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Nice concept, I appreciate that a whole story was written to explain the gameplay, it's a nice touch especially for a jam game. As other people have said it's a bit hard to tell what is foreground and interactable versus what is in the background. The characters also felt slow to control and I think slowing down the player by that much when pushing boxes was unnecessary. The collider for the player also felt a bit too large, so when it looks like you should be able to fall through a gap you actually just walk over. These are all pretty minor things, overall well done!

Thanks jordan :hype:

Thank you so much Dan! :D


Thank you! :D

Thanks Dutchy :D

Thanks Albarnie :D

Thank you!

Thanks Ibrahim!


Thank you Adi :D

Thanks fm! :)

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Thank you so much :o

Thanks Dutchy! :D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks man :D

my pleasure :D

perhaps some relaxing, flute or piano? something instrumental, maybe even guitar? you get my point :P

cute game :) would be nice with music!

Hi! My game is called Shapeshift (, its a hyper-casual game where you try and match the shape coming towards you. With a minimalist design and fast gameplay, it's perfect to kill some time!

I'm working on and Android version of it currently, but there is a work-in-progress Android app available for free download on the itch page, so please check it out and leave some feedback!

Thank you so much for checking this out!

You're very welcome! I can't wait to play it :D

Hey! I just uploaded an Android on this page, feel free to check it out and leave feedback! I would really appreciate it, thanks :)

Amazing! I love the idea and the puzzles are great, they didn't seem to hard for me :P It lagged a bit though so maybe adding an option for lower quality graphics could help. Music is very fitting, but the sound effects of putting all the pillars in place and the new level loading didn't quite work for me they were kind of out of place and a little loud. Otherwise I really enjoyed it! I love how you can change the entire level by manipulating the weather or tide, it is so well thought out and made! I really loved it :D I want more levels! :P It as really fun :)