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hey! That's a good idea! Didn't think about that one. Thanks

I think it has 4 ;) did you also got the one where time runs out?  I do think that one might be impossible to get..

Thank you for playing the game!

ah, it makes sense now! 

Sure thing! I took a few screen shots, and they are all the same level as it seems, it's this one:

Interesting... there should be like 2 red slashes ("animation") when you do... did you try to press "," too? Maybe try in full-screen mode?

When exporting I name the file index.html, then zip the contents of the build. It has always worked for me that way. I'm curious why it doesn't for you.. did you mark all the correct settings on itch page too? Basically I do what the guy does in this tutorial: 

awesome game, the controls takes some time to get used to, but once you do it's challenging and really interesting

whoa, this is super cool! was a bit hard to navigate the medi-copter, but all the bullets and everything were super juicy, and nice sound too!

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... nice ...

I did not survive Highschool - yet I LIVE!!!

A nice game, reminded me one of my 1st games that I created myself, but it was a bucket that caught rain-drops! Good job, please export a webgl next time :)

Nice game, needed a few tries to complete it. And loved the music! Next time please also export to webgl ;)

Again, one of my favorite games this jam! Will follow you, cuz you make cool puzzle games! :) 

Only thing that was confusing to me, that even if I got everything right some levels didn't trigger "complete" animation. I guess it's because you've run out of the levels in the blood type category.

Very cool - I'm always impressed when seeing 3d games in this jam, very well done, was a bit short though.

Great story! I liked it, but I didn't have the patience to save her! ;( IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE?!! *rage quits, breaks keyboard in half, goes and cries in bed, because failed to save Ms. bird*

At 1st I was confused by the controls, because I wasn't catching the people, but somehow I got the hang of it - I guess the perspective/collisions messed with my brain a bit. That said - I still like the idea, kinda like a 2d game.... but 3d if that makes sense?

Currently my favorite game! Looks and plays great! The only thing that confused me, that it looped the same levels without me noticing, so I played it a few times :D

Was super hard to drive that thing, took a few tries till I made it. The ambulance sound was a bit too loud, but I guess it adds to realism :)

No no no - that's Achilles not Аккилис. Аккилис weakness (according to TriJam lore) is his toe and he like vodka.

I'm glad you enjoyed it - would've added audio too, but was too tired and a lot of things went the way I didn't expect it to :D

It's all fair! Thank you for the critique! 

Yeah, I was wondering, if I should've increased it to 120 seconds, but since I was able to complete it, and it felt challenging, I left it at 90. The higher graffiti wasn't intentional, but it also provided with some challenge - so I left it. Thank you for playing my game! :)

Tried it, but couldn't figure out controls - so really couldn't complete any levels :( 

Also one of my favorites this jam! Really enjoyed it, and actually beat it, took 2 tries - the hotdog one was the hardest

nice one! I liked the dramatic music, felt that I was going to crash any second! couldn't get all the crates, but had fun anyway!

Ah, this reminds me when I created my 1st trijam game - duck factory, where you were to sort bad and the good ducks coming down the conveyor. This is just done way better :D I got about -500 points, until the puncher couldn't keep up anymore. 

I was expecting that brownie would change on the boat level, so didn't know if I had it right until I jumped into the bow. And I couldn't figure out the last level. Overall super cool idea!

always wanted to be a hitman - now I've lived my dream! good game!

yeah +1, I don't want to install random stuff on my phone

I felt like a manual pop-up blocker :D I liked the game, it needs some sounds and feedback when you close a notification IMO

Thank you for playing the whole game!

I agree about the indication on graffitis, somehow when I made it, that didn't cross my mind. It should be the bubbles that damage the graffiti, otherwise there's a sirious bug :D.

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This is a great game. Here's a few things to improve it:
1) have some feedback when removing the weeds, like some sound and animation
2) some juice, like screen-shake + sound when a weed over-grows

Otherwise it's a really good game, great team work!
P.S. I hope you continue to make it, and add another boy character, so I can play as the soy-boy (I'm joking about the soy-boy, don't take it seriously ;) )

yeah, agree - you think you can do soooo much, then you look at the timer and it's "oh F!!!" - that's why I went over 1.5h :D

this is also one of my favorites this jam! Super cool looking, juicy, simple and enjoyable - good job!

Yay, I won! Now I'm ready for the real casinos! This would be super cool as a multiplayer game - a lot of bluffing and mind-tricks could be involved!

Can you spot the impostor? :D Good idea, but sometimes it's super hard to tell, maybe a hint where to look at would be helpful. Overall - great job! I liked it!

Super cool game - definitely one of my favorites this jam! It's super hard, because the names are unconventional and the enemies respawn immediately - maybe it should need some more balance. The visuals were great - really cool looking font and simple, but great 3d models. 

I played this before in web and wanted to play again to give rating. The itch page says now that you haven't uploaded the game - so I had to download it.

This is real fever-dream of a game - I think that is what you were going for visually?

The goal was understood easily, but unfortunately I didn't understand how to win or lose the game - I drove around in my 2-wheeler for a while when I gave up.

Sometimes the 2-wheeler got stuck on slopes, but somehow by tapping up button it moved forward.

Anyhow - super interesting take on the theme and weirdly cool visuals.

I had similar idea at 1st - but wanted to put a jumpscare, like in that game where you have to move the mouse with a promise to get naughty picture only to get scared, but decided to do something different. That's why when I played I was waiting for something to happen - it didn't and that's good :D That said... I got really scared from explosion. Good game!

Looks great, but there was some weird background sound, like a static screen or something for me, that really annoyed me. It was confusing why the blow-fish didn't get shot, but later I understood that you just have to try and avoid them. Visuals were amazing, but when I shot the thing I need to remove, it flashes the screen so much, that if I had epilepsy it would be bad - should have some warning or something.

Nice meme! But is it possible to even make the correct choice?