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Really enjoying this game so far. The watering can “machine-gun” sound does take you out of the chill mood though.

Oh! Could be nice to get some dollarbucks from the deforestation (and maybe an option to grow trees?)

Maybe I was running an older version (had the browser window open for a while). I’ll restart the game, and if I get to the pumpkins, I’ll let you know :)

Are Pumpkins broken? For some reason when I pick them, they don’t give me dollarbucks.

Pievienojaties šodien 21:00, kur apskatīsim visas iesniegtās 16 spēles!!

Nice and simple game, love it that I can play it from the browser! A juice powered tank - very ecological! An improvement would be gun power-ups (like a spread gun or rockets), maybe some other stat increase and more enemy types. Good job!

My car was a bit slow, and the sound was a bit too much for my ears. Overall - I enjoyed the design of the tracks and the retro graphics, I did push space a few times by accident and it changed the level. Would add some pickups, like rockets, to make it more fun - and maybe instead of space changing levels have a level selection screen before the race starts.

I didn’t get the juice glass, but enjoyed the game a lot. A very original design and overall a nice colorful game. There are a lot of things to improve of course - collisions could be better, sound effects and music could add so much, some kind of a check-point system would make it less frustrating (not a fan that I need to restart the level all the time after falling down) and some direction signs where to go would really help.

Atklāšanas straume, kur īsi izejam cauri noteikumiem, un pasākuma plānam pieejama ir šeit:

At 1st I didn't understand what's happening, but once I got it, it's a pretty nice and interesting game!

It would be nice if, there was a clear indicator how many times you need to evacuate someone before it actually evacuates + maybe some sound clues.

Good job with a minimalistic game engine!

It's a nice example of a visual novel.

It was a bit alien experience to install an emulator and configure it to run a sega genesis rom (I've used emulator before, but 1st time I've opened a sega emulator), but I did it!

There's only 1 choice that effects if you get a good or a bad ending, other than that it's just a different dialogue, but the humor was nice.

Would like to see more visual novels in the future from you!

whoa, this looks awesome, can't wait to play it next week!

sure thing, I'll try to play it before the voting period ends to change my rating!

This game definitely follows the theme all right! I felt very limited in my vision and failed a bunch of times till I got my 1st kill, also it was nice to see babylonjs for the game and web-tech for UI used! Good job!

So far it's a super creepy demo of the game that might be, the eyes are very disturbing and the way they turn around to look at you and follow - nice! Hope to see the devlog soon, enjoyed the previous one!

Good game, like a blind agar-io + tanks with upgrades!

Things to improve:
1) it was no clear at the beginning that you have to eat the green dots to be able to shoot
2) there is no "restart" button, or at least I had no clue how to restart the game
3) shootin/hitting sounds would have been nice

Enjoyed it very much, thank you for making it!

thanks everyone who suggested the themes, the reveal is up, and you'll soon see the theme! :)

Hey! Thank you everyone who joined the discord and submitted the themes, the theme revieal is available bellow! Happy jammin'!

Hey! I'll decide on the theme tomorrow, please post your suggestions in Discord: or here! I will add them to a single array and let the code decide randomly!

Cool! I'll actually try to do something I have no clue with, I'll learn some basic c++ and use Ouzel - made by a Latvian developer we'll see what I can make in 1 week during eventings without pactical C++ knowledge.

Would be cool to know in advance what engines you're planning to use for your games! Please share ;)

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Hi, unfortunately I cannot run the game on Apple M1 MacBook Air (2020). It just say's, that it's "damaged" and can't be opened :(

Let me know, if you manage to fix it, thank you!

BRSD 11 community · Created a new topic BRSD "apbalvošana"

Hei visiem! Šodien izsniegšu diplomus uzvarētājiem!! Lūdzu nāciet uz pasākumu (par brīvu, bet jāreģistrējas eventbride)

Ar nepacietību gaidīšu jūs visus klātienē!

Ir nepieciešams lejupielādēt visus 3 failus un ielikt 1 mapē, lai palaistu projektu.

Ieteikums spēles izstrādātājam: Ielikt visus nepieciešamos failus 1 .zip arhīvā, lai nerodas šādas situācijas.

Liels paldies visiem, kas ziedoja Ukrainas atbalstam! Esmu nosūtījis visiem e-pastus, tur ir links, lai akceptētu piekļuvi balsošanai BRSD 11 - lūdzu apskatiet arī spama folderi. Ja nu ir nepieciešama palīdzība balsošanas procesam, lūdzu dodiet ziņu! Balsot vēl var līdz 23. aprīļa pulksten 23.59

Hah, I never thought I'd be ice-skating to defeat zombies! Would be nice if you didn't stop in place to perform the tricks/attacks, just kick while moving, do a spin while moving - maybe that would look cooler?

Thank you for giving it a go!
Yes, we plan to do an update late january/early february! We'll take some time to learn how to use the engine properly, since we're new to this, and implement 4-part main quest, fix bugs, and hopefully you'll return to check it out!

Haha, same, we found out when there were only few days left, and are new to the engine too :D

Thank you so much for checking our entry out!

At some point we plan to make 3 classes - tank, healer, and dps for players to choose from (when we figure out how to do that). We'd then add different defensive/attack/support abilities to those classes.

definetly, and understandable! we also ended up making just the bare minimum of what we wanted to achieve, since we noticed the jam when it was almost over! good luck on development!

hahaha, this was so much fun! good game!

Weapons felt satisfying, but was not expecting to stop each time I reloaded - kinda broke the "flow". Nice level!

Really cool flying mechanics and animations, good job!

Oh twisted tower of death!!! I can't count how many times I died :D Definetly would've benefited from some checkpoints!

Interesting idea, I liked the concept of random puzzles, but alas... puzzle games are too hard for me :(