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A prototype for a fighting game with only one button. My submission for the GMTK 2019 Game Jam.
Submitted by hansy — 11 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#3574.2504.250

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Congratulations for the game! Loved the overall aesthetics and how it is linked with the theme.. Rated <3

If you are interested in Tower Defense, check out our game. A tower defense where you can control only one tower at a time.


I like how you manage to bring variety to using a single button !


This is great! Good choices on the art and music, and I really enjoy the way you utilized different types of input. Letting go of block to break the other player's block feels natural and was a genius decision!


Good idea! Definitely interesting. Sadly the oponent never uses block-breaking blows, so you can just block till she punches, then punch her and block again. Rather simple, but with a bit of refinement it could really make for an interesting experience.


This is such a great take on the theme!

As others have said the character design, artwork, and music is all spectacular.

Beyond that I think the mechanics are really cool. Refining fighting games to that paper scissors rock type gameplay and then combining that with one button controls made for a really interesting  experience. I liked how pieces of counterplay slowly revealed themselves like waiting for a block-breaker to jab etc.

I would love to see this developed further with some more content!

Awesome game, thanks for making it :)


Awesome I'm glad you like it! Yeah we are going to work on finishing this idea and I'll be starting with cleaning up the mechanics so those strategies you mentioned come through clearer. Thank you so much for the feedback :)


Really cool idea that could be expanded (making combo by pushing / holding / releasing the button with different timing). Nonetheless, it is sometime difficult to read the opponant moves and I win just by  keeping punching her like a machine gun. The character is super cool. Music too. I would be curious to see what will be post jam version.


thank you so much! Yeah the current idea is to create 4 characters who have slight variations on the punch, block, and break system. Like a character with a spiked shield and someone who restores health on a successful shield break. 

You're absolutely right too. It is tough to read the opponentes move and I'll certainly keep it in mind. My artist appreciates the nice words as well. :)


I love the fact that it is multipayer, had a bit of fun with this. The character design is REALLY good, given enough time to top them up would make this character look A class, very well done on art.


thank you! I was hoping to make it just a simple fun experience for now (I'll nail down the strategy once I clean up my code)  

My artist greatly appreciated your comments btw and we are definitely planning on finishing the animation on this character as well as 1-3 more. :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I loved the character design, for reals! I read the comment below first so I button mashed the s**t out of it!  Fun and simple, loved that you can play it on multiplayer. 


thank you so much! I definitely wanted to convey a simple and enjoyable idea. I'll pass the character design comment along to my artist. :)


Nice, I guess this is a fighting game where you literally are button mashing XD It's nice and simple.


ahaha yeah thank you!

Button mashing was definitely unintentional. My spaghetti code somehow allowed you to use the shield break move while mashing which certainly breaks the balance a lot. I'm hoping to rewrite it over the next few weeks though to make it a little more fair and interesting.