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Wow, thanks for trying it out :)

Well that is concerning. Do you get any errors? I would really like to sort this out for you so any extra information like your browser would be great.

Wow exciting. Yeah it is pretty harsh when you lose but when you win you have done a perfect run so you have earned it. Glad that you got the hang of it so quick :)

It is an interesting concept, I really like the guitar duel idea. I think I could do with a bit more feedback on how close I was to the rhythm and maybe an easier first fight to get the hang of it. Good job implementing the rhythm game mechanic in the jam time!

Awesome concept. I really like that all the control is given to the player to choose their own difficulty and music. It has a lovely aesthetic. 

Nice job, shooting in time to the music feels really good. I think it would be cool if there was a reward beside score for getting a high combo like your shots were more powerful or even just had a cooler effect on them.

Awesome game! The sprite has so much personality, really easy to understand what is going on a great level of challenge.

I really liked building up the beats. I wasn't sure on how the health worked but I enjoyed the concept. Maybe you could skip the tutorial part once the player has gone through it once or put in a checkpoint to get them back into it faster.

Awesome theme and aesthetic! At the start I was avoiding the 'dangerous' spikes lol. A really nice relaxing game. 

I like the notes changing the speed of the game and the music. If I get two blue ones in a row at the start I slow to a stop, I assume that is not the intent.

It took awhile to get the right rhythm for the jumping but your relaxing music made sure it was not a frustrating experience.

I really like the minimalist art and a nice amount of juice.  It is a good length, I just would have liked a slightly longer last level with the faster beat. At the start I thought I couldn't move if I had been shot but it was just that I was missing the beat. Nice job!

Awesome that you enjoyed it I like the flow of the patterns too, I can get to 32 with my eyes closed lol. @aaaidan did a great job on the music since it is an unusual pattern. Did the intro section help you get the beat or was it just confusing?

Nice work! How do you think the keys and coloring could have been more obvious? I was picking from but it would be great to know for next time.

I feel your pain about listening to the start. We added the 'hit space to start' because with it reloading on each change the intro was making us a bit insane. I've added a gif to help show how to play so hopefully that will help new player avoid some of your anguish.

Yeah there is a lot of keys to keep track of. I play with 8 fingers in a row touch typing style but your poor pinky is doing every second press so it is getting a work out.

That is really interesting information about the French keyboard. It is looking for an input of 'A' so I guess that is why the A key was the one that worked but that is a pretty brutal difficulty spike on the very last press >_<. I'm glad you powered through to make the whole count ^_^

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah the art turned out well so I am planning on doing a post jam version so that is a really helpful comment. I agree the end is a bit lacking I had much more intense one planned but the rest took a bit longer than I hoped.

I like the ominousness of them silently wheeling towards you, especially when you hit a stationary front one and you have just lost your gun. 

I had the last guy join with his friends which made it a bit trickier but I got to see your cool ending :)

Hey thanks for playing. The genre is shoot em up but with the shooting mechanic removed.  I was aiming for a more complex 'boss battle' at the end but this is where it got to in the time.

Short and sweet, really nice story.

Feels really cool, I just wish there was more to try the mechanic out with

Really nice mechanic and a great exploration of it@

Awesome, such a great concept and lovely graphics

Wow what a great concept!

Such great feel, you have really nailed that movement!

I was intrigued from the start and had to see it right through. Great game :)

I love the music it gives it such a great atmosphere. Really nice mechanic!

Nice, it is a great length to keep the intensity up. I liked the short livedness of the time clones. Great job picking a tricky mechanic to do in a Jam :)

The goal is to get the signal to full strength (The circles on the right hand side) in each time stream. When you are not in a time stream it degrades so it is a balancing act. They explain it at the start but there is also a lot going on for you to do ;) (I didn't want any boring seconds of them only expositioning but if you didn't know what to do that is not ideal)
What did you find hard about the controls? That it is hard to play (I was aiming for the gameplay to last about a minute) or that they didn't feel good?

What an awesome project! You have really nailed both the jam theme and the extra credits theme