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Just finished playing this, great game!

I loved a lot of stuff about this game, its main mechanic is a great spin on the theme and the game uses the mechanic for a lot of interesting gameplay experiences. I loved how there were both good and bad invisible things like spikes and trampolines as it really forced you to remember the map layout. Having some springs help you and others harm you was also great as you had to think critically about every one you saw.

Level 2 was fantastic. The first ax makes you think you should run under them, but the second ax swings the other way so you can't. This had me stumped for a good while until I had the ah-ha moment of going over the top! That felt fantastic and was an awesome experience that not many puzzle games can create.

All in all, a fantastic take on the theme with great execution. Thanks for making it!

Thank you! This means a lot to us :)