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my pleasure :D

perhaps some relaxing, flute or piano? something instrumental, maybe even guitar? you get my point :P

cute game :) would be nice with music!

Hi! My game is called Shapeshift (, its a hyper-casual game where you try and match the shape coming towards you. With a minimalist design and fast gameplay, it's perfect to kill some time!

I'm working on and Android version of it currently, but there is a work-in-progress Android app available for free download on the itch page, so please check it out and leave some feedback!

Thank you so much for checking this out!

You're very welcome! I can't wait to play it :D

Hey! I just uploaded an Android on this page, feel free to check it out and leave feedback! I would really appreciate it, thanks :)

Amazing! I love the idea and the puzzles are great, they didn't seem to hard for me :P It lagged a bit though so maybe adding an option for lower quality graphics could help. Music is very fitting, but the sound effects of putting all the pillars in place and the new level loading didn't quite work for me they were kind of out of place and a little loud. Otherwise I really enjoyed it! I love how you can change the entire level by manipulating the weather or tide, it is so well thought out and made! I really loved it :D I want more levels! :P It as really fun :)

Ah, I see. Keep at it! :) It has a lot of potential

That's a good idea :)

You're welcome! Haha :P

Ok, cool. Keep working on it, you got this!

Thanks! :D Yup, I agree, they will be in the mobile version!

Controls are really confusing and I have no idea what to press. When I press what it says in the "instructions" it literally does nothing and the camera wobbles and glitches. Ended up upside down in the middle of nowhere with no thrusters working. Really needs some more work on the controls, I feel that you may have over complicated them. I'm sure there are tons of great resources and tutorials on how to make a spaceship controller, look into those and this can be really cool! It has a lot of potential!

Really cool game! I love the sci-fi aesthetic, but the motion blur was too much for me (or maybe my laptop was just lagging) so it jerked the graphics around a lot and made me dizzy. Otherwise I love the art and the shapeshifting animation is awesome! Music is cool too :) Found it a little hard to control as well, but maybe that would be fixed if it wasn't as jerky.

Well done! :D I would also really appreciate it if you would check out my game as well, thanks :)

Thank you so much! :D Yup, it was partially inspired by it :P I'm glad you had fun!

You're welcome! I'm glad the feedback helped :)

Ok, thanks!

Really cool! This is extremely impressive for one week, and I love the idea and graphics. One thing though was that it was really hard to aim with the demon sword, it should be controlled with the mouse rather than the direction you are facing, just like the angel guns. Also it doesn't really make sense that you can't hurt them if you are a different form but they can hurt you, I think you should make it so that you are safe from them if they are a different form, to make more sense. Also I ended up missing the instruction pop-ups, so maybe a menu where you can revisit them would be good.

Anyways well done!! This is really impressive and a very fun game. Bravo!

Also I would really appreciate it if you would check out my game too, thanks :)

Interesting, although I couldn't see why you had to change shape, maybe I just didn't get far enough.. :| With some better graphics and sounds it could be really cool :) Well done for one week though!

Really cool! With some more puzzles this could be great! Please keep working on this, it has so much potential with the different animals! Well done, I really liked it :)

Really cool! I love the idea and the enemies are really cool. Unfortunately the weapon changing didn't work at all for me and I couldn't close the UI so I died pretty quickly :( Also the sword rotation is really strange because it doesn't point towards your mouse so it is extremely hard to control and I died many times. If you can fix those 2 things this will be really cool! Great job for one week though, please keep working on this! It has so much potential :)

The motion blur was completely unnecessary, it made the game absolutely unplayable. Please fix this, because I can't play the game and give you a good rating like this.

Haha, this game is great! The audio is... awesome! That's a really creative way of making car sounds, well done :P Could use some more work on the art and score system, but well done :) Would love to see you keep working on this! I think it has a lot of potential to be kind of like Mario Cart, or some other fun party race game. Well done!

Really cool idea! I think the menu needs some more work on the UI, but well done, I love the mechanic!

Cool game, would love to see that same cel-shading aesthetic of the coins across the whole game, I think that would make it look much better, and also somehow integrating the background with the game because it is somewhat arbitrary right now. Needs some more work, but well done for 1 week :)

I absolutely love this idea, I think it has so much potential. I do agree with Clementine, how it is very overwhelming to be hit with so many enemies straight away. Perhaps some kind of interactive tutorial would also be really cool to add, and speeding the player up a bit because he felt really slow and unresponsive.

I think if you work on this some more this can become a really great game, but well done for one week anyways :)

Also I would really appreciate it if you would check out my game too, thanks :)

Really cool, I love the aesthetic you went for, and the sounds were really fitting. One thing though was that if the screenshake happened more than once or twice in a row it got really annoying and violent, made me feel uneasy :| Otherwise well done! Great game :)

You're very welcome! :D Yup, I myself learned Unity with Brackeys' playlists :)

Thanks! :)

Yup, I probably will in the mobile game :)

Thanks! :D Haha well done :)

Hm, I still don't quite see it :| But its ok as long as you get it

Thank you! :D

Yup, that's what I'm working on now :) It will be released on Android!

You're welcome! :) Thanks

Thanks! Yup, I ran out of time but really wanted to add some, as well as lots of particles. I will be adding all that stuff to the mobile version though! Thanks for the tip about the music, I'll experiment with that. In this version I just found a track nine so it doesn't fit that well :P

Thank you so much though! :)

I understand :) You're very welcome!

You're very welcome! I'm always happy to help :)

I'm not quite sure what to say specifically, but the music during the "presentation" was really sharp and not that pleasant for the ears. Perhaps smoothing that out and using different instruments might help. (I'm not an expert at audio by any means, so try and find some online resources to help :P)

Oh, interesting, I've never heard of it! Well from the sound if it perhaps try using a different engine if you want to expand on this further.

Anyways you're welcome :) I'm glad you appreciate the feedback!

Good idea but needs a lot more work to get there, the input is hard to get and it is really hard to dodge the bullets. Keep learning!

Love the art, the characters were really cute and you had a solid colour scheme, which is always good :) The lava was a good idea, so you have to think fast as to which animals to switch to, but I think it went up too fast and because so many levels forced you to go back down it became really annoying and lost its point. Otherwise there is some good level design and with some tweaking this could be a full game. Well done! I really enjoyed this game :)

I would also really appreciate it if you would check out my game as well, thanks :)

Great art and story, would have loved some more gameplay. Otherwise submit it as interactive fiction, because it had some great writing and beautiful storyboards. The mechanics were pretty stale, and the characters weren't worked on enough. With some more programming this could be really great. Interesting entry though :)

Good job for one day, I can tell this is one of your first games with Unity, and that's good! Game jams are about learning and I'm sure you learned a lot. I disagree with Vlad, Unity is a good place to start as it has a lot of great learning resources and YouTube channels, that's how I started making games! This game has a lot of potential and so do you! Keep pursuing this, you can do it!

Let me know if you want any links to help you learn Unity, I would be glad to help :) Congrats on joining this jam and producing a game! :)

Cool, no problem :)

Really cool! I love the idea, very creative! Some things could help with the difficulty though because I found it very hard:

- pausing the game when you are building the ship, so that you can't get hit

- having health for the player and not just a one-hit kill so that it takes more than one shot to remove a block on the player

Also some work on the sound and graphics would be nice, it was all a little gray :P But it's ok! I still enjoyed it and I loved the "presentation" at the beginning, well done! Also what did you use to make this game? I'm interested.

Well done, and thanks for check out my game too :)