thanks for making it!

This game is fantastic, I think it might be my favorite in the jam so far!

The premise is absolutely brilliant, and it works so well with the theme of the jam. Not only was it hilarious but it also brought out some really interesting mechanics. I love how taking control over a gun is safer than taking over a human but it is also much slower giving you a variety of gameplay options. I love you can jump in a  gun and fire yourself to cross the whole level in one go.

The opening dialogue gave me a good hearty chuckle and the music was a great touch. It is totally a spy song whilst still being it's own thing.

I started out using the keyboard and found it a bit hard to control but it was much better once I switched to controller.

If I had to give some feedback I might say that the level designs could play into the mechanics a bit more? Perhaps some long hallways for you to shoot yourself down, etc.

Overall killer game, thank you for making it!

This is a neat game!

At first I struggled as I kept bumping into asteroids and losing all of my spinning momentum but once I caught on that I should probably be avoiding the asteroids it was a good challenge! A good take on the theme and well executed. Nice job!

This is great!

Such a unique idea and a great take on the theme. The controls are quite awkward but I think in this case it works very much in favor of the game, as I couldn't stop laughing! Throwing the lifesaver makes you feel like captain america and it is very gratifying to save your crew.

Awesome game, thanks for making it :D

This is really great! The main mechanic is not complex but brings a boat load of gameplay depth to the table and is a brilliant twist on the theme. I am not usually a big fan of puzzle games but this one I really enjoyed, you are able to digest and plan the entire level out and yet it stills functions as a dynamic and engaging platformer. The sound design and artwork is fantastic and overall this game creates an interesting and polished experience.

Thanks for making it!


This game is very reminiscent of some flash games from back in the day! I think a couple of things could be improved to really help this really shine.

My main issue was the size of the map. On some runs I would run from one end of the map to the other until my time ran out and I wouldn't see a baddy. Perhaps some indication of where they are, a wider angle camera, or a smaller map could help with this.

There was also very little feedback when you get one of the baddys. Some sound effect, screen shake, or other effect might go a long way. The baddys crumbling into little particles was a very nice touch though!

I think with a bit more polish this could be very fun!

That is a great idea :)

Sure thing!

Just finished playing through, I had a blast!

The design of the levels, especially the early ones, were fantastic. The way they introduced mechanics in a safe environment and slowly escalated the danger really made me feel like I was getting the hang of it.

The lines that are left behind on failed attempts made failing a level almost as enjoyable as completing it. Instead of each life being a hard reset you are building up this web of bouncy failures which I found really fun.

The gravity was also tuned nicely. Having it be slightly floaty ensures that you feel a real sense of tension as the lil guy flies through the air closely avoiding spikes.

I did notice that when sliding down a wall the character would stick to it instead of falling. That might be part of the buggy tiles that the splash-screen mentioned. I didn't find that this impacted game play at all so it is nothing in need of an urgent fix.

As a final note, the main character is adorable. I know we aren't allowed to judge based on graphics but fantastic work on conveying his emotions!

Thanks for making this :D

Thanks for taking the time to give some feedback. I think moving forward I definitely want to elaborate on the level design and improve the difficulty curve so it can be more accessible.

Thanks for the feedback! In hindsight I really would have liked to have spent some more time on the difficulty curve.

Thanks for the great feedback! This is all definitely stuff I will improve moving forward.