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Recent community posts is the best game I can give

Really nice! "Time is money" indeed. There are lots of nice touches like the windows 95 UI and the future advancing in real time. Resetting it per era was a good idea to keep the numbers from getting too crazy.

I really like the theme and the story. The guitar riffs was a really cool thing to be the output of what you are collecting. I would like to see it if you kept it going with a deeper game loop and more iterations.

I like how your slowly introduce new things. Good work getting so many clues in.

Really nice take on the golf game idea.

Wow nice work for one day! For future updates, have a read of this twitter thread to get some ideas to improve the game feel

Great pixel art. I really like the character animations and particles on the run. Good work getting multiple levels and cut scenes in a jam!

Hey great start. I think an important thing to remember for a jam is that people will be trying your game for the first time whereas you have had the whole time playing it and you know what is coming. A safe first area lets the player get a handle on the keys and what the movement feels like. If you had a restart then the player can iterate more quickly rather than needing to refresh the page. I am pointing this out because you have put a lot of work into the later parts but players can bounce off quickly if it starts off too hard.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I have some ideas of how to make it longer. Something to keep in mind for next jam

Thanks for giving it a go. Yeah it turned out a bit easy but I would like to have another crack at it post jam

Cool I am glad you liked it. I think that it is too short and easy and you are only getting a glimpse of the concept. Usually I have aimed for a minute of gameplay for a jam but in this case I think it would have benefited for an outer game loop so you got to see the concept in different and more interesting ways.


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I think having the gameplay loop a layer deeper like yours would have meant I could have built up the difficulty better. I had ideas of having a plot and upgrades but ultimately this is as far as I got in the time I could spend on it. 

Really nice use of the theme. The art is really nice and it is an innovative concept.

Really nice! I am glad you are continuing on with it, it would have been cool to put a "More levels coming soon" ad at the end when you completed them all. I liked how you built up the mechanics and complexity, you have a lot of room to grow here.

Very sweet game. The no time limits or failure state suits the theme. Your choice of music and subtle sound effects really round it out.

Well I managed to get two of the items, and it was even in the future. I couldn't work out the code for the past items. Nice art style and good work getting multiple locations done in the time.

Great game! I really like the pixel destruction. I think I would gate the weapons or have them as power ups so that you naturally try them all out. Really nice graphics and particles, just needs some chiptune music to go alone with it

Yep I saw the timer. I had about 8 minutes left and I keeled over so not sure what happened there. The timer did add urgency.

This is the brightest game I have every played! Really nice art style, I like the bloom. I found the second platforming area quite difficult. I think especially with irregular platforms it would benefit from some ledge forgiveness to let the player keep up their flow 

Nice work! It is a shame about your build, I think especially for a jam game you want to show off your features quickly so more money would have helped. However I still think you have made an interesting game, the spinning when they miss you was a nice touch.

Wow that was really great! I spent a few runs trying the different add in decks and getting the hang of the upgrade curve. All the different mechanics feed into each other really nicely. I liked that I did not have health and the rift was building up as well as being overrun as a failure. The ending rampped up harder than my deck was prepared for the first time so it felt like a real achievement to finally defeat them all. There is so much content in this game, the different add in decks and the different win conditions. I really hope you carry on, there is a solid game here!

Using Emojis makes the crossword much more interesting!

Truly the future of gaming. Unfortunately it does not seem to like a kiwi accent so I am constrained by my  slow physical reaction times :)

I really like the aesthetic and seeing Lisa was a surprise. Muscle memory was wanting a tab complete lol. I got some tasks done before I ran out of memory so I am not sure how to progress past that point. 

Well there is a lot of rooms. I got to see one of the death screens, maybe I ran out of food? I really liked the the view out the window.

Really nice game loop. The first time I bought a red laser which did not turn out well. Like the multiple zones and earning better lasers. What did you make it in? You can also add instructions to the itch page without affecting the jam submission if you want to make the onboarding a bit easier.

Wow there is a lot of content in this game, I keep being surprised at the new things coming in. I agree with the other comments of dragging the commands, maybe also showing how much energy of your bar your intended commands will take will also speed up the process. If you continue after the jam then I think there are a number of low hanging accessibility fruit  to make it a bit smoother, sound effects and try flatten out the difficulty spike a bit at the end. Overall it has solid bones and is an ambitious project for a jam.

Thanks for the feedback. I had tried different difficulties with the number and speed of the asteroids, delay to your past self and the wait to charge. Often I have ended up with jam games being too hard but it looks like the opposite in this case. As always it shows the importance of play testing.

Lol nice, a record time! A good reminder to put debug controls in a debug block so you don't forget them at the end of the jam. Otherwise you end up in the situation Civ 4 designer Soren Johnson warned us about “Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game"

I really like what you were aiming for, jams are always hard to get innovative things done but I think it is always worth the shot. Good work getting a hot seat version going.

Nice prototype and it is cool you have found a tool you enjoy

Wow nice work getting such a complex game done! It is like chess + magic the gathering. I am impressed with how many different unit types and powers you got in there. I hope you polish it up post jam :)

Very cute. It is a nice implementation of this game and pretty polished.

Nice I got all the way to "Thanks for Playing". The reload animation is cool and I especially liked the grappling hook. The spinning guys were a bit scary once they started chasing lol. Good work getting so many levels in.

Nice combination of genres. It was good you introduced the keys with good instructions and built up the difficulty, often those are missed in a jam. Good work creating two things joined together along with a story.

Great graphics and sound, it really fits the theme. I like the crt look and the way the guy's eyes glow before he attacks. The only thing I would change would be lower everyone's health so it has a quicker turn around time but I did find that I could do more damage as I got better so maybe having a low health first guy would help people learn.

Yus I slew 20/20 Bats in a mere 66.39375 seconds (Very accurate timing). Oh man, this game is a lot easier once you realise you can fly lol. I thought I was a very limited life robot. The flying has a really nice weight to it and the bats coming out of the land is cool.

As a tip on your credits screen make a way to get back to the main page easily like onClick

Nice implementation and good work getting a range of enemies in there. The attack is especially juicy feeling.