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Super Duper Extreme Overload 26000!!


Best. Game. Ever. :D The Roc has been transformed to Rock!

can't play :( Requires Rock Knight_data folder

Thank you! I'm glad you had some fun! :) I got lazy with the enemies and it shows, I wanted to add ammo, health and upgrade pickups to reward exploration, but it was really late so I'll finish that up later. Overall I learned some new things doing this top down game, so I'm very happy with it :).

one punch!

Ok! No problem, I'll try on virtual machine or something! :)

Any way I could get a Windows or Mac version before voting ends, so I could try it out?

It's a lot harder then it 1st looks, can't get above 6!

GG, got 13719 points, got to level 12. My hand hurts...

Yeah, she's great! Thank you! :)

Blue Whale

Don't worry, Omari is a fortune teller, he doesn't curse

Windows build doesn't want to be run for me :(. Opens console and closes.

I'm also moving to twitch:

Hi, this is where I'll try to stream, the development process: