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Great to hear! I like coming back to it too

Interesting driving mechanics, feels a lot like a spaceship. Good take on the theme.

Just needs a tension mechanic to that there is a reason not to keep it dark all the time. Nice job for 2 hours.

Great puzzle concept and it matches the theme really well. I think you did a good job of building up the puzzles and introducing new concepts.

Awesome work on the tone and sound effects. It is a really nice arc going from puzzle platformer into horror. Nice work.

Awesome art and intriguing story. I think you have the start of an interesting game if you wanted to keep going after the jam.

We ended up with similar interpretations of the theme. The cleaning mechanic was interesting. I think especially for a game jam game you can ramp up the difficulty quicker to make it more intense sooner. Your art is nicely polished and cool that you got the reliability in there with the upgrades.

Great concept. I think it would help if there was a reason that you were forced to use the gun as you can just wander around safely in the dark. Maybe if there was something like spiders which knew where you were then when you attacked them lots of moths would come.

I really like your remake of it taking on the feedback. I didn't end up with a great score though lol.

Good work implementing AI and multiplayer in a jam. At the start it was a little hard to tell the green and red bugs apart but it was easier once I got into it.

Really nice getting the cut scene in to set the tone. The game works well but as you have noticed is cheesible if you just run straight. I really liked the sound effects and the thunder.

Cool concept with selecting units and the jump movement. Getting sucked into the lights is really cool. I think if you made the collision shape around the bugs closer to the size of the sprite the physics puzzles would be a little easier.

Builds up really nicely. I like the billboards on the first level ;) . The spikes on top are a cool tension mechanic and the sound effect pitch matching the bounce height is a really nice touch.

I really liked the multi tasking of this one. Those sheep are pretty sneaky. I think on the first level it would be good to have instructions on the controls as I didn't know how to use my dog at first. Nice NZ theme :)

Really nice take on the theme. I like that you get faster over time which increases the tension. The wing tilting is pretty swish.

Aww. I liked how everyone became stronger colours as you went along. Very short and sweet :)

Nice I think this has potential :). I really like the idea of it and just having the circle of forest is a cool look.

Wow got a strong XCom vibe on this one. You have made a really big map to explore which was pretty cool. I think if you had made the bombs not set each other off it would have been easier to make traps. I had to try to stack them on top of each other when I was luring them back otherwise they would all go off too early. It was pretty fun to have heaps of them chasing me, nice work.

Nice I like the animation of the rotors. I tried my best not to murder my fellow drones but alas some of them died while I was making my deliveries.

Yus I was Hog-torious in every level! It is a nice mix of painted textures with the 3d models.  Good work getting multiple levels going in a jam.

Really interesting mechanic. I didn't read the instructions before jumping in so a little hint right at the start would have helped with the onboarding. Nice reversal on the normal tropes of player characters.

Nice game, it gave me strong getting over it vibes. A good use of the out of control mechanic while still giving the player enough control to get through the level. I think after this jam you could have a look at squash and stretch which would make your bean a bit more alive during the jumps.

Cool concept. It makes it very tactical thinking about when you will unwolf.

Wow that was awesome! Such a great concept. The music and screen shake really help with the beat. Great graphics and nice building up new objects. Nice job!

Wow great concept and really nicely polished. The art and sound effects are great and it is a really satisfying game. Nice work creating a complete package for the jam!

Great sound effects! I loved the clippy clop hooves. I have no idea how you came up with this concept but it is very satisfying to move the goat around. Nice Job!

Well I was not strong enough to punch the vending machine then starved to death. Nice take on the out of control by giving it to the hands of fate.

Nice graphics and I liked how you introduced more traps as it went along. The key switching definitely keeps you on your toes.

Really nice, the fire spreading is well done. It was a wee bit hard at first to work out how to control the trucks but it made sense once I got the hang of it. I think you can polish this up and add more scenarios to have a full game :)

Awesome concept! It is pretty out of control but I think it would have been more fun to be skidding around, I spent a lot of my time stuck against the edge. Maybe if the ducks listened a wee bit more, or I could give them the bread that I collected to keep them in place for a bit then it would be more fun. But great idea and really original.

The music and graphics are great! I liked the randomness on what effect the bells were going to have. I think with a bit more time you could have put even crazier effects in there :)

Great art, it is a really nice style. The bricks were a cool analogue destruction and showed off the roller enemies. Nice job.

It took a bit to understand what was going on at first. I thought I was hiding in the bush. Once I understood the mechanics it is a really interesting puzzle game with a lot of potential!

Yus I butter'd all the toast!!! Great moist sound effects. I really like the art style. Such a great, quirky game :)

Really nice take on the theme. The colours added an extra dimension to work with. It felt pretty frantic the whole time trying to keep an eye on everyone.

Awesome music! It did not scale to my screen size so I think I was missing information. It took a few goes to get the grappling hook across the first level but then it made sense.

Nice work creating a multiplayer game and such a range of projectiles in a jam.

Really cool concept. I think you could have made the end first level easier to help introduce it but other than that it ramps up pretty well.

Nice I liked how it built up. The only change I would make is to make it so there is not a corner that you can hide in so you have to keep moving.