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that's what she saidView game page

you have one catchphrase, use it wisely
Submitted by doruk balcı (@felonious_monk_), Berkay (@beeerkaay) — 1 hour, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#9593.6253.625

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I just discovered this gem while I was waiting for the results. Neat work guys!


I've never seen such a great and brief summary of The Office US! :D The bouncy speech bubbles at the end were a nice touch.


Ahahaha, this is great. Definitely the most cynical take on the theme and I'm HERE for it. A game where your objective is to run a joke into the ground. You excellent devs, you!


hahah thanks a bunch!


I don't know why but when I press play the screen goes black but the music is still playing


Love the references, and the game itself its pretty fun to play, with the One catchphrase.  


Well, that definitely was something original)  o_o


Funny and peculiar game. At start I didn't understand what I suppose to do, but gradually I get it. Nice work.


Damn that was fun. That's what she said ! Great game , I had some trouble reading bubbles going to fast, the text becomes blurry when it moves. The fact that the bubbles are moving away is a great idea as this joke is funny only if you say it on time ! Great execution on a original idea ! Amazing work.


If only there were more than five stars for originality! That was a fun little game, and by far the weirdest and most unique game I've played so far!


This is very funny! Very unique take on the theme.


This is simple, charming, and fun. It had me giggling. I don't actually watch The Office, so I don't know any of these characters, but it's still funny. I hope you get featured.


Simple concept, well executed.  Easy enough to understand after a few moments! 


timeless joke, great game, love it

harder than I expected!


That's what she said!


Pack it up everybody, we've got ourselves a winner

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Why was it programmed so that the game tells you if you were correct in saying "that's what she said"? Wouldn't it be better if the game let you decide when you want to use the catchphrase.


i'm not sure if i get what you said but, we needed some kind of feedback to let the player know whether the joke made sense or not. if you could say that's what she said to anything without any feedback it would be more of a toy. which is perfectly fine, just not what we wanted to do.


Great game. Reminds me of a famous quote: "That's what" - She.


loved everything about the game 

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