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Bounce Shot - GMTKJam 2019View game page

A game for the GMTKJam 2019, following the theme "Only one"
Submitted by Fabadiculous — 7 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Bounce Shot - GMTKJam 2019's page


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Adherence to the Theme#7653.8463.846

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The balance is really nice where you just redo your shot if you miss which makes it feel fluid (Until you hit yourself >_<) I like the dynamic trade off in difficulty where you are choosing to make it harder on yourself to get a better score. Nice work turning an actiony game into a puzzle one!


Cool game, I liked the bounciness and had to replay some levels multiple times to beat them - so it's quite challenging. I'd like it more if there were some feedback on hits, like screen-shake and sound.

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Thanks. I will play your game when I get home this afternoon.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Pretty simple concept but also pretty effective.
It's definitely one of those addictive game that makes you say "just one more" all the time. (especially when, like me, you're a master at finding just the right angle to get hit by your own bullet in some flashy way)

Great job!


This one took me a bit of time to get the hang of, but was really satisfying once I did. Once I saw the G and the M - I realised what the next two levels would be too :D

It feels a bit clumsy to control,  because the input is triggered on space RELEASE rather than space PRESS. I think if you swapped that it would be a lot more responsive. Also, it's really satisfying to get lots of bounces, but you're punished for bouncing too much because the ball despawns. I think you could benefit from a few more bounces allowed.

You've got a cool idea here, great job!



Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. The action on space release was part of a hacky workaround to do with an event from pressing space on the menu firing as soon as the game started, meaning aiming was confirmed instantly. I could change it to be on press after the jams over.

fits the theme..nice fun little game.. 

All the best for the rest of the jam
Kindly, return the favor by trying mine and leave your feedback:

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice little game with a good concept, however I'm not sure why you would ever fire a bullet with less than 5 power :P Also aiming was pretty difficult as if you shoot even a few pixels off from where you shot last time it might completely go a different way. Perhaps some kind of "grid" system on the wall could determine at what angle to bounce the ball? I'm not sure, but I think the aiming system could use a little more work. Otherwise, I like the concept, and good job! :) This game certainly has potential, and if you are willing to take it to the next step I think it could be a really cool game :) Keep it up! :)


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.  I was going to implement a line pointing along the trajectory of your shot, but didn't get around to it in the time. Also, sometimes wall collisions are body because the walls are actually individual tiles, so if you hit the border between two tiles, the bullet can bounce in the wrong direction. The only reason to shoot a bullet with less than 5 power is to get more score, because the more bounces your bullet uses before hitting the enemy, the more points you get. This isn't explained too well in the game, and was kinda added last minute because I realised there wasn't really any reason not to use 5 power all the time.


You're welcome :)

Yeah, I understand, 48 hours is not a lot... :|

I see... Yeah I didn't really get that about the score, sorry :P


The concept behind is clever and  cool, but maybe adding some kind of help to see where we shoot because is kinda hard to find the right spot


Yeah, I was going to implement a line pointing along the trajectory of your shot, but didn't get around to it in the time.


A simple project with a good premise. I know this is probably due to time constraints, but some graphics, music and sound effects would be greatly appreciated. Overall, simple and entertaining. Good work!


nice! unique and simple.


Good use of a theme and very nice mechanic! I had fun playing and finding different ways to destroy cube.